NOTE - This story immediately follows STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH!
"Kimora..... Kimora...." Kimora Lees Simmon's eye lids flutter as she fights her way to consciousness. "Kimora.... Kimora..... wake up...." Kimora struggles to open her eyes. She is able to open them for brief moments before they fall back shut. "Come on Kimora wake up....." Her narrow Afro-Asian eyes open slightly. Through the thin slits, Kimora sees a blurred face. "Kimora!.... She's waking up." With one last burst of will, Kimora opens her eyes accompanied with a long moan. The face before her is fuzzy, but comes into focus a couple of moments later. The face and voice belong to Fab Four: Team Pam, team mate, Kim Kardashian. Kimora moans again and lifts her head up, to try and figure out where she is. "Tyra, she's awake!" Kim yells out and walks away.

Kimora raises up halfway on her elbows and looks around, trying to get her bearings. She finds herself lying on a couch in Tyra Bank's dressing room. She quickly remembers how she got there. She tried to get in the ring with a trash talking Mariah Carey after Tyra's match at the STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH!. Mariah steam rolled over her ass in nothing flat. Mariah beat her like a step child, then choked her out and left her in the middle of the ring like used up trash. This will go down as yet another 'Not-so Fabulous' moment in the Fabulous life of Kimora.

"What the Hell were you thinking about!" Tyra yells as she walks out of the shower room into the main dressing area. Kimora sinks back down on the sofa and closes her eyes. She knows what is about to happen. "Let her talk, I say!" Tyra continues to lecture, still half wet with a fluffy towel wrapped around her body. "Leave her alone, I tell you! But noooo! What does your stupid ass do? You get all ghetto and hop your dumb ass in the ring!" Tyra shouts as she raises her arms in disgust, allowing her towel to fall to the floor. "Then, just like we all knew you would, you got your tall, goofy ass kicked into next week." Tyra continues unembarrassed and buck naked with her hairy twat on display for a jaw dropped Kim. "Stupid! Just fucking Stupid!"

Kimora opens her eyes and sits up shouting, "I was trying to defend your honor." Kimora and Tyra have been the best of friends since they were 14 years old, modeling in Paris. They are still extremely close to this day. Kimora expected this response from Tyra. She also knows her tendencies to be an exhibitionist, so her walking around naked in front of her is more like an everyday occurrence than a surprise.

"My honor?" Tyra screams back. "I told you I didn't want anything to do with Mariah ever again. I got a surprise win over her because she wasn't expecting me. Everybody in America knows that Mariah will probably beat the black off me next time we fight!" Tyra says bluntly. "She could have said anything she wanted, I still wasn't getting into that ring! You and everybody else knew this. But nooo you wanted to be Big Bad Fab Four member and get your happy ass in the ring. You wanted the spotlight and you got it." Tyra says nodding her head. "You're not ready for Mariah. She might do some stupid shit in the ring sometimes and lose, but everybody knows that she is a beast. Nobody looks forward to tangling with Mariah, nobody!" Tyra pauses then adds, "I don't even know why I fought her for Stone Rage."

"Remember" Kimora starts in a smart ass voice. "You wanted the great rating the show produced. Also, the joint marketing contract with the Battle Zone to allow you to interview the top stars before the Pay Per Views, so you'll have top stars on your show and give you more good ratings. Besides, you really wanted to fuck Stone Rage again."

Tyra stands and stares at her friend for a moment. "This isn't about me, its about you." Actually she is fighting back a sly smile at her friend's truthfulness and her attempt to retaliate from Tyra's tongue lashing so far. Then regaining her sternness, "Well, I still knew Mariah would pay me back. I knew she would try to beat me to a pulp and publicly humiliate me at some point. Mariah is dangerous when she's focused. She's unstoppable and maybe the best in the league when she's focused. It was just plain dumb to piss her off. That Fab Four tag already makes you a target. Mariah Carey can end your catfight career real quick."

About that time the door flings open and Pam Anderson is standing in the door saying, "What the fuck is wrong with you sister?" Pam screams in her high pitched voice, but trying to be tuff. "Are you out of your mind jumping into the ring with Mariah?" Pam yells. Kimora knew this was coming sooner or later. Pam is Kimora's team leader, coach and trainer. She knew Pam would not be pleased at her unnecessary demolition at Mariah's hands. "What the fuck were you trying to prove? That the Fab Four is Mariah's personal punching bags." Pam stands beside Tyra. It is very noticeable that Pam appears distracted by the nude beauty beside her. She often cuts her eyes, glancing at Tyra's amazing body. "We were on a roll after the BATTLELINES PAY PER VIEW Press Conference. The Fab Four had beat up half the league that night. We had restored our respect and established you girls to take over the league. But you fucked all that up!" Pam shouts, taking another glimpse at Tyra. "You made us look like a bunch of fools out there. You know you aren't ready to fight Mariah! You're lucky she went easy on you, and really didn't make an example out of you. Thanks goodness, Beyonce took care of business and saved our reputation."

Pam fans her face with her hand. "Damn its hot in here." Pam says as she turns to Tyra. "What are we going to do with her Tyra?" Pam says, but her eyes drift down at Tyra's chest, like a man talking to a big chested woman wearing a low cut top. "Tia told me to get Catherine Bell instead of Kimora anyway."

Kimora gives Pam a nasty look at the Catherine Bell comment. Despite everything, her massive ego is still intact. That is why she was chosen over Bell to be a member of Team Pam. "She'll be okay." Tyra says calming her voice. "She just got a over excited and very stupid tonight. She'll do better, I promise. If she don't she have to answer to me!" Tyra finishes in a menacing tone and staring a hole through Kimora.

In a rare moment of humility, Kimora lowers her head in shame and regret of her rash actions. Seeing her coaching mind game had worked, Pam speaks comforting to her student. "I'm not upset that you got beat up Kimora. We're all going to get beat up a bunch of times in this league. We have a lot of people after us. But that was an unnecessary ass whipping. J. Lo says that Mariah is her problem, not a Fab Four problem, and she'll deal with Mariah. Trust me, she really doesn't want to. She knows what Mariah can do to her. The only reason she does it, is to keep Mariah away from the rest of us." Pam then adds "You're a rookie, don't forget." Pam pauses "Gosh! Am I the only one really hot in here?" Pam asks and starts unzipping her dress and sliding it off. The next thing you know, Pam is standing there in her scanty bra and panties.

"Fine I'm fucking sorry okay!" Kimora blurts while flapping her arms like a spoiled child. "I was only trying to help!" Kimora yells in a whiney voice. "I'm not kick ass girls like you are, I'm just doing my best." Kimora pleads over dramatically.

Unaffected by Kimora's dramatic display, Tyra calmly responds, "Nobody expects you to be as good as us."

"Yeah, we just expect you to be better than you were tonight." Pam interrupts. "By the way, that wasn't you best tonight, not even close." she adds then swoons, "It's so hot in here I can't breath!" Pam reaches behind her back and un fastens her bra latch, then pulls her bra off and tosses to the floor. Pam turns to Tyra pointing at her big round juicy breast. "Wow! They look like two big scoops of chocolate ice cream." Pam says looking like she is about to drool from the mouth. "They look delicious. Can I have a lick?" Pam asks, but does not wait for a response. She dip her head and starts licking every inch of Tyra's tit. Before Tyra can say a word, she coos and her head falls back in pleasure.

Seconds later, Tyra is wiggling, cooing and loudly moaning. Kim's mouth drops again and her eyes pop in disbelief of the freak show unfolding in front of her. Kimora just rolls her eyes as if to say, "Not again." Silently, she stands and walks to Tyra's upright carry on luggage and snatches a skirt and shirt out. Following her encounter with Mariah, she was left wearing fishnet panty hose and garner belt and black panties. Kimora then puts on the cloths, all unnoticed by the two women in heat, and exits out of the door.

Kimora was frustrated. She is usually the CEO, and doing the chewing out, not on the receiving end. However if she was in Pam's position of leader she would have chewed herself out too. In fact, it would have been much worst. She knew she deserved it, she broke ranks and embarrassed the team, uncalled for. Tyra is her best friend since forever. They chastise each other regularly. Above all she was mad and disappointed with herself.

Like us all, Kimora is the sum total of her parts. Although her parts come from several different places. Obviously she is of African American and Asian decent. Growing up in a St. Louis suburb, there was no Asian community, so she gravitated to the African American community. There the 5'8" ten year old was nicknamed, "Chinky Giraffe" and made the butt off all the weird jokes. After her self esteem was totally decimated, her mother enrolled her in modeling classes, and a couple of years later she is in Paris getting accolades for the very qualities she was being teased for a short time before. There is not much middle ground for a young child to find her footing. The result is an adult who over exaggerates the "Ain't I fabulous, please tell me I'm fabulous" attitude to protect the Chinky Giraffe still deep inside. Of course being 'Fabulous Kimora' takes hard work. Unwanted dieting makes for an irritable woman.

Also, that racial identity thing still exists. In her mind she is undoubtable a 'successful black woman'. However the black community is like, "You're black? Really? Okay if you say so." In short, although deserving of one, she may never get that ESSENCE award for her contribution to fashion. If the average person names the top black super models, you'll hear, Beverly Johnson, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Tyra, even Russell Simmon's old girl, Veronica Webb before you think of Kimora.

The end results we have, Fabulous Kimora, the Chinky giraffe, a wonderful mother, prima donna bitch with an attiude, great business woman, hard ass boss, outstanding humanitarian, flamboyantly, vain, self absorbed cunt, and that chick that used to be married to Russell Simmons. Total these parts and you have Kimora Lee Simmons.

Kimora enters the main room where the ring and party occurred. Beyonce had already defended her title, and the party was breaking up. She saw Mariah still there with Nick Cannon. Several people were around her congratulating her on avenging her incident on The Tyra Bank's Show. Kimora wanted no part of that. She was also afraid of another encounter with Mariah, so she walks out of the warehouse. She knew Tyra and Pam were going to be "distracted" for quiet some time. Many of the celebrities continued the party a couple of miles away at a local night club. Kimora decides to hop in one of the limo's and go there looking for someone to soothe her bruised ego.

A few minutes later, she arrives. It's nice, but not up to Kimora's normal standards. It's been closed to the public. Looking around Kimora sees Jenny McCarthy talking to a few ABA sympathizers. Kimora makes a mental note to avoid that side of the room. She sees several members of the fashion community at the bar, and decides to head over there.

Talking to friends she found many of her longtime associates sympathetic and showing concern after her beating from Mariah. At least respecting her power in industry, others feint concern. Kimora starts feeling a little better with everyone stroking of her ego.

About that time, Daisy Fuentes returns after laughing with fellow MTV alumni, Jenny McCarthy. Being a model and a clothes designer, Daisy is well known in the fashion circles. She has known Kimora for years, and is not a big fan of hers. The hard nosed college journalist major as well as news anchor abhors Kimora's Drama Queen, exaggerated displays. Daisy thoroughly enjoyed watching Kimora getting trounced. Daisy has been drinking and fits squarely in the ABA synthesizer category. She feels like kicking Kimora while she is down. Kimora's disappointment is evident.

Chuckling, Daisy says, "Kimora! I never expected to see you here after Mariah beat the shit out of your ass." Daisy breaks into harder laughter, really rubbing it in. "That shit was funny! It happened so fast too. I mean Mariah beat you up and knocked you out in What? It had to be like ten seconds flat." Daisy finishes laughing loudly. The other members in the fashion community look at each other silently. Everyone can see that Daisy is obviously trying to get under Kimora's skin.

Kimora's lips get thin and her jaws get tight, obviously annoyed by Daisy. "Daisy, don't start." Kimora sternly warns.

"What's the matter chubby cheeks?" Daisy sings while pinching Kimora's high cheek bone. "Irritable? Didn't you get enough sleep in the ring?" Daisy says jiggling Kimora's plump jaws. "Maybe Mama Daisy should get you a blanket, a pillow and a pacifier and call Mariah to put your ass asleep again." Daisy says breaking into loud exaggerated laughter.

"And why don't I get you a breath mint..." Kimora answers. Then quickly looking Daisy over, continues, "and a new hair do, and a Pilates Ball big enough to shove down you big mouth." Kimora wittingly responds.

Daisy's drunken smile disappears and she stares daggers at Kimora while some of Kimora's friends mutter responses in the background. Then quickly regaining her composure, the generally classy Daisy counters, "If anybody needs a Pilates ball around here its you Kimora. I've got a couple of dvd's to help you tighten up that flabbiness around the middle of yours."

"Daisy please, just give it a rest for tonight. I'm not in the mood." Kimora responds with a tired blow.

"Just like a punk ass Fab Four bitch, all talk and no fight." Daisy says almost in disgust. "Especially when you don't have help, a Fab Four bitch ain't shit!" Daisy emphasizes. "You make me sick. You're not even woman enough to stand on your own. You need to stand behind Stone Rage, Pam Anderson or even Tyra Banks. Get out of my face! You're not worth fucking with."

Kimora stands in shock for a moment. She is surprised by the blatant disrespect and disdain that Daisy is showing her. Of course the words 'Fab Four' ring in her ears. She begins to understand the weight that label carries. She begins to think that Tyra knew what she was doing by not accepting Pam's offer and recommending Kimora instead. what she considered an honor bestowed on her is quickly becoming a curse to bear. She is just beginning to learn the weight that the Fab Four name bears, even if she is only wearing it on a temporary basis.

Speaking of Tyra, she is still in her dressing room in the makeshift warehouse arena. Tyra is on top of Pam rubbing their breast together. Both are drenched in sweat, and moaning and groaning loudly and unashamed like porn stars. Also intermittedly they slap their pussies together sending good vibrations stimulating through their bodies. Both are washed away in the throws of esctacy, completely overwhealhmed by the other's sexual prowess. Pam looks into Tyra's eyes from underneath. She grabs Tyra by the hair and jerks her face near. Next she plunges her tongue into Tyra's open mouth for a passionate kiss. Their tongues wrestle violently in and out of their mouths. Suddenly they smack their cunts together again until it sounds like clapping hands. Its turning into an sexual encounter that Tyra or Pam will never forget.

Meanwhile, Kimora's brief moment of shock passes. She quickly returns to her senses and instincts. "What the fuck's wrong with you bitch!" Kimora shouts. The Chinky Giraffe surfaces after being told she ain't shit. "Who the fuck do you think you are!!??!" Remembering being told she was not a woman Kimora screams, "You don't ever talk to me like that again you piece of shit!" As being called beneath Daisy's worth runs through her mind, Kimora shouts, "I'll beat your the fuck out of you here and now! I don't need anybody's help! Ain't nobody scared of your drunk ass, BITCH!"

"What do you want to do?" Daisy yells back and giving Kimora a chest bump. "We can do this right now!"

"Bring it you sorry ass bitch, bring it!" Kimora answers with attitude and bobbing her head. However Kimora's body quickly reminds her that its still sore and battered from getting beat up by Mariah. She realizes that she has made another big mistake, but its too late to back out now. Daisy looks strong and tuff as always, Kimora thinks that she is going to get her brains beat out again. Hopefully Daisy's drunkeness will give her a chance.

Daisy looks up at the giantess peering angrily down on her. She hopes she has not made a mistake too. Daisy really detests Kimora and would like nothing better than to humiliate her right now. She would have preferred to do this when she was a bit more sober, but Jenny McCarthy dared her to start something tonight. More important, win or lose, Jenny promised her the ABA's push in the league. At the center of this Uncivil War brewing is that many celebrities have a hard time getting matches, and the spotlight. The ABA has promised to use their influence as main event performers to get people willing to do them favors booked. Its the old buddy system, 'I'll compete if you use my friend on the undercard.' deal.

Daisy may be drunk, but she is not stupid, she knows she had better strike first against this giantess. Daisy fires an unannounced hook into Kimora's side. The fist pierces Kimora's side ripping a howl out of the tall beauty. Next a follow up hook explodes on Kimora's chin, sending the fashion mogul reeling backwards.

People in the bar erupts cheering, already alerted to the impending battle by Daisy and Kimora's yells and insults. The vast majority is clearly hoping that good old down to earth Daisy pummels the arrogant fashion mogul into a pulp. Daisy advances after her retreating prey. Kimora flicks out a jab at her approaching foe. Daisy moves forward with a head bob and avoids the jab, and strikes low solid straight fist plunging deep into Kimora's belly. Kimora doubles over with a long high hitched howl.

Daisy lands a follow up hook to Kimora's jaw. Kimora's is rocked. her knees buckle, and her arms flail to the side, to keep her balance. It is all she can do to remain standing. With her arms to the side, she was wide open for an upper cut that promptly deposited her on her back on the floor. While Kimora is lying with a confused look like she is wondering how she just got put on her ass. Daisy drops to her knees to make quick work of her haughty opponent.

As Daisy put her hands on Kimora's chest, Baby Phat's CEO returns to life. Her hands shoot up and grasp Daisy around the neck and flings the Cuban seductress to the floor. Kimora keeps her hands around Daisy's neck and keeps her pinned with her weight advantage. Next Kimora starts banging the back of Daisy's head into the burber carpeted floor. The carpet offers some relief for Daisy, but not nearly enough. Then Kimora's customary verbal tirade and assault follow. "Un huh, fucking bitch! You can't beat me! I'm too fucking fabulous for your ass!" Kimora shouts as she keeps banging Daisy's head into the ground.

Daisy reaches up going for Kimora's eyes. The Cuban is not about to allow herself to be passively destroyed. Daisy rakes her nails down Kimora's face, drawing a screech from her rival. Kimora backs off rising to her feet until her vision clears. Daisy springs to her feet and lashes out with a kick pounding into Kimora's side. Kimora grunt and leans over trying to protect her side, when Daisy advances with fist ablazing.

Kimora Lee SimmonsKimoa sees the blurry figure coming and throws punches of her own. Kimora lands a few, but being hampered by blurry vision, and Daisy with no such obstruction, Kimora's punches are wild and inaccurate, while Daisy overwhelms her with cutting pinpoint accuracy. Daisy's fist steady pepper Kimora, marching her backwards across the club floor. Kimora is backed into the seating area, until her wide butt comes to rest on a small round table. There Daisy lets her fist fly fast and furious. She has Kimora squealing, cowering and trying to cover up. Daisy grabs Kimora's shirt holding her in place and pressed against the table so she can pummel her.

Kimora had "borrowed" a short skirt and tank tops from Tyra's bag. However Kimora's hips are wider than Tyra's. Kimora's twisting and turning has popped the button and zipper of Tyra's tight skirt. Now the skirt starts to ride low sexily down Kimora's hips. Kimora hears the cheers in support of Daisy. Kimora is taking a severe beating, and is considering just giving up. Her body would not respond how she would have liked after her beating from Mariah. She was already sore, bruised and battered coming into this confrontation with Daisy. Her punches did not have their normal zing. They were slow and sluggish. She wants to quit. If only it was not for these jack asses in this bar cheering for her destruction. She would be damned if she gives them that satisfaction of seeing her surrender.

Kimora lounges forward and ties Daisy up in a clench. "Mutha fucking ass holes." Kimora mutters as she ties up Daisy's arms. Daisy tries to pull away, but Kimora drives her head forward, head butting her opponent on the forehead. "Thump" sounds as their head collide together. Daisy goes wide eyed and stunned, while hard headed Kimora simply smiles. Kimora slams her head into Daisy's again, then a third time. Kimora releases Daisy and grins as her rival stumbles away on rubber legs.

Many people were booing Kimora turning around this fight. Next Kimora grabs the bottom of her top and yanks it off over her head. It is amazing how bare breast turns public opinion in a room. Kimora loss her bra against Mariah, so when she snatched her shirt off, her bouncing boobs are on display. Suddenly a cheer rises in support of Kimora rings out. Kimora ignores her sudden support and loops her shirt around the dazed Daisy's neck from behind and jerks back, choking the Cuban spitfire.

Daisy gags and paws at the shirt, trying to pull it away from her throat. After finding no relief she grasps behind her reaching for something make Kimora release her. Kimora's face contorts as she strains trying to choke Daisy out. Her height advantage is significant in providing leverage to apply substantial power to the choke hold.

Pam chose Kimora over Tia Carrere's suggestion, Catherine Bell for several reasons, not even mentioning the new Baby Phat wardrobe. Her size is obvious, but her attitude too. Kimora is merciless when necessary. Like right now. Although like everyone else, she would like the crowd approval, if she does not have it, it will not stop her from achieving her goal. Like right now. Besides her position in the fashion industry gives her several friends, and allies. It is good for her business to have her label displayed across as many celebrities' asses as possible. Pam used her blonde brain power to make the right choice.

At the moment, all of Pam's brain power is between Tyra Banks' legs. Pam's face is buried in Tyra's pussy with her tounge lapping like a thirst driven puppy. The blonds has her arms wrapped around Tyra's upper thighs holding her in place. Tyra is squirming like a worm, as Pam sends erotic sensations like she has never felt before. The model coos, screams, squeals and pants while her gorgeous face is contorted in ecstasy. Pam holds on tight, giving Tyra's pussy a licking like the bisexual woman has never received.

Back at the club, Kimora has Daisy's tongue hanging out too. However the Cuban's tongue is out because she has been nearly choked out. Daisy's face has turned a royal shade of deep maroon, and she is slipping in and out of a semi conscious state. The potty mouthed Kimora is steady taunting her yelling, "What's up now bitch? Who needs a pillow now huh? Who's going to sleep now whore?" Kimora determinedly shakes her victim until she watches her drops.

However Daisy has no intentions of dropping. Never mind that all her attempts to escape have failed, and her legs have turned to goo, she is determined to not go down. Desperate and facing her last resorts, Daisy raises her foot and drives the shoe's heel down on Kimora's foot. She stomps down with all the raw emotion, anger, fear and desperation in her body. She stomps down trying to break every bone in Kimora's foot. Daisy does not cause any serious damage to Kimora's foot, but the brunette shrieks like she does. Her grip on Daisy's noose loosens, allowing Daisy to lunge forward and break free.

Kimora hobbles backwards whimpering and cursing her hurt and throbbing foot. Daisy staggers forward gasping for air. Both women take a much needed break to collect themselves. After just short of a minute. Kimora glares at Daisy. Her borrowed skirt from Tyra has sagged half way down her ass, and has become very uncomfortable. Muttering angrily to herself, Kimora pushes the burst opened skirt down to her ankles and steps out of it. Kimora stand in the same undress that Mariah had reduced her to in the ring, only Kimora has done this to herself. Kimora stands topless and wearing black panties with black fishnet stockings suspended by a garter belt. Then in a voice and a wild look of a person completely taken over by rage, Kimora yells. "YOU STUPID ASS FUCKING BITCH! YOU STEPPPED ON MY MUTHA FUCKIN' CORNS!"

Kimora stomps angrily towards her enemy. Daisy's expression shows her shock in the sudden transformation in her foe. She raises her fist as Kimora approaches, looking to again batter Kimora with her boxing skills.

As the two beautiful women come together, Kimora's long slender leg flashes up with a kick aimed for Daisy's head. Daisy gets her arm up to block it, but Kimora's kick is too powerful and breaks through still kicking Daisy with quite a bit of force. As soon as Kimora's leg hits the ground, her other foot flashes up with phenomenal speed and grace kicking Daisy across the other side of her head. Again Daisy gets her other arm up, but again Kimora is too strong and breaks through.

Four more lightning fast kicks strike, slicing through Daisy's defenses, battering Daisy's head, and knocking her adle. Daisy's meager defenses fail and her balled up hands lower while she sways stunned. Daisy never stood a chance. Kimora's kicks are like long range missiles crumbling Daisy's defenses long before she came into range for Daisy to even think about attacking. Kimora lashes out with a kick one more time, catching Daisy under the chin, and snapping her head back, knocking what little senses she had left away.

Daisy stands with her arms limply dangling by her sides and a blank, dumbfounded look on her face. Kimora raises her fist to her breast with a sneer on her face. In a scene reminiscent of her character on the Def Jam: Fight for New York video game, Kimora does a little hop then launches a haymaker exploding on Daisy's chin. "WHAP" Daisy's chin crumbles to the ground out cold.

Everybody loves a winner. Despite calling for her destruction at the beginning, the same people now cheer Kimora. The African Asian looks down at her vanquished foe, and can hardly belive it herself. She hast just kicked the universally respected Daisy Fuentes' ass! She is sure many people in the room considered this a stunning upset.

"That's what you get for talking shit! I'm the Boss, the CEO, the new sheriff in town and don't you ever forget it!" Kimora dramatically says then struts toward the club door. She is no fool, Kimora is not hanging around waiting for something else to happen.

Kimora walks out to the parking lot looking for a way to get away. A car drives up and Kim Kardashian hops out of the back. She left shortly after Kimora, feeling that Pam and Tyra needed some privacy, "Kimora! I've been looking all over for you" Then seeing her bruised face and lack of clothing she asks, "What happened to you, now?" like she is afraid of the answer.

Kimora smugly chuckles and answers, "Nothing, just another day of Life in the Fab Lane." and crawls into the car with Kim.