"So let me get this straight Quatro Calderon", Cameron Diaz states while wearing a very confused expression. "You want The Resistance to take on the Fabs, and wear them down, while you execute some secret plan to finish them off. You won't even tell us about this finishing blow of taking down Rage's sweethearts. You only say that we will not be involved in the finish. So tell me Calderon, why would we want to do that?"

"With all respect, Mr Calderon, we've heard of your reputation and the benefits of working with you, but there is little you have to offer us." Jessica Alba adds.

Jada Pinket-Smith picks up, "We're all financially secure. Most of us don't have any problems getting quality roles. We've got Christina Applegate getting us any match we want. What advantage would we have in assisting you in taking down Stone Rage or the Fabs? My husband has told me about your power, I do not doubt that, but I don't see anything that you can offer us of value."

Quatro Calderon is in a secret meeting with the four leaders of The Resistance, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jessica Alba. He has just proposed a deal for them to help him take over Stone Rage's league and eventually force him to sell to the studio giants, a secret society that pretty much controls all media in the country. So far he has asked the Resistance to intensify their war with the Fabs, and keep them distracted and to wear them down while he executes an undisclosed plan to bring the group's ultimate demise.

"As I said, in order to force Rage to sell, I need to get rid of the top talents, that are loyal to him. That means the Fab Four organization and the ABA. The studio executives are not happy about him helping the ABA do Pay-Per-Views and movies or backing this Fab TV network, or even giving Michael Michele a contract when he knows that she has been blackballed. We need people like you that know the rules of Hollywood and will work with the ones making decisions. I understand that you are rich and powerful women in your own right. However you understand that the people I represent are far wealthier and more powerful than anyone imagines. They basically control the entire world." Calderon explains. "Money and power is no object with them, but keeping Stone Rage under control is."

Calderon opens his offer stating, "If you help me, practically any project you want in the world of media is yours. That includes your own movies, TV shows or music production companies. We would support your own TV network as long as it meets with our approval. That is just the beginning. My backers can get you your own island if you like. Your compensation will be immense, as long as we have your cooperation."

"Besides ladies you have to protect yourselves. As soon as your battles with the Fabs stop selling out Stone Rage's Pay-Per-Views, he's going to eliminate you or worst make you irrelevant. He will find a way to fire Christina Appplegate." Quatro urges further. "Join me simply for the reason that without me, you will never truly defeat the Fab Four. Stone Rage will never allow it! You all know that is true!"

There is silence in the room. None doubts Calderon's words, but from what they have heard, deals with him and the secret society will be like dealing with the devil. The four women look at each other nervously. If they turn this offer down, they could make powerful enemies that could destroy their careers. However they know it is true that he can reward them more than their imagination travels.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say we have our concerns..." Cameron starts.

"Say no more" Calderon interrupts. "I do understand. Let's work on a project by project basis at first while we take down the Fabs. For good faith here is a 12 million dollar marketing check from NBCUniversal Televison. All you have to do is have one match against a member of the Fab's. Just follow the script about the reason for the match, and keep all involvement with me totally top secret. That will be the first project. I have many more that will pay more as we go along."

The Resistance girls’ eyes got big. They knew of Calderon and his 'deals you can't refuse' but this one seems very workable. The secret society must want Rage pretty bad. They agreed to take this first project as a trial offer.

"Excellent!" Calderon exclaims. "This first project is near and dear to my heart. Your first target is Eva Jacqueline Longoria Baston." Expressions instantly change for the women at Calderon's mention of the old Resistance traitor, Eva Longoria. "She once was an associate of mine before a few deals went bad. I'm planning a DVD release of a TV series I arranged for her to produce and star in a TV show called, Telenovela. Eva named her title character, Ana Sofia Calderon, in my honor. After dealing with Stone Rage, she stopped working with my organization. I'm arranging a match for her and hopefully you will kick her little ass really good! Hell, I'll give you a bonus if you win and rub that pretty little face in the mat. Most important is to keep Stone Rage and the Fab's occupied so they can't figure out my plans. I'm hoping that you will take the match Jennifer. Eva is popular, but she is not America's Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston. It is key to my plans that we put the Fab's in a bad light constantly. The goal is to turn as many fans against the Fabs as possible." Calderon says with a smile and a nod. "The back story is easy and will never be questioned. At THE GOLD EXPERIENCE II Eva turned on you, like the traitor little bitch she is, and at THE GOLD EXPERIENCE III you're back for payback. No matter how Stone Rage will try to flip it, more fans will support Jennifer than that traitor."

Calderon obviously have a personal grudge against, Eva, but so do the Resistance. So it is an easy deal to make and score an easy 12 million on top of the normal millions for the match. Calderon was still talking and getting excited at the thought of Eva getting a beating. The women were no longer really listening though. Their minds were thinking about the extravagant rewards they could get from Calderon without getting in too much debt.

Shortly after, Jennifer Aniston made a video statement challenging Eva to a match. "The worst day in the history of the Resistance was at THE GOLD EXPERIENCE II when our friend and sister turned her back and abandoned us to become a member of the Fab's." Jennifer said during a heartfelt speech. "It is only fitting given this unexplained and unwarranted traitorous act to challenge her to a match at THE GOLD EXPERIENCE III." Jennifer continued getting even more emotional. "Why Eva? Why did you abandon us? You never made a complaint or mentioned a problem. Then the Fab's make you some kind of offer and you abandon us without a reason. You just ran off like a gold digger or a yellow traitor. At least have the guts to face me in the ring." The press ran with the video on social media. There was renewed debate over Eva's defection. Did Eva abandon her friends or make a career move?

Eva was actually happy to accept the challenge. After leaving The Resistance, her former team was less than complimentary about Eva. All of them said they were immensely better off with her replacement Vida Guerra than Eva. Everyone agreed Vida was a much better fighter. The diminutive latina is ready to show her former team her worth. Originally Eva joined the Resistance because of friendships with Christina Applegate, Jessica Simpson, Christina Milian, and Jessica Alba, but once she left the Resistance, she felt like those friends abandoned her. When times got rough, deeper friends in the Fabs like Roselyn Sanchez, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian stayed true no matter what group she represented. She is ready to tear up whoever the Resistance threw at her.

Eva's Fab team leader, Pam Anderson was cautious about taking the match at first. She felt it was odd that Aniston issued the challenge instead of Eva Mendes or Cameron Diaz who were much more critical. She felt something was wrong about the entire scenario. However, soon Pam gave into more primal desires. Jennifer Aniston destroyed Pam's breast on the night simply known as The Massacre. It was the night The Resistance beat and subjugated the Fabs in a mass catfight. Jennifer did a job on Pam's tits unlike anything done to her in over a decade. The lure of getting a piece of revenge against Jennifer overcame Pam's best sense, and she was all in for this fight.

Whether willingly or unwillingly everyone fell into their roles and Calderon's plan was right on schedule. Jennifer played the high ground, always complementing Eva in interviews. Meanwhile Eva Mendes, Jada Pinkett and Cameron Diaz took pot shots at Eva in the press. They were subtle little person jibes that really got under Eva's skin. They drop hints or outright said that Eva is an unfaithful, selfish traitor at every opportunity. Eva graciously defends her change as a personal decision. Meanwhile she cannot wait to get Jennifer in the ring and sever the tie between her and the Resistance once and for all.

Months later Pam accompanies Eva to the ring of London's SSE Arena, Wembley. Both women are happy and excited and the jog and bounce to the ring. The fans less enthusiastic than the usual reception that Pam and Eva are accustom. Neither seems too affected. They get into the ring and bounce around and interact with the fans and try to draw them to their side. Eva's outfit of a black bustier with skimpy black panties certainly help her gain more fans.

Shortly after Jennifer Aniston struts to the ring with a serious power walk. She receives a warmer welcome than Pam and Eva did earlier. Halfway down the aisle, Jennifer stops and pulls out a microphone. "Eva we all found out you was a low life snake when you abandoned The Resistance." Jennifer begins speaking. "But have you fallen so low that you're afraid to fight me without help? You've already proven to be an untrustworthy traitor. I'm not getting in that ring until Pam leaves. Then we can settle this between us Eva, woman to cockroach." Jennifer ends and the audience rallies behind her. Not all the crowd knew the turbulent history between the Fabs and the Resistance. Jennifer's request seemed reasonable.

Eva and Pam briefly exchange words, mainly Pam giving Eva her final instructions and words of encouragement. Then Pam leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. When she gets to Jennifer she steps to her and says, "If there's anything left of you after Eva gets done, I'm coming for you." Pam threatens.

"Oh give it a rest Pam." Jennifer huffs back, sounding annoyed. "We both know that you're no tougher than your soft weak tits. I'm going to drag you around the ring by your tits again, and you're going to start crying like a little baby and begging for mercy." Jennifer defiantly replies and stares Pam back in her eyes.

Pam is fuming on the inside. Jennifer did not just destroy Pam she conquered the blonde. Pam was terrified of Jennifer for weeks because of the devastation done to her supreme rack. If only for her own damaged psyche she had to respond. Pam gives Jennifer a stinging slap across her face, and then shoves her out of the way, then marches back to the dressing room. Jennifer just looks at the blonde while in shock. Eva is laughing in the ring. She knew how big a moment that was for Pam to overcome her anxiety from The Massacre. Meanwhile most fans did not e\realize what was happening so they boo the blonde's unwarranted actions.

Eva gets a microphone and shouts, "Okay crybaby you've got what you wanted. Now get in the ring and get your ass whooping!"

Jennifer gets her balance and angrily turns Pam direction. However Pam has her back turned and is walking back to the dressing room. Then Jennifer gets cognizant of the fans. Many are booing Pam, but the others are openly laughing at Jennifer. Always a sensitive woman, Jennifer gets openly frustrated and embarrassed and runs to the ring. Jennifer is sexily dressed in a light blue sports bra that reflects her eyes perfectly. Then she completed her outfit with dark blue tights with knee pads that match her top. Jennifer dives into the ring by sliding under the bottom rope.

Eva is not going to wait to see what happens next. She runs over and starts kicking and stomping Jennifer, further alienating the portion of fans that were leaning against her. For Eva, it is just wise strategy. The latina is at a distinct size disadvantage, Pam wanted her to start the match fast. Besides Eva knows firsthand how deeply the Resistance wants to eradicate the Fabs.

The bell rings as Eva continues to kick and stomp while Jennifer struggles to get to her feet. Once Eva is certain that Jennifer is going to stand, Eva grabs Jennifer's arm and snatches her to her feet. Eva whips Jennifer into the ropes then drop kicks her rival as she rebounds back to her. Jennifer is propelled off her feet immediately. Both scramble to their feet again, but Eva is quicker and is able to dropkick Jennifer in the face again and knock her off her feet a second time. Jennifer gets up with a star or two sparkling in her eyes. Eva nails one more dropkick to Jennifer's mouth that sends her back to the mat ounce again for a trifecta.

Jennifer is not popping up quite as quickly. Meanwhile Eva is up and overflowing with energy. As Jennifer rises, Eva jumps on the middle rope and springboards off of it for momentum and leaps on Jennifer. However the California girl, Jennifer catches Eva right out of the air. Jennifer holds Eva perpendicular across her body as the Texan flails her arms and kicks her legs trying to get free. Jennifer carries Eva to the corner then launches the Texan like a lawn dart into the corner. Eva has a short flight before her head collides into the top turnbuckle.

Somehow after eating a face full of turnbuckle Eva does not go down. She gets her feet under her and remains upright. Eva turns to face Jennifer and gets clobbered over the head with a big fist. Eva's head is still bobbling on her shoulders when the second, third and forth fists rock her head. Next Jennifer grabs Eva's arm and a handful of hair to toss Eva out of the corner in a bail throw. The little Texan flew close to halfway across the ring before crash landing to the mat. Eva gets right back up only to be run over by Jennifer charging at her like a freight train. A simple shoulder block knocks Eva down and sends her rolling across the mat like a bowling pin. Jennifer looks at Eva while she is down and in disarray. The California girl pumps her fist and starts leading a chant of, "Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!" compelling some of the audience to join along.

Eva looks up at Jennifer. She is rattled from her brain being shaken in her skull. However seeing Jennifer lead that chant made Eva's latin blood boil. Ill advisably Eva pops to her feet and charges at Jennifer. She runs into a kick to her stomach that doubles her over. Another powerful fist clobbers Eva over the head sending her down to one knee. Jennifer hauls Eva to her feet by her hair, then picks her up in her arms. Jennifer steadies herself and body slams Eva across the ring. Poor little Eva goes flying and lands with a boom. She immediately arches her back and clutches the hurting portion.

Eva is getting up gingerly. Then she receives a whole lot of help when Jennifer comes in from behind and wraps her arms around Eva's waist. The Texan mutters, "Oh shit!" quickly, Then in the next moment she is lifted off her feet and being tossed around like a rag doll. Jennifer lifts Eva up and tosses her over her shoulder with a belly to back suplex. Eva winces as the back of her head is driven to the mat. Eva's eyes are rolling around in her head as some of her fears about this bout are coming true. Eva was definitely worried about a focused Jennifer Aniston simply over powering the much smaller Texan.

Jennifer pops to her feet with adrenalin pumping through her body. More fans are squarely behind her after witnessing her dominating early performance. The California girl adds her fist pumps and leading the chant, "Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!" Eva turns over and starts crawling on her belly trying to separate herself from her strong very fit rival. Jennifer walks over to Eva and grabs a handful of hair and peels Eva off the mat and lifts her to her feet. "Going somewhere you little worm?" Jennifer asks the grunting little woman. Then Jennifer takes several steps for momentum then launches Eva over the top rope and out of the ring.

Jennifer flashes her million dollar smile and instantly enchants the audience. Once again she pumps her fist and starts the "Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!" chants again. More fans fall under Jennifer's spell. The chant is louder than before. Nobody gathers sympathy better than 'Jilted Jenn'. Fans want to support Jennifer and see Eva as the nasty coward that wrongly abandoned Jilted Jenn just like Brad Pitt and so many other guys after him.

Eva slowly rises unsteadily looking roughed up from head to toe. Her hair is rustled from being snatched to her feet by it so many times. Eva's facial expression shows the progression of the match. She shows some despair by being over powered and tossed around like a toy. Even her outfit no longer fits properly. Tits and ass are bulging and falling out of confinement, but not yet to the point of being obscene. Eva slides under the bottom ropes to get back in the ring. She knows there has to be a definite strategy change to salvage this match.

"Traitor? Really Eva I thought we were friends." Eva laments Jennifer. "I thought a lot of you were my friends, but that all changed after I left. J. Lo, Roselyn and Kim didn't abandon me no matter what."

Jennifer responds with a huff, "Eva for all we know, you were a spy from the beginning. With friends like you, we don't need enemies. We were never really friends, but just acquaintances. I'm glad we got Vida now. She's a better fighter and much more loyal than you ever. Now shut up and take this ass kicking, you deserve it." Jennifer tells the Latin American hellcat.

Eva slightly snarls. Hearing that she was only an acquaintance hurt some. After getting salty at Vida Guerra during their match years ago, Eva hates hearing her praise too. "Fine I'll do it the Fab way, like Pam suggests. I'll kill you with kindness." Eva and Jennifer go to lock up. Eva grabs Jennifer's head and pulls her in close and kisses her on the lips instead.

Jennifer is totally shocked. She pushes Eva away, and sputters trying to get words out. "Wha.. what the fuck?? What's wrong with you, little pervert?"

Jennifer sees Eva smiling. The veteran fighter instantly knows that Eva is trying to get her off her game. Determined not to lose track Jennifer strikes immediately with an angry kick to Eva's belly, doubling her over. Jennifer immediately captures Eva in a headlock. Eva groans in discomfort, then responds by sensually rubbing Jennifer's crotch. "What the fuck! What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jennifer shouts in disgust and uncomfortably. It distracts Jennifer enough for Eva to slip out of the headlock, and grab Jennifer's arm then wring it behind her in a hammer lock. Eva sexual tricks worked as she hoped to get miss prim and proper Jennifer off her game. Fans struggle to understand Eva's tactics.

Eva continues her games. She presses her pelvis firmly against Jennifer's ass and grinds sensually against her. Jennifer lets out another loud scoff of disgust. Always a sexual tease, Eva laughs loudly but still sexily at Jennifer's uneasiness. "The problem with you Resistance girls is that you go two different ways. Either you can give the sexual punishment and can't take it, or you subconsciously love to be sexually molested and can't help yourself but to take it. What kind are you Jennifer?"

Eva has an evil glow about her as she continues to molest Jennifer. Some fans like Eva's new tactics as she continues grinding on Jennifer's ass and her free hand roams and caress' Jennifer's skin. They are desperately falling in love with this desperate housewife Latin tease. To others she proves that she is an unfaithful traitor. They can not wait for Jennifer to break loose and slap Eva's little ass right out of that sexy black bustier.

"Quit touching me you little witch!" Jennifer says through gritted teeth. Eva jerks back with Jennifer, taking them both to the mat with Jennifer on top of Eva. The Texan wraps her legs around California girl and locks her in a body scissors. Her hands continue to roam over Jennifer's body when possible though. It seems the sexual stimulation gave Jennifer a case of brain freeze. Also this is coupled with the fact that Eva's legs are far stronger than Jennifer ever imagined. Eva adjusted her molestation to some very rough treatment to Jennifer's breast. "Get off of me you fucking freak" Jennifer squeals. She turns her attention to grabbing Eva's hands to pull them away from hurting her breasts.

Eva switches and puts both of her feet in Jennifer's back while quickly grabbing Jennifer's wrist and pulling her arms behind Jennifer's back. Eva has quickly changed from a body scissors to a sitting surfboard hold. The Texan is sitting on her rump with both feet planted against Jennifer's back. Eva is pulling both of Jennifer's arms behind Jennifer's back to put stress and strain on Jennifer's shoulders and spine. Eva is feeling pretty good about herself and feeling in charge. Then things quickly change. Again Jennifer starts to overpower Eva again. Jennifer is muscling her arms forward and Eva is not strong enough to stop her. Jennifer's arms are not behind her anymore. She has powered them forward to take all Eva's torque and leverage. Now Jennifer jerks her arms forward, snatching her wrist right out of Eva's grip. Now free, Jennifer spins like a turnstile and busts her elbow against Eva's jaw.

Jennifer scrambles away from Eva. The Texan sits on the mat whimpering, holding her nose and hoping it is not broken. Jennifer stands and walks right back to Eva and slaps her across her head yelling, "Get up creepy bimbo! Don't you ever touch my body like that again." Eva stands realizing that she was literally a sitting duck. Thankful that her nose was not broken, Eva's hands drop from her nose. Then Jennifer's fist lightening strikes in and zaps Eva on the nose before Eva knew anything. Eva's head snaps back. As Eva is stumbling backwards, Jennifer clobbers Eva over the head again, sending the Texan cutie reeling against the ropes. Jennifer accelerates and clotheslines a woozy Eva. The tiny Texas cutie goes flying over the top ropes with a loud scream. Then Eva comically disappears out of view with a thump.

Jennifer takes a moment a catch her breath and shake out her arms, to bring more strength to them. Meanwhile there was no sign of Eva. After pulling it together, Jennifer looks around, pumps her fist and restarts the Traitor! Traitor! Traitor! Chant again before she climbs out of the ring. Eva has been lying face down on the floor the whole time. Jennifer has a mean sneer as she reaches down and disrespectfully jerks Eva up by the back of her bustier, muttering "Get up!" Halfway up Eva bursts back to life. She grabs Jennifer by the arm and slings the California girl several feet to crash into the metal ring steps. Eva still looks like she has been through hell, but she was playing possum and allowed Jennifer to walk into her trap. Now she has added two brown nipples peaking out over the top of her bustier to her already rumpled look.

Jennifer is getting to her feet again, realizing Eva has tricked her again. "Treacherous little bitch!" Jennifer shouts as she stands. However the so called treacherous little bitch is already in motion and charging at the California girl. Eva leaps at Jennifer just as she fully stands. The airborne Texan wraps her legs around Jennifer's head, then whips her body around. The end result, Eva sends Jennifer flying back into the stairs with a head scissors takedown. Jennifer screams as she spins out of control then slams her back into the metal stairs.

Eva grabs Jennifer by the hair and helps rip her up to her feet. Eva tucks Jennifer's head under her arm, then takes a few steps and leaps across the ring steps. Eva bulldogs Jennifer's face into the top of the steps as she passes by. The entire arena lets out a collective groan as Jennifer's forehead bongs on the steps.

Jennifer's body slumps to a seated position, leaning against the steps. Jennifer is obviously dazed and looks off vacantly at the distance. Eva takes a brief moment to catch her breath then returns to Jennifer. Eva gives the California girl a disrespectful slap across the head, like Jennifer has given her a few times tonight. Eva kicks Jennifer three times in her chest as she wakes out of her funk. The Texan sassily adds "Get your flat ass up".

Jennifer is jolted back to her senses. The bulldog to the stairs had really knocked her loopy. If she had been in the ring, the match would probably be over now. She looked around for Eva but did not see her. She heard footsteps in the ring and thought that must be her. That gives Jennifer a few more seconds to allow the ringing in her ears to subside. Jennifer stands and turns to return to the ring. Suddenly she hears the fans reacting. Then she looks up and sees Eva plummeting down on her. Eva had climbed to the top turnbuckle and leapt off plummeting all the way down to the arena floor to come crashing down on Jennifer. Whether the fans are cheering for Eva or jeering the traitor, all are impressed by the daredevil move as Eva comes crashing down on top of Jennifer. Upon impact Eva splats Jennifer to the ringside floor.

It is a tremendous collision. True Jennifer took the vast majority of the brunt of it, but Eva did not escape unscathed. It takes her a couple of moments to rise after the train wreck. Jennifer had the stuffing knocked out of her. Eva hair hauls Jennifer up enough to lift her on the ring apron, then roll her under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Eva enters right after her rival.

Jennifer has a dazed and dumbfounded look on her face, but she has enough sense to get away from Eva. The California girl crawls away toward the middle of the ring. She is happy to get several feet away and stand unfettered. However Eva was just stalking her prey. Jennifer turns slowly as Eva again is already in motion. Eva times a leaping kick that nails Jennifer square in the mouth after Jennifer had turned. The California girl goes down like she has been shot. Jennifer's fans especially release another collective groan. Her fans start to believe there is no coming back from these shots for their princess. Eva's fans are smiling, hoping their latina wildcat gives Miss Goody Too Shoes a good beating.

Jennifer is down and not getting up really soon. Eva reaches down and grabs Jennifer's sports bra and starts pulling it off over Jennifer's head. The modest starlet finds resistance at the thought of being stripped. Eva has pulled the bra up so Jennifer's boobs have already fallen out, when Jennifer rises to her knees and grabs and pulls, trying to keep possession of her top. A tug of war for the bra begins. Eva is not interested in finding out who is stronger, even at this point of the fight. Eva kicks Jennifer in her mid section. Jennifer grunts loudly and loses some ground in her tug of war for her bra. Eva steadies herself then fires five more kicks to Jennifer's stomach until the California girl gives up her battle and looses grip on her bra and allows Eva to snatch it away.

Jennifer is left on her knees with both arms covering her breasts. Eva knows exposing Jennifer took a lot of heart from her. Eva's sharp kick to Jennifer's face knocks her over flat on her back. Eva sits down on Jennifer's face while she faces Jennifer's body stretched out underneath her in a reverse facesit. Jennifer bucks trying to unseat Eva, but the Texas cutie easily rides her like she is in the rodeo. Jennifer experiences lack of air, and the embarrassment of another woman imposing herself over Jennifer. With the combination of the two Eva is able to wear down her foe like an old nag. Eva then pries Jennifer's arms away from her tits as the California girl fades courtesy of the Texas cutie.

After securing Jennifer's arms with her knees, Eva laughs evilly like a movie pirate who has just discovered a lost treasure. "This is for Pam!" Eva announces to Jennifer. "You can submit and end this anytime you want.... chuckle... maybe". Then Eva tears into both of Jennifer's breasts with both claws. Jennifer lets out an excruciating scream as her torture begins. Jennifer knows that Eva is about to avenge what Jennifer did to Pam's tits at The Massacre. Jennifer knows what is in store for her. Jennifer took out all the frustration from every floozy that has flirted with her man since high school on Pam. Jennifer focused on her inner pain, and ignored the gorgeous blonde screaming, crying and begging under her. She tore Pam to shreds, mind, body and soul. She reduced the legendary strong blonde to a sniveling, submissive, begging little girl.

Eva does not disappoint. She squeezes Jennifer's boobs like she is trying to burst a water balloon. Jennifer screams. Eva continues working over Jennifer's tits like they are stress reliever toy balls. Like the unbreakable ball toys that you can squeeze and pull any direction. It gets thin but it does not pop. That is exactly how Eva treats Jennifer's breasts.

Unlike Jennifer when she destroyed Pam, Eva does not focus on her inner pain to force herself to be merciless. Eva looks at Jennifer's face the whole time. She enjoys in her victim's anguish. She takes pleasure in torturing the woman who has labeled her as a traitor. She is actually getting off on it. Eva rotates her hips and grinds her body as she lustfully destroys Jennifer's bosom. The California girl screams.

Tat tat tat, Eva starts punching Jennifer's bust around. Tat tat tat. Jennifer screams some more. Tat tat tat. Jennifer tries to move from side to side to go with Eva's punches to ease the pain. It does not help though. Eva does not allow that much movement. Jennifer lets out another scream. Tat tat tat.

Eva now grabs Jennifer's teats by the nipples and twists them as far as they will go. The Texas cutie pulls up on Jennifer's nipples until her perfectly shaped globes become two cones, stretched to their limits. Jennifer is getting breathless from all the screaming. Not to mention, Eva has been sitting on Jennifer's face for almost ten minutes. Jennifer is getting light headed and her tits are on fire. She wanted revenge on Eva. She wanted Calderon's promised bonus, but none of that seems very important right now. It is definitely not as important as getting this woman off of her face, and to stop wrecking her precious tits. "I submit!" Jennifer shouts from under Eva. "I submit! I've had enough, I submit!"

The bell rings and Eva throws both of her arms up in the air in victory. She wears a huge smile and the bliss of victory. This is easily the biggest win of Eva's career. She is lost in the moment, in the glory.

Then Eva's moment gets interrupted by a Jennifer's pitiful pleas, "Get off me.... Get off me." Eva returns to reality. She rises off Jennifer's face, but is not through having fun or celebrating. Eva moves off Jennifer's face and moves down her body and takes a seat on Jennifer's breasts. Jennifer loudly groans as Eva's ass crushes her aching titties. Eva starts grinding her ass and pussy on Jennifer's boobs. Eva sexily puts both hands behind her head and grinds away. The fans were unclear if the sexy tart was just putting on a show, or moving herself to an arousal. Maybe both.

The world never finds out Eva's intentions as Pam Anderson returns to the ring for the celebration. Eva gets off Jennifer and leaps into Pam's arms. Jennifer rolls out of the ring and disappears. Meanwhile Eva and Pam jump around like college girls. The fans seem to have a mixed reaction. Eva and Pam are celebrating so much they do not notice.

"Hey Eva" Jennifer's breathless voice interrupts the party. She reappears at the top of the ramp. Jennifer holds her tits with one arm and holds the microphone to her lips with the other one. Jennifer is a bit hunched over as a result of the punishment of the match. "Don't get too happy bitch. This night changes nothing. You're still an enemy of The Resistance. We're not going to stop until we pay you back. You dirty little TRAITOR! TRAITOR! TRAITOR!" Jennifer starts the chant, and a lot of drunken fans join in. Jennifer pumps her fist and leads them on.

Eva and Pam have the same reaction. Neither takes a Jennifer Aniston threat seriously. They laugh and start flipping her off with a dual middle finger salute bouncing up and down. Some fans view Eva and Pam's reaction as petty classless and voice their disapproval and support the poster girl for sympathy, Jennifer. Hearing some boos obviously upsets Eva. She is definitely unfamiliar with not hearing fans support her. Seeing they are getting under Eva's skin the fans boo Eva louder.

Jennifer chuckles seeing that her job is done. The fans are getting on Eva and Pam and they are too emotional to properly handle the situation. Jennifer quietly slips backstage, allowing Eva and Pam to continue to bury herself. The fans really give Eva and Pam hell after they see it really bothering and angering them. They know it is cruel, but it is too much fun to not experience to the fullest. The drunks maximize this opportunity to toy with and fuck with the heads of two of the world's most beautiful women. Eva gives the fans a few choice words then throws up a middle finger as high as she can, then storms out of the ring.

What was supposed to be a glorious victory lap, just turned to an embarrassing walk of shame. The angry latina leaves the ring to a chorus of boos. As Eva passes by headed to backstage, a really drunk dude shouts over the crowd. "Fuck you little traitor bitch! I can't wait till Eva Mendes or Vida Guerra shoves your entire head up their ass!"

Having taken all that she can from the rude fans, Eva stops dead in her tracks. Then she steps to the dude and shouts back, "And I can't wait till your ass takes a bath!"

All the fans around the drunk immediately burst into laughter at Eva's witty sassy response. The dude starts turning red from embarrassment but shouts back, "Well bitch you can have a bath right now!" Then he throws a full cup of beer over Eva's head. Drenched Eva stands frozen for a moment then goes ballistic. She starts yelling and cussing and tries to go after the dude.

Pam yells "No!" and holds Eva back. Then another cup of beer come flying in out of nowhere and drenches Pam too. Now Pam and Eva lose their minds. Luckily for them security was already charging to their rescue. They drag Pam and Eva who are both yelling like maniacs and trying to go into the stands. Security have to pick up the two hellcats and carry them backstage to their dressing rooms While they flail, flop, kick, yell and cuss the whole trip.

The fans loved it and laughed for days. They will tell the tale the rest of their lives of how they turned two glamorous rich superstars into classless tarts. Pam and Eva skipped the post match press conference and flew back to the comfort of the USA immediately. There on friendly ground they told their side of the story of the rude fans they encountered that night.

After the match, Jennifer is getting dressed, and her hairdresser is preparing her hair for the post match press conference. A towel attendant walks by Jennifer and places a duffle bag at Jennifer's feet. He whispers, "Compliments of Mr Calderon. He says that you may have loss the battle, but you certainly won the war." and walks off, never to be seen again.

Later, Jennifer opens the bag, and finds it stacked full with cash. It totaled half a million dollars to be exact. Also there is a movie script and a multimillion dollar contract to star in the movie, Dumplin' Jennifer smiled. This arrangement with Quatro Calderon might work out just yet.

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