Uncivil War

Lucy Liu vs Catherine Zeta Jones
"Hello, my name is Lucy Liu. Most of you know me as a prominent member of the ABA. It has recently been brought to my attention that there is some doubt that I am worthy of that lofty position." Lucy explains calmly looking solemnly into the camera with a polite smile. "To prove my worth in the ABA and in this league, I will appear on the historic, RAGE card. My opponent will be the traditional ABA punching bag, Catherine Zeta Jones. I look forward to once again showing this snooty Welch witch the power of good ole' American humility. I understand that I'm taking on a formidable opponent, a former War Queen and Former Hardcore champion. However only defeating a dangerous opponent like Catherine Zeta Jones will prove my worth as a ranking boss in the ABA, and my destiny as a future champion in this league as well."

After that short statement, Lucy is rarely seen or heard from till time for the match. She delegated the massive promotional responsibilities and appearances to her colleagues in the ABA, Demi Moore, Jenny McCarthy and Denise Richards. Other appearances were given to Lucy's personal guard Chiaki Kuriyama and Minka. Lucy spent the majority of her time secluded and preparing for her match. Lucy wants to stay focused. She wants no snags in her plan.

Things in the ABA have changed a lot since Lucy has entered the organization. Christina Applegate's preaching on ‘team’ and ‘group’ have not been heard since Lucy and Chiaki executed the order to kick her and Nikki Cox out of the group. Jenny instituted the survival of the fittest concept. Since then, the ABA has made their mark throughout the league. There has been wide spread attacks outside the ring from celebrities seeking to join the ABA syndicate. Most of them eventually hope to get strong enough to challenge Denise, Lucy, Jenny or Demi for their seat as a Boss in the ABA. All enemies of the ABA are cringing and afraid they will be the next victim. From the outside, everything looks great for the ABA.

On the inside, things are much more chaotic. The Survival of the fittest concept has bread a lot of distrust and stress among the members of the ABA. Each member is struggling to create a syndicate around them so they will not become a victim of the concept. By the laws they instituted, celebrities must attack, or perform 'hits' on enemies of the organization. Then they are officially a member of the syndicate, and are able to challenge for one of the four boss seats. However, the hits are becoming much more difficult to perform. Celebrities are aware of the danger, and are taking precautions against becoming a victim. Then, most of the ABA's individual plans have fallen apart.

Jenny planned to use Jenna Jameson to create a syndicate of porn stars and Playboy models around her. Eventually she would have Jenna challenge for a seat as a boss, and create an unbeatable alliance. However due to Jenna's many personal problems everything has fallen apart. She has not been able to pass the test to become a made woman. Jenna arranged for porn star, Aria Giovanni's hit, and she is in Jenny's syndicate, but that is all. Jenny has tried to regroup and has Daisy Fuentes as a made woman, and as her syndicate leader.

Demi thought she had manipulated things to make Vivica Fox the fourth boss instead of Denise Richards. Vivica and Demi already have a strong alliance with Lucy, so then Demi could influence three of the four bosses. She would be untouchable. However Denise beat their trap, and punished Vivica and Demi for their betrayal of her. Demi is still backing Vivica and her friends who have formed the group, Stimulus Package. They are struggling to arrange hits to make all of them made women, but so far only Stacey Dash has accomplished that goal.

Denise had problems from the start. First, no one in the league trusts her. The general perception is that she is a snake that will lies constantly. Second, a byproduct of the first, is that many think she is a bitch. Denise has had tremendous problems recruiting a syndicate. She did come across Buffie the Body. Buffie had executed her own hit to become a made woman, but was not closely associated with any boss. Denise has put a hard schmooze job on her, and has appeared to move Buffie into her camp.

Lucy's original plan of politics and brown nosing proved fruitless. With Chiaki Kuriyama already in place as a made woman, Lucy decided to put an 'inner circle' in place around her. Since is so hard to perform a conventional hit on an enemy of the ABA, Lucy created an elaborate ruse to make Darla Crane appear to be a threat to the group. Then Minka performed the hit on the unsuspecting porn star.

Now on the biggest stage the league has ever created, Lucy plans to make an impact. Lucy also plans to advance her diabolical schemes, build her syndicate, and chart a course for domination in the league.

Catherine Zeta Jones took this match with no master plan or vision of domination at all. First, it is a huge payday for Catherine. She has no desperate need for the cash, but it is still enticing. Second, Catherine's ego enjoyed the thought of hitting the promotional circuit, being in front of hundreds of cameras, being pampered, and being in the spotlight. At one time Catherine was the most feared fighter in the league, Cat the Crippler. However after using catfighting to help build her celebrity, she has since all but abandoned the sport. Catherine only occasionally competes when it suits her own purposes.

Catherine has maintained her drawing power despite some lackluster performances of late. She began her career as Cat the Crippler, one of the most feared and vicious catfighters to ever prowl the league. Then as her celebrity, bank account, and movie roles grew, her intensity level became more erratic. Her intensity level has become just as unpredictable as her Welsh speaking accent that is present sometimes, and disappears other times. However a certain incident during a recent interview answered the question of Catherine's intensity and motivation.

Supermodel Angie Everhart hosts and is executive producer for a show on the FX Network that covers celebrity catfighting. Angie has competed in celebrity combat sports before, including a stint in the Lingerie Bowl Football league. Given the sport's sky rocketing popularity, the show specializing in the sport has high ratings. Everhart proves to be a credible and respectable host as well.

"Catherine RAGE is going to be a big night for you. You're facing your arch nemesis, the ABA." Angie begins her interview with Catherine Zeta Jones with a dazzling smile.

Angie EvrhartCatherine begins with a chuckle. "Yes it's going to be a big night, but no, the ABA are not my arch nemesis." Catherine answers with her Welch accent very prominent. "They are a despicable, vile bunch. I would never dream of having my name associated with those classless slags as rivals. They are definitely not worthy. I would actually consider Salma Hayek as my arch rival, and you remember what I did to her."

"Yes we all remember" Angie comments. She is a bit annoyed by Catherine's arrogance, then bringing up ancient history, but she tries to hide her opinion and remain professional. "We also remember the last time you were scene in Stone Rage's league was in a video of you and Lisa Lipps in a restaurant."

Catherine's smile immediately disappears at the mention of the incident. "Just more of the ABA treachery." Catherine quickly interrupts. "One moment I'm enjoying a wonderful dinner with my husband and the next I'm attacked by a blonde bear!" she emphasizes. "Obviously they have no appetite to face me in a fair fight. My fight with Lucy will be a fair contest. You can bet that I won't forget about that as I drag Lucy all over the ring. I really plan on hurting that deceitful little twat."

"Aaahhhh, so the old Cat the Crippler is back?" Angie asks. "I mean you've had some disappointing outings since the old days when you were the champion." Angie clarifies herself.

Ever the model for grace and composure, Catherine takes the potentially touchy question in stride. "Yes. I must admit once you've been in the ring with great champions and even greater people and the elite like Salma Hayek and Halle Berry, it's hard sometimes for me to get excited about competing against the likes of Melissa Joan Hart or Jenny McCarthy. It's true I do compete much better when facing quality opposition" Catherine explains. Then getting a sadistic glow, Catherine continues. "You have no idea the rush of taking one of the world's most respected women and ripping her apart, shred by shred. Salma is truly an amazing person, and most people thought she was invincible when I first faced her. I totally annihilate her. I literally carved her up like a Thanksgiving turkey and left her bleeding and helpless. It's a thrill! Like taking the great and powerful Halle Berry, a truly superior woman and introducing her to defeat and pain. It's too big a thrill in taking a woman like Halle and not defeating her, but destroying her. Halle fought well, but not well enough. I over matched her and incapacitated her. I could have simply pinned her and took her title, but that is nowhere good enough. I took the ring bell and spanked her million dollar tits black and blue. Then I crushed her gorgeous face with a chair off the top rope. Taking her title was just a treat. The thrill is watching Halle and Salma being hauled off on stretchers totally destroyed and vanquished by me. I live for moments like that, not beating rubbish like Aniston, Applegate, McCathy, Hart or even Lucy Liu. However I've learned that I owe it to my millions and millions of fans to give this match by best effort. I have to admit, it is an interesting proposition hearing Lucy scream her little head off."

Angie looks at Catherine, no longer hiding being appalled by the brunette's sadistic and pompous accounts of her matches. "This chick is sick." Angie thinks. "What is she a Sith? She sounds like the Emperor in Star Wars."

"Wow Cat, that was interesting, and a little creepy." Angie quips. "Anyway I hope you can get out of your slump. You may be too sadistic, but you are good for the celebrity catfighting world." Angie smiles "This is Angie Everhart for the FX Network." and ends her interview.

Catherine's expression changed hearing the word creepy. Catherine had a definitively angry look after hearing the word, 'slump'.

"Great guys, that's a wrap." Angie says indicating the end of the shoot. The red head relaxes and begins giving her microphone to the nearest stage hand.

"It certainly is a wrap." Catherine says as she turns and slugs Angie in the jaw. Caught totally off guard, the interviewer goes reeling backwards. The camera man, who was about to turn his camera off, quickly zooms in on this unexpected battle. "I'll show you how to break a slump!" shouts Catherine as she hauls off with another hook that lands on the dreamy red head's jaw. "How dare you call me creepy and sadistic, you insignificant red rodent!" Catherine bellows.

Angie is rocked, but over the initial shock of being attacked. She realizes that she is in a fight, and better start defending herself despite the numbness in her jaw and foggy thoughts. Suddenly Angie's head twirls, peering at Catherine with fiery eyes. The red head's body tenses, about to pounce like a long lean jungle cat. Before Angie can act, Catherine strikes with a low kick to the outside of Angie's knee. The interviewer's knee buckles. Catherine immediately lashes out with another kick to Angie's other knee, making that knee buckle as well. Catherine knows Angie's reputation of being an extremely tough girl. She has no interest in allowing Angie to gain any momentum. Especially after her sneak attack has proven so successful.

Catherine springs forward while Angie is bewildered by the kicks to her knees. The Cat sinks her hands into Angie's red hair. Cat jerks her foe off balance with a sharp hair pull with her left hand and a nasty scratch to Angie's cheek with her right. As Angie roars from the angry scratch marks on her cheek, Catherine grabs Angie's expensive jewelry around her neck. Catherine jerks Angie forward by her chain and into an already cocked fist that explodes on her jaw again. Angie's head twist to the side wearing a painful grimace. A second straight right to the same spot has the red head wobbly.

Catherine Zeta Jones"I'll teach you to show me proper respect." Catherine grumbles as she grabs Angie by her black blouse to hold her upright, and then plow a fist into the pit of Angie's stomach. A second fist swiftly follows the first, making sure the breath is knocked out of Angie. Catherine knows Angie's reputation of being a good athlete. She did not want to give her dangerous quarry time to recover or be able to mount any type off offense against her.

Catherine pushes Angie back against the prop wall that serves as the backdrop for Angie's highly rated cable TV show. Cat uses Angie's hair to viciously bang the back of the red haired beauty's head against the wall. Angie is obviously stunned and her arms fall by her sides. Catherine wraps two hands around Angie's neck and squeezes. Cat unconsciously growls as she chokes the remaining fight out of her nemesis. Angie is too dazed and beaten to respond or defend herself. She cannot find the strength to lift her arms to stave off the choke. Angie's eyes flutter wildly until they roll back and she is about to pass out from lack of oxygen.

Right before Angie passes out, Catherine relents her choke hold. She wants Angie helpless not unconscious yet. With Angie still upright, and propped against the wall, Catherine rips open Angie's black silk blouse. The fabric easily shreds and rips open down the front until it hangs uselessly around Angie's shoulders. Catherine pushes the blouse off over Angie's shoulders revealing a bounty of creamy freckled flesh. Catherine pulls Angie's bra up until her big pink capped tits fall free. Finally Catherine seizes both breasts in her hands and starts squeezing, kneading, scratching, manipulating, molding and mauling Angie's tits.

Catherine exalts in the pained expressions crossing Angie's face. Cat luxuriates in Angie's whimpers, moans and groans of torment. Cat sinks her nails in deeper into Angie's flesh. Angie finds the strength to weakly paw and tug uselessly on Catherine's wrist, looking for any relief.

Catherine takes her hands off of Angie's breast and clutches the red head's long flowing, fiery hair. With a quick looping, Catherine wraps Angie's long hair around Angie's own neck, forming a noose out of Angie's own flowing hair that normally falls well down her back, extending below her shoulder blades.

Holding Angie in place by her hair noose, Catherine bellows, "I AM CATHERINE... ZETA.... JONES..." At the same time, Catherine starts continuously pounding Angie in the pit of her stomach with her fist. "Academy award winner, Catherine Zeta Jones... Tony award winner, Catherine Zeta Jones.... You will treat me with the proper respect insect!"

Catherine relents here assault and releases Angie's hair. The tall skinny super model slides down the wall until she comes to a seat at Catherine's feet. The dazed and battered beauty has nothing left. Catherine grips Angie's hair and lifts her slumping head from resting with her chin on her chest. "People like you have slumps. I don't have slumps. In fact your entire pathetic career has been a slump." Catherine adds a humiliating slap across Angie's face. Finally Catherine draws her foot back, and delivers four devastating kicks between Angie's legs into her cunt. The hostess' black leather pants offer some protection, but not nearly enough.

Once Catherine stops, Angie's pain wracked body lies in a heap against the wall. Catherine grabs Angie by her ankles and drags her body away from the wall. Next Catherine plants her foot triumphantly on the defeated woman's stomach, and flexes both biceps for a victory pose. Catherine looks deep into the camera with an arrogant smug expression and an evil smile. "Hey Lucy, I think I'm motivated now."

After the viewing this interview, the betting line swung away from Lucy into Catherine's favor. The buzz in the industry is that Cat the Crippler is back. Many predicted that Cat is going to carve up Lucy and leave her in a bloody pool in the middle of the ring.

Expectedly, Angie was livid on her program as it aired the interview. Among many rants Angie said, "She should be called Cat the Coward, after pulling a heinous act like that. She doesn't have the guts to face me! She tries to scare people with this Darth Zeta act, and this sinister shit, but that won't work against the ABA. They have seen through her deception. Lucy is going to kick Cat's ass. I can't wait to see this match. However I want to issue a challenge to Mrs. Catherine Zeta Jones. If there is anything left of your over rated, conceited ass after Lucy gets through with you, I invite you to come on this show and face me one on one. We can have a no holds barred fight and settle things once and for all. I still think you're a fraud. I think I'll shove your Oscar up your sagging ass and shove your Tony down your throat."

The talk all ended on fight night. The fight many wanted to see is at hand. The moment is captured with the guest ring announcer, Samuel L Jackson's first question. "Are you ready to see some hot ass babes kicking some mutha fuckin' ass? I know I am. So let's get this shit started. Coming to the ring first, is a little lady that I got to know doing Afro Samurai. She is a big boss of the American Bad Asses, the very lovely, Lucy Liu!"

Kid Rock's American Bad Ass rips through the speakers and Lucy starts walking to the ring. Lucy wears a long black over coat and a black fedora hat giving her and old time gangster look. Lucy is seconded by Chiaki Kuriyama and Minka who humbly walk behind her. Lucy has an extremely confident look on her face as she looks around seeing the audience's response to her. Despite their 'bad girl image' the ABA have always been popular among the fans. Lucy enters the ring and circles and acknowledges her fans. Chiaki and Minka removes Lucy's over coat to reveal a black mini dress underneath. The dress resembles a black men's business suit, with straps over Lucy's shoulder leaving her and a deep plunging neckline with lapel's on either side. She also wears a short faux black tie around her neck. Lucy debuts and wears the ABA's new gangster ideology and wardrobe to a tee.

"Now her opponent," Samuel Jackson restarts. "She is an Academy award winner, and a Tony winner. Also, she is a former War Queen and a Hardcore champion. Everybody, please welcome Catherine Zeta Jones." Upon hearing her name, Catherine enters the arena, heading to the ring. She is looking very sith like indeed. Catherine is wearing a large hooded black cloak. The cloak covers Catherine's head so you cannot see her face. She hears some boo's mixed in with her applause. Her vicious beatings have made her into a villain with many fans. Her attack on Angie Everhart did not help either. Actually the boo's excites Catherine. She enters the ring and removes her cloak. Catherine reveals a cold hardened face, and matching black spandex bra and pants.

Samuel L Jackson exits the ring, and the referee moves to the middle of the ring. He signals for the bell. Finally, the opening bout in the landmark RAGE card begins. The fans respond with a roar of anticipation.

Catherine Zeta JonesLucy walks toward Catherine and extends her hand for a friendly handshake. Catherine pauses for a couple of moments, looking suspiciously at Lucy. Finally she decides to slap Lucy's hand. As Catherine tries, Lucy quickly withdraws her hand and throws sweeping kick, aimed at Catherine's head. The Welsh actress swiftly pulls her head back, narrowly missing Lucy's foot.

Lucy releases an evil cackling laugh. She is totally amused by her slyness, even though her little ploy did not work. Catherine's sneer intensifies, not at all amused by Lucy's tactics. The two lock up collar and elbow, and start pushing and struggling against each other. Catherine sinks her hands in Lucy's hair and begins controlling the smaller Asian with her superior size and strength. After maneuvering close to the ropes, Catherine violently slings Lucy through the ropes by her hair like a piece of trash.

Lucy sails through the middle and top ropes and crashes to the ringside floor. Lucy lands on the small of her back and butt. Lucy gets back up hurting, and embarrassed by being tossed around like a rag doll. Lucy turns back to the ring to see Catherine perched on the ring apron gesturing for Lucy to get up with her hand. The next instant Catherine leaps off the ring apron and comes crashing down on the Asian vixen and driving her elbow into Lucy's head. Lucy is pancaked and knocked flat on her back. Lucy puts her hand to her head while seeing stars. Catherine quickly hauls her foe up and rolls her back into the ring under the bottom rope. Catherine follows Lucy into the ring, and dives on top of Lucy for a quick surprise pin fall. Catherine hooks Lucy's leg, but Lucy is able to kick out.

Lucy sits up with confusion written all over her face. She is dazed and befuddled by Catherine's brutal and abrupt assault. Lucy rises to her knees when Catherine grabs Lucy by her hair and violently throws her face forward. Lucy's pretty face makes a bang on the canvas as her face slams into the mat. Lucy raises her head, and holding her nose.

Catherine is on her woozy adversary as quick as a flash. She roughly snatches Lucy to her feet by her long, black silky hair. Catherine ushers Lucy to the corner by her hair, then throws her face into the turnbuckle. Lucy's head recoils off the turnbuckle and she howls in pain. Lucy drops to one knee totally dazed and rocked. Catherine hauls Lucy back to her feet by her hair, and presses the Asian's throat against the top rope. The athletic Catherine climbs the ropes like a ladder. While standing on the second rope, Catherine drapes her other leg over the back of Lucy's head and presses down. Catherine glares out looking over the audience, oblivious of Lucy flailing underneath her while being choked with her throat against the ropes. She also ignores the referee counting and calling for her to break the illegal choke. Catherine leaps down from the ropes right before the referee reaches the limit to disqualify her and releases her opponent. Lucy collapse to the mat in a heavy breathing heap.

The referee is yelling and shouting to Catherine about her tactics, but Catherine ignores him as if he did not exist. She does not even look at him. Catherine feels he is too insignificant to deserve her attention. Catherine reaches down and grab's Lucy's ankle, and drags the petite actress to the middle of the ring. Catherine physically handles Lucy, hauling her roughly to her feet. Then Catherine wraps her arms around Lucy's waist and hoists her opponent into the air. Next she drops Lucy, back first across her extended knee executing a backbreaker. Lucy shouts in pain as her little body bends around then bounces off of Catherine's knee and lands on the mat. Catherine quickly lays across Lucy's chest for a pin fall. Lucy finds a way to kick out at the two count.

Catherine is hauling Lucy to her feet again. Catherine is totally pleased at how the match is going. She is dominating and throwing the smaller competitor around, just like she thought she would when accepting the match. Catherine feels like she is a few moves away from brutalizing and busting a humiliated Lucy open.

One word blasts in Lucy's head. That word is "Enough!" She is not about to allow all of her plans of domination to go up in smoke in one match. Accolades, fame fortune, are all within her grasps and Catherine Zeta Jones is not about to derail it. Lucy explodes to life once she reaches her feet. Lucy rocks Catherine with a forearm shot to her jaw. Catherine shouts and staggers back a couple of steps. Lucy steps forward and spins Catherine's head with another forearm smash to her jaw. With Catherine rocked by the two hard shots, Lucy grabs her foes arm and twists the limb 360 degrees. Catherine's knees buckle as Lucy twists the arm like she is cranking a handle. Catherine is off balance, allowing Lucy to run a few steps and leap on the second rope, bound to the top rope then spring off. Lucy flies through the air taking Catherine with her and slings Catherine to the canvas with a high velocity. Catherine is slammed hard and skids across the mat, as Lucy springs to her feet excitedly.

Catherine's worst fear in this match just came true. Being a petite woman, Lucy is forced to use aerial moves and speed to bring down larger opponents. Catherine's plan was to keep Lucy grounded and pound on her to never allow her get started running and leaping around. Catherine scrambles to her feet. Lucy is already there waiting, and nails her in the lips with a dropkick. Catherine is again knocked off her feet, and on the mat.

Lucy LiuCatherine is reeling. She rolls to the ropes and uses them to help pull herself to her feet. Catherine's mind rapidly searches for a way to slow this match down again and derail Lucy's momentum. Catherine gets to her feet again and sees Lucy charging at her once again. As Lucy approaches Catherine dips her shoulder and sends Lucy flying over the top rope. Lucy runs head long into Catherine's trap and finds herself hurtling over the rope. However Lucy is able to grab a hold of the rope and save herself. Lucy lands on the ring apron outside of the ropes. Catherine instinctively turns already delivering a punch to take the Asian's head off. Lucy ducks under the fist then drives her shoulder into Catherine's exposed stomach. Catherine roars in pain, but still has the presence of a champion. Catherine lifts her knee as Lucy attempts to butt her in the gut again. Lucy yelps and sees stars, as she makes contact with a hard knee instead of a soft stomach. Catherine grabs the doubled over and dazed woman about her head. She pulls Lucy between the ropes, then executes a spinning neck breaker. Lucy painfully corkscrews between the ropes and falls back into the ring.

Lucy lands on her back with her face wrinkled in pain. Catherine wisely falls on top of Lucy's chest for the pin fall. Lucy weakly kicks out at the two count.

Catherine pops back to her feet. She leans her head back and roars like a lioness. She is not frustrated, but has decided that she should take the violence and brutality level up. Catherine starts savagely kicking and stomping the downed Asian. Lucy flops around like a fish out of water, trying to avoid Catherine's brutal kicks. Catherine takes a hold of the top rope to put extra force behind her kicks. Lucy is half in the ring and half out. The official yells and screams for Catherine to break. Finally the referee gets physically involved since Catherine continued to ignore his admonishments. "Get off of her Jones! Let her get back in the ring!" The referee yells at the top of his lungs, being totally frustrated that Catherine has disregarded his orders with total disregard. "Let her stand up or I'll disqualify your ass right now!"

"Quiet, you little toad!" Catherine argues back. "Touch me again and I'll have your job! Do you understand me?" Catherine contends while shaking a finger in the man's face.

"No! You listen to me, you pompous bi......." The referee bites off his words before he truly says something that will cost him his job. "Your awards and influence mean nothing in my ring! You either abide by my rules or I'll disqualify your ass in a heartbeat."

Catherine's eyes show her slow burning anger at this man. She swears to herself to have his job, or at the very least, he'll never officiate another of her matches again. "Still keep your hands off of me." Catherine still retorts reaching down to haul Lucy back to her feet. Catherine has Lucy by two hands buried deep in her hair. Suddenly a flash of life enters Lucy's body again. She knocks away Catherine's hands, losing a few strands of hair in the process. Lucy's foot rockets up, kicking Catherine in her belly, doubling her over. Lucy seizes Catherine by the hair and leaps up in the air. Lucy comes down in a seated position, driving Catherine's face into the mat in the process. Catherine was caught off guard and takes the impact with her face without putting up normal defenses. Catherine is knocked senseless. The impact is so great her body bounces off of the mat and she flips over onto her back.

While Catherine is wide eyed and dazed, Lucy rolls onto Catherine's chest. Lucy has her back against Catherine's tits, and has her leg hooked and bending it as far as it will go. The referee is right on the spot to drop to the mat and pound the mat three times to count Catherine out. As Catherine is quickly gathering her senses, the bell is already sounding, Lucy and the referee have popped to their feet and he is grabbing Lucy's wrist to raise it in victory. Catherine is amazed. In a span of eight seconds, she has gone from dominating Lucy Liu to looking up at her celebrating a victory. Everything is confirmed as Samuel Jackson bellows out over the speakers, "And your winner, Luuuuuuccccyyyy Liuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

Catherine quickly sits up to protest, but dizziness over takes her as she does before she can utter a word. Catherine just falls back and lies in the canvas to recover for a moment and realizing just how devastating Lucy's face buster was.

Lucy wisely exits the ring and stands at ring side. Chiaki and Minka quickly rejoin her at ringside to congratulate and attend to their leader. The referee briefly checks on Catherine, but she quickly waves him off. It only took a couple of moments for the dizziness to pass, and Catherine to regain her feet. Catherine stares daggers at Lucy. She is angry very angry with Lucy and herself that she just loss this match.

As this is happening, a mysterious woman hops over the security barrier to the ringside area. The woman has long flowing red hair, and wearing a loose fitting short dress. The outfit is oddly accessorized with a bulky and tacky pair of boots with an extra thick sole and a heavy long heel. This phantom woman crawls into the ring behind Catherine who has her back turned and her attention totally focused on Lucy. The woman rises behind Catherine. A moment later, Catherine senses that something is amiss. Catherine turns around, right into a karate kick from this mysterious woman in the head by red head with the heavy boots.

Catherine goes down in a heap like she had been shot. The referee dutifully runs over to confront this attacker. Before he utters a word, the woman kicks him between the legs with the heavy boots. The man crumbles to the mat whimpering and holding his crotch. A few more well placed kicks by the woman forces the referee to roll out of the ring to the floor in obvious pain. The woman immediately turns her attention back to the downed Catherine. She drops to her knees battering Catherine with both fists. Next the woman hauls an almost limp Catherine to her feet, then drives her head back into the mat with a DDT.

In a matter of seconds, Catherine is a semi conscious bag of bones. The woman leaps to her feet, gloatingly prancing around the ring. Fans all over the arena murmur 'Angie' in various conversations. Finally the woman reaches into her hair and rips off a red haired wig, and tosses it into the crowd. Without the wig, everyone recognizes the woman as Chinese actress Bai Ling.

Catherine raises her head like she is about to sit up. Bai immediately goes back to work kicking and stomping Catherine with her heavy boots. A few seconds later Catherine is again semi conscious on the mat. Bai reaches down and snatches off Catherine's black bra, allowing Catherine's big round tits to bounce freely. Bai pulls Catherine up to a seated position to present her bare boobs to the audience. Next Bai starts biting, chewing and gnawing on Catherine's forehead. Bai keeps it up until she has opened a cut on Catherine's brow.

Lucy looks on at the attack, smiling and chuckling. Once Bai has drawn blood, Lucy enters the ring with Chiaki and Minka. Bai goes to Lucy and bows to the ABA syndicate leader. Chiaki hands Lucy a cordless microphone, allowing her leader to address the crowd.

"Ladies and gentleman, please bear witness to what happens to enemies of the ABA. Observe what happens to those who stand in the way of the ABA's domination of this league. Your only option are to join us, or get out of our way. I will make myself very clear so even the ignorant blondes, Pam Anderson and Jessica Simpson can understand. Fab Four and Resistance, unless you wisely surrender to us, your future will include a lot of pain and blood. Beyonce, should you be fortunate enough to walk away with your belt tonight, I am coming after you. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Longoria, whoever escapes with the Drama Queen belt, Denise Richards, Demi Moore, Jenny McCarthy or myself are coming for you. The Cock fighting belt, the Bootylicious Title and the Songbird belts will be around our waist, or in our syndicate. Those dumb enough to oppose us will end up like this stupid fucking bitch right here!" Lucy stands behind a semi conscious Catherine Zeta Jones and lifts her in a seated position by her black hair. While Lucy was talking, Bai had written the adopted symbol by Lucy's syndicate, 'ABA" in black letters accompanied with The Chinese symbol of Strength, across Catherine's chest. "You will be busted open and fall victim of Lucy Liu! The ABA! And the Lui-Tang Clan!" Lucy proclaims with one hand raised presenting a totally destroyed Catherine Zeta Jones to everyone. Chiaki, Minka and Bai stand ominously behind her presenting an awesome scene for camera. "Now if any of you stupid ass bitches have anything else to say, now's the fucking time!"

The opening match of the historic, RAGE PPV closes with that ominous image. Four days later, Bai Ling had her ceremony officially inducting her as a made woman in the ABA. Denise Richards protested, contending that a hit on a defeated enemy should not count. She was easily out voted. The ABA wants to promote the idea that at any point and time, enemies of the ABA can become another victim.

Lucy is pleased at the outcome of the evening. Her diabolical plans and schemes have all been successful. She has her inner circle of her syndicate intact. Lucy has three people who will follow her unquestionably to the ends of the earth. She has emerged as a dangerous contender to all titles. Catherine fought a great fight, but Lucy put her down convincingly. Her rock solid foundation is completed. Now on to the next phase in her diabolical plan.

"It was a fantastic day at the historic, RAGE PPV." Angie Everhart is begins beaming into the camera as she begins her celebrity catfight show. "First, in the opening match Catherine Zeta Jones received the much deserved beating of a lifetime at the hands of Lucy Liu. Lucy has now added Bai Ling to her team, and they appear as dangerous and any team in the league. Lucy Liu, Chiaki Kuriyama Minka, and Bai Ling left Zeta Jones half naked and bloodied in the middle of the ring. They call themselves the Lui-Tang Clan and they did this league a service. By the way Kitty Cat, my challenge to you still stands. Anytime, anywhere anyplace... The Road Warriors used to say that there are two types of people: weasels and weasel stoppers. Cat I'm a weasel stopper just like Lucy Liu. Show some guts for a change, and get in the ring with me."