Uncivil War 1st Encounter

Eva Longoria vs Vida Guerra

Featuring Jessica Alba & Halle Berry

10 Days Prior to BATTLELINES PAY PER VIEW Press Conference
Halle Berry being interviewed about her return to the Battle Zone
"Are you expecting to return to action from your maternity leave soon, Ms Berry?" The interviewer asks.

"Actually no. We've decided as a group to allow Jennifer Lopez and I to take a little extra time. The girls have got things covered." Halle finishes with a giggle.

"I've heard rumors about an incident between you and Demi Moore. Will she be your first target when you return?" The interviewer asks.

"No!" Halle snaps . "Jessica Alba crossed the line seducing Tia Carerra's husband and taking her wedding band. I'm going to beat her ass first chance I get. I'm going to keep beating her until she crawls and apologizes. You don't mess with another woman's man, especially when she has got a good one."

2 Days later
Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria leaving a Los Angeles Restaurant
Jessica and Eva are walking to their car giggling and laughing like school girls. They have just finished enjoying an exquisite meal and a little wine. Maybe too much wine. A reporter along with many paparazzi photographers approach the starlets in the parking lot. "Jessica any comments about Halle Berry threatening you?" One reporter calls out and sticking a microphone under Jessica's nose.

"Tell Halle to shut up!" Eva interrupts. " She's lucky that Jessica is still on maternity leave. She's probably just scared that we're going to take her man from her too. Anybody can take Halle's man! They're always cheating on her." Eva finishes with a chuckle.

"She must be really lousy in bed!" Jessica starts. "How can you be one of the top ten most gorgeous women in the world and can't keep a man!" Jessica says bursting into laughter.

Eva joins in laughing at Jessica's jibe at Halle. "Hold up, she used to be a top ten most beautiful woman. Lately you've been smoking her ass in all the lists, Jessica. You're always in the top five. She's struggling to stay in the top twenty." Eva adds with more laughter. Then the two girls, laughing like teenagers at a slumber party start pushing their way through to their car. "Tell Halle to bring it anytime she wants!" Eva calls out as they get into the car and drive off.

The Next Morning
Halle was fuming the next morning when she saw Eva and Jessica's video on the Entertainment Network. Halle Berry is not the type of person to be made into a joke or made fun of without a response. She took this attack on her highly publicized troubles with the men in her life very personally. Halle was in Canada filming her new movie, Frankie and Alice. She immediately pulled out her cell phone and punched the digits to her agent. She demanded a reporting crew on the set to film her response before 4PM to make sure it would hit the evening entertainment shows.

Knowing he would be fired otherwise, Halle's agents made the necessary arrangements. The reporters were there by 1PM. He had all the networks on alert to broadcast the video as soon as it was filmed. Everything was in place.

"Little Eva, I don't know why you chose to bud into my business." Halle begins her response, wearing a sweet smile, trying very hard to hide her fury. "That's okay, I've got ways to deal with this. I may be on maternity leave, but I've got friends in the Fab Four to take care of you. Why don't we set up a match for the upcoming Pay Per View between you and one of my Fab Four girls. And since you are such a Top Ten Hot Bitch Now...." Halle continues with some of her attitude and anger breaking through. "Let's make it really interesting. Let's have a little beauty contest before the match. So we can find out how hot you really are!" Halle pauses to regain her composure. "And you can wear your makeup Eva. We know you don't stand a chance with the face that poor Tony wakes up to in the morning." Halle pauses again, as the crew laugh and comment on Halle's stiff crack at Eva. "I'll be in my girl's corner too! Do me a big favor and make sure Jessica Alba shows up!" Halle finishes and dramatically walks out of camera view.

A flutter of movement happens next, but it all moves fluidly. Halle conference calls the others in the Fab Four, and they agree that Vida Guerrra should fight Eva. The booking committee flies into action getting the contracts signed. Within hours all principals have agreed to the beauty contest and match.

The Uncivil War brewing starts to earn its name. Eva is extremely proud of her Hispanic heritage. She is good friends with most of the Hispanic celebrities in the industry. This list includes Jennifer Lopez and Roselyn Sanchez. She knows siding with her even closer friend, Jessica Alba will put her at odds with them. More troubling is that she wishes she did not have to fight another Latina. She has always promoted unity in the Hispanic community. There is noway out right now, and if there were one she probably would not take it. Too many words have been said. There is no way that she backs down and looks like a whimp.

Time spins forward very quickly. The next thing either woman knows, its fight night and they are standing in opposite corners of the ring. Eva is in her corner with Jessica Alba by her side looking across the ring at Vida with Halle Berry next to her still wearing a scowl. Both beauties are wearing long silk robes cascading down to their ankles. They anxiously await the start of the night's events.

Both women match up remarkably even. Despite a far shorter career, Vida is actually one year older than Eva, being 34 years old to Eva's 33 years of age. Vida stands at 5'3", while Eva generously lists herself at 5'2". However looking at the two, it appears that Eva has exaggerated an inch or so. All in all, the physical difference between the two gorgeous Hispanic goddess is negilable. At least fight wise. There is a significance in the proportions of their bodies. Vida is curveacous with large breasts and possibly the tightest and best ass on the planet. Eva is slender with a perfect size 0 body. She is remarkably proportionate with a body of a mannequin in a store front window.

Vida stands in the corner wearing a smile from ear to ear. Finally she is where she wants to be. She has finally made the 'Big Time'. She is standing next to Academy award winner, Halle Berry. She is across from Eva Longoria, one of the top names in television, and another top movie star, Jessica Alba. Vida feels like she has come a long way from being a hip hop video ass shaker to now. She is ecstatic.

Eva LongoriaFirst comes the time for the beauty contest portion of Halle's challenge. Each girl had photos and a video on Stone Rage's web site displaying their charms, and fans voted on the hottest babe. Mostly for show and the live audience and the pay per view, each girl gets one last chance to show their wares and get last second votes.

The ring announces its time for Vida to compete. Vida's overjoyed smile metamorphosis into a confident smile. This is why she was chosen to compete over Kim Kardashian. This is something she has experience in nightly at hundreds of night clubs - Shaking her ass and making every man in the house slobber on himself while burying some bitch who though she was hot shit and could compete with her.

A hip hop beat starts playing and Vida slowly opens her robe and lets it fall to her feet. Then she starts bouncing to the middle of the ring. At first she starts rolling her hips slowly, but then picks up speed. As the song picks up momentum, so does Vida. Before long she is booty shaking and booty clapping all over the ring. Those who had not seen this type of display normally found at fine strip/booty clubs like Magic City and The Gold Club were mesmerized. People who have never seen a Luther Campbell, Uncle Luke Freak Show production were amazed that a human body was capable of such things. The audience went crazy. They were drenched with sweat once Vida stopped.

"Ho" Eva mutters under her breath after Vida finishes. Then the ring announcer calls out her name. Eva starts shaking her money maker. Her movements are a lot slower and a lot more conservative than Vida's freaky gyrations that were close to fornication. The audience appeared underwhelmed by Eva's attempt to entertain them. Even though clearly Eva is one of the most beautiful women in the world, they just did not seem turned on by her gestures.

Next there were a few minutes for the final votes to be text messaged in and clicked on the internet. The ring announcer entertains the audience with a few jokes. Both Halle and Jessica talk over strategy and give pep talks to keep their charges' minds off of the contest. Neither wanted the contest to distract their fighter from the actual match.

Finally the ring announcer says, "We have the final vote tally for our beauty contest. If you direct your attention to the screen you'll see who you fans voted as The Hottest Babe!" The large teletron shows spinning numbers to build the suspense then stops to reveal the final tally: Eva Longoria 23% Vida Guerra 76%.

"What! Are you kidding me?!?! She's got a face like a fucking Cocker Spaniel!" Eva exclaims. Eva is really not that vain. Although she was confident that she would win, she would not be that disappointed if she loss. However losing is one thing, but the margin of Vida's victory is down right humiliating. Its like these fan are saying that her name does not belong in the same breath as Vida Guerra.

Vida is jumping up and down shouting. Then she dances around the ring playing to the crowd and thanking them, while Halle applauds and gives gloating glances over to Eva's corner.

Eva's face clearly shows the shock, anger and pain of getting smoked in the voting. She shouts a few choice words to show her dismay of the results. Jessica is trying frantically to calm her down and refocus her attention on the fight. "Don't worry about that, don't worry about that" Jessica repeats. "Just kick her ass in the ring. See what they think about her when she's fucking laid out in the ring. Let's see how hot they think she is then." Jessica says.

"Yeah, I'll bust her ass. Let's see then." Eva mutters. Her eyes now burn with a new intensity. The voting made her furious. She is now more determined than ever to crush Vida.


Eva tears out of her corner at the opening bell, charging at Vida. The Cuban's eyes widen seeing the elegant Eva coming at her like a wild woman. She freezes in the corner for a moment, then ducks out at the last instant, allowing Eva to crash into an empty corner. Eva grunts as she collides chest first in the corner, but immediately whirls around looking for her opponent. Vida strikes with fists to Eva's head. Still furious, Eva feels no pain at this point. She grabs Vida by the shoulders and tosses her into the corner. Eva sees Vida's breast barely hidden behind her black bikini top. Eva knows those two big jucy pear shaped breasts helped Vida skunk her in the beauty contest. Eva wants to punish them. She unleashes a series of chops across Vida's tits. The loud slapping sounds ring out throughout the arena. Vida yelps and cowers in the corner trying to cover up.

Eva grabs Vida's arm and whips her out of the corner. Although, she never lets go of Vida's arm and at the release point, Eva hangs on, whips Vida around 180 degrees and sends her hurdling back into the corner she just vacated chest first. Vida roars again as her tits take the impact on the top turnbuckle. Vida's knees buckle but she does not go down. Eva draws her foot back as far as she could. Then she delivers a mean spirited kick as hard as she could to Vida's ass. Vida yelps as her world famous ass jumps and jiggles like an electric current has shot through it. Eva's kick was not so much to hurt her foe, but to show her disdain for this unproven bitch that the fans have chosen in such overwhelming numbers over her.

Vida turns around to face her attacker, and turns into a hard open handed slap across her face. The slap resounds louder than anything heard during Eva's assault. Vida's ear rings on the side of the slap. Her face goes numb and she staggers out of the corner. Eva sensed Vida's uneasiness about graduating from a B-list celebrity to a ring full of A-listers. Eva experienced the same feelings after Desperate Housewives took off. Eva wants to make the most of her psychological advantage, and demean and belittle Vida as much as possible. She wants Vida to believe she does not belong with Eva and mentally defeat herself.

"Cheap, no talent whore!" Eva says as she captures the retreating woman by the arm. "You don't belong in the same ring with me." Eva finishes as she whips Vida across the ring. After Vida rebounds back toward her off of the far side of the ring ropes, Eva leaps into the air and twists, nailing Vida in the face with a back elbow. Vida drops to the mat in her tracks like she has been shot. A moment later, Eva leaps in the air and lands on Vida's chest with another elbow. The Cuban beauty withers in pain.

Eva instantly springs back to her feet and grabs two handfuls of Vida's brown hair and starts hauling her to her feet. Eva could not help but hear the roaring crowd in the arena. To her dismay they were all loudly cheering in support of the curvacious newcomer, Vida. Going by crowd response, Eva feels like 90% of the audience is cheering Vida, and the remaining 10% is booing Eva. "Is it because she is a member of the Fab Four?" Eva thinks to herself. Eva is not used to not being among the most popular in the room, and does not like this feeling. "Over rated Fab Four Fuck!" Eva mutters. She is getting more determined by the second to destroy the fan's heroine and show everyone who voted her so lopsidedly hotter than herself.

However Vida has had enough of this snooty bitch trying to belittle her. Vida slams her forearm into Eva's chest as soon as she reaches her feet. Eva is knocked back, off balance by the blow. A right cross rocks Eva allowing Vida to scoop the petite Texan up in her arms and deliver a bone rattling body slam. Eva pops back up to her feet like a rubber ball.

Vida GuerraVida is a little surprised to see Eva right back up, and even more so when she responds with a crisp chop to her C cup breasts. Eva's chop sounded like a gun shot, but Vida's retaliatory chop to Eva's flatter, A cups sounds even louder. By now both women's Latin blood is boiling and both are determined to whip the other into submission. Slap after slap rings out as they relentlessly trade chops, intent on devouring each other's chest. Vida's weight advantage starts backing Eva up with each chop, until she has pushes the Texan back against the ropes. Vida picks up the pace of her chops, taking Eva's breath away. The actress can not keep up allowing Vida to batter with numerous unanswered chops.

Vida whips Eva across the ring and levels her with a stiff clothesline on the rebound. Eva goes down hard, and does not jump right back up like before. Eva is gingerly rising, when Vida runs over and slams her forearm across the back of Eva's neck, driving her back down to her hands and knees. Vida energetically kicks Eva in the side over and over, until the petite Texan keels over to her side, clutching her ribs. Vida continues stomping on her downed opponent, before finishes her assault with a kick to Eva's head. Eva curls into a hurting ball.

The curvacious Cuban knows she has Eva in trouble. After a hard fought battle, she trounced Eva during the melee at the pay per view press conference. She recognizes when Eva is hurt. Vida hauls her grunting foe to her feet. Vida viciously stabs her knee into into Eva's belly very hard. Eva doubles over with a long moan. Vida hooks Eva up for a suplex. Vida heaves Eva up and takes her over with a thud in her suplex. Then Vida maintains her grip and brings Eva back to her feet while still in position for another suplex. Vida quickly snaps Eva over with another quicker and harder suplex. The fans roar recognizing WWE's Hall of Famer Eddie Guerro's trademark Three Amigos finisher. Vida again maintains her hold and hauls Eva up for a third suplex. While slinging and throwing Eva around, Vida has maneuvered herself close to the ropes. As she inverts Eva upside down, Jessica Alba reaches in the ring and grabs Vida's ankle. A sharp tug pulls Vida off balance, causing her to fall to the mat with Eva crashing down on top of her.

Vida falls awkwardly, and wonders if she has pulled something. Those concerns are interrupted as she realized the referee has reached a two count from Eva lying on top of her and her shoulder being on the mat. Vida immediately kicks out, knocking Eva off of her and breaking the count.

Seeing Jessica interfere in the match, Halle runs from her corner around the ring, heading for Jessica. Halle has wanted a piece of the younger woman since her humiliating destruction of Tia Carrere. She is actually thankful that Jessica has given her a legitimate reason to kick her ass. Halle barrels into Jessica knocking her to the floor, and the two starts grappling and rolling around at ringside.

Eva knows that her friend has bought her a reprieve, and has broken Vida's momentum. She has no intention on letting this opportunity pass. Despite the pain coursing through her back, she rises along side of Vida. At this moment, Eva finally admits to herself her jealousy and contempt for Vida. Eva is embarrassed to acknowledge being jealous of another woman, but what woman would not be envious of Vida's figure, even one who is as widely considered near perfect as Eva. Vida has juicy plump breasts, with a tapered thin waist, flaring out to a perfectly toned, phat ass. Even though Eva has a near perfect petite and toned body herself, that is envied by her cast mates on Desperate Housewives she can not help but notice the way her husband, Tony Parker gazes at bodacious women like Vida. Eva has often publicly admitted wanting more ass in interviews. Now adding the fact that Vida has whipped her butt in at the impromptu press conference melee, and Vida grinding her face into the carpet like a naughty pet, next getting embarrassingly defeated in their beauty contest to their history. Eva wants nothing more than to conquer Vida and gain a measure of revenge.

Once both have reached their feet, Eva lashes out again with a chop to Vida's tits. Vida grimaces and her mouth falls open for a silent scream. Eva's suspicions are confirmed, her smaller tits are better built to handle a prolonged attack, than Vida's larger ones. It is Eva's most satisfying blow of the night, turning Vida's prized body against her. Vida cringes, covering her red breasts. Next in a surprising move, Eva sends Vida's head spinning, smacking the taste out of her mouth with a loud open handed slap. Again this is not a particularly painful move, but it does shock the shit out of you. Vida pauses for a moment, looking at Eva, wondering did she just do that. With Vida momentarily distracted, Eva scoops the Cuban up onto her shoulders in a fire man's carry. While Vida struggles to get down, Eva starts spinning in circles for an airplane spin.

Jessica AlbaMeanwhile, Halle is starting to overpower her rival at ringside. Halle gets on top of Jessica and pushes her arms down to the ground. With Jessica under relative control, Halle grab a handful of hair and starts banging her head into the ground. As Jessica struggles to defend herself, Halle changes and grounds and pounds her foe with elbows and forearms to Jessica's lovely face. Halle smiles seeing the anguish in Jessica's face. She loves punishing this woman 15 years younger than her. "By the way, your Invisible Woman sucks!" Halle comments as she torments her struggling prey. Halle remembers Jessica's comments to the press in the past that her Sue Storm character in the Fantastic Four movies would 'kick Halle Berry's Storm's ass'. (Halle's character in the X Men series) Besides her transgressions against Tia, Halle feels this young woman needs a serious lesson in respect.

In the ring, Eva finishes dizzying Vida's brain with her airplane spin, and dumps her ruffly to the canvas. Before Vida can move, Eva drops an elbow across her tits. Eva quickly sits us and grabs both of Vida's breast with both hands and crushes them in her grip. Eva then pulls and tears at Vida's chest severely mauling her tits. Vida squirms and struggles while yelling for relief. At this point Eva's eyes burn with the intensity and killer instinct of a hunter or a conqueror. Contrasty with her womanly prized breast being decimated, Vida's eyes reflect uncertainty and anxiety of a loser. Eva realizes that her storybook and more successful career gives her an overwhelming advantage over Vida. She is proving to be mentally tougher than Vida, being more experienced in being on this large of a stage, facing this adversity. Eva is starting to impose her will on her rival.

Outside the ring, Halle does not know if she has imposed her will on Jessica, but she is certain she has imposed her elbow on Jessica's skull. When Halle rises to her feet, Jessica is lying stretched out at Halle's feet, mindlessly moaning. Certain that she has taught Jessica to not interfere again, Halle returns to her corner, leaving Jessica dazed, and holding her head.

Vida is squealing in the ring and trying to push Eva away. Eva suddenly abandons her tit claws and wraps both hands around Vida's neck. "Low Life Ho! Its time to send you back where you belong!" Eva yells at her gasping victim. Then Eva pulls Vida to her feet with the two handed choke. Eva violently shakes her victim several times along the way. Then Eva breaks her choke and does a quick eye rake on Vida. Instinctively Vida covers her eyes, while Eva slips out of the ring to the ring apron, then using the ropes for assistance, Eva springs on top of the ropes then spring boards off and clobbers Vida with a flying clothesline.

Eva spring to her feet and grabs Vida's ankles. The Texan contorts Vida's legs with hers until she has applied a figure four leg lock. Vida roars to life with a howl of agony. Halle steadfastly supports her charge from ringside and coaches her how to escape the hold. Vida is in so much agony, she can not think or comprehend Halle.

Jessica rose to her knees and peaks over the ring apron to see the action in the ring. Normally Jessica abides by the rules, but this fight is against the Fab Four. She wants to see this egotistical group crushed once and for all. There is a lot of animosity between many girls in the league and the Super Groups. Finally they are standing up to these alliances and doing what ever it takes to bring them down. She extends her hand in the ring. Eva sees the hand and grabs it to help apply extra leverage and force to her figure four.

The referee's attention is directed to seeing if Vida wants to submit. Since Jessica is on her knees and barely peaking over the ring apron, he does not notice that Eva is receiving extra help. The fans and most importantly Halle see the infraction. Halle runs around the ring to Jessica. As she approaches, Halle kicks the slender actress in the head, causing her to release Eva's hand and slump dizzily to the floor. Halle dives on top of Jessica and picks up where she left off, grounding and pounding the girl into the floor. The commotion alerted the referee of the rule infraction and he immediately calls for Eva to break the hold. Eva complies and releases Vida and stands with the obligatory argument with the official about the call.

Eva return to a hurting Vida and hauls her off the mat. Eva pulls Vida into a front chancery. Then she quickly converts it into a hookup for a suplex. Eva hoists Vida up for a suplex but instead of falling backwards, she drops Vida's legs on the top rope for an extra bounce then lifts her back up like a slingshot suplex, but Eva surprises again. Instead of falling back, she drives Vida down front first to the mat with a reverse suplex. Vida's abused tits and face takes the brunt of the fall. Vida had tensed her back muscles, preparing for a suplex. She was totally unprepared for this unexpected turn of a reverse suplex. Vida's chin strikes the canvas, knocking Vida loopy.

Vida's body hit the canvas like a lump of clay and has not moved since. Eva laughed triumphantly, she knows Vida is finished. She leisurely rolls Vida over onto her back, and sure enough, Vida has a dazed, glassy, unfocused look in her eyes. Eva flamboyantly falls across Vida's chest for the pin fall.

The thunderous boom of Vida hitting the mat alerted Halle that a major event has occurred in the ring. She looks up to see Vida lying face down in the ring. She senses that Vida is finished. As the referee begins his count, Halle stands. Luckily she is pounding the piss out of Jessica right underneath Eva and Vida. The referee slaps the mat yelling "One!" Halle quickly grabs Vida's leg and drapes it over the bottom rope. The referee yells "Two!" after slapping the mat.

Halle frantically yells "Ref! Ref! Ref!" and pointing at Vida's leg while jumping up and down. The referee sees Vida's leg across the rope and halts the count.

Eva is furious. She was certain that the match was over. Now thanks to Halle it continues. She starts yelling at the ref, but he just shrugs her off. Next she starts loudly voicing her displeasure at Halle. The veteran Halle realizes that Vida needs a moment to recover, or her intervention would be in vain. She shouts back at Eva. "Kiss my black ass, and shut tha fuck up, you fucking little Pygmie.!" Halle screams trying to incite Eva.

Eva gets more irate and even climbs on the middle rope yelling and screaming back at Halle. The two start hurling insults at each other without inhibition. Halle is relieved that her plan to give Vida time is working, so she goes at Eva even harder. However, Halle had no clue that Eva had the same idea in mind. While they are arguing, Jessica has groggy risen to her feet behind Halle. Although Halle thinks that she is distracting Eva, she is the one actually the one stepping into a trap. Jessica creeps up behind Halle and clamps a sleeper hold around Halle's head. Halle had no inclination that Jessica was there. Halle's eyes pop out of their sockets, and she has an expression of total shock and horror etched on her face. Halle's arguing is cut off and replaced with gags and gurgles. Eva points and laughs at Halle's plight. Setting Halle up and removing her from the playing field is a priceless moment for Eva.

Eva wisely turn her attention back to Vida. The Cuban vixen finds herself sitting on her knees in the middle of the ring. Eva is still chuckling and laughing, totally full of herself for orchestrating Halle's demise. Eva grabs Vida to haul her to her feet, but as soon as she touches Vida, the Cuban fires a sizzling fist straight into Eva's cunt. Eva screams like a banshee doubling over holding her crotch. Apparently not only Eva's little plan has succeeded.

Vida is thankful to be given this second chance in this match. Despite Jessica's initial interference, Vida feels like she has been soundly defeated by Eva, and if not for Halle, the match should be over. This is the moment she has worked for her whole life, her big moment in the spotlight. She is not going to let it pass without a struggle. Vida rises and captures the doubled over woman and DDT's her into the canvas. "Come on Chica, Let's see what YOU got!" Vida proclaims.

Eva remembers the press conference, when she thought she had Vida finished, and a surprise DDT ended the fight for Eva. "No, not again, not this time" Eva thinks as Vida hauls her to her feet.

"More than you!" Eva answers Vida's question, and unloads a flurry of wind milling fist. Eva is tired and her fist are little more than flailing. While it would not have been effective earlier in the match, the storm of fist is enough to have Vida cowering at this point in the bout. Vida covers up, grunting and squealing.

Eva maintains her storm of fist as long as she can. She uses shear will power to keep the fist going as long as possible. She remembered her mental toughness gave her the advantage over Vida before, she must utilize it now. Eva finally has to stop her flurry. It seamed like an eternity for her, but in reality, it was just under a minute. She then grabs Vida and whips her across the ring. When Vida rebounds back to her, Eva leaps into the air with her feet aimed at Vida's face. Only Vida stops and side steps the drop kick, allowing Eva to crash awkwardly flat on her face. Eva might have had the superior mental toughness, but her fist also had the bite of a flea.

Predictably Eva starts rising to her feet despite her hard fall. She is tired and low on energy, but knows that Vida must be in the same condition. True, Vida wearily backs into the ropes behind Eva. She is breathing hard and her body is soaked with sweat. Her battered, red tits hang out of the bottoms of her bikini top. The small triangle of fabric loosely covers the middle of Vida's breast, protecting her hard nipples from view. Although the curious hard nipples can be seen poking against the fabric, like they are trying to get a view outside. Vida's breast bounce with each hard breath as she patiently waits.

Her wait is only a couple of moments, but again, it feels like much longer. Eva rises to her hands and knees first, then pushes up. Vida dashes toward Eva as she is rising, and leaps in the air. Vida grabs Eva's hair as she passes by and bulldogs Eva's face into the canvas. Eva crashes into the mat with a thunderous thud, and like Vida earlier does not move much afterward. The fans erupt, clearly still behind their favorite, Vida.

While this drama unveiled in the ring, Halle was in Jessica's sleeper outside. Halle could feel the effects taking effect. The wily veteran suddenly thrusts her hips back into Jessica's mid section. Its as hard as she could muster, but only knocks Jessica off balance for a brief moment. It was enough, and all that Halle had hoped for. Halle bends forward and places her hands under Jessica's hips and lifts her off of her feet. Halle the runs backwards and drives Jessica's back into the security railing separating the fans from ringside. Hearing Jessica exclaim in pain, Halle grabs the younger woman's hair and uses it to toss her head over heels over her shoulder. Jessica lands flat on her back on the hard ringside floor.

Jessica lands hard. She arches her back and clutches her lower lumbar region. Halle stomps down as hard as she can on Jessica's vulnerably exposed belly. Halle does not hear a scream from Jessica. A sly smile creeps on her face. She knows that she has just knocked the breath out of Jessica, she is breathless and can not even scream.

In the ring, Eva regains enough poise and awareness to rise to her feet. She quickly looks around searching for her opponent. She finds Vida perched on the top turnbuckle and leaping her way. Eva does not have a chance to move. Both of Vida's feet collide in her face. The Cuban's missile drop kick knocks Eva for a loop and sends her rolling across the mat. Vida scrambles to her feet and dives on top of Eva for the pin attempt. The referee drops to the mat for the count.

Outside the ring, Halle has ruffly hauled Jessica to her feet by two handfuls of hair. Halle grabs Jessica's arm and Irish whips her across the ringside area. Jessica turns her back at the last moment, and collides into the ring steps. The steps sound like a crazy drum solo as the force of Jessica's impact causes the steel steps to break into two pieces and the top half skirt across the floor. Jessica collapses to the ground with a whimper and makes no attempt to rise. In a token of surrender, Jessica just lies there in a heap.

Halle spins her head after hearing the raucous caused by Vida's missile drop kick on Eva. Halle is leisurely walking toward the ring as the referee is making his three count. After the count of one, Eva still has the mental toughness and awareness to lift her leg and drape it over the bottom rope. Halle nonchalantly knocks the limb off of the ropes and back into the ring as she casually walks by, before the referee noticed a thing. He dutifully continues the three count and counts Eva out. He springs to his feet and calls for the bell ending this brawl and awarding the bout to Vida.

The referee raises Vida's arm in triumph, as Vida bounces in excitement. Halle climbs into the ring and runs over to tightly and warmly hugs Vida. Halle bows her head and kisses the shorter woman on the forehead, lavishing her pupil with praise. Vida closes her eyes as she soaks up her mentor's commendation. While majority of the fans stand and cheer their favorite, Vida there is a swelling of boos heard in the distance, voicing their disillusion with Halle's interference in the contest. Vida did not notice them. She only proudly absorbed her accolades in the bright spotlight.

Meanwhile Eva has rolled out of the ring, allowing Vida the full attention of the crowd, also removing herself from potential danger. Eva crawls over to Jessica who is on her knees trying to shake the cob webs out of her head. First, Eva checks to insure her friend is alright. After Jessica says she is okay, the pair glares at the celebration in the ring. A scowl immediately appears on their faces. Their resentment and envy of the Fab Four grows. They feel they have been cheated and treated unfairly tonight, and the cause of their treatment is standing in the ring. Its the final straw. Its time for action. It's time for an all out Uncivil War.


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