All of the members of the Fabs organization know that the Hollywood power broker, John the Candyman despises Halle Berry and that disdain extends to all other members of the Fabs. All of them know that the Candyman is also in allegiance with Quatro Calderon, the man trying to steal control of the league from Stone Rage. All of them know to avoid the Candyman's legendary parties. However they also all know that the Candyman is so powerful in the industry that it is not always possible.

Rosario Dawson is a woman that likes to keep a lot of irons in the fire and have a lot of acting projects going on at all times. With her work effort to further a project that she is passionate about, she had to attend one of John the Candyman's pool parties. Attending these parties is simply part of the Hollywood business structure. Actually Rosario is good at these kind parties. Rosario looked the part. She wore a bikini top that is overfilling with cookie 'n cream colored breasts. She wore a fashionable wrap around her waist to modestly cover her bottom half and bikini bottoms. Rosario is still a jaw dropping sight even in a room of aspiring actresses half her age as she parades around with a high end cocktail in hand. She is charming, beautiful, shrewd, flirty and most of all can hold her liquor pretty good.

Despite being a great drinker, all great drinkers make mistakes. Impaired judgment while drinking is an inherent hazard of the business. Despite being in enemy territory, so to speak, Rosario got too comfortable and got a little too tipsy. Normally that is not a big problem, even in a testy place like the Candyman's party.

Then as things frequently do for drunken folks, an unfortunate turn occurs. Jessica Alba walks into the party. Rosario and Jessica have an up and down relationship. They started as warm and good friends while filming the two Sin City movies. Then they entered Stone Rage's league and found themselves on rival teams. They tried to maintain their friendship despite being members of the Resistance and the Fabs. Then Alba and Rosario's best friend in the Fab's Jessica Biel became arch enemies. That conflict put Alba and Rosario directly at odds.

Beil and Alba had two legendary matches. In the first match, Alba beat Beil into total submissiveness and made Biel shamefully crawl out of the ring on her hands and knees up the aisle. Then Alba bloodied Rosario afterward to settle some temporary differences. The second match Alba cheated to steal the match from Biel. Then a mass brawl ensued and Alba's Resistance beat, fuck and humiliated Biel's Fabs worst than anything in the history of the league.

All that aside, Rosario is aware that Alba's people are pressing for a third Alba versus Biel match. Rosario knows how devastating those two defeats to Alba were for Biel. She wants to spare one of her closest friends the shame and humiliation of potentially receiving another devastating loss. Rosario hopes to mediate between her two friends and broker a peace between the arch rivals.

Before long, Rosario finds the opportunity to talk to Jessica Alba at the pool party. "Albz (Jessica Alba's nickname) Why are you trying to get another match with Jesse? (Jessica Biel's nickname) Haven't you done enough to her already? You beat her twice. You broke her spirit both times. Leave her alone. There is no question that you won the rivalry. Every time Jesse gets into the ring, she has to hear the 'Alba's hotter' chant."

"No I haven't done enough to her." Alba sternly responds. "I find no greater joy than to kick Jessica Biel's ass over and over again. The fans want to see me dominate and destroy her again. I would love the match. I don't see the problem. She's getting paid a shit ton for the match. Tell your pussy ass friend to sign the contract. Even her fans are dying to see me beat her, strip her, and fuck her up the ass."

Rosario pauses and looks into Alba's eyes. She knows her friend well enough to know that she is determined to pursue this match. She also knows that it will take a monumental effort for Biel to defeat Alba and stop her from embarrassing her when Alba is in this mood. Rosario goes into a bit of panic mode and tries to desperately convince Alba not to pursue this match with her friend, for Biel's sake.

For the next forty-five minutes, Rosario follows Alba around badgering her and trying to convince Alba to not pursue this match with Biel. She did nothing to talk Alba out of the match, but she was royally getting on Alba's nerves. Rosario became the world's greatest royal pest.

Finally Alba's co-star from their television series, LA's Finest, Gabrielle Union, comes to the rescue and walks over to interrupt Rosario. Gabrielle gets in-between Alba and Rosario, saying, "Will you leave my girl alone and stop pestering her? Don't you have a movie producer to fuck or suck so you can get your next movie role?"

"Oh fuck off." Rosario spits back. "What do you know about getting a movie role anyway? Go back to living off your husband's fame." Rosario dismissively adds, "I'm having an important and private conversation with an old friend. I'd appreciate it if you mind your own business." Rosario nudges Gabrielle out of the way and puts her hand on Alba's shoulder and directs her away from Gabrielle.

"If it concerns Albz, it concerns me." Gabrielle shouts back. "She was my costar and partner for two years on LA's Finest. She's family. You two haven't worked together since Sin City like fifteen or twenty years ago."

Rosario continues to usher Alba away from Gabrielle and totally ignore Gabrielle talking. "I'm talking to you!", Gabrielle shouts. Rosario keeps hustling Alba away and disrespectfully refuses to acknowledge Gabrielle's existence. The irreverence causes Gabrielle to pause, and become infuriated. Gabrielle takes three long strides and catches up with Rosario. "I'm talking to you, dumb bitch!" Gabrielle huffs as she grabs Rosario on the shoulder and jerks her hard to turn Rosario around to acknowledge Gabrielle.

Rosario angrily wheels around ferociously says, "I said fuck o....." Then she is interrupted by Gabrielle's fist swinging around into Rosario's jaw. Rosario's head yo-yo's around and back into another uppercut. Another punch detonates on Rosario's lips, instantly followed by a straight right fist to Rosario's nose that drops Rosario on her ass on the floor.

Rosario is seated on the floor with her eyes fluttering as her brain tries to comprehend exactly how she ended up on the floor. Alba looks at her boiling friend, Gabrielle and is very amused. Gabrielle and Alba gained great chemistry on their TV show LA's Finest. They learned to embody their characters who were kick ass detectives that frequently punched bad guys out. Alba felt obligated to say a buddy cop cliché. "Daaayymmnnnnn! It's not a party with Gabrielle Union until somebody gets punched in the face. Did you have to hit her so hard? It looks like she almost shit herself."

Rosario looks up as her senses slowly try to return. "Bitch! You fucking sucker punched me!" Rosario finishes as she groggily rises up.

"That wasn't a sucker punch." Gabrielle flippantly says as she looks at Alba for confirmation. "I was talking to you, but you wouldn't pay me any attention. Now this is a bit of a sucker move." Gabrielle announces then swing her leg and kicks the downed Rosario in the face. Rosario's head snaps back with a quickness, then she falls back to the floor with her eyes rolling around in her head.

"That had to hurt." Alba jokes with a laugh.

"She deserves it." Gabrielle answers as Alba moves shoulder to shoulder with her closes friend in the room. They take one last glance at Rosario slowly flailing on the carpet then they turn and walk away together. "You know Rosario was fucking Will Smith behind our girl, Jada's (Pinkett-Smith) back while filming Seven Pounds. Then she was having an affair with Chris Rock while filming Top Five". Gabrielle gossips. "I was there! I was her co-star."

Slyly as soon as Gabrielle and Alba step away, John the Candyman is there. He grabs Rosario and helps her to his feet. "Are you going to let them do that to you?" Candyman asks the punch drunk actress. "Gabrielle just slapped you around like you were one of the Three Stooges." John tries to stabilize the wobbly actress. "They've turned you into a total joke. Now quit being a weak pussy and fight back." The Candyman finishes giving Rosario a little push towards Gabrielle and Alba.

Weak pussy has never been a term used to describe Rosario Dawson. It certainly pissed off the drunk bitch inside of Rosario. All sober parts inside of Rosario were too dazed from Gabrielle's assault to stop the drunk bitch from making huge mistakes. Both drunk and dazed, Rosario goes plodding after Gabrielle and Alba, to the Candyman's delight.

Rosario quickly catches up with the pair of buddies and grabs Gabrielle by the shoulder and spins her around to face her. Rosario throws four sloppy blows, The last of with actually lands on the corner of Gabrielle's lips and hurts her a little. Gabrielle touches her stinging lip for a moment, then flew into action. Gabrielle retaliates with straight swift deliberate punches to the drunk chick's face. Rosario's head snaps around on her shoulders like a bobble head doll. Rosario tries to put up her hands to defend herself, but Gabrielle's fists are already back and loading up for the next punch before the inebriated hands get into position. Rosario tries to bob and dodge her big head but is too zonked from the liquor and the knuckle sandwiches to avoid anything. Gabrielle is tearing Rosario apart.

The Candyman is laughing his ass off. He only wishes Halle Berry was here to see her teammate getting taken apart piece by piece. He is tickled to death for his small help to Rosario's demise. Jessica takes pity for her old friend, yet remains very partial to Gabrielle. Alba calls out, "Give her a break Gabby! Rosario's drunk ass is in no condition to fight."

Ironically timely Rosario throws several wild haymakers that Gabrielle has to avoid. Gabrielle is able to avoid the volley, but answers, "Talk to your girl. She's the one that thinks she's Mike Tyson." Gabrielle bobs and weaves and comes inside and pulverizes Rosario with three more hard punches to her face. Of course Rosario had no defense or answer. Rosario's knees buckle and she wobbles around dazed, confused and drunk. Gabrielle snickers seeing the discombobulated woman trying to fight her. She knows that she can end this fight practically anytime. Gabrielle could choose to annihilate Rosario and seriously hurt the bitch or show her mercy. In the end, Gabrielle just does not like Rosario. She has good reason to believe that she has slept with a couple of her friend's husbands to further her career. Gabrielle decides to toy with Rosario and pound and punish her unmercifully.

The thought of Rosario endangering her friend’s marriages alone makes Gabriella so angry that she swoops in and nails Rosario with an overhand right. The sloshed bitch crumbles to the floor. Gabrielle held back some to avoid knocking Rosario out. Luckily The Candyman arrived to help Rosario back to her feet. He shakes her and rubs her shoulders to bring her around a little. The Candyman encourages Rosario to get back in there and fight. By now his cronies are beside him and yelling for Rosario to "Get her!" and "Kick her ass!" along with, "You can do it!" Finally Candyman gives Rosario a push to send his lamb back to slaughter.

Rosario raises her fists and trudges forward with the heart and determination of Popeye the sailor man. Of course it is a Popeye without his spinach. Gabrielle just saw a drunken sailor coming over. Then she saw two guiding lights like lighthouses. Rosario's big tits were bouncing with each step and her nipples were so erect that they wanted to poke right through Rosario's bikini top. Gabrielle smiles with a perfect new plan. Gabrielle could pound and smash those big, fat tits that Gabrielle and most women in the room are very envious of. She can mercifully punish this bitch to her heart’s content and Rosario will wake up to a very painful lesson.

As Rosario closes, Gabrielle rips off a hard combination to Rosario's boobs. Rosario walked through the punches and threw a couple of haymakers that Gabrielle narrowly avoided. Gabrielle danced away smiling, while Rosario doggedly follows after her like a half zombie. Gabrielle is smiling because Rosario and her tits are extremely tough. Rosario's toughness is going to give Gabrielle every opportunity and plenty of time for Gabrielle to smash Rosario's perfect breasts from resilient Silly Putty to Chocolate pudding. Gabrielle punishes Rosario's left breast with a counter hook as she slips a punch. Rosario gives a slight grunt and keeps coming.

For about the next ten minutes Gabrielle punishes Rosario's tits unmercifully. She has pounded them so many times that Gabrielle had knocked Rosario's breasts out of her bikini top. Despite the pounding they remained bouncy and standing at attention. Gabrielle dedicated ten percent of her offense to hard punches Rosario's head. An occasional devastating punch to Rosario's jaw, nose and mouth keeps Rosario dazed, confused and fumbling around. Everyone in the room understood what was happening. Almost everyone in attendance seeks the Candyman's favor. Therefore, most of the party goers cheer for Gabrielle to continue to ruthlessly destroy Rosario. The Candyman's closest cronies keep encouraging Rosario to get in there and fight. Rosario is in a state of la la. Between the head shots and alcohol Rosario just fights on instinct. Her only saving factor is that she is so drunk that she really does not feel the pain in her boobs yet. Then again, that may not be a good thing either.

Seeing Rosario finally getting exhausted, Gabrielle offers her toy an olive branch. After all, Gabrielle and Rosario have known each other for years, and have had some fun times together. "Have you had enough, dumb bitch? All you've got to do is say I give up, then take your whore ass home."

"Fuck you" Rosario answers while huffing and puffing. "You're telling lies that I'm a whore. You sucker punched me. There's no way I'm letting get away with this." Rosario does not wait for a response. She runs toward Gabrielle. The Hershey's chocolate flavored godess, Gabrielle, pirouettes out of the way but counters with another overhand right to the side of Rosario's face. Rosario's knees and legs give out, and she tumbles face first to the carpet. The Candyman's cronies leap to help Rosario back to her feet and gets her back into the fight.

The kid gloves are off for Gabrielle. She punishes Rosario's breasts with her full force and with no remorse. The smack of Gabrielle's fist to Rosario's tits was ringing out above the cheers for the fight. Gabrielle took Rosario's best blows to get close enough to blast Rosario's boobs hard enough to bury her fists into her soft tit flesh. Gabrielle felt like she found the ultimate squishy stress ball to play with. She drove her fist into Rosario's tits. She knocked her breasts around, yet they were still there for more playtime. No matter how many harpoons Gabrielle shot into Rosario's great bosom, she kept coming like Jaws.

Now with Rosario running on determination alone, she is even more helpless, if that is possible. Gabrielle continues her primary assault on Rosario's breasts. However she transitioned to delivering slaps to Rosario's face to knock her further addle. After so many tit shots Gabrielle delivers a paint brushing bitch slaps. The slaps will not knock Rosario out or end the fight, but it greatly frustrates, angers, humiliates and confuses poor Rosario. Pretty soon Rosario is more pathetic than ever. Her lovely Cookie 'n' Cream colored face is covered with red hand prints. She is bumbling around and getting knocked to and fro. Her big tits are exposed and bouncing vibrantly after long breaking free of that constraining bikini top. They are beginning to show the effects of the massive abuse they have taken. Rosario is pie eyed and gives new meaning to confused between the liquor and the whippings. Her stumbling ass continues to try and fight after being pushed beyond exhaustion.

Finally the voice of reason rings out. "This is getting boring Gabrielle. Can you please finish this dumb bitch off?" Jessica Alba yells above the party crowd. Gabrielle smiles, knowing that it is past time to put an end to this train wreck. Rosario looks around confused. She cannot understand why Alba is saying that like finishing the fight is that easy and up to Gabrielle. Just that fast, Gabrielle's right cross strikes across Rosario's jaw like lightening. It is followed by an upper cut ripping up from under her chin like a tornado. Next Gabrielle unleashes a thunderous kick that blasts Rosario dead in the face. The dizzy boxer's arms drop then she falls over on her back to the floor, totally knocked the fuck out.

Rosario laid there out for nine minutes out cold before she regained consciousness. Since she was out before she hit the floor, Rosario took a moment to try and put together exactly what happened. She had a pretty good idea what happened though.

Rosario raised her head and realized that she is now totally naked. Being naked in public does not bother her at all. She usually finds it liberating. Rosario just figured that Gabrielle took her swimsuit as a trophy. In reality The Candyman and his cronies stripped her of all of her clothing. He cut and ripped the cover up and gave it's shreds away as keepsakes of the fight and party favors. He kept the bikini to frame and put in his personal trophy room. The next day, Rosario also discovers that two aspiring actresses took selfies posing over her unconscious naked body. As well a three knuckle head drunk boys took turns laying down next to her naked and snapping selfies too. Fortunately all knew not to post anything to the internet or they would face the Candyman's wrath.

After lying on the floor and collecting herself, Rosario tries to sit up. She is almost up when suddenly her face is stricken with radiant pain. Rosario grabs her rack and falls back to the floor. She loudly shouts, "Fuck You Gabrielle!" as she realizes how completely that Gabrielle destroyed her breasts. Rosario lays there another thirteen minutes clutching her bosom. Occasionally Rosario shouts out obscenities and threats directed at Gabrielle when she moved wrong and her sore tit cause her sharp pain. Meanwhile people pretend that there is not a stark naked leading lady lying in the floor and cussing profusely. They step over and around the suffering actress like it is just another day.

Rosario finally finds the strength to endure the pain and sits up. Much to her surprise after sitting up a couple of moments she feels kind hands on her shoulders and a warm voice from behind. "I'm speaking to you purely as an old friend." Jessica Alba tells Rosario. She uses her grip on Rosario's shoulders from behind and helps lift Rosario to her feet while Rosario tightly holds her boobs to keep them from moving as much as possible. "If you keep yelling shit about Gabrielle, she will come over her and fuck your ass up again. Go home right now. I've already got a driver outside for you." Alba suggestively starts helping Rosario towards the door. "You've already made a total ass of yourself here. These people were not cheering for you. They are laughing at you. You're a laughing stock to them." Alba sees her friend take a deep sigh as even the drunk woman acknowledges the true reality. Right before Alba opens the door for Rosario, she says. "If you really want revenge for tonight, then tell Jessica Biel what happened to you. Then tell her to put on her big girl panties and sign the contract to fight me. Then we will see what happens after that. Gabby and me will be waiting for both of you."

Rosario does not answer but makes her way out of the door. Gabrielle joins Alba as they look out the window at the busty, buck naked actress staggering down the Candyman's long walkway to the road where the driver that Alba arranged waits. Gabrielle laughs, "I know that's your friend, but she is still a dumb ass whore." Alba looks at her buddy and the both break out into loud snickers. "Let's go get a drink!"
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