Backlash! Dinner Date
Catherine Zeta Jones vs Lisa Lipps
NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: Just Business
Christina Applegate and Lisa Lipps swagger through the plush New York restaurant like they owned the place. Christina's secretary had called prior and set things up. Christina loved the privilege. A privilege she no longer held until her new show, Samantha Who hit the airwaves. The restaurant's management and staff knew what was about to happen and none of them would interfere.

Strutting through the restaurant, they spot their target. Once locked on, they walk towards their target with a pimp in their step like a couple of street thugs. Along the way, Christina grabs a chilled bottle of champagne from an ice bucket of a table they just happened to walk by. The blondes do not even look back to acknowledge the couple's protest who were sitting at the table and just had their champagne stolen.

When they reach their target, she has her back turned to the two approaching blondes. Catherine Zeta Jones looks up to see the surprise in her husband, Michael Douglas' face, but does not have time to react before a shower of champagne comes cascading down over her head. Catherine leaps to her feet in shock from her unexpected shower. She spins around to see Christina holding the bottle above her head as the remaining drops drip out. Catherine draws back to hit her age old enemy, but receives a heavy handed slap across her face from Lisa before she can strike. Catherine reels back several steps from the meaty slap, then shakes her head to regain her bearings. Catherine sees the massive breasted ABA referee step to her, indicating the fight will be with Lisa today.

Catherine roars in anger and leaps at Lisa with her claws bared. At the last moment, Lisa gets her hands up and grabs Catherine's wrist just before her claws reach Lisa's eyes. The two ladies stagger about a bit as they vie for an advantage.

Christina sits at the table with Michael and starts eating Catherine's barely eaten meal. "Hi Mikey, its been a while" Christina politely says.

"Not long enough" Michael answers showing his disgust for the blonde. "Last time I saw you, I had to fight through your bimbo friends to stop you from breaking my wife's ankle. I see you bought a big blonde wilder beast to torment my wife instead of trying yourself this time."

"Yeah" Christina answers, "Whipping Cat is an ABA family tradition. I thought I'd let our referee Lisa Lipps get the chance."

As Catherine and Lisa struggle around while connected by a knuckle lock, Catherine realizes she is at a distinct disadvantage in her form fitting dress and high heels. Lisa is already stronger, but also dressed for combat in black leather pants and matching low cut top. With a mighty heave Lisa pushes Catherine over to the floor, knocking her to her butt. From her seated position on the floor, Catherine roars again in frustration at the smiling blonde standing a few feet away. Catherine takes off one of her stiletto high-heeled shoes and hurls it at Lisa. Lisa's smile disappears as she dodges Catherine's shoe. Lisa hears Catherine roar again and cannot dodge the second shoe that beans her in the head. Catherine stands while bearing her teeth and her right hand behind her back pulling down her dresses' zipper. After standing Catherine snatches the dress' shoulder strap off her shoulders then wiggles her hips from left to right as she pushes the dress past her hips to the floor. Standing in an exquisite matching bra and panty set, Catherine growls, "Now I'm ready! Lets rumble you fat cow!"

Lisa does not react to Catherine's challenge or insult, only readies herself for the brunette charging toward her. Lisa throws a jab to halt the charge, but Catherine sidesteps it and rocks Lisa with a big looping right fist to the jaw. The big punch stuns the blonde and sends her staggering backwards.

Catherine follows in hot pursuit. Her quick fist blast the inedible target of Lisa's gigantic boobs. By striking the big blonde's soft belly, bouncing titties and pouty lips, Catherine is forcing Lisa into a reeling retreat backwards. Lisa's retreat is stopped when she falls backwards into the seat of an empty chair. When Catherine pursues, Lisa draws her thick legs up and lashes out with a double kick to Catherine's chest. The actress is launched backwards and goes skidding across the carpet on her butt.

Lisa stands with a concerned look on her face. After getting whipped by Halle Berry it would not be wise for her to fail again against Catherine. Lisa quickly reminds herself that now is not the time to occupy herself with past failures, only future glory. Lisa stands then hurls the chair she was seated in at Catherine. The brunette is able to scutter away just milliseconds before the chair hits her. "Nothing like dodging flying furniture to calm down a rampaging bitch." Lisa thinks.

True when Catherine rose to her feet, she did have an odd wide-eyed expression on her face. An expression like she really did not believe this crazy woman just threw a chair at her. But Catherine only has one gear and that is forward. That was how she steam rolled the competition to win the War Queen title. Moving forward, constantly attacking and pounding until her opponent until her opposition falters. Then she would mercilessly and I mean mercilessly destroy her opponent until she was no longer a threat.

Throwing caution to the wind, Catherine again charges at Lisa. Again she fires a flurry of punches to several strategic parts of Lisa's anatomy. This time Lisa stands her ground. She adopts a crab style of defense by crossing her arms across her body and ducking her face down into her bosom. Her defensive tactic is reminiscent of Smoking Joe Frazier or Big George Foreman.

"You fuckin' big boobed floozy, I'll teach you to ruin my dinner" Catherine yells as she continues to wail away.

"So why pray tell," Michael asks Christina "Why are you attacking my wife again. She's semi retired from the league she's no problem to you."

"We have our reasons" Christina answers not giving an inkling of what they were. "Are you going to eat that?" Christina asks before quickly snatching a dinner roll off of Michael's plate. Christina continues eating Catherine's meal unconcerned that Catherine is currently using her affiliate as a big blonde punching bag.

Lisa stands absorbing Catherine's punches. She twists and turns to try and lessen their impact. Lisa feeds Catherine a steady course of grunts and groans as the brunette hammers away. No one could see Lisa smile as she noticed a slight slowing of Catherine's pace. She knew the actress was tiring.

Also realizing she is tiring herself out without doing a lot of damage to Lisa, Catherine whips behind Lisa and blasts her in the small of her back. Lisa screeches and drops to her knees holding her spine. "Thought you were going to let me tire myself out, did you?" Catherine quips as she continues kicking Lisa in her side. "Besides, I fight dirty!" Catherine adds as she grabs a plate of food from a nearby table and crashes the dish over Lisa's head. The big blonde crumples to the floor. "You came looking for Cat the Crippler? Well you found her!" Catherine angrily announces.

"Yeah honey, kick her fat ass!" Michael yells triumphantly. "How do you like that Christina?" he gloats in Christina's face. Christina's eyes narrow in concern that Lisa may not be able to complete her mission.

Catherine leaps in the air and drives the point of her knee into Lisa's downed body. Then she quickly stands and kicks Lisa in the head. She delights in the sounds and watching Lisa wallow in pain on the floor. "ABA scum, I'll eliminate all of you" Catherine says as she pulls Lisa up to a seated position by her blonde hair. She grabs a full wine glass and dumps the wine over Lisa's head then smashes the glass against Lisa's skull.

"So this is what you send to face me when you are too afraid to fight Christina?" Catherine yells toward Christina.

Catherine then reaches down and snatches at Lisa's leather top. The buttons snap away and Catherine starts peeling the garment off of Lisa. "Lets see those big ol' tits ho bag", Catherine snarls. "I'm going to carve a 'Z' in them, after I break your arm." Cat threatens looking down at the whimpering, moaning and damn near sobbing blonde. "If you want to renew our war Christina, fine! Lisa will be my first victim on my way to you, Christina."

Christina looks on nervously. She well knows Cat the Crippler's propensity to break bones. Catherine had broken her arm and leg to start this rivalry.

Catherine grabs Lisa's arm and falls backwards to the floor onto her back. As she falls back, one of her legs comes across Lisa's face and the other lies across those enormous tits. With Lisa lying perpendicular to her on the floor and with her victim's arm stretched between her legs, Catherine places her forearm behind Lisa's elbow to use as a lever to pop the arm out of joint. The jujitsu arm lock makes Lisa instantly scream in horror. She knows her arm will snap like a twig within seconds in this dangerous hold.

Even though Catherine's legs are across her face and chest, Lisa uses her superior strength to rise to her knees and relieve some pressure on her arm. But not enough as Catherine readjusts her grip to again bring the limb to the breaking point. Lisa stretches out with her free hand and scratches Catherine across the eyes to make the brunette release her arm lock and to put an end to Michaels annoying, "Break It! Break It! Break It!" chant.

Lisa stands shaking her arm trying to revitalize it. Catherine too stands while rubbing her eyes to clear her vision. Even though her vision is still blurry, Catherine knows she has to attack. Catherine plods in her one gear, forward, and windmills punches at Lisa. The blonde responds by harpooning Catherine with a punch through her stomach. Catherine feels like the punch went clear through her body to her backbone. Catherine doubles over with both arms tightly clutched around her belly with a ghastly "Hooooooooop"

The punch knocked all the air out of Catherine's body. Her deflated body remained doubled over with her mouth in an 'O' and her eyes bugged out with tears rolling down her cheeks. This was the single most painful event Catherine had ever experienced. She felt like she was about to die.

Lisa steps back breathing hard and obviously showing the effects of Catherine's beating she has received most of the evening. "Fucking washed up has been!" Lisa yells and puts all her remaining strength into a football kick to Catherine's drooping face. The force of the boot is more than enough to launch Catherine in the air to come landing down hard on the carpet flat on her back. Catherine lies there in another world, moaning in agony.

Lisa reaches down and pulls her dazed foe to her feet by her bra straps. She leans Catherine's butt against a table and looks deep into her floating eyes. "You hit like a girl Kitty Cat" Lisa barbs. "I'm going to show you the power of a real woman" With that Lisa starts slugging her helpless opponent in the face. The heavy fist twists Catherine's bobbing head around on her shoulders sending her dark hair flying and spraying everybody with champagne from the start of the bout. But Lisa keeps hammering Catherine's face, turning her into a human bobble head doll. Catherine sprays champagne, snot and tears everywhere as Catherine is pounded into oblivion. Michael and the other spectators in the restaurant wince at this brutal destruction of a respected Hollywood starlet. One thing, everybody, including Lisa and Catherine knew there was no returning from a frightful beating like Catherine is receiving.

Unable to take anymore punishment, Catherine pitifully pleads, "Please... Please stop....(sob)"

"You dear ask me for mercy after trying to break my fucking arm?" an enraged Lisa asks.

Catherine stood crying, not knowing how to respond. Even she knew she did not deserve Lisa's mercy after some of the dirty tactics earlier that night. Finally she whines "I'm sorry... you win... I giiiivvve!"

"You know why they sent me to kick your ass?" Lisa asks in a menacing tone. After a pause where she really did not expect an answer Lisa continues, "Because I'm an expert in taking snotty bitches who think they are hot shit like you and turning them into the weak sniveling bitch that I know they really are." Lisa grabs Catherine's bra and yanks it right off her body with one mighty tug. Catherine is obviously terrified about her fate now.

"I'm going to turn you into my sex toy, and everybody here is going to watch." Lisa tells her sobbing prey. Lisa grabs the waistband of Catherine's lace panties. It took several mighty tugs before they too give way in Lisa's clutch. Lisa nearly caused a mini riot as she carelessly tossed them over her shoulder, and spectators dove to retrieve them.

Lisa fires a knee into Catherine's pussy. The sobbing wreck known as Catherine immediately drops to her knees, shaking and quivering in fear. "You wanted to see these big ol tits earlier? Didn't you?" Lisa demands. On her knees and looking up, Catherine cannot see anything but Lisa's tits. "Lick them! Now!" Once Catherine did not immediately comply, Lisa delivers a heavy handed slap across her face, while holding Catherine in place with a firm grasp of black hair.

Catherine is a proud woman. Begging for mercy is one thing, but being another woman's strumpet is beneath her dignity. Catherine is an Academy award winner, the president of her own production company and treated like royalty everywhere she goes. She couldn't... she wouldn't.... Lisa only draws back further and further and slaps Catherine again and again. As the sound of the slaps echo through out the restaurant, Catherine starts crying uncontrollably. As Catherine's shoulder droop in humiliation, Lisa, Michael, all the spectators, and even poor Catherine know it was only a matter of time before Catherine is turned into Lisa's toy.

"This is insane! I'm stopping this now!" Michael screams as he rises to rush to his wife's aid. As soon as he rises, two of Christina's paid off waiters start his way. Michael dejectedly sits down "Okay, How do I end this Christina?" he sadly asks.

"Though you'd never ask Mikey!" Christina gleefully answers, and hands him a set of papers.

Michael quickly fumbles into his coat pocket to pull out his reading glasses and starts reviewing the document. He knew he had better review every part of the agreement, the ABA was definitely not above sliding something underhanded into the papers.

Seeing her time with an exquisite specimen like Catherine will be coming to an end soon, Lisa decides to indulge herself a bit. She slings Catherine to the carpet. Lisa scoops a handful of cake from a nearby table and smears the dessert all over her tits. "You're not escaping these giant tits, wuss. Maybe this make my tits more appetizing for you." Lisa lies down on top and pins her down with a full body press. Tits on tits, stomach on stomach and legs on legs, Lisa's body totally dominates Catherine's. Catherine feels Lisa's monster breast pancake her pert breast. She looks down and cannot even find her breast under Lisa's. A wave of inferiority sweeps over the proud sophisticated woman. Lisa starts grinding her body into Catherine's. With each passing moment Catherine realized she was not really Cat the Crippler, but Kitty the Pussy.

After reviewing the documents, Michael looks up and says, "Your Stone Rage stock, they want all of your Battle Zone stock."

"Give it... (sob) to them..." Catherine sputters. Catherine listens to Lisa's perverted coos as she grinds her body into dust. The brunette hopes her husband signs the papers quickly. She realizes she is already looking at a couple of months of therapy to rebuild her demolished self image.

Michael quickly signs the papers and hands them to Christina. "Now you have what you asked for. Stop this right now!" Michael demands being totally unaccustomed to not getting what he wants.

"Well Lisa," Christina says while standing and holding the contract in the air. "We got what we came for. I'm happy, how about you?"

Lisa rises and stands over Catherine panting like a dog in heat. "Hell no, I'm not happy. Pussy Cat done got me all hot and bothered. Now I need a release." Lisa opens her pants and sinks her fingers into her panties. "I guess my options are either saggy butt down here, or Mikey boy." Lisa looks seductively over at Michael while a few patrons volunteer their names for the sexy big blonde dreamboat. "Hmmm since I'd probably hurt that old man, well if the old fart can still get it up of course, I'll take saggy butt." Lisa peels off her leather pants and drops down and sits on Catherine's face.

Lisa gets a double handful of Catherine's hair and pulls her face deep into her pouty, open pussy lips until her nose is buried in her cunt. Then she starts grinding and gyrating her way into ecstasy. Lisa coos, moans and groans giving everyone there one hot performance.

"Don't worry Mikey, she'll be happy after she's finish." Christina quips at Michael. He was the only person in the room who did not appear to be enjoying himself, as Lisa feverishly humps Catherine's face. Michael did not even like the scandalous sex tape of the event that was released a few weeks later. Everyone one else like the tape it won an AVN Awards for Spectacular work in Adult Featured movies.

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