Since the STONE RAGE SUPER BOWL XLII BASH! went over so well, and was so much fun, Rage decides it's time for another celebration. The league has just emerged from a tumultuous time. Nevertheless, a new day has dawned. The new booking committee is installed and taking over some of the administrative duties. Rage thought it was time for an All-Star celebrity costume party to celebrate.

After the BATTLELINES PAY PER VIEW Press Conference melee, there were waivers included in the invitations that required to be signed before entering the doors. The gist states that if the celebrity is involved in a physical altercation outside the ring, that person would be suspended for an extended period of time, as well as significant financial fines can be levied. The wavier ended stating the immortal words of George "Parliment/Funkadelic" Clinton, "It all about the party yall!" The message was conveyed, this is to have a good time, not to settle any feuds or disagreements. Any physical fights would not be tolerated. All the celebrities realized this and acted accordingly. Rage rented and conveyed another huge warehouse for the party. There is plenty of room for each clique to have its own space, and have a good time free of any interference and practically view of any rivals.

As Rage looked over his calendar, he also noticed that the NBA season opener is also that week. Then he realized that he was in the midst of his self imposed exile and missed the NBA Finals. He wanted to have a similar match to the Super Bowl classic where Boston native, Traci Bingham fought representing the New England Patriots against native New Yorker Lindsey Lohan representing the New York Giants, during the Finals. After missing that opportunity he decided to have that match for the season opener.

Traci leapt at the chance to represent Boston again. She loves being in the spotlight. She needed the pay date from the video sales, and she wants to become a staple in the Battle Zone. Then once rumors circulated about the match, Tyra Banks, a faithful Los Angeles Laker fan, a member of the LA Staple Center extremely expensive courtside seats called Rage. She insisted that no other female celebrity could represent the Laker purple and yellow like her. Rage quickly agreed, and a fantasy matchup that Rage has had for ten years was brought to life. Two extremely evenly matched, and extremely gorgeous woman going at it in the ring. He had dreamed and flip flopped on who would win this match for ten long years. Both are tall athletic and as sexy as you can get. They are two symmetric models of beauty.

Once again, the warehouse that houses the event is profusely decorated. Plenty of ghouls, ghost and goblins decorate the walls. There is bountiful food and drinks, flashing lights and more celebrities than at a Hollywood movie premier. There is an endless supply of two mysterious, but very popular beverages. One is orange colored and sweet tasting. The other was black and very bitter. Both appeared to have everyone in very good spirits for the night. Everybody is laughing, dancing and enjoying themselves. Tensions have been high recently. Most are happy to have this release where they can truly be themselves.

The costumes the ladies are wearing are simply amazing. Jessica Simpson wears a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfit. Hot prospect, Gabrielle Union wore a sexy Zorro costume. Her short black leather mini mini skirt is complemented by a matching black leather bra, both trimmed in red. Her legs are accentuated by the long black boots. A black cape, a black mask and a sword with a "Z" by the handle complete her jaw dropping look. Catherine Bell came as Wonder Woman, while Charlize Theron attended as Super Girl. Meagan Fox turn many heads dressed as a sexy little devil, wearing a skimpy, shimmering red mini dress, knee high red boots, red horns on her head, and a red wand.

Generation Prime chose a Star Wars theme. Janet Jackson wears the Princess Leia, Jabba the Hut slave girl outfit. Her hair is in a pony tail and wears a gold collar. Her breast bulge out of the green and gold supporting bar and a purple sash that wraps around her hips. It is the perfect costume to display her notoriously well sculpted six pack abs. Even past the age of forty, Janet reminds everybody that she is still a specimen of beauty. Mya wears the Padmé Amidala white battle jumpsuit. Wisely she chose the one with the sexy bare mid drift and one sleeve missing. The curve hugging white spandex fits her form like a rubber surgical glove. Her white utility belt around her waist makes her shapely hips appear to flare out even more than usual. She completes everything with silver metal arm bands around her biceps, white knee high boots and a prop silver ray gun that gives her that "good girl but dangerous appeal". Christina Aguilera chose the classic Princess Leia look. Starting with the dark wig with the two braids rolled into circles, to the white dress with the two slits in the front almost up to her waist, and the white knee high boots. Unlike Mya's small pistol, Christina wields the big gun, a long blaster that rests in the crook of her arm and extends a foot past her fists. Generation Prime caught too many compliments to count in one night.

As always at a Stone Rage celebration, the highlight is the action in the ring. The first match is the NBA Tip Off match featuring Tyra vs Traci. The second bout is Beyonce's first title defense. There is a ring in the center of the warehouse. The ring is appropriately decorated with an orange mat and black ropes. Also several projection screens are along the walls to make sure everyone can see the action.

Traci comes to the ring first. She is dressed in nothing but a tiny green thong. However much on her torso is covered with body paint. The body paint is a replica of the Boston Celtic's green #5 Kevin Garnett jersey. Her thong is dental floss thin and blends into the green body paint on her lower body painted to look like a pair of green Boston basketball shorts.

Traci comes bouncing and dancing down the aisle. Her well sculpted body is a study in perfection. While looking spectacular, Traci continues dancing and gyrating to the point of making a spectacle of herself. She prances and accentuates her beauty and sexuality that obviously needs no help to get noticed. The jaw dropping beauty finally climbs into the ring and waits for her opponent.

Tyra proceeds to the ring soon afterwards. She is a lot less flamboyant. She stops only directly in front of the camera to shake and shimmy before whooping like she does at the start of the "Tyra Banks Show". Tyra wears body paint designed like a gold Kobe Bryant #24 jersey. She also sports a tiny thong that blends into the gold body paint designed to look like a pair of basketball shorts. However Tya is slightly more modest than her counterpart, choosing to wear tape over her nipples to make her breast smooth, where Traci chose no tape to expose her bare breast to the audience.

As the time of the opening bell approaches both vixens settle down in their corners. Both competitors glare across the ring at each other hoping to gain some sort of intimidation advantage. Tyra admires Traci's sexy hard body that appears to be sculpted out of stone. She has a slight grin with the thought of getting her hands on the near perfect form. Tyra reminisces when her body way identical during her modeling career. Tyra then says "ungh" to herself rembering the intense discipline required to maintain that body. Traci looks back at her curvaceous opponent. Tyra's body has lost its musculature, but has transformed into a different version of sexy. Tyra is starting to redefine the word voluptuous. Traci worries about how to attack this taller, bigger sexy beast.

The crowd's noise level rises as the anticipation of this evenly matched contest rises. Finally the opening bell sounds. The audience explodes with a collective cry of release from the pre match tension. Then almost instantly the excitement and tension picks right back up in anticipation of a good, fierce, action packed match.

Knowing that she enters the match as the slight underdog, Traci wants a fast start, to gain the early momentum. Traci rushes out of her corner quickly, while Tyra plods out much slower. As Traci approaches Tyra scoops her up and body slams her opponent back to the mat. Traci's mouth gaps open and she arches her back, totally surprised by Tyra's strength and power. Traci tries to shake off the pain and shock and springs back to her feet. Traci and Tyra quickly lock up collar and elbow. Then with a mighty shove, Tyra sends Traci skidding across the canvas on her succulent butt.

If Traci was concerned that she is over matched after the body slam, she is now down right scared that she is over matched. Tyra is not only physically bigger, but also younger and has more experience inside the ring than Traci. Traci's fears are written on her face for all to see.

Traci gets up to her feet. Tyra greets her with a side kick to Traci's bouncing breasts. Traci barks and is sent reeling back against the ropes. With remarkable quickness Tyra is on Traci, trapping her against he ropes and clobbering her over the head. Traci's head bobbles on her shoulders as she is knocked senseless. Tyra's is expressionless, except for a curled upper lip, showing her intensity to put maximum force behind every blow.

Tyra does not dislike Traci at all. In their brief encounters, they have displayed only mutual respect and courteous towards each other. However this is a competition. Tyra neither gives nor asks for any quarters. Her only thought is, "If this is a competition, I'm going to win!" Tyra is not about to let her fondness or her sexual attraction to Traci get in the way.

Tyra drives the point of her knee into Traci's stomach. It returns wearing some of Traci's green body paint. Tyra tries to Irish whip the doubled over girl across the ring, but Traci reverses it. Before Tyra is slung across the ring, the big super model slams on the brakes and stops in her tracks. Then by maintaining a strong grip on Traci's arm, Tyra pulls her foe into her, and levels Traci with a short arm clothesline.

Traci lands with a loud grunt on the back of her head. She lies there stunned for a moment before Tyra stomps down with her heel into the pit of Traci's well sculpted abs. Traci bellows in pain loud enough for everybody in the warehouse to hear. Traci is trying to curl into a ball and roll onto her side, but Tyra reaches down and yanks Traci to her feet by her hair.

Traci is gasping for breath from Tyra's heavy stomps, and stands on wobbly legs. Tyra strikes Traci in the small of her back with her knee. Afterward, Tyra is easily able to bend Traci over backwards by yanking her hair. Tyra next, wraps her arm around Traci's head so that Traci's chin is nestled behind Tyra's arm pit. Finally, Tyra falls back, driving the back of Traci's head into the canvas with a reverse DDT. Tyra rises to her feet, leaving Traci splattered on the mat. Traci's body is numb, and her face is contorted in pain. Worst of all, Tyra is looming over her, looking down on her ominously.

Tyra reaches down and clutches a big handful of hair on the crown of Traci's head. One hard yank brings Traci up to her feet. Tyra's thunderous power moves have neutralized much of Traci's defenses early. On their feet, Traci's face shows more fear. Tyra has a mean sneer. Then with amazing ease, Tyra picks Traci up in her arms, and then heaves her up higher across one of her shoulders. Tyra calmly walks to the nearest corner then drops Traci face first onto the top turnbuckle. Snake eyes! remebernissance of old school Kevin Nash move.

Traci groans and rises to her hands and knees. Tyra slams down with a chop like a martial arts expert trying to break wooden boards. Next, she clasps her hands together and hammers her down on Traci's back. Finally, Tyra grabs Traci's arm and jerks her up to he feet, and pushes the Baywatch beauty back into the corner. Tyra immediately uncorks a flurry of fist into Traci's belly. Tyra's fist are almost a blur as she pummels her opponent's ribs. Next, Tyra attacks Traci's firm, ample yet supple tits. Chop after chop flattens Traci's breast, smearing the green paint on her chest.

Tyra pauses for a moment. Traci sags in the corner. Fans notice Tyra's gold covered tits rise and fall more rapidly as she breaths heavier. After a few deep breaths, Tyra bends over and drives her shoulder into Traci's mid section several times. Traci's eyes bug out and she gasps for air. Finally, Tyra takes two handfuls of Traci's hair and tosses Traci across the ring. Traci goes hurdling through the air and lands with a loud thud onto her back. Tyra follows and delivers an elbow drop across Traci's chest then goes for the cover. Tyra hooks Traci's leg as the referee counts. Traci is able to kick out at the two count.

Tyra sits up still breathing hard. Then she applies a claw hold on Traci's forehead who is still flat on her back in pain. Traci squeals as Tyra's fingers dig into her temples. Tyra next rises to her feet bringing Traci up too with the claw hold. Tyra is bearing down on Traci with all the force she can muster. Traci is squealing, moaning, and about to drop back down to her knees. Desperate, Traci fights not to go down. She straightens up as much as the paralyzing pain that Tyra is inflicting would allow her. Next, Traci drives her knee into Tyra's gut three times before Tyra releases her. Tyra quickly responds with a big heavy handed right cross to Traci's face. The celeb-reality show star drops to the canvas like a load of bricks.

Tyra is breathing even harder. Her chest is rising and falling so rapidly that her big boobs are jiggling on her chest. Traci lies on the mat holding the side of her face and moaning. Traci is looking as ragged as someone who has been thoroughly dominated as she has should look right now.

Looking for a way to finish the match, Tyra stands. Using both Traci's hair and arm, Tyra hauls her foe up too. Tyra scoops Traci into her arms and body slams her with a loud grunt. While Traci's bones are still rattling. Tyra hauls her to her feet again. Tyra tucks Traci's head under her arm and whips her over upside down screaming with a powerful suplex. Traci crashes to the canvas with another loud thud. Tyra just rises and immediately pulls Traci's near limp body up again and lifts Traci in the air with one hand gripped around her slender neck and choke slams Traci down with a thunderous boom.

"That's it." pants the gasping talk show host as she drops to her knees then covers Traci. The referee starts his count, and Traci shows no signs of life. Somehow, Traci manages to wiggle her shoulder off the canvas an instant before the referees hand hits three. Tyra sits up and roars in frustration.

"Fine, have it your way." Tyra breathlessly mutter as she rises to her feet, hauling a weak Traci with her. "You want more, then I'll give you more." Knowing she is in dire straights, Traci tries to fire back. She hits Tyra with a series of punches to Tyra's gut. Although weak, the fist managed to get a series of grunts, until Tyra answers with a whopping slap, followed quickly with a head butt. Traci is sinking to the mat, when Tyra scoops her up then drops Traci's back across her out stretched knee in a back breaker.

With Traci draped belly up across Tyra's knee, the model presses down on Traci's chin and her lower body, bending her backwards using her knee as the fulcrum. Tyra growls as she tries to break Traci in two over her knee. Tyra's face is contorted in effort, and her breast are bouncing she is breathing so erratic. Tyra is obviously expending great force as she tries to finish Traci. Poor Traci is screaming like a captured helpless animal.

Tyra pushes Traci off her knee. The actress flops on the mat and rolls onto her back. She lies on the back loudly moaning and writhing in torment. At this point, Tyra has beat almost all off the body paint off of Traci. In contrast, Tyra, although faded, still wears her gold body paint. Tyra briefly looks down at Traci's nearly nude body squirming in pain. Tyra is sure the match is near its conclusion. She had concentrated much of her attack on Traci's back with body slams and power moves. "Let's go Lakers!" Tyra hollers out as she runs against the ropes on the far side of the ring. With thoughts of a glorious victory and the bragging rights of avenging The LA Laker's loss to the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, Tyra leaps in the air as she runs back to Traci for an elbow drop.

Seeing that she is about to be crushed underneath Tyra, Traci's mouth drops open, her adrenalin surges and a jolt of energy allows her to instinctively roll away. Tyra lands awkwardly with a loud "Oooophf!" Tyra grabs her elbow and, breathing heavily, but very angry that she missed.

Tyra immediately scrambles to her feet while Traci is still on her back congratulating herself for moving. Tyra leaps in the air for a knee drop aimed at Traci's tits. Traci looks up in terror and screams as Tyra comes down. Then that same bolt of adrenalin surges and she rolls away again. Tyra crashes down on her knee and screams "IIIIiiiiiiiyyhhhha!" as her knee takes the full brunt of the fall. Tyra crumbles over to the mat, holding her knee.

Traci BinghamBoth beauties lie on the mat for a moment. Both are gasping for air. However the moment is brief as both ladies slowly rise to their feet. Traci still has the spurt of adrenalin coursing through her body and is able to reach her feet first. Seeing Tyra laboring and looking very tired, and moving slowly, Traci charges into the ropes and rebounds towards Tyra. With a surge of energy herself, Tyra moves forward to meet Traci, and nearly decapitates her with a clothesline. The audience collectively go "Oooohhhh!" as Traci is turned inside out, twisting in the air and crashing to the mat.

Traci lies flat on the mat, not moving. Her only movement is the rapid rising and falling of her chest. Tyra looks down at Traci and barely finds the breath to chuckle, but she does. Tyra goes to the ropes again to rebounds for more momentum, running towards the prone Traci. Tyra leaps in the air and is coming down for a splash. Out of nowhere, Traci sits up allowing Tyra to land flat on her face with a big boom.

The fall knocks much of the breath out of Tyra. Instinctively she tries to get up, but nothing happens. Tyra is gets light headed, she cannot catch her breath. Tyra knows that she has hit the infamous proverbial wall. She is totally exhausted. She has nothing left. She can not even stand up. She is finished. She is doomed.

Tyra lies flat on her stomach with her head raised loudly gasping for air. She is hoping to somehow miraculously catch her breath. She hopes for a second wind, but it does not come. Traci is still sitting right beside Tyra. She too is breathing heavily. Difference is that her breathing is starting to slow. After a few moments, that felt like an eternity to Tyra, she drops her head. She is spent, nothing left, and nothing coming.

Traci does not yet know why she has been fortunate enough to get this respite, but takes advantage of it. Her athletic body of a godess responds very quickly. The energy returns to her well-conditioned body. Traci rises to her feet. Tyra has only managed to struggle to her hand and knees. Tyra's arms are shaking like she can barely maintain that position.

Traci strikes with a vicious kick to Tyra's ribs that flips the super model over onto her back. Traci unleashes an assault with her feet, stomping and kicking Tyra all over her body. Tyra squirms and flounders on the mat, but offers little defense against Traci's feet. "Get up!" shouts a fired up Traci and hauls Tyra to her feet by her hair. Traci slug Tyra in the mouth, sending her stumbling back into the ropes. Seeing Traci coming her approaching, Tyra draws back her fist and throws a punch. However she is moving so slow, Traci beats her to the punch and lands a stinging shot that rocks Tyra's head. Tyra falls back and sags on the ropes. She drapes her arms over the top rope to help her remain her upright. Traci mercilessly follows with a vicious forearm blow to Tyra's face. Tyra's head rocks back on her shoulders. Traci unloads countless other forearms that have Tyra's head bobbing on her shoulders. The assault continues until Tyra slumps to the mat.

The audience is roaring. Traci is on fire with adrenalin. After being dominated for so long, it is exhilarating to finally have some success. The jacked up actress backs off and plays to the crowd for a moment. She had not realized the reason for this turn around, she is just ecstatic that it happened. Then she looks at Tyra, and sees the uncontrollably panting woman pathetically pawing at the ropes, trying to pull herself at her feet. "She's totally gassed!" Traci says with a smile. Then she releases a sinister laugh.

Traci helps the struggling Tyra to her feet, then hoists Tyra onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Then she walks to the middle of the ring and starts spinning in circles with an airplane spin. A perfect move to use against her fatigued opponent. Tyra was already light headed because she could not get enough oxygen into her body. The airplane spin made her even dizzier. Tyra could not think. Spinning around even made it harder to breath. After spinning Tyra around for a good long time, Traci dumps her to the mat. Tyra lands with a thud and as confused as she has ever been in her life. The room was spinning, she felt sick, she could not breath. Tyra just lied in the middle of the ring, exposed, vulnerable, helpless.

Traci hops in the air and comes down with both feet in Tyra's exposed stomach. Tyra's body jackknifes up. She tries to howl, but does not have enough air in her to make a sound. Tyra is curling into ball when Traci drops on top of her and holds her in a ball and pins her shoulders to the canvas. At the two count, Tyra surprises many by kicking out. Traci sits up laughing instead of frustrated. She knows Tyra is beaten. Tyra knows that she probably will not win. But if Traci wants this match, she is going to have to take it, Tyra will not concede anything to her. Traci knows the message Tyra is conveying. She is laughing because by the look of dread that Tyra is wearing, she knows Traci is willing and able to take anything she wants. Traci is just considering how she is going to take this match. Should she put Tyra down easily? Should she brutally punish her victim? After Tyra's dominating performance earlier, Traci definitely feels she is entitled to a little fun. By Tyra's dreadful expression, she definitely thinks she has a lot of pain in her future.

Traci pulls Tyra's head into her lap and starts peppering her face with her fist. Tyra flops around in futile efforts to escape. After Tyra appears to be knocked senseless, Traci climbs on top of Tyra's chest and taunts, "The Lakers suck! The Celtics kicked their asses the Finals like I'm kicking your ass now!" Next Traci digs her claws into Tyra's bountiful tits. Like Traci, Tyra has had most of the body paint beaten off her now. Some of the purple paint saying 'Lakers' somehow survived. Traci is taking care of this over sight by grinding and mauling Tyra's boobs, smearing and wiping the paint away.

Tyra howls and squirms underneath Traci. Although Tyra is in this predicament, she does not hold hard feelings toward Traci. She would do the same if given the chance. Tyra blames herself. She foolishly expended herself. She did not take time to train properly. She was full of herself after her impressive win over the tough Mariah Carey. Now Tyra must accept the punishment for her mistakes.

Traci rises to her feet with her claws still dug into Tyra's tits. The panting, whimpering, moaning and whining Californian is forced to follow her captured aching breasts. Traci smiles and giggles as she hauls Tyra up. She is excited with the victory in hand, literally that can catapult her to the top of the league. She wishes this victory did not have to come at the Tyra's expense. She likes and respects Tyra. But a woman has got to do what a woman has got to do. Traci sharply twists Tyra's tits, watching as Tyra's knees buckle and she pitifully wails. Traci sees the helpless look in Tyra's eyes. The super model is hoping against all logical thinking that she can find a way to turn this match against this Baywatch Amazon around.

"Don't worry Tyra. It won't be much longer. I'll put you out of your misery soon." Traci taunts then whips her prey into the ropes. Tyra rebounds off the ropes and Traci has launched herself and is coming flying through the air with a flying clothesline. Traci nearly takes Tyra's head off as her stumbles forward on weak, exhausted legs. Traci slices through Tyra, knocking her to the mat like a marionette that has been cut from its strings. Tyra lies flat on the canvas, breathing heavily and looking up at the lights. Tyra lies their like a used up, discarded rag doll. Traci goes for a quick pin, but Tyra lifts her shoulder and knocks Traci off.

Tyra tries to command her tired, exhausted body to stand. Tyra sits up and struggles to find the coordination to rise further. Traci amusingly looks on at the pitiful display. Seeing that she has not beaten Tyra into total submission, Traci casually walks up behind Tyra and helps her to her feet with a handful of hair on the back of her head. Traci usher Tyra over to the corner by her hair, then starts slamming the weakened super model's face into the turnbuckle. After seven hard slams into the corner, Traci releases Tyra. The house bursts into laughter as the punch drunk, groggy, super model tries to stagger away on wobbly, limp noodle legs. Tyra comically stumbles against the ropes to stay upright.

Seeing Tyra dazed and leaning against the ropes without too much of a clue about what is going on, Traci prepares to strike again. Traci runs against the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, and charges toward Tyra. The Baywatch beauty blasts Tyra with another clothesline. The force of the blow sends Tyra flying over the top ropes. Acting instinctively, Tyra grabs a hold of Traci to keep from tumbling out of the ring. Only Tyra brings Traci with her as she flips over the ropes to the floor. In another twist of fate, Tyra lands on top of Traci as both fall out of control. The hard bodied Amazon is crushed under Tyra's '160 pounds of pure sexiness' as Tyra describes herself on the hard ringside floor.

Traci is stunned by Tyra landing on top of her. Tyra is totally exhausted, hurt and groggy. Both ladies are down on the floor. The fans clamor for their favorites to rise. Dutifully the referee starts a 20 count for either or both combatants to get back in the ring. Traci is hurting, but starts stirring and checking her body parts to see if she is severely injured. Tyra just lies on her back, breathing hard and loud, not making an effort to move. The referee keeps counting getting to 7... 8.... 9...

The crowd is begging their favorite to rise. Traci grunts in pain from her awkward landing, but slowly gets back to her feet. Tyra still makes no effort to rise. The referee still counts. Once on her feet Traci disdainfully kicks Tyra in the tit shouting "BITTCH!!" Traci is pissed that Tyra took her over the top rope for that crash landing. Traci's feet strike two more times before the jaded model can move her hands to protect her chest. Traci bends over and lifts Tyra's head up by the hair, and socks her in the face three quick times.

Traci is waken by her bid for revenge when she hears the referee shout "16..." Realizing she is in danger of being counted out Traci leaps toward the ring. "17..." Traci tries to climb in the ring and finds Tyra hanging on to her foot, anchoring her down.

"No!" Traci gasps and uses the ropes to try to pull away from Tyra.

"18...." the referee calls out. Traci uses her free leg to try and push and pry Tyra off of her other leg. Traci quickly gives into desperation, starts kicking, and stomping Tyra in the head and face. "19..."

Tyra hangs on with a steely determination. The ultra competitive woman sees a way to rescue a tie out of what should be a painful defeat, and she is not about to let it go. "Uuuhhhnnnnggggggggaaaaaaaa" Traci cries as she exerts one last Herculean effort to break her shackles. Tyra feels her grip on Traci's ankles slipping. Traci is half way in the ring. Her upper body is within the ropes. So close, yet so far.

"20..." the referee screams just Tyra's grip on Traci's sweaty ankle slips away.

Traci is scrambling into the ring as the referee is calling for the bell. Traci realizes that she just let an excellent opportunity for a signature win over a top competitor slip away. "SHIT!" the frustrated diva screams as she slams the mat with both hands. Traci bows her head for a few moments of quiet reflection and to gather her emotions.

The ring announcer takes the microphone at ringside and says, "Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has counted both competitors out of the ring. The result of this contest is a double count out!!"

After convincing herself to be satisfied with a tie, Traci rolls out of the ring. She sees Tyra still sitting at ringside with her BFF Kimora Lee Simmons rubbing her shoulders. For the first time in a long time, Tyra is regaining control of her breath. Traci walks up to Tyra and offer her hand in a handshake. "Great match Tyra, you were wonderful."

Tyra quickly takes Traci's hand shake. "It's a privilege and honor Traci. You are destined for big things in the ring" Tyra compliments her foe. Traci smiles and accepts Tyra compliments and heads back toward her dressing room. The audience clap and cheer Traci's effort.

Mariah CareyUnnoticed, as the ring announcer is handing the microphone back to the sound technician, it is intercepted by Mariah Carey. The sexy diva steals the microphone and crawls inside the ring. Watching Tyra with an arm draped over Kimora's shoulder being helped backstage, Mariah starts, "Uh um... Tyra, excuse me but I've got a bone to pick with you." Tyra recognized that voice. After their encounter on her "Tyra Banks Show”, she knew Mariah would seek revenge at some time. A chill of fear runs down Tyra's spine that she has chosen now. Slowly she turns to see Mariah dressed as a sexy pirate and standing in the ring.

"I owe you for taking advantage of me on your show." says the sexy diva wearing the tiniest black shorts available, and a white blouse tied to expose her mid section and unbuttoned to exposed her cleavage. Knee high, black leather boots and a black pirate hat completes the costume. "You invite me onto your show, make me comfortable, then challenge me to a fight. I was totally unprepared, so yeah, you got your little win, ya sneaky ass bitch!" Mariah continued while pacing back and forth. "I just want you and everybody else know that this ain't over! Sometime, some where I'm going to pay your fat sneaky butt back. I promise!"

Tyra silently looks at Mariah making her threats. Kimora, reacts by screaming back venomously, "Shut the fuck up! Nobody is scared of you, dumb ass!"

"Hush up Kimora" Tyra quickly advises. "Don't say anything. Let this go." Tyra's voice sounds ominous, as she delivers her warning.

"I'm not going to let her punk us like this." Kimora answers. "I'm not scared of her." Kimora then raises her voice loud enough for everybody to hear. "I'll fuck her ass up!" Kimora shouts pointing at Mariah. "She's got some nerve calling somebody sneaky after that dirty trick she pulled on Jennifer Lopez. She deserved to get her crazy ass kicked on your show, and then some." Kimora screams over exaggerating her head movements and hand motions, like a true drama queen. "I otta kick your ass right now!"

Mariah could not help but see Kimora's display. "You got a problem with me Kimora?" Mariah asks like she is inviting trouble. "Cause if you do, you can get in the ring and settle it right now, Turkey Neck!"

Turkey Neck was the only words that need to be said. Kimora starts trembling and her fist ball up, she is so angry. Tyra whispers, "Kimora don't do it, please don't." Kimora is wearing an Elvira costume. She had her hair fluffed and puffed up. She also wore a long black dress with and extremely plunging neckline going all the way down below her breast stopping right above her naval. Kimora accessorized with a wide black belt and black fishnet hose on display though a high spit in the front of her dress, stopping right below her crotch. Kimora is obviously steaming and stomps toward the ring. "No Kimora, please." Tyra again begs.

Backstage, Kimora's new teammates on the Fab Four's Team Pam are preparing Beyonce for her title defense later that evening. Beyonce is punching into pads on Pam Anderson's hands warming up for her match. Across the room, Kim Kardashian is watching Tyra's match on a monitor in the dressing room. Seeing Kimora about to get into a fight with Mariah, Kim nervously calls out, "Hey Pam, Get over here. I think you ought to see this!"

"I'll be right back champ." Pam says and walks to the monitor while Beyonce continues shadow boxing. Pam takes one look at Kimora climbing the stairs to the ring with Mariah and says dreadfully, "Aw fuck!" Pam blows and continues, "Kimora's not ready for somebody like Mariah, she's going to get killed."

"Should we go to help her?" Kim asks.

"No" Pam quickly responds. "Nothing distracts the champ before her title match." Pam turns and looks at Kim. "After Mariah is done with her, take her to Tyra's room. Nothing bothers the champ. Don't worry about Mariah. J. Lo will take care of her when she returns from her maternity leave." Pam instructs. "After Jennifer gets done with Mariah, we won't have to worry about her ever again." She turns to Beyonce and screams, "Your left is too low. Bey."

"That's Sasha Fierce!!!!!" Beyonce screams back sounding like a demon from hell.

"Yeah, right.... Sasha Fierce....." Pam says rolling her eyes.

Kimora is standing on the ring apron when Mariah charges over. The Songbird grabs two handfuls of Kimora's fluffed up hair and brings her into the ring by flipping her over the top rope. Kimora goes flying head over heels over the rope and lands on her butt with a thump. The impact of the fall causes Kimora's stiletto pumps to go flying in opposite directions across the ring.

After the shock of being unceremoniously being dumped into the ring, Kimora scrambles to her feet. It is not an easy task since Mariah is all over her punching and kicking from behind. Even after Kimora reaches her feet, Mariah steadily pelts her with hard blows. Kimora knees are buckling, when she fires back with a series of elbows into Mariah's gut. The elbows back Mariah off, then Kimora goes high and whips a wicked forearm into Mariah's nose. Mariah is wobbled by the shot allowing Kimora to whip Mariah into the ropes across the ring. On the rebound, Mariah shocks Kimora by leaping on top of her and knocking her down to the mat with a Lou Thesz Press. With Kimora pinned underneath, Mariah blasts Kimora's face with never ending fist coming down on Kimora at a burry pace.

When Mariah get off Kimora, the Korean, African American has a distant look in her eyes. Kimora ungracefully gets to her feet, acting purely on instinct. She is obviously very dazed and confused. Mariah lashes out with a kick deep into Kimora's stomach. The Babyphat CEO bellows and doubles over. Mariah backs into the ropes for a little extra momentum, and leaps in the air and drops her shapely leg across the back of Kimora's head with a scissor's kick. The six foot giantess is driven to the mat with her face taking the impact.

Mariah drops onto Kimora's back and grabs two handfuls of her foe's hair. Mariah starts banging Kimora's face into the mat repeatedly. Tyra looks on from ringside cringing, as the sound of her best friend's face smashing into the canvas sounds like a drum machine. However, Tyra is not stupid enough to interfere and face Mariah's wrath.

Kimora Lee SimmonsWhen Mariah rises off Kimora, she leaves her face down and mindlessly moaning. Mariah rolls Kimora over onto her back and removes the thick leather belt from around her waist. Next Mariah peels the long, slinky black dress off Kimora's body. Kimora is too groggy to resist or protest. In fact she instinctively raises her arms to help Mariah strip her. When Mariah is finished, Kimora is left topless and wearing black panties with black fishnet stockings suspended by a garter belt.

Kimora is slowly starting to regain some of her senses that Mariah had banged out against the mat. She starts to rise on her wobbly legs, but that turns out to be an uneasy task. While Kimora struggles to command her legs to obey her, Mariah clutches her prey and pulls her to her feet. Mariah ushers the groggy woman to the corner. Then with a mighty heave, Mariah hoists the giantess and seats her on the top turnbuckle. Mariah climbs the corner after Kimora. The model starts to come around a bit. Kimora realizes that she is seated on the turnbuckle and headed for a long trip down. "No.. please don't" she pleads almost whining. It did not matter to Mariah. She tucks Kimora's head under her arm and grips her black panties and heaves Kimora over her head and falls backward. Kimora is takes head over heels in a Superplex off the top rope. They fly halfway across the ring until the thunderous boom as they crash to the mat.

Mariah springs up celebrating the move. Kimora lies on the canvas, feeling like her body was broken into pieces on impact. Mariah's celebration is short lived and she quickly returns her attention to the downed Kimora. Mariah drops to the mat and wraps her legs around Kimora's head. The singer puts her calf behind her victim's head, and uses her other leg to lock in the Mixed Martial Arts Triangle Choke. Mariah's legs form a triangle formation around Kimora's head with her arm caught in the trap as well.

Kimora is flopping around while destined to be choked out. As luck would have it, Mariah spies the microphone near her and reaches out and grabs it. "You had a whole lot of mouth earlier Kimora, What do you got to say now?" Mariah asks.

"Uurk... gaag.... hak" are the only pitiful sounds the choking beauty can supply. They sounded even more pitiful amplified over the microphone in the makeshift arena.

Mariah pulls the microphone back saying, "Just like I thought, nothing." Mariah looks at Tyra standing at ringside. "What about you Tyra? Do you got something to say? Are you going to just stand there and watch me doing your girl like this?" Tyra is far from stupid. Tyra does not answer. She does not even move. She just stands there like a statue, like Mariah had not said a word to her. "Just like I thought, you're a fucked up piece of shit."

Meanwhile Kimora has stopped moving and just lies like lifeless lump of flesh in the Scissor Queen's legs. Mariah opens her legs, allowing the choked out victim to flop to the mat. Mariah stands and gives one more glare to Tyra then exits the ring.

As soon as Mariah leaves, Tyra crawls into the ring and starts trying to revive Kimora. Mariah struts through the party goers with her shoulders thrust back, and her head held high. Although she did not get Tyra she felt somewhat vindicated. Her quick at total destruction of the six foot Fab Four giantess has answered any questions about if she is still an elite competitor resoundingly. Any doubt created by her submission to Tyra was erased. Mariah is satisfied with that accomplishment. She walks to her husband, Nick Cannon's arms, who lavishes her with praise, and tells her how wonderful she is.


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