But you have to read Catherine Zeta Jones vs Christina Applegate I first!

Catherine Zeta Jones (53%) Crushes Christina Applegate (47%) Christina is anxious to meet Catherine after suffering a broken arm in their November battle. Christina had played the injury up as much as she could for sympathy and form mindgames against Cat. Chris knew or was at least pretty sure Cat hadn't fully intended on breaking her arm until she jumped with the firm grip on as Chris had planted her teeth hard in Cat's soft thigh. Whether it was an accident or even partly planned the pain had been all too real and there was too much time off for Christina. Payback is a bitch and Christina was glad to be that bitch getting her revenge on the Welsh Witch, Catherine Zeta Jones.

Catherine had been tentative of late having a hard time getting her killer instinct back since she lost her War Queen Title. She had genuinely felt bad for Christina wishing she had given up. But broken bones are one of the fortunes of war in the ring. She knew that, and Christina knew that. Visions of other broken bones played in Cat's mind as she painfully recollected her last match against Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer had given her quite a beating and nearly one except for her being overzealous and jumping onto Cat's cocked knees cracking a couple ribs on impact. Cat had played that match over and over in her mind regaining some of that same instinct that had won her matches against the likes of Salma Hayek. She was as ready for Christina as she felt she ever would be as she paced her dressing room.

The call came for the fighters. The public was definitely on Christina's side as the combatants were ready for the ring. They entered from opposite sides of the building with Christina seconds before Cat to loud cheers. Cat had her cheers too but more boos and catcalls. Cat surveyed the crowd and her opponent. She played up her villainy by yelling out to Christina as each settled in her corner, "This time I'm going to break the other arm and a leg, too!"

Christina responded, "Think so, huh? How're you going to do that after I break your neck!?" This got a loud response from the crowd who were lusting for blood.

Both fighters had shed their robes. Cat had on a black two piece with high cut legs, black wrestling boots and her curly long hair was worn loose. Christina had a blood red two piece nearly identical in style to Cat's with matching wrestling boots. Her straight blonde hair now worn shoulder length is worn loose.

The bell barely sounds before the two head for each other center ring and lockup. They struggle till Cat manages a hairpull and grabs Christina in an armbar. This feels good to Cat as the audience reacts, and Christina lets out a yelp of pain and fright. But its short lived as Christina reverses it and really pours on the pressure. The fight is back in both women as Cat again reverses and pulls Chris down straddling the arm. Chris responds by a low blow with her free hand and then bringing her pained arm into the crotch then with her head and hands push into Cat's butt and legs toppling her to the mat. From there Chris has her in a double toe hold and converts to a bow and arrow as she grabs her chin pulling back her neck. Cat slaps the mat in pain and jerks till she breaks free only to be stomped by Chris as she gets to her feet. Chris continues to pound her as she falls back into the ropes but Cat bounds off them and delivers a short clothesline to Chris. She only stuns her enough to knock her on her butt but Chris is right up and the two are toe to toe.

Another collar elbow lockup degenerates into a face rake by Chris and an Irish whip met with a clothesline that has Cat flat on her back and Chris sitting on the back of her head grabbing her arm in a hammerlock. Cat stamps her feet and flails her free arm as Chris threatens to break it and has it to the breaking point as Cat manages to force her to topple backward. Cat gets her in a standing double toe hold trying to get her turned around for a Boston crab. Till then she twists one ankle at a time till she does get Chris around. But as she squats down, Chris's powerful legs thrust her off. She turns around quickly grabbing Chris's ankle again and getting her in a figure four leg lock wrenching one ankle hard to the breaking point. Chris tries to trap Cat's legs in her own figure four but can't get it clamped. She fights back and manages to free her leg and kicks Cat square in the mouth drawing blood. As Cat rolls away Chris rabbit punches her and gets her in a camel clutch wrenching her neck. Cat is hurting and trapped now fearing Chris might make good on her promise of breaking her neck. She can't quite power out but instead chomps down on her thumbs forcing Chris to break and then flips Chris over into the ropes.

As Chris tries to get up Cat clotheslines her nearly sending her over the top rope but Chris again rebounds and as Cat waits for the opportunity to move in for the kill is met with a short clothesline by Chris. Both women are staggered and on the mat floor. Shaking off the impact they get to their feet once again facing each other. Each with a look of seething anger starts to flail away at the other as they simply stand there like two pugilists taking and giving fierce blows in the forms of fists and slaps till both are bleeding from the mouth and marks start appearing on the face. The two women are both on rubber legs as Chris finally scores a deciding blow with a sharp jab to the nose of Cat causing blood to pour from it. Cat more surprised than hurt as her she wipes the blood ducks another blow absorbs another and delivers a karate thrust to Chris's throat. Chris is gasping for breath as Cat whips her into the corner and follows her right in crunching her. She repeats it but Chris isn't ready to quit yet and meets her with an extended foot to her ribs and stomach. Cat went to the well once too often and was fooled just as she did to Jennifer Lopez last month.

Chris bounds out ready to strike Cat with another vicious short clothesline but Cat absorbs it and pushes her back with a double karate thrust. She drapes Chris over the middle ropes and jumping from the top rope delivers a double axehandle to her abdomen, not once but twice. Cat stomps her as Chris tries to kick at her after she slumped to the floor. Cat grabs her ankle and intertwines it in the middle and bottom ropes. Cat jumps on the exposed and trapped leg from the top rope landing on the knee. Chris cries out in pain as Cat works on the leg stomping her ankle with her boot. Chris kicks her and placing her boot into Cat's butt nearly shoves her into and over the ropes. Cat is seething and wants to end the fight so she climbs the ropes again and again she comes down. Chris fights back continually till Cat traps her other leg and again she comes down on both till they appear useless but Chris continues to flail striking Cat with a fist, then another square on the jaw as Cat sat on her knees. Cat had to shake off the blow and once again climbed the ropes. Chris managed to free one leg and Cat came down hard on the ankle of the trapped one. Chris screamed in pain, Cat thought she heard a pop but couldn't see if the leg was broken as it bounced between the ropes. In truth, Chris's ankle had broken but hidden under the boot it wasn't an obvious injury to the eye. Cat came down on it again and Chris screamed but managed to free herself. Cat came after her as Chris dragging herself back from the ropes swung her fist at her and kicked with her good leg. She was going to fight this fight to an absolute finish not considering she was finished.

Cat took a blow and ducked another. Then grabbed her injured ankle and went for another figure four to put the hurt on her and give herself a breather but as she grabbed the ankle and Chris let out a brief shriek and winced in pain she could feel something was wrong. She could feel the swelling and hear the break. She looked at Chris letting off the pressure. Chris's eyes were filled more with anger than pain as she swung at Cat and hissed. Chris tried to drag herself free and continue the fight but Cat knew it was over. She let go and went to the far corner. She rested on the ropes as Chris swore and screamed. To make the fight look good Cat made a gesture for Chris to come get her. Chris tried to get up but couldn't bear weight and stumbled. By then it was obvious to the cheering crowd Chris was injured and couldn't go on try as she might. Cat walked over to her as Chris tried to strike out. Cat simply slapped at her head and grabbed her hand in a quick shake then gestured she was through and exited the ring. Chris continued to yell at Cat to fight her as she laid on her side watching as Cat again waved that the fight was over then a quick raise of the hand to show her victory. The crowd cheered both women as Cat showed mercy on Chris and Chris still had her fighting spirit. Cat left through the crowd amid cheers as Chris was carried out resigned now to her loss.

The Boss Bitch, Catherine The Crippler, strikes again! Christina once again is the victim. Will Christina ever get revenge on the Dominating Cat?