Uncivil War

NOTE - This story immediately follows STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!
There is nothing left to say. It is Biel versus Alba. Biel or Alba is probably the toughest question asked since Ginger or Mary Ann. Biel, Esquire Magazine's 2005 'Sexiest Woman Alive' matches against Alba, FHM Magazine's 2007 Sexiest woman in the world. Both young ladies are evenly matched at 28 years old, and 5'7" in height. Alba's measurements are 34-24-34 against Bielís 36-25-36. It is freaking Alba versus Biel! What is there left to say?

Matches like this is why both of them joined the league. Both want the respect and prestige of their peers and fans. The challenge was laid down at the STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! Biel is trying to win her team captain, Tia Carrere's, wedding ring back. Alba wins 10 minutes alone in the ring with her friend, Rosario Dawson, who chose to side with Biel against her. Now it is all over but the fighting.

The fans have been polled and their support between Alba and Biel was split down the middle. The Alba fans say that Biel is smoking hot, but Alba is even hotter. The Biel supporters maintain their girl is more sophisticated and mature making her far sexier than Alba. Spike TV Guys' Choice Awards had a poll in 2007, and they awarded Alba the Hottest Jessica award. While the debate rages on, everyone is looking forward to things getting settled in the ring. What else is there to say?

The two most important words have already been said, respect and prestige. It is about respect for Alba. She wants to be more than just the 'hot chick'. She wants respect as an actress. She wants to be an award winning actress, not just eye candy. That is why she jumped on Biel's mentor, Tia Carrere. Tia is the most respected warrior in the league. Alba wanted to prove her equal. She got a little over zealous in her quest. She severely kicked Tia's ass, had Tia's husband drooling over her, then took Tia's wedding band, daring Tia to get it back. It is a matter of respect. Alba does not want to defeat Biel, she will only be happy with conquering her foe. That is why she demanded an "I Quit Match". That way she can make Biel submit, admit her inferiority, so the world can see who is worthy of their respect.

Prestige is the principle word for Biel. She wants the glory that comes with beating Alba, and avenging the Fab Four's honor. She wants the spotlight from beating Alba, then returning the precious ring to her coach. She does not want to just win, she wants to humiliate Alba, like Alba embarrassed and humiliated the Fab Four with her desecration of Tia. That is why she joined the Fab Four, for moments like this and matches like this. It is all about prestige.

Even the extra stipulation rings of respect and prestige. Alba feels disrespected that her friend Rosario Dawson, chose the more prestigious Fab Four instead of joining her in the Resistance. If Alba wins, she gets ten minutes alone in the ring with Rosario to repay her for that disrespect. Alba savors this opportunity to get her pal alone, and teach her a little respect. It is a delightful treat after crushing Biel. Biel has not given this stipulation a thought. In fact, the thought of losing to Alba never entered her or Rosario's mind.

Alba and Biel are well acquainted with each other. They just appeared in a movie together, Valentine's Day and have known each other for years. Both are eager to end the Biel vs Alba debate once and for all. That is exactly what Alba is thinking as she waits in the ring as Biel confidently struts to the ring.

Biel and Tia had gone over Alba's destruction of the legendary Tia countless times. They had developed a strategy that Biel has to get off to an early advantage to win. Taking the ultimate advantage, as soon as Biel crawls into the ring, she charges over to Alba's corner, and starts clobbering her over the head with big right hand fists. After two haymakers send Alba reeling into the ropes, Biel grabs her opponentís arm and whips her across the ring. Halfway through, Alba reverses Biel's whip and sends Biel running across the ring instead. When Biel rebounds back to Alba, she picks her up like for a side slam. Utilizing her momentum, Biel brings her legs up higher and wraps them around Alba's head, and sends her flipping head over heels to the mat with a head scissors take down.

Biel springs back to her feet, while Alba gets up much slower and holding her lower back. When Alba stands, Biel grabs her arm and whips her into the corner. Alba grunts as her back slams into the turnbuckle. Then she grunts a lot louder as Biel comes freight training in and slamming into her chest to chest. Alba staggers a few steps forward. Biel grabs her arm and whips her into corner on the opposite side of the ring. Alba slam into that turn buckle, and Biel smashes into Alba a moment later again.

Alba staggers out of the corner again where Biel is waiting on her. Biel kicks Alba in the stomach doubling her over. Then Biel grabs Alba around the neck for a DDT or a neck breaker, but Alba grabs Biel's spandex pants and pulls her forward. Biel trips and falls with her neck hitting across the middle rope. Biel bounces off the rope, gagging and holding her throat. Alba gets on Biel, clobbering her with her forearm. Then she hauls her rival to her feet and slams her face into the turnbuckle.

Biel turns around groggily only to be kicked twice in the mid section by her tigress of an opponent. Alba whips Biel across the ring sending her hard into the corner on the opposite of the ring. Alba charges in, but at the last moment, sees Biel has her foot raised to boot her as she comes in. Somehow, Alba is able to put on the brakes and stop in her tracks as she reaches Biel. Alba grabs Biel's foot, extends her leg then drops an elbow down across Biel's knee.

Alba pops to her feet. Biel is struggling to rise on one leg and holding her other leg's knee. Alba ends the struggle by kicking Biel in her hurt leg. Biel falls down and rolls around screaming about her knee. Alba reaches down and grabs Biel's hurt leg and kicks Bielís hamstring. Alba kicks the screaming girl's hurt limb again before twisting it making Biel roll over onto her stomach. Alba keeps a hold of Biel's leg, standing over her prey. Next, Alba bends Biel's leg at the knee into a 90 degree angle, lifts it high, lifting Biel off the ground, and drives the knee into the mat. Biel convulses in pain. Alba does a leg drop across Biel's hurt leg, adding to her distress.

With both sexy vixens on the mat, Alba bends Biel's leg while her leg is behind Biel's knee, adding more pressure to her leg lock. Biel knows she is in a bad position, and starts clawing at Alba's eyes and hair, or whatever she can to get this wildcat off of her.

The pawing at her eyes aggravates Alba more than anything else. With an angry growl, Alba releases her leg lock and drags Biel to the ropes by her bad leg. Alba slips out of the ring under the bottom rope and drags Biel to the edge until Biel's legs are hanging off of the ring apron. Alba hoists Biel hurt leg up then drives it down on the edge of the ring. Biel is writhing in pain and trying to escape but Alba grabs the hurt leg and drags Biel to the corner. Once at the ring post, Alba slams Biel's leg against the hard iron post. Next Alba bends Biel's leg around the post into an acute angle. "Give up! Quit and tell everybody that you are just a candy ass pussy!" Alba orders.

Biel does a lot of screaming, but never submits. Finally she is able to kick Alba away with her free leg. Biel falls out of the ring, landing on the floor and holding her damaged knee. Alba quickly gives Biel a swift angry kick to Biel's hurt leg and returns to the ring. Biel lies ringside with her leg wracked in pain. She quickly realizes that her foe is intending to take her apart piece by piece until she submits. Biel slowly climbs to her feet and rolls under the ropes to get back in the ring, to put an end to Alba's plans and chart her own road to glory.

Alba wastes no time resuming her attack. She charges and stomps down on Biel's knee as soon as she crawls into the ring. Alba grabs Biel's leg and starts dragging Biel to the middle of the ring. Biel struggles to stand up on one leg while Alba holds her other leg extended out, about to kick it again. Suddenly Biel burst into action with an extremely athletic move executing an Insaguri Kick. Biel leaped in the air and kicks Alba in the back of the head with her other foot. Alba's head snaps around, and she drops to the canvas like a tree. Alba lands flat on her face and lies there like she has been knocked out. Both ladies lie on the mat for a moment to gather themselves.

A few seconds later, both women rise to their feet ready to resume the battle. Alba looks to regain her momentum, and charges at her rival. Biel puts her foot into Alba's belly as she approaches and grabs Alba's hair. Next she falls back and sends Alba flipping head over heels with a monkey flip. Alba lands with a thud on her back, but springs back up to her feet. Alba turns and races back toward to Biel expecting to surprise her. Alba is surprised to run right into a decapitating clothesline. Biel caught Alba good, taking her off her feet making the young superstar land on the back of her head. Although she is stunned, Alba slowly climbs to her feet. Biel is waiting and strikes quickly with a foot Alba's stomach. Alba doubles over and in perfect position for Biel to hook her up and send Alba to the canvas with a snap suplex.

Alba's mind is in a fog. She is hurt, cannot form good thoughts, and acting on instincts. Like a trained dog she gets to her feet and looks for an opportunity to bite her enemy. She finds that as Biel grabs her arm and whips Alba toward the corner. Acting on mostly instinct, Alba reverses the whip and sends Biel into the corner as hard as she could.

Alba charges in after her foe, only to find her Biel again ready. Biel sidesteps Alba, and hoists her into the air and allowing Alba to come down face first into the top turnbuckle. Alba's head snaps back off of the padding and falls like a tree flat on her back.

The fast paced action has the fans going wild. Biel is definitely feeling the moment and the glory. Sucked far too deep in the moment, the usually composed and mature Biel gives a hoot and holler and pulls off her spandex top, to reveal a skimpy sexier bra underneath. Biel tosses her top into the now frenzied crowd with thoughts of proving she is hotter and better than Alba in every way.

Biel returns her attention to Alba, who has been vacantly staring up at the lights during Biel's grandstanding display. Biel reaches down and is hauling Alba to her feet, when the young wildcat flashes back to life. Alba grabs one of Biel's legs and takes her to the ground. Before Biel knows what has happened, within a couple of seconds, she is flipped over onto her stomach. Biel is lying face down with her legs twisted together like a twist tie with one of Alba's legs mixed in. Alba's other foot pushes both of Biel's ankles forcing her heel up toward her ass. Alba calls it an Indian Death Lock. The leg lock has Biel screaming in pain, as even more pressure and pain is inflicted on her already hurting knee and leg. Biel can hear Alba demanding "Quit! give up you fucking cunt!" Biel has to seriously consider that option. She has no idea how to escape. She is obviously in excessive pain, because she continues screaming her head off. Biel's only other option is to crawl, scoot and claw her way the ring ropes, which is able to do. Hollering throughout, Biel reached the ropes causing the referee to call for the break.

Biel turns and faces her adversary, but is still on the mat, holding her hurt knee. She sees Alba looking down on her with a taunting laugh and a gloating smile. That really pisses Biel off. Alba reaches down to get her clutches on her foe, when Biel reaches up and grabs Alba's bottoms and jerks her forward. Alba is flung off balance and guillotines herself when her throat strikes the middle rope. All of Alba's smiles and laughs disappear as she rises off the ropes holding her throat gagging with her head bowed. It is perfect position for Biel to grab her about the head and neck and spike her into the mat with a DDT. Alba's head hits the mat like the point of a lawn dart, then her body flops lifelessly to the canvas.

Biel rolls Alba over onto her back, she discovers that her nemesis is knocked out. Biel falls across Alba's chest for a pin fall. The referee makes no moves, but to inform Biel that she must make Alba quit or submit. The fans count "1, 2, 3," three times indicating that Biel could have won a normal match. Biel used that moment to catch her breath. Her body and especially her legs are feeling the aches and pains from this bout with Alba.

Biel rises off of Alba and stands over her, very proud of herself. She stoops over and delivers a cracking slap across Alba's face. "Wake the fuck up bitch! It's time to give up!" Biel says as she gives Alba a few more slaps across the face. Alba starts to come around. Biel happily slaps Alba some more yelling at her to wake up and to give up.

Suddenly Alba's hand shoots up and seizes Biel's wrist as she is about to deliver another slap. Next thing Biel knows she is flung to the mat, and lying flat on her stomach. Biel's right arm is captured between Alba's legs, who is sitting beside her on the mat. Alba's hands are clasped together under Biel's chin and wrenching her neck backwards in a Crippler's Crossface submission hold.

Biel explodes with a loud shrill scream. She kicks her legs and squirms trying to escape. Alba wrenches back on Biel's neck getting another yell out of the captured woman. Biel has never felt pain like this before. She knows that she is caught. All her squirming is doing is delighting the audience watching her outrageously sexy ass shaking. Her only hope to escape is to get to the ropes like she did while in Alba's leg lock.

Biel forces her strong, sexy body toward the ropes. Although she is suffering through great pain Biel is able to power closer to the ropes. Every inch closer toward the ropes Biel makes, it feels like the neck is breaking. Actually Alba is using Biel's movement to sink her hold in deeper, and wrench back further. Remarkably Biel has moved within a little more than a foot from the ropes. However now the pain is excruciating, and growing. Biel's strength is all but faded, and she is running on only will power now. Alba had somewhat allowed Biel's success in getting to the ropes, now she puts an end to it. Alba holds stead fast and wrenches back even further. Biel yells screams and whimpers like a trapped an wounded animal, and continues to paw her way to the ropes. After a long period of time of no movement to the ropes and utter torture, Biel starts to realize that Alba is not going to allow her get any closer. Tears from the pain start to well up in Biel's eyes.

The pain is getting too much for Biel. Her screams are getting louder and she is starting to admit to herself Alba has her totally beat. Biel reaches out for the ropes, but she is still about a foot away, and cannot move one iota closer. She holds out for a little longer, before the inevitable. Then it happens, Biel starts slapping the canvas, tapping out and submitting to Alba.

Jessica BielThe referee calls for the bell and tells Alba that she has won the match. However Alba does not release Biel or even let up the pressure on her neck one bit. Alba just yells, "Alba or Biel... Who's better?"

That question infuriates Biel. Alba has already humbled her by defeating her and making her submit, but now Alba wants to take her dignity by making her grovel and admit inferiority. "Biel!" she angrily roars back strong and loud. "Biel!"

"Alba or Biel? Alba or Biel? Who rules?" Alba asks as she keeps the pressure on her Crippler's Crossface hold. She was not fazed by Biel's passionate response to the initial question. She knows it is only a matter of time before Biel has to answer 'Alba'. The victorious and vicious wildcat just kept up the torturous hold and waits for Biel's stubborn resistance to fade.

Alba's wait did not appear to be too long. Biel is wailing in agony. Alba has repeated her question several times, each time Biel answered "Biel" but each time her conviction is weakening at drastic rates. Then the water works started. Tears started flowing from Biel's beautiful eyes. Everybody in the arena knows Biel going to submit to Alba's will. Biel is exacerbated. She knows that she is stronger, and felt she was tougher that Alba, but yet she finds herself in this position.

Then Biel felt something pop in her neck. Suddenly the pain increased three times fold. Biel screeches in utter agony then starts shouting "ALBA! ALBA! ALBA! ALBA! ALBA! ALBA! ALBA! ALBA!" at the top of her lungs.

Biel is crying like a baby. Alba does not seem to have a reaction. She maintains her hold and coolly asks "Who's better? Who rules?"

Not wanting to infuriate Alba and stay in this torture hold one second longer. "Alba, Jessica Alba is the best. Alba rules." Biel confesses loud and distinctively, hoping to satisfy her tormentor. Alba relents some of the pressure for her compliance, but keeps Biel in pain. She wants to make Biel suffer a little longer. She wants to prove a point to Biel, Tia Carrere and anyone else looking on. Biel is a broken wreck. She is blubbering and crying like a little baby. Biel just pitifully keeps repeating, "Alba... Alba rules..... Please let me go.... Alba, Alba, Alba...."

Finally Alba releases Biel, and rises to her feet. It is a dramatic scene. Alba stands over her conquest, while her vanquished foe lies between Alba's legs curled up on her side, holding her injured neck and loudly crying. At least for tonight, the Alba/Biel question has been answered definitively. The fans give the victor a standing ovation. Alba stands with her chest poked out as the fans breaking into a chant, "AL-BA'S HOTTER! AL-BA'S HOTTER!"

The bloodlust starts to leaves Alba's body. Once in the ring, the mild mannered, soft spoken girl turns into a warrior princess, who devours, humbles, humiliates and breaks competitors. Alba looks down and realizes what she has just done. Jessica Biel, the pride of the new Team Tia of the Fab Four, one of the brightest and highly touted young stars of the league, lies broken and balling like a baby on the mat.

Alba reaches down, seizes a handful of hair and pulls Biel up to her feet. Biel rises, holding her neck, and sobbing loudly. Once on her feet, Biel cowers in fear in front of her vanquisher. "This wedding ring thing is between Tia Carrere and me." Alba says through gritted teeth. "If you ever stick your nose in my business again....."

Before Alba can finish her threat, Biel blubbers, "I won't... I won't, I won't. Trust me, I won't."

Surprised by Biel's total surrender, Alba could only answer, "good." Regaining her sneer, Alba snarls, "Now crawl back to the locker room on your hands and knees and get that traitor, Rosario Dawson down here. If you get off your knees, you answer to me. Got it?"

"Yes" Biel sobs. Alba shoves Biel through the ropes, sending her tumbling out of the ring to the arena floor. Meekly Biel rises to her hand and knees, and starts crawling back to the locker room, sobbing and holding her injured neck.

Halfway back, Rosario comes jogging down. She meets her friend, and helps the beleaguered superstar to her feet. She asks her friend if she is okay, then with a few encouraging words, tells Biel to walk back to the locker room. Regaining a little bit of pride, Jessica Biel walks back holding her neck and trying to stifle her sobs.

Rosario looks to the ring and sees Alba waiting for her. Rosario shows concern, but a lot of confidence. Her and Alba have been friends since filming Sin City. Rosario has trained with Alba enough to know that she is no match for her in a one-on-one contest. However with Alba just finishing a tough bout with Jessica Biel moments ago, Rosario is not overly concerned about stepping into the ring with Alba. She feels that Alba is the one making the mistake.

Rosario slowly ascends the stairs and climbs into the ring. Neither Alba nor Rosario ever takes their eyes off of each other. Once in the ring, Alba sings, "Come on little Miss Benedict Arnold, come get your whipping."

"Look, I'm getting tired of your bitching." Rosario says walking up nose to nose with Alba. "I've told you a hundred times why I made my decision......."

Then the argument begins. Both hot babes start yelling at each other at the same time. It is an argument that appears to have played out in private several times before. It is almost like a lover's quarrel. Each friend is trying to make her point, and ignoring the words coming out of the other's mouth.

As the argument heats up, Alba pokes her finger in Rosario's chest to get her point across. Rosario gets her point across even more effectively with a slap across Alba's face. Alba reels backwards from the slap. Rosario, barrels into her friend and tackles her down to the mat. Then she opens a two fisted assault on Alba's face. Rosario stands and backs off her foe. Alba rises definitely looking ruffed up. Rosario kicks Alba in her stomach, doubling her over. Next Rosario scoops Alba up, then sends her crashing down with a huge body slam.

Rosario Dawson"You're my friend. I thought you'd understand. You know I've always wanted to be in the Fab Four." Rosario says looking down at her pal. Then she leaps and drops an elbow across Alba's boobs.

Alba has the breath knocked out of her. She decides that she really did not want to continue this conversation with Rosario right now, and tries to crawl out of the ring. As Alba tries to escape through the ropes, Rosario grabs Alba by the leg and drags her back. While Rosario is holding her leg, Alba struggles to stand up on one leg. Alba is calling Rosario every type of bitch and whore in the book. Then, just like Biel did when Alba had her in the exact same position in their match, Alba leaps up and kicks Rosario in the head with an Insaguri Kick. Rosario goes down, holding the side of her face.

Alba jumps on top of Rosario and bangs her head into the canvas by her hair. "I thought you were my friend, and friends always stick together." Alba says as she rises and drags Rosario around the mat by her hair. Alba stops and stands on Rosario's hair then pulls her body off the mat by her wrist. Rosario screams as her body is being pulled in one direction while her hair is being yanked out under Alba's boots. Alba laughs at her buddy's suffering. Next she releases Rosario's wrist then seizes a handful of hair to haul Rosario to her feet. "Get up!" Alba shrieks. "Come on Benedict Arnold!" Alba leads Rosario into the corner by her hair. Alba draws Rosario's head back then slams her face into the turnbuckle. Rosario's head bounces back into Alba's hands for another slam into the turnbuckle.

Feeling totally dominate, Alba whips Rosario across the ring. Rosario holds onto the ropes and stops herself from rebounding back to Alba. She figured what her friend's next move was going to be. Alba had already leaped into the air for a drop kick, however, she had no target to hit. Alba falls awkwardly on her face.

Rosario dives on top of Alba, and again hammers her with rights and lefts. Alba screams but somehow is able to buck Rosario off of her. Both vixens get to their feet. Rosario strikes like a viper with a swift, stiff punch to Alba's gut. Next she repays Alba for some of her rough treatment earlier by ushering Alba to the corner by her hair, then bouncing Alba's face off the turnbuckle seven hard times.

Rosario whips Alba across the ring into the turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring. Alba's back crashes into the corner with a loud grunt. Rosario dashes across the ring after her prey. Rosario leaps up onto the middle ropes, trapping Alba in the corner. Rosario draws her fist back to hammer her pal, but before she can strike, Alba gives Rosario a hard shove, knocking her off the ropes, and making Rosario fall hard to the mat, and hitting the back of her head in the process.

"CASH!" Alba hollers looking at ringside. Alba's husband, Cash Warren stands and immediately tosses a shiny metal object to his wife. Alba knew there would be no referee or rules in this extra period. She was prepared if she did not have enough left to handle Rosario. Besides, the ten minute period was nearly over, and Alba still had not extracted her revenge.

Cash has tossed his wife a pair of brass knuckles. Rosario was dazed by her unexpected fall. She looks up to see Alba descending on, leading with her brass knuckled covered fist. Alba's fist crashes down on Rosario's forehead. Rosario's eyes roll back in her head and her body goes limp. Effectively the fight is over. Alba has 45 seconds in the 10 minute period to pound Rosario's hard head. Rosario is knocked senseless. She makes no effort to defend herself. Rosario only accepts her friend's punishment. The brass knuckles open a gash on Rosario's forehead causing blood to flow and cover Rosario's lovely face. Mercifully the bell ending the ten minute period sounds, saving Rosario.

Alba ceases her assault and rises off of her victim, leaving Rosario a bloody mess. Alba gets the microphone, and returns to Rosario. "Hmpt that felt good. Nothing like relieving a little stress." Alba says. Rosario has been beaten into a stupor. She can only moan and look up vacantly at the lights, and continue bleeding. "I guess we'll do this your way Ro. I really hope we can be friends after this is all over. I love you and will always consider you my friend. But while our groups are at war, when you get in this ring with me we are enemies. You can expect nothing more than what you just got from me just now. I'll talk to you when this is over buddy." Alba drops the microphone on Rosario's chest, and leaves the ring, and returns to the dressing room. Rosario was bloody, beaten and hurt. She had to be carried out of the ring like a slab of beef back to the dressing room for medical treatment.

Thirty Minutes after the match
"It's Downtown Julie Brown, Wubba Wubba Wubba! and I'm here with one of our big winners tonight, Jessica Alba." Julie Brown starts her interview of Alba outside of her dressing room backstage. "Congratulations on a huge victory tonight Jessica. You are so soft spoken and sweet, but in the ring you are sure a wildcat."

Alba answers with a shy and modest smile. "Thank you, Julie. I don't know what happens, but when the bell rings I go into a zone, and let everything go. It's really exciting and liberating."

"You were definitely exciting and a real wildcat tonight. You ate Jessica Biel and Rosario Dawson alive. It was definitely a sight to see. Jessica and Rosario are both in the medical infirmary. Jessica is being treated for a neck injury, and Rosario for her head gash." Julie continues. "Extremely impressive. Jessica you single handedly took out half of Tia's Fab Four team."

Alba looks at Julie with a confused expression. "Half of Team Tia?" Alba asks. "No we've done more than that. Come with me."

Julie and the camera man follow hurriedly as Alba walks off. The young superstar leads them through a maze of hallways, going up and down halls to another portion of the arena. Finally, Alba and Julie stops out in front of the locker room door for the Fab Four. Alba pauses for a moment, then flings the door open. She walks through the door saying, "No Julie, we've taken out all of Team Tia."

Tia CarrereNikki CoxVida GuerraJulie and the cameraman burst through the door behind Alba. Julie's mouth drops open with an audible gasp at what she sees. Tia Carrere is on the floor, writhing in pain while locked in a figure four leg lock from Eva Longoria. The sexy latina is holding onto a cabinet's drawer handles, giving her more leverage to apply more pressure to the hold. "I heard something pop, just like you said it would Jessica." Eva confesses as Tia squirms and exclaims like she is in pure agony.

In another portion of the room, Vida Guerra lies face down on a sofa looking like she has been knocked out. Vida's pants are down around her ankles and Nikki Cox is standing by her wielding a leather belt, and relentlessly whipping the Cuban born American's famous ass. Vida's butt is turning purple and is covered with angry red welts. Also, there is a red mark around her throat, where it looks like the belt was used to choke Vida out.

Alba walks to where Eva and Tia are lying on the floor. She puts her foot across Tia's throat, and presses down, choking the Fab Four warrior. "The Resistance has told you." Alba begins speaking, while solemnly into the camera. "the days of the Fab Four and the ABA's tyranny are over. If it takes a war, an Uncivil War., to accomplish that, well so be it. We will not stop until we have both group's unconditional surrender."

As Jessica Alba's words echo in the room, the camera pans down Alba's long slender legs and zooms in on a struggling Tia under Alba's boot. The legend shudders and slips into unconsciousness. Perhaps the scene ushers in a new day, with new stars. Maybe the landscape of the league is about to change with new legends being born. Perhaps.