Brandy Norwood & LeAnne Rimes Vs Britney Spears & Melissa Joan Hart

NOTE - This story immediately follows EFLV GEN NEXT VS BLONDE AMBITION Nelly Furtado vs Britney Spears
LeAnn Rimes knew she should have never joined Generation Next. Her manager convinced her to join, saying that she needed the exposure to be the next Shania Twain or Faith Hill. LeAnn has now learned, and is happy with being the first LeAnn Rimes. Too bad her exit from Generation Next caused some hard feelings between her and the remaining members, but that really had not caused her a problem. At least it had not until, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Melissa Joan Hart arrived in Las Vegas for a little payback; a little humiliating payback for LeAnn. Luckily the opportunity to change things around once again has arrived.

"Hey Brandy, its LeAnn," LeAnn said into her cell phone. "Have you heard about what's going on in Vegas this week?"

"Hell yeah, shit's crazy out there." Brandy answered. "I heard what those assholes did to you too.^ Blonde Ambition is going to pay for all that they are doing."

"They already have." LeAnn gleefully answers. "You want a little payback?"

"Hell yeah! What's up?" Brandy answered.

"Word travels fast in Vegas, and Nelly Furtado has just kicked Britney's ass, and the stipulation was if she loss, then Blonde Ambition would break up.* I saw Madonna checking out of her hotel and highballed a plane out of Vegas back to England. Girl, it was hilarious though. Her old butt was limping badly from Nelly fucking her with that dildo. Grand Ma Ma was cussing everybody, calling Britney and Melissa idiots, and about getting revenge on Natalie Portman. Anyway, she left town leaving, you know who beat up, and alone..."

Nothing more needed to be said. Brandy quickly says, "I'll be there in a couple of hours." Luckily the flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is only about thirty minutes.

LeAnn picks Brandy up at the airport in her limo provided by The House of Blues where she will be performing later that night. The blonde uses her contacts to discover Britney Spears and Melissa Joan Hart are still sulking in a dressing room of the Mandalay Bay, the site where Blonde Ambition met its demise.

Sure enough Britney and Melissa are still at the Mandalay Bay, icing their bodies, while Britney attempts to drown her problems with a bottle of Vodka. They reminisce about the good old days, knowing those days have ended. Britney and Melissa have been together for a long time. Things will never be the same for them again. Britney especially is distraught. Melissa has a happy and healthy marriage to go home to. Britney only had her and Kevin Federline's broken home. She is unsure and afraid about the future without the constant support of her friends.

"I can't believe Blonde Ambition is done", Britney mutters taking another sip from her glass. "I don’t know what I'm going to do with out you Melissa" Britney says holding up her glass for a toast with Melissa. "What are we going to do now?"

"Don't worry Britney," Melissa says consoling her friend. "We'll just lay low for a while, spend some time with our kids, and then we'll come back." Melissa walks to Britney and grabs a glass to clink glasses with the troubled pop diva. "We'll come back stronger than ever. We'll get some new members, a new name, and.. and kick more ass than ever before... eventually" Melissa pauses because she really did not believe those words herself. She is more than ready for a break from the celebrity scene, and spend time with her husband and kids.

"My, my, my, how the mighty have fallen!" LeAnn says standing in the doorway smiling tauntingly at the two dejected blondes.

Britney and Melissaturn their attention to see LeAnn and Brandy wearing gloating smiles, standing in the doorway. Britney's expression transforms from sad to angry. "What do you two losers want, to tease and laugh at us?" Britney looks at her former friends and rolls her eyes. "Don't worry about us, we'll be back, unlike either of your careers."

"Ha ha very funny." Brandy mocks. "We came to laugh at two sorry pussies that used to think they were really hot shit!" Brandy walks into the room with LeAnn. "I guess Nelly showed you how hot you really are!" Brandy laughs.

"Oh wait Brandy, you haven't seen the tape of the fight yet." LeAnn starts unable to contain her laughter, "You haven't heard Britney.... My name is Britney…(sighs)…and I'm Nelly's bitch. I do whatever she tells me to do." LeAnn says doing a perfect imitation of Britney's pitiful admission at the end of her thrashing at Nelly's hands.

Melissa gets very scared and worried. It did not take a rocket scientist to realize that this visit from Brandy and LeAnn is going to end in a physical confrontation. After being punched into oblivion by Shakira a few hours earlier, she is in no condition for another fight right now, and Britney is even in less condition after going down to Nelly. Even worst, Melissa knows Britney is not going to back down from a fight after feeling guilty for letting everyone down, by losing to Nelly. Melissa tries to find a way to defuse the situation. "Great, why don't you go watch the tape and get a good laugh and leave us alone." Melissa says.

"Why? We've got two big jokes right here to laugh at." LeAnn snaps back. "Besides we've got some good old times between us to discuss. The way I see it you and Britney owe Brandy and me an apology for all you've done to us, and if we don't get it, well we'll have to take it out of your hide!" LeAnn threatens.

"Kiss my ass!" Britney shouts back. "We're not apologizing to two backstabbing, douche bags like you." Britney's world has been crumbling around her since her divorce. Through it all she still is Britney Spears, the teen supergirl that took the world by storm. Despite reality, Britney still feels like she is a princess and one of the baddest girls on the planet, and not the train wreck the press has been portraying for the last few months.

"Now's not the time for this mess LeAnn!" Melissa interrupts. "If you want a match, Britney and I will be happy to kick you ass, in the ring, and for a paycheck! Now get the hell out of here!" Melissa snarls while flaring up like a dangerous animal. "Get out of here! Right Now!" Melissa repeats hoping to scare her rivals.

LeAnn and Brandy cockily swagger into the room. Both have the same thoughts crossing their minds. They have both assessed the situation and recognize Melissa and Britney as two battered, wounded and demoralized victims. These once high and popular celebrities that both LeAnn and Brandy affiliated themselves with in hopes to try and raise their own star, now appear to be feeble prey ready to be devoured. Britney and Melissa who used them and then threw them away like they were nothing are now humbled and ready for their vengeance.

"Don't you understand suga?" Brandy answers. "This isn't about money, It's about payback, not a paycheck. In the words of Malcolm X, 'The chickens have come home to roost.' It's your turn to pay for using and abusing us."

LeAnn's smile broadens if that is possible, and she walks up chest to chest with the posturing Melissa. "I guess when you're an unemployed actress, a paycheck sounds good." Melissa teases "With no Britney or Madonna to leach onto you're just gonna fade into oblivion huh?" LeAnn presses her tits into Melissa's tits. LeAnn notices her firm tits pancake Melissa's softer pair. More weakness registers in LeAnn's mind. She can see the fear in Melissa. "But you're gonna pay for triple teaming me the other day, and you're gonna pay dearly!"

LeAnn turns and starts to walk away. As Melissa breathes a sigh of relief, Melissa suddenly spins around and nails Melissa in the jaw with the biggest sucker punch in the world. Melissa never saw it coming. As everybody knows the most damaging hit is the one you don't see coming and you don't brace yourself for. The sucker punch drops Melissa like a bad habit, and deposits the spunky blonde on her ass.

With more courage than brains, Britney leaps between Melissa an Leann. Melissa sits on the ground holding her jaw somewhere between shock and dazed and confused. Britney knows Melissa did not have much left after the first fight. She did not want to see her hurt again. Melissa is a true friend, something Britney desperately needs right now. "You want some? Come get some!" Britney snarls accepting LeAnn's challenge.

Forgetting the near empty bottle of Vodka she had consumed, Britney throws a wild fist. LeAnn easily slips allowing Britney to stagger off balance a bit. Britney catches herself, quickly utilizing her dancer's grace and throws another punch. It lands solidly to LeAnn's face, but lacks the force to hurt the county star. Britney quickly realizes her fight with Nelly took more out of her than she thought. Then LeAnn pie faces Britney and drives her back until she bangs Britney's head into the wall. Seeing Britney dazed, LeAnn grabs Britney's arm and whips her around to face her and blasts her with a wicked hook that sends Britney stumbling out of control until she falls near Melissa on the floor.

Melissa and Britney look at each other with their faces turning white. Britney and every incarnation of Generation Next and Blonde Ambition has run rough shot over the league for several years. Unfortunately, it seems that all the youthful mistakes they have made are all coming back at the same time. Despite it all, Melissa and Britney had to do something. They just could not lie there and allow LeAnn to destroy them. Already tired and beaten or not, they have always been fighters, and they decide to go down like warriors. Then again maybe not.

Britney and Melissa use their mental telepathy to send and receive a single message, "RUN!" both blondes get up and bolt for the door. Too bad they forgot Brandy is still standing there. Brandy charges toward the blondes to meet in a head on collision. Brandy extends both arms and double clotheslines Britney and Melissa. Once again both blondes are flattened on the floor.

Further dazed and groggy Britney and Melissa slowly start crawling away in different directions. Brandy slowly stalks Melissa as she crawls away, lashing out with sharp striking kicks to her body.

LeAnn pursues Britney lashing out with similar sharp kicks. Suddenly Britney blurts out "I'm sorry LeAnn... I was stupid, I got caught up in the shit... I should have never treated you wrong... I'm sorry, let me make it up to you. Give me another chance." Britney says through the tears and whimpering.

"What!!?!" LeAnn exclaims as she stops in her tracks. "You have the nerve to ask for another chance, after you threw me to that hag Madonna like that?" LeAnn stands in amazement, but she has stopped kicking Britney for the time being. "You humiliated me by sending me into a cock fight with that freaky old bitch!"

"Yes I'm sorry.. I was wrong!" Britney screams back. The young woman was truly remorseful of the way she had treated LeAnn, but more important LeAnn has paused those vicious stomps for a while.

Noticing Britney's psychological assault, Melissa joins in saying, "She's right we were wrong... stupid... we need you." Brandy's kicks slow as she listens to these words. Part of her wants to hear this admission. Part of her does not believe the blondes. Either way hearing this pleading is and begging pleases Brandy and LeAnn. "We should be friends again." Melissa finishes.

After hearing this, Brandy burst out laughing. "Friends with you?" Brandy asks between her laughter. "That's some funny shit!"

"We're serious!" Britney pleads. "We terrorized this league when we were together. Then the ABA kicks my butt, now even Nelly Furtado is beating me up. We never even let her wrestle anyone in Gen Next. Neither of you can even get a quality match. That never happened when we were together. We can be a group again! We can unite. We need each other, we were successful together; apart, we're all struggling. Together we are strong!" Britney finishes putting as much emotion into her words. Britney believes some of the words she is speaking, some she does not, but at least for a few moments, she has stopped them from attacking, and gives then a brief respite.

"I can't believe you!" LeAnn screams in disbelief, "Do you really think we're stupid enough to join up with you a second time?" LeAnn continues as she kicks Britney in the head. "I'm insulted that you think we're that damn dumb!!"

"Yeah you stupid bitch!" Brandy adds "You ran the exact same game on me years ago, and you think I'm going I'm going to fall for it again?" Melissa opens her mouth to defend their statements, but before she could finish her stuttering plea, Brandy takes off one of her shoes and throws it, beaning Melissa in the head.

"Britney... Help me!" Melissa begs.

Even though she has little left herself, Britney is not going to let Melissa down again. Britney leaps and tackles Brandy. Soon Britney and Brandy are rolling and wrestling on the ground.

Melissa is so frightened and dazed that she really did not know what happened to Brandy. She just follows her instinct and rises heading back for the door. She gets nowhere close to the door, before LeAnn grabs Melissa by the back of her hair. LeAnn starts spinning a screaming Melissa in circles by two large handfuls of hair. After plenty of rotations, LeAnn snaps Melissa head over heels to the floor. Although Britney has found some small resistance, Melissa has not. Her head is still ringing from Shakira's KO. She knows she has nothing but punishment in her future.

As Britney and Brandy roll across the floor, its not long before the wirery strong Brandy overpowers Britney and holds her down with a full body press. Britney struggles to escape, and Brandy counters by pressing her weight down further. In doing so, she moves closer to Britney, close enough for Britney to reach up and bite the side of Brandy's neck. Brandy screams and rolls off Britney.

Britney was tired and beat down before this fight, now she fights a scrappy and very focused foe like Brandy. Britney shakes her head as she rises to her feet. "This is all wrong." Britney thinks. "I really fucked things up!" Brandy and her were born just two years apart in the unlikely hot bed of pop superstars, McComb Mississipppi, also the birthplace of Brandy's cousin, Bo Didley. They should be the best of friends not fighting each other. She vows to find a way to set things right. She vows to find a way to make amends with Brandy, as well as many other things in her life.

Britney continues to plead with Brandy. "Come on Brandy, this is wrong! We're homegirls! McCombs, Miss! We shouldn't be fighting, we've both been through too much in our lives".

Something deep inside Brandy says that Britney is right. From failed marriages, to fake marriages, from single motherhood, to loss motherhood, from mental health to manslaughter, they have both been through a lot. Maybe there is something in the water in McComb Mississipppi. They were more kindred spirits than just representing the same hometown. Britney is right they should have been friends, and sisters, but as thing often do in both of their lives, they went wrong.

Right or wrong, Brandy ignores her confusion and remains silent, throwing a punch at Britney's head. In whatever condition, Britney still has the makings of a champion and finds a way to dodge the fist. Then Britney lunges in and captures Brandy in a headlock. Brandy does not panic. She grabs Britney's clasp hands and starts to power them up. The tired blonde is shocked to see Brandy using raw strength to power out of her headlock, nobody has ever done that to her. Once Brandy has pushed Britney's arms away from her head, she moves quickly and snatches Britney into a side headlock of her own. In contrast to Britney, Brandy wrenches her headlock tighter.

Meanwhile Melissa is laboriously and dizzily rising while starting to sob. As soon as she reaches her feet, the sturdy country gal, LeAnn greets her by slapping a bear hug around her waist. "You know you really disappointed me 'Lissa. I never expected any better from Britney, but I thought you were different." LeAnn comments.

Melissa screams as most of her breath is squeezed out of her body. She did find the breath to tell LeAnn, "Don't forget you left us... turned on us, and left like a thief in the night." Melissa confesses. "Grow up... I'm tired of hearing you crying about what somebody did to poor little you. How somebody fooled you. Just admit that you're a dumb lil' country girl, and too stupid to think for herself, without her daddy."

A burning fury grows in LeAnn and she squeezes Melissa tighter choking off any further words. She starts growling like Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk. She is obviously offended to by Melissa's comments knowing that LeAnn had to sue her father at age sixteen to gain control of her career. Normally Melissa would not say something so malicious, but she knows that she can not hurt LeAnn physically, so she inflicts some emotional damage in revenge for the beating she is enduring.

LeAnn is blazing mad and definitely going to make Melissa pay for that mean comment. She drops Melissa from the bear hug then fires a kick into Melissa's soft stomach. As Melissa doubles over, LeAnn places Melissa's head between her legs. LeAnn then wraps her arms around Melissa's waist and hoists her upside down in an inverted bear hug. LeAnn smiles listening to Melissa's desperate sobs and pleas for mercy. "Oohh LeAnn I give let me go." then Melissa begs Britney "Please help me!"

Once again, Melissa's begging sparks some resistance in Britney. She is frantic to find a way out of Brandy's headlock and help her friend. Britney wraps her arms around Brandy's waist and lifts her into the air. Britney powers Brandy up and suflexes her backwards onto the back of her head. Both divas are lying on the ground for a moment, but Britney has escaped Brandy's headlock. Britney springs to her feet, just in time to see LeAnn drop to her knees tombstone pile driving Melissa to the floor. LeAnn pops to her feet and even though Melissa is totally KO'd, she brutally kick the down and out Melissa in her face, for the approaching Britney's benefit.

LeAnn crooks her finger, inviting the rampaging pop star. "Come on honey, you're next" LeAnn taunts. "We're putting your train wreck ass outta your misery." LeAnn stands tense waiting for Britney to arrive with a smirking smile. Once Britney is in range, LeAnn uncorks a fist that would have made young Mike Tyson proud, Sonny Liston would have admired, or Ernie Shavers would have envied. The bomb explodes on Britney's nose and nearly knocks her head off. Britney's head is knocked back as far as possible. Britney reels backwards, in a blind daze from the recoil of the massive impact.

Britney's slow stagger is stopped when she bumps into Brandy. Britney turns around and faces Brandy some on instinct, and with a little of Brandy's help. Once she does, Brandy strikes her with a wide sweeping backhanded slap across Britney's face that launches Britney back toward LeAnn.

This time Britney rockets back the opposite direction. Brandy's bitch slap sends Britney quickly reeling back towards LeAnn, continuing this wicked game of tennis where Brandy and LeAnn use poor Britney as the ball.

LeAnn answers Brandy's return with a backhand smash. With both hands clasp together, LeAnn draws her hands from behind her, and swings around and smacks the blonde in the face like she is one giant yellow tennis ball. This time Britney is sent staggering, stumbling, twisting and turning back towards Brandy.

When Britney reaches Brandy, the former sit-com star scoops Britney up into body slam position. Then Brandy starts turning in circles, gaining momentum. Brandy spins around and around resembling an Olympic hammer thrower.

Britney is done at this point. Her limp arms swing in the breeze as Brandy spins her. She only pitifully whimpers and moans occasionally, as she awaits whatever Brandy has in store for her.

After Brandy is damn near dizzy herself, she gives Britney's body a heave with all of her might that she could muster. Britney's battered unresisting body sails through the air. LeAnn laughs excitedly at Britney's destruction. "Revenge is sweet indeed", LeAnn thinks.

Finally, Britney crash lands. She slams into a pile of cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, styrophone and cellophane that is piled against the wall waiting to be taken to the dumpster. Britney's weight and the power behind Brandy's throw sends Britney penetrating the outer layer of the heap and slicing deep into its center. LeAnn savors the sight of the starlet buried under a mountain of empty boxes and trash.

Brandy and LeAnn can hear Britney moaning and whimpering coming from deep within the pile. All they can see of Britney is her arms and legs sticking out from the heap. There is a big contrast in emotions between Britney's attackers. LeAnn delights at Britney's demolition and smiles happily at the diva’s plight. While Brandy's smile disappears and even becomes a bit remorseful seeing Britney in such a pathetic state.

Brandy and LeAnn can hear Britney start crying from inside the pile. Getting the snot beat out of you all day can have a sobering effect on a person. It makes one reflect on what has brought you to such a predicament. Britney knows Brandy and LeAnn have a legitimate beef with her, she definitely has wronged both of them in the past. As LeAnn and Brandy walk out of the room, they can hear Britney sobbing, "I'm sorry Brandy.... I'm sorry LeAnn.... I didn't mean to hurt ya" then Britney continues, "Sorry Melissa.... didn't mean to drag you into this mess...."

Britney finds it amazing that she came to Vegas to find and finish the broken Jennifer Lopez. She hoped to regain her previously long held position on top of the league. Only she found defeat at the ghosts of the present hands, the Fab Four, humiliation and loss of her friends at the ghosts of the future's hands, Generation Next, and finally facing her ghost of the past with Brandy and LeAnn. "Next time I'll do things differently." Britney thinks in her battered fog. "Next time!"

The remains of Blond Ambition lies scattered on a dressing room floor in the back of the Mandalay Bay. Each blond awaits battered and barely conscious reflects on their good times during their tremendous friendship. Both are curious about their future. However, as old mythical legends fade, new magical fables begin. Legends lurk around the corner, lurking like a Dark Wolf.

TO BE CONTINUED IN "The Legend of The Dark Wolf"

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