NOTE - This match follows events of Eva Longoria vs Eva Mendes Journey To The Casket PART 3
The million dollar question since Eva Longoria's casket disappeared in the hearse following losing her match against Eva Mendes is 'What's going to happen to Eva Longoria?'. The answer should be a bit anti-climatic. The main purpose was to get Stone Rage out of the building so Christina Applegate could give the Chosen the advantage in their game changing match against the Fab Four. Eva has already been eliminated from the league, so she was of little use to the long term plan. Jada was to simply detain Longoria until after the Chosen vs Fab Four match. Somehow simple things tend to alter when they are left to the designs of the intricate mind of Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Longoria's hearse drove several miles away and pulls into a luxurious spa. The casket with Longoria inside is wheeled inside, and finally opened. Eva pops up buck naked and totally confused. "What the hell is going on?" Eva looks around to find herself in a room with Jada Pinkett, Stacey Dash and Christina Milian, who all have abducted Eva from the arena.

"Calm down" Jada purrs in a mysteriously calming way. "We're not here to hurt you. We just needed you out of the building for while."

Eva exclaims, "You kidnapped me!"

Jada squints before continuing, "Not exactly. You are our guest really. We are just insisting that you stay here for a while." Eva's outrageous expression changes into one of accusations. "I can guess what you're thinking, so I'll level with you. You are being used as a pawn. Somewhere soon or possibly right now, Stone Rage is meeting with Quatro Calderon to find your whereabouts. The key is that Stone Rage leaves the building before the Chosen and Fab Four match. Once he does, Christina Applegate has total authority over the Chosen and Fab Four match. So you are our guest and should relax in this ice tub, I know you need it after your match. You can watch the finish of the Pay Per View wih us." Jada walks away. "Do you want some wine? We've got plenty." She offers as she takes the bottle to pour herself a glass. "It's your last night in the league. You might as well enjoy it."

"You're kidding me right?" Eva answers. "You're using me to set up my friends for maybe the biggest defeat of their careers and you want me to chill here and drink wine with you?" Eva finishes with her temper obviously rising. "You know me better than that Jada."

"What are you going to do about it Eva?" Jada retorts. "You just had a grueling and very physical defeat. Your body is battered. You are out numbered. Quite frankly you are not even in this league anymore! This you have nothing to do with this anymore." Jada finishes after raising her voice a bit. She calms herself a bit before walking back to Eva. "It's over, Eva." Jada says as she softly caresses Eva's shoulders and arms. "You put up a great fight, but it's all over now. All that's left is to sit down, drink some wine and watch this match. Afterward we'll take you anywhere you want to go, or you can hang out with us." Jada says seductively. "We can do what ever you want after the match." Jada purrs as she still caresses Eva.

Eva pulls away saying, "No! I've got to get away! I've got to tell Stone Rage to get back to the arena."

"How Eva?" Jada rationalizes. "You're buck fucking naked! You don't even know where you are. We're certainly are not going to just let you walk out of the door, and the match has already started." Jada takes a sip of wine and looks at the television. "Ooohh your former team is doing really good right now." All eyes turn to the TV for a second. Jada approaches Eva and asks, "You want a sip of wine?"

Still very angry, Eva slaps the cup of wine out of Jada's hand. Immediately Jada's eyes become evil. "I really wish you hadn't done that." Jada says while sounding like a demon. "I really wish your sexy, gorgeous little ass hadn't done that!"

Eva is totally insulted by the notion that she would not try to do something. She thinks that they obviously think very little of her. Smugly Eva looks at Jada while asking, "What are you going to do about it?"

Eva's answer came in the form of a left and right handed slap across her face that happened so fast that she never saw either coming. Eva wobbles in wonderment as Jada clutches Eva around the neck with one hand and arrests one of Eva's wrists with the other. Jada pulls boob to boob with Eva, while feeling that she as emphatically answered Eva's question. Jada purrs, "You're lucky that amazing sexy naked body of yours is turning me on." Then Jada demands, "Now sit down and watch the match, and have a fucking glass of wine!" Jada gives Eva a shub towards the TV and wine bottles.

Eva felt like was being talked to like a child, and she was. She was intimidated too. Eva knew that she did not have a chance fighting Jada, especially after she was beat up by Eva Mendes earlier. That is not to mention Christina and Stacey being there too. Truthfully Eva has little choice but to drink some wine, take an ice bath and watch the match or get beat up until after match or longer. Almost like a toddler, Eva plods over and gets herself a glass of wine.

Meekly Eva sips the wine and climbs into the ice tub. The water definitely helps her body recover from Mendes' beating. Then Eva starts thinking. She cannot let her last day in the league end like this. Losing a loser leave town match is bad enough. Now she is being used to bring down the group that she fought along with. Jada is constantly giving her 'the eye' (wink) (wink). Eva's stomach turns. It cannot bear going out like this. Surely Applegate is manipulating the rules against the Fab Four during the match. Eva cannot go out like this. She gets out of the tub and gets yet another glass of wine.

As Eva walks by, Jada rubs Eva's legs. Once Eva slows a bit, Jada grabs her leg like a mack. Eva stops and watches as Jada looks up with a smile. Then Eva throws her glass of wine into Jada's face. Eva starts swinging and knocks Jada out of her chair to the floor. Jada is caught by surprise and is taking several shots to her nearly bald noggin. Knowing that Christina and Stacey are about to intercede, Jada shouts, "No! I got this!" Meanwhile Eva is on top of her and landing big shots. "This muchacha is all mine!" Jada adds.

Jada's arms shoot up to defend and create offense. Jada sexily chuckles. "Come on chica!" However Eva captures Jada's wrists and pins them to the floor above Jada's head. Eva traps Jada's arms with one hand and starts pulverizing Jada's gut with her other fist. Jada struggles and is about to break free, when Eva switches positions. Eva spins around 180 degrees so her ass is to Jada's face and her legs pin Jada's arms down and she faces Jada's feet.

"Isn't this what you wanted to see?" Eva roars as she shoves her naked ass closer to Jada's face. Then she reaches down and grabs Jada's crotch through her black pants. Stacey and Christina wonder should they intervene even though Jada told them not to. Quickly both Christina and Stacey remind themselves that it is best to obey Jada. Little Jada growls and squirms under Eva. She mumbles several angry cuss words toward Eva as Jada rocks back and forth and thrashes around. The thrashing was planned as Jada wiggles an arm free. She reaches up and grabs Eva's long black hair. Jada pulls back hard, and brings Eva's ass cheek close enough for Jada to bite Eva's ass. Immediately Eva reacts with a shocked yelp and tries to get off Jada, but the tiny lioness holds on and wrestles with Eva.

The next thing that Stacey and Christina knows, Jada and Eva are rolling back and forth across the floor with their petite magnificent bodies pressed against each other. They are so close that they look stuck to each other. Jada enjoys a little hair pulling while Eva cannot reciprocate with Jada's short hair. However Jada kept her body pressed against Eva's and squeezing tight. She kept their boobs smashed together so tight that they could barely breath.

Eva was fueled by desperation and pride. She had already given her all during her match with Mendes not even an hour ago. She looked like she was suffering when she found herself in a true fight with Jada. "What's up bitch?" Jada asks. "Your little burst of energy is gone? You knew Eva Mendes had already ripped you a new ass hole. Your dumb ass should have just played along, but I knew you were too stupid." Jada squeezed Eva tighter and handled her more roughly. "You're always making bad decisions."

Eva's pride gave her another burst of energy however it was brief. Jada throws Eva on her back and sits on top of her former friend. Then Jada reaches down and grabs both of Eva's perky breasts with two claws. Eva lets out a big moan and grabs Jada's wrists to try and pry her hands off of her. Eva tries uselessly before she abandons her efforts and she attacks Jada tits in response. Jada hollers briefly before redoubling her efforts on Eva's boobs. Both squeeze each other's tits with grunts and moans. At least Jada has some protection from her skimpy shirt. Then Jada lets one boob go and reaches behind her and pinches Eva's clit. "Yeow! It hursts!" Eva wails. She starts withering on the floor.

Jada lets Eva's couchie go and hauls off and punches Eva between her breasts. Eva howls from the thump on her chest. Jada would load up and punch Eva's body whenever she seems fit. Eva tries to retaliate and squeeze Jada's breasts. Seeing that was not helping, Eva punches Jada's belly from on the floor. Jada barks from the good shots and mutters, "You bitch." Eva punches again and harder each time. Finally Jada rolls off top of Eva.

Eva climbs on top of Jada. She struggles to maintain her position, but she rides Jada like a Texas cowgirl on a bronco. Eva follows Jada's script and mauls Jada's tits and blasting her with shots to the body too. Eva palms Jada's head with one hand to help stay on top as well as bash the back off Jada's head on the floor. Finally Eva grabs Jada silk blouse and shreds it down the front and reveals Jada's chocolate breasts. Just then Jada bucks Eva off top of her.

Jada rolls back on top of the tiring latina and starts viciously pulling her hair. Jada positions her body between Eva's legs. This kept Eva's legs open while Jada continues her assault. Jada is able to position her legs to open Eva's legs a little further then blasts her foe with a hard clean pussy shot. Eva shouts she arches her back her head falls back and her hands fell to the floor. Eva looks like a completely defeated woman after a couple of hard pussy shots. Jada repeatedly assaulted Eva's pussy with one hard punch after another. Eva lied there and offered no defense as a token of her surrender.

Jada stands and looks down at the defeated woman at her feet. "Get up you're going to pay for making me all hot and sweaty!" When Eva still lies there Jada shouts more angrily, "Get the fuck up! You wanted to fight instead of drinking wine. Now you're going to be my fucking little bitch all night!"

Eva slowly starts moving and labors up to her feet. "I'm nobody's bitch." Eva proclaims. As soon as she gets totally standing, Jada strikes her with a right hook that knocks Eva down to her hands and knees in an instant.

"Bitch you're about to be my sex toy for the night." Jada says with a chuckle. Eva crawls away from Jada. She knows Jada well. Her words are not a joke. They are a prophecy that is likely to be fulfilled.

"No.... Jada.... don't.... do...." Eva week pleads while crawling.

"Enough of this bull shit!" Jada mutters with total annoyance. Then she instantly starts pulling her tight pants down and steps out of them. Jada storms over to Eva in her panties and shoves the naked girl over to the ground and sits on her face. Jada starts vigorously grinding and riding Eva's face while Eva's body thrashes around and flails underneath. Her inaudible protests fill the room.

Jada looks at Stacey and Christina as they look on in astonishment. Jada says, "We are going to need some privacy. Get out of here and I'll catch up with you at the victory party." Christina and Stacey did not move, while were still trying to comprehend what they are seeing. Jada shoots them a wicked look that shook them back to reality. Both women got their things and left the room and building with extreme fucking haste.

Jada stops and rises for a moment to take her panties off. Then she plops her smooth shaven pussy back down on Eva's perfect face. Jada goes back to grinding robustly on Eva's face. "You better put your tongue to work to get me off before I grind your nose off." Jada suggests. Eva's tongue finds it's way to Jada's clit and starts licking.

After several minutes Jada was on the verge of an orgasm. To gain some time, she turned around so Eva's tongue could work on her ass and pussy. While being satisfied, Jada shoves three fingers into Eva's pussy. She begins fiercely pumping Eva's pussy. The defeated goddess' legs kick around aimlessly.

For having things starting out so rough, things got pretty sweet for Eva after the others left. Things were as sweet as being molested and forced into sex can be. Jada stopped painfully grinding Eva's face and allowed her to eat her out. Jada's groping became rubbing and caressing. If Eva wanted this entanglement with Jada in the first place, or ever wanted an encounter with another woman, she would have enjoyed it. Jada definitely enjoyed exploring the exquisite body of Longoria. She smothered her with flattery and compliments as well as her tongue and kisses. By the end Jada was out right tender.

After Jada had gotten herself off, she grabs Eva by her hips and lifts them off the floor and hoists Eva's wet pussy up to her mouth. Only Eva's shoulders and the back of her head rests on the ground and her crotch is approacing the kneeling Jada's lips. Jada opens Eva's legs then dives into Eva's pussy like it is a four course meal. Eva gasps as Jada begins to eat her out. "Of my goodness! She's too good!" Eva thinks as she breathes very heavily. "I'm going to cum. I can't resist! She's soo good!" Eva starts jerking and convulsing as a wild orgasm rips through her body.

After Jada was done, she says, "Let's get cleaned up. We've got to make an appearance at the victory party. Then we'll go to my house and finished what we started." Eva looked down and her shoulders dropped, hearing her entanglement with Jada was going to continue further. "Don't worry, I picked out a great outfit for you to wear. I knew that you were going to be an ass hole about being our guest....."

"You mean kidnapped!" Eva snaps.

"You mean you being taken here into our care!" Jada suggests definitively while looking deep into Eva's eyes. Submissively, Eva looks away and drops her head. "As I was saying, I knew you would be a stupid ass hole. I somehow knew that you wouldn't sit down like a good girl and drink your wine. So I found the perfect outfit to chill out that hot latin blood, and to teach you a lesson and put you in your place. You wounded the Resistance when you defected from us, but those who laugh last, laugh best." Jada whips out an outfit featuring an iron bikini top and purple loin clothes, then maniacally laughs. "We are going to send you out of this league as our lil' bitch and a laughing stock!"

In disbelief Eva says, "You want me to wear the Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Princess Leia slave girl outfit?" Eva's only answer was more evil and maniacal laughter getting louder. She shakes her head in further disbelief at the depths that Jada and the Resistance are sinking to humiliate and get their final vengeance upon her.

"Hurry up and get dressed. I'm sure Calderon has told Stone Rage where we are so I'm transporting you to a room with the entire Resistance and our friends in attendance. There will be no cavalry from the Fab Four to rescue you. You're going to be all mine until you please me enough to send you home."


Jada and Eva make their appearance outside of the victory party. Jada was dressed in an exquisite dress with the Princess Leia slave dressed Eva in tow on a chain linked to a slave collar around her neck just like the movies. The paparazzi flashed pictures by the ton of the exiting duo. They instantly dub Jada, 'Jada The Hutt'. Jada yanked and tugged on Eva's chain to demean and embarrass her toy even further. The media laughed and joked and asked for more provocative photos. The hysteria caused let Eva know that these pictures will live on forever. She felt truely defeated. The press were having a field day capturing her misery of being a living trophy. The Resistance have made good on their vow of revenge. The Fabs had been defeated.

Jada and Eva caused quite a stir walking into the party and while walking around at the party. Jada did not intend to stay at the party for very long. She wanted to take her toy, Eva, home to play with for a little longer. Then things got fun and interesting. World renown rapper, Cardi B walked into the room. It is exciting enough having the influential young mega star to attend the Resistance party. However a rumor started circulating that Cardi was interested in joining the Resistance in Stone Rage's league. Rumor has it that she is all but convinced to join, but wanted to talk directly with triple OG original gangsta of black rich and famous women, Jada Pinkett-Smith first. Jessica Alba came to Jada almost gushing all over herself talking about adding the young trend setting mega star. She begged Jada to talk to the young rap star and seal the deal. Jessica Simpson talked to Jada saying the same thing and begged Jada to talk to Cardi. Jada was sure Simpson's panties were wet, she was so excited. Christina Milian also told Jada, that she is a huge Cardi fan and Jada should convince her to join also.

Jada's main concern is getting her sex toy home and enjoying her a little more, and did not want to waste time on Cardi potentially joining. Team president, Cameron Diaz talked to Jada and stressed the importance of adding someone like Cardi to their roster. Cardi is influential enough to swing all the young celebrities to join the Resistance instead of the more popular Fabs or ABA. This could change the direction of the group to being the elite, and kick the Fabs tumbling down the hill into the abyss. Cameron arranged for a private meeting room so Jada can speak with Cardi and reel her in. Jada agreed thinking she might can kill two birds with one stone. She can meet with Cardi then use the room for more playtime with her toy afterward.

Jada goes upstairs to a small meeting room or office that Cameron arranged. She has Eva in tow on her chain and finds an extravagant and glamorously dressed Cardi B already seated waiting and for her. The two celebrities exchange greetings and Cardi begins lavishing Jada with praise. "You are such a strong and amazing role model to young women like me, and I want to thank you!" Cardi begins. Another connection that both women are in celebrity marriages with rappers is quickly broached. Then they sit down to comfortably talk now that the ice has been broken between them.

They begin talking about the Resistance when Eva Longoria butts in saying, "Just get to the point Cardi! Enough of this bull shit. I'm tired and ready to go home."

Jada gives Eva an outraged look and sternly says between gritted teeth, "What the fuck is wrong with you bitch. You only speak when I say you can speak. Don't make me punish you in front of Cardi! Hold your horses we will play when I say it's time." Jada finishes.

"The point is that this is a trap Jada. Cardi is my replacement in the Fabs and she has lured you here alone, so she can whoop your little ass and rescue me!" Eva concludes.

Jada's eyes pop and her mouth drops open. She quickly turns her eyes from Eva and back to Cardi. In that twinkle of an eye, Cardi is out of her seat and her fist was already cocked back and heading toward Jada's jaw. Jada is caught like a deer in headlights as Cardi's bomb explodes on her jaw. Jada is rocked so hard that she tumbles out of the plush arm chair she was sitting in and rolls onto the carpet. Jada tries to scurry away on her hands and knees, but Cardi is kicking her in the sides and ribs repeatedly. "Jeez I thought you were smarter than this Jada." Eva taunts. "Hell, Cardi was in J Lo's movie, Hustlers! She even did a photo shoot recreating Pam Anderson's Barbwire movie photos! Why would she suddenly want to join the sorry ass Resistance?" With a toothy smile, Eva hurries over and punts Jada from behind into her cunt. Jada collapses to the floor with a howl.

"You young, dumb ass hoe, do you know who you're fucking with? I'm Jada Pinkett, bitch! You can't do this to me!" Jada screams.

"Why not? All I see a shit talking cunt with a big mouth and a little ass." Cardi retorts as she drops down to one knee in the middle of Jada's ass. Cardi grabs Jada's elbows in either hands and yanks Jada back, and applies a modified backbreaker hold on the tiny warrior. Jada's upper body is lifted off the carpet while her lower body is firmly pinned under Cardi's knee. Cardi turns her head to Eva and says "Get my camera I want to record this shit for Tic Tok." Eva snatches Cardi's camera phone to record Cardi's introduction to the catfighting world. Once Cardi is certain that the camera is focused and recording her, Cardi slams Jada's body forward on the floor while making sure Jada's face gets bashed against the floor.

Next Cardi starts wrestling with Jada to get her legs full around Jada's midsection. Once Cardi is able to accomplish that, she unleashed the power of her tattooed thighs. Cardi squeezed her captive with her leg scissors and attempted to get an arm around Jada's throat for a rear naked choke hold. Jada takes advantage of Cardi's inexperience and reaches out and bites Cardi's arm when available. Cardi shouts, "Yeow! This little bitch bit me!" Cardi was shocked by the vicious vixen and instantly releases her and tries to get away from Jada as fast as Jada wanted to escape her.

Both women scramble to their feet at the same time, and neither of them knew what to do next. It dawned on the veteran Jada that she had a whole team of support in the building. All she has to do is get to them, and this becomes Cardi's worst nightmare, and the Fab's dumbest mistake. Jada shouts, "Help!" and turns and runs for the door. Terrified, Cardi springs after her. After three steps, Jada realized she was not going outrun her younger assailant, so she stops on a dime and pivots around and blast her on coming aggressor with a nuclear fist to her jaw. Cari is stopped in her tracks. Cardi's body slacken. Her bell is rung and she is rocked with AC-DC's Hell's Bells ringing and rocking in her head. Cardi remains standing but she is totally dazed and out on her feet. Jada unleashes a blazing three punch combo that sends Cardi to the carpet on her big phat ass.

Jada sees her opportunity to be the grand star of the night. Jada dives on top of Cardi and takes a seat on her chest. With a venomous and wicked expression, Jada raises both fist and start raining thunder on Cardi's face. Jada batters Cardi's face with unrelenting punches. Eva exclaims, "Cardi!" and jumps to help, but is reminded that Jada tethered her collar chain to the furniture. Eva cannot get over to help Cardi. She can only watch while Jada attacks the defenseless Cardi with the zeal of a serial killer. Although is seemed like forever the vicious assault was only half a minute at best. Only Cardi was stunned and unable to do anything to defend against her slaughter.

Jada relents with her knuckles stinging but her spitefulness lives on. Jada targets Cardi's designer silk dress. "You're a stupid skank! You're wearing a silk Gaurav Gupta designed dress to a catfight. This is what happens to it!" Jada grabs Cardi's dress near the enormous amount of cleavage that it exposes and rips the silk dress in two down the middle. There is a loud rip and the dress is torn to shreds. Jada exposes Cardi's entire upper body, including nude breasts, the two sided tape that held her dress on her body, a tattooed torso and everything imaginable. Jada greedily smiles with her mouth watering. Then she resumes her two fisted assault on Cardi's two ripe and fresh cantaloupe sized breasts.

"I'm going to dogwalk yo punk ass all through this party!" Jada says purposely stealing a phrase from Cardi. "Then I'm going to dog walk you and Eva all over Instagram and Tic Tok!" Jada continues. Jada rears her fist back for another thumping punch when Cardi's leg shoots up and hooks Jada's arms as she swung back. The tattooed covered thigh once again is too mighty for the mighty mite. Jada is yanked backwards off of Cardi's belly. With Jada pulled back, Cardi sits up to find Jada's legs open and still straddling her body. Cardi raises her arm and drives the point of her elbow down between Jada's legs in the split of her pussy. Jada exclaims, "Yeow!" at the top of her lungs. Cardi does not stop there she keeps hammering Jada's pussy with her elbow. Jada howls at each strike until she pleads for Cardi to stop.

Cardi allows Jada to wiggle free and she and Cardi roll away in opposite directions. Both are clearly hurting from each other's wrath. After several moments of lying on the floor and heavy breathing, both understand that there is a fight to win. Also some dreadful consequences could await the loser. Both slowly start to get up off the floor to finish what has been started.

Jada stands and shakes off the effects of the struggles she has experienced. While breathing deeply Jada raises her fists to fight again. Her mini party dress is still intact, but it already exposed a helluva lot of skin before the fight. There is a little bit of cloth tied around her neck that connects a minimum cloth around her waist. Her back, arms and sides are exposed. Of course Jada's body is fit and marvelous and defies aging. Muscles flex and ripple then resumes being soft, sexy and succulent. Finally that 'evil queen' expression returns. The look from playing the gangster boss and cold blooded killer, Fish Mooney in the Gotham TV series. Jada's presence grew from a half pint to a six foot eight, menacing monster in stature.

Cardi looked quite the opposite. The trash talking beauty had just endured a massive beating at Jada's hands. Her expensive designer dress is ripped apart like tissue paper. Her big ass is the only thing keeping it somewhat on her body. She is naked from the waist up. There is no confidence to be found on her face. This is not a lyrical battle, this is a real fight. She is also fighting a legitimate all-time bad ass bitch. Cardi puts up her fists to fight, but she is still shaken from having her face bashed in no very long ago. Cardi's bottom lip nervously quivers.

The diminutive actress closes in like a natural predator on Cardi. She sees a lot of weakness in the bodacious rapper. Jada bobs in and strikes with her right. Cardi dips and ducks the punch. Jada quickly follows with the other fist, but comes up empty again. Jada bounces on her feet a bit before unleashing a combination. The first blow missed, but the second landed, just like Jada expected. Cardi ate the punch and then counters with a hook to Jada's ribs while Jada's arm was still extended. Jada makes an indescribable, inhuman painful wail. Jada's evil bitch expression twists unsuccessfully trying to hide the pain. 'Damned this young skank is strong'. Jada thinks.

Jada recovers her extreme poise and comments, "Lucky punch." She wears and expression that exudes that it could never happen again. More specifically, is that she will not let it happen again. Jada continues to duke it out with Cardi with supreme confidence and arrogance. Jada moves in with her vanglorious championship pedigree kicking in. Her whole persona changed and her fisticuffs skill level skyrocketed. Jada snaps out a lightning quick jabs, worthy of Mayweather. "Make sure you're still recording this Eva!" Jada braggadociously yells.

Jada fights with a sexy cockiness that has been breed for decades. Jada perfectly combines the heart of a gansta bitch from inner-city Baltimore with culture, class and high society refinement in one adorable little package. With the brashness of being a street hustler while also attending the school of the arts, Jada fires another punch. From the beginning as an actress playing Lena in Different World, Ronnie in Menace II Society, Peaches in Low Down Dirty Shame and Stoney in Set It Off, Jada developed attitude. All were gangsta and brazen but pulled off being labeled sassy, with attitude by mainstream media and society, and got away with anything including murder. Jada bobs and weaves and comes back with an uppercut. Jada married Hollywood's leading man. She is so ballsy and brassy that she can cut out on him anytime she pleases. She has him so pussy whipped and bitch made, that she can make him slap another mutha fucka on spot with one mean glance. Jada's head dips in and she catches Cardi be with a stinging and resounding bitch slap. Why shouldn't Jada Freakin' Pinkett-Smith be arrogant, cocky, pompous, or what ever street or refined adjective you want to associate with her. She has been successful at everything from acting, writing and being a rock star. Jada whips out a flurry of fists. She made her mother and all of her kids famous. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people. Hell yeah she feels like a bad ass supreme! Jada launches a haymaker at Cardi's head.

With all that being acknowledged, Jada is getting her ass tore up in this fight. Not hardly any of her punches landed, and the ones that did were not effectual enough. Cardi was picking Jada apart by snapping Jada's head back three times for every swing and miss. The counter that Jada called, 'lucky', happened repeatedly. Cardi speared Jada's ribs countless times making little Jada twist turn and yell. Yes, Jada did connect with that bitch slap, but paid dearly afterward. Cardi unleashed a fury of fists that had Jada wobbling and had her trying to flee. Jada continued to fight with her supreme arrogance but was looking battered, raggedy and shaky. She was so blinded by her arrogance that she was delusional. All the while Jada thought she was a few punches away from winning. The thought that this young ghetto stripper was going to beat her was absurb.

Finally Jada's sexy little body is slapped around until she came too close to Eva. Out of nowhere, the chain from Eva's collar leash comes looping around Jada's neck from behind. Jada growls, "How dare you slut!" before Eva pulls the chain tighter and cuts off Jada's air. Jada's tongue comes out and her limbs start thrashing around. The scene is erily similar to Jabba The Hutt's demise in Return of the Jedi.

Cardi starts laughing hysterically seeing the greatest possible ending for Jada the Hutt. "Hell yeah go straight Return Of The Jedi on her little ass!" Cardi cheers. Fearful that she might seriously injury Jada. Eva lets her go once she is helpless and befuddled. On que Cardi nails Jada with a spinning kick to the side of her head that puts Jada out of her misery. Jada plummets to the floor out cold.

"Nice work rookie!" Eva congratulates Cardi, and then stresses. "Now let's get out of here before some more crazy shit happens." Cardi hastily starts working to free Eva of her chains. Once everything is completed both of them stealthily leave the room and slip into the fire stairwell. Although they were unseen, they were quite a sight. Cardi is topless with the remains of her dress desperately hanging around her wide hips. She is accompanied by Eva Longoria in a Princess Leia Slave girl outfit. That mental image is self explanatory. They were a sight for sore eyes when they were greeted by their friends and teammates, Sofia Vergara and Chrissy Tiegen. The foursome betrayed their excitement of seeing each other until the completed the mission entirely. They carefully made their way out of enemy territory through a service exit. The task was made a whole lot easier by the overjoyed and drunken Resistance members partying their asses off to celebrate the fall of the Fab Four tonight.

The small band that rescued Eva Longoria represent the sole beacon of success for the Fab's tonight. Sofia hugs and congratulates Cardi once they made it to safety "You did it! Welcome to the team." Not long after the Fabs had exited the building, Cameron Diaz knocks before opening the door of the meeting room. Cameron slips inside to be aghast and shocked by the sight of Jada totally naked, bound and gagged before her. The magnificent mighty mite was mumbling and wiggling to escape her bonds. The next morning a highlight clip of Cardi's daring rescue of Eva hits social media to introduce Cardi B as the latest member of Pam Anderson's Fab team and goes viral. The clip includes Cardi's gutsy victory down to Jada's humbling naked black girl bound ending.

Two weeks later

It is definitely a landmark day for Hollywood Cole's Bombshell Wrestling Federation. Many have called it the most important day in the young company's existence. Today they have inked the hottest free agent on the catfighting landscape. Today they introduce the biggest star to sign in the company's history by far. Today Eva Longoria makes her first appearance on their programming.

After much anticipation Eva makes her appearance and enters a BWF ring for the first time. This league is known to be very wild so Eva is dressed ready for action if necessary. She wore a black Lycra tank top that stops above her belly button. She obviously did not wear a bra underneath because her hard as rock nipples were poking against the top like they wanted to peep through. The matching black Lycra bottoms were no more than panties. Eva parades around the ring allowing the fans to roar their appreciation for the sexy woman. Eva has a microphone in hand to address the crowd once they settle down. Even though her outfit was designed not to settle anyone down anytime soon.

"Thank you BWF! Thank you for the warm welcome." Eva begins speaking. "I'm not going to bore you with a long speech, or a bunch of lies or promises. You all know how I got here. I loss a loser leave town casket match and was forced to leave Stone Rage's league. I fought my best, but it wasn't good enough. I'll give credit where it's due. Eva Mendes whipped my ass that night. That is the past, let's talk about the present. I was thrilled to sign for the BWF. It is amazing to be on the ground floor of something exciting and bound to be huge in the future. The media called me a free agent but in truth I never seriously considered another league besides the BWF. I'm here for the competition and help take this league to the next level!" Eva pauses and hopes the fans are with her. She is relieved when they applauded her words.

"This league is known for some tough competition. There are real bad ass ladies here like, Esther Baxter! The team of Darla Crane, Awesome Angelique and Minka, the Boob Cruise! Of course there is the dominant champion and tag champions the Playboy Playmates. I'm talking about Cori Nadine, Karen McDougal and the champion Gena Lee Nolin." Eva continues and plays to the league loyal crowd. "I figure I might need a lot of help here. In Stone Rage's league I had the Fabs by my side. That isn't changing here! I'm expanding the Fabs and opening another chapter of the Fab's here in the BWF! I am co-founding this expansion with another Fab formerly of Stone Rage's league, Kimora Lee Simmons. She is joining me in the BWF!" Eva stops as Kimora steps from backstage and walks to the ring. The tall and elegant super model strides to the ring like a smooth running Cadillac. She is not exactly the cup of tea of the rowdy and wild BWF fans, but they welcome her anyway. They wonder if the high society Eva and Kimora can get down and dirty with their rough and wild environment. The BWF does not hide being hardcore and ultra violent. Eva and Kimora should know what they are getting into. Although a lot of fans hope that they do not understand. They are already fantasizing about these multi-millionaire, total divas being ripped apart by their favorite Bonbshell brawlers. The blue collar fan base salivate thinking about rich fluffs humbled and thoroughly humiliated by hard working and lesser known Bombshell brawlers.

Kimora joins Eva in the ring to a very warm welcome. The two vixens claim the ring as their new home. "This is only the beginning! We have more to come. We are going to build this chapter with young stars. We will grow with old favorite stars. Look for more gorgeous big name celebrities signing. Hollywood Cole's Bombshell Wrestling Federation is about to be the hottest thing going in catfighting. Kimora and me will be the ones blazing the way to heating it up!" Eva proclaims loudly. The BWF fans give the gorgeous new comers a standing ovation. They are thankful for them bringing their sexy bodies to the league. They are hopeful that their names and notoriety will launch the league to new heights. However despite their past accomplishments they are going to have to earn the fan's respect in the BWF. Until they earn these BWF fan's respect they will never truly have their support. Until then they are sexy outsiders that they will encourage their home favorites to defile. Only time will tell.