Legend of The Dark Wolf

Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Vs Britney Spears & Melissa Joan Hart

Paris Hilton was in a conversation with Lindsay Lohan when her cell phone rang!

"HEY DRAKE! HAS IT FINALLY ARRIVED? Cool, I'll be there to pick it up in a few! I will give it one ring when we hit your parking lot! Okay?"

After hanging up her phone, Paris and Lindsay sped to one of her father's warehouse connections! After months of trying to get a match with Stone Rage, she decided to make her move through the back door since nobody was taking her seriously! As they pulled into the parking lot, the two babes got out of the car just as Paris made the call to let him know they were there. Drake came down the stairs with a long box that looked like it would be housing an oversized flute!

"Amy! Can you go get me the file for the Wentworth order? I WILL COVER UP HERE!"

Drake didn't want Amy to know what was going on, so he purposely sent her on a mission! Just as Paris and Lindsay turned the corner in the hall Drake opened the office door to let them in! Paris right away went for the box!


Drake however didn't let her open the box, because there were things she needed to know first! As Drake revealed the beast inside both Paris and Lindsay were stunned!

"WOOooooo, DAMMmmmm"

Drake displayed a 16" dildo called the DARK WOLF! It was no ordinary one by any means, for it looked like a slimy organism of it's own. Paris and Lindsay were explained the responsibilities of nurturing such a creation and how they had to be sure they could trust each other! Linds and Paris knew they would have each others back for one reason alone, the desperation of wanting to enter the Stone Rage's realm. Drake looked at Paris and Lindsay one last time with a firm intense look!

"I HATE TO BRING THIS UP AGAIN!, but be sure you two don't get the urge to use this on yourselves. The Dark Wolf feeds off of your DNA & sexual energies, if those lines get crossed there is no telling what might happen! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? Paris? Lindsay?"

The two ladies for the first time had a serious look in their eyes. Lindsay replied "YES, WE DO!" and then Paris followed suite.

"YES!, don't worry about us, we know what were doing, we have been reading up on aunt Darla's secrets! It will all come together without a hitch!"

Drake looked at them with a worried look in his eyes before handing them the box! "DON'T SCREW UP! This could cost me my job! I pulled allot of strings to get the Dark Wolf to here, just DON'T MAKE ME REGRET IT!"

Paris pulled out a wad of money and handed it to Drake. Suddenly the look of worry dissolved into just plain fashionable greed!

"DON'T WORRY DRAKE HONEY!, I will take care of you!" Paris replied with a flirty smirk, all the while Drake was thinking to himself that if this whole thing implodes it's going to be every man and woman for themselves!

Paris and Lindsay left the warehouse discussing their plan! Now that they were successful in attaining the Dark Wolf, there was only one more thing left to do! The two ladies wouldn't survive for a second in Stone Rage's league on their own, so they needed to get more bodies, some allies. But who would possibly side with two ladies unofficially breaking into an organization? Lindsay's phone rang just five seconds later!

"Hey!..... Reeeeally!... THAT COULD WORK, THANKS FOR THE TIP JORDAN!" Lindsay turned off her cell phone and smiled at Paris!

"WE MAY HAVE LUCKED OUT! Head over to the UFC Octagon it seems Blonde Ambition has just disbanned. Madonna supposedly high tailed her ass out of there and left Britney & Melissa to get ransacked by two other ladies! Jordan didn't know who they were! All he knows is they left them in their dressing room pretty messed up! If we get there in time he's going to let us through the back way to avoid security!" "QUICK, HURRY!, clamored Lindsay with a confident sway!

Paris was now thinking to herself! She did her part and for the moment, she was relieved that Lindsay was pulling her weight as well! She turned to look at her!

"IF THIS IS TRUE WE NEED TO BE QUICK! If they resist us we will have to put them asleep. I will take Britney, since I am taller and can get more leverage on her! Sound good?" Paris responds.

The two ladies agreed as they were pulling into the back lot of the Octagon where Jordan was waiting with an open door as promised! You can tell by the look on his face he had a thing for Linds why else would anybody put themselves in jeopardy without the involvement of money? The two ladies slithered through the back hallway until they reached the room where the battered remains of Blonde Ambition were left in shambles. They crept up to the door with caution!

"THIS BETTER NOT BE A SET UP, THAT OLD HAG MADONNA CAN BE PRETTY TRICKY!" Paris says as she glanced over at Jordan!

They opened the door to find Britney Spears lying in a pile of scattered empty boxes and cellophane rap! Melissa Joan Hart was just getting to her feet to try and weed Britney out! When they realized Hart had seen them, they panicked and darted into the room like two bank robbers. Melissa couldn't help but cry out!


Lindsay was quick as she got behind the stumbling Hart and locked her in a sleeper hold! As Lohan secured the hold she felt Melissa's fight fade very quickly before falling to the cement in a heap. She looked down at Melissa and muttered to herself, "DAMN! they fucked her up pretty bad!"

Paris seeing that the situation wasn't negotiable anymore grabbed Britney by the locks while pulling her out of the trash heap and too her feet.


Britney however, was in no condition to fight! She caught Paris with a couple of weak punches to the midsection but Paris was able to recover and maintain her hold on the blondes locks before twisting herself behind her! Lindsay made her way for the double team with an uppercut that caught Brit square on the jaw sending her sprawling back into Paris grasp! If Lindsay's punch didn't do the trick, Paris's sleeper hold finished Britney off!

Lindsay quickly grabbed Britney's legs and the two of them carried her out to their truck and then tossed her in the back in an unconscious state. With Hart still out, they did the same with her plopping her on top of Britney and nearly slamming the door on their limp bodies!

"SHIT!!!! THAT WAS FUN! ", Lindsay said while catching her breath! " They are not going to be happy when they wake up!"

Paris looked at her! "YOU DIP SHIT YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSE TO HURT BRITNEY, I HAD MY SITUATION UNDER CONTROL ALREADY! You know we need allies, and these two ladies fell right into our hands!" Paris concluded with a nervous giggle! "It doesn't benefit us if we hurt them, let's just concentrate on getting back to the fort to see what we have to do next!"

With Paris and Lindsay in the front seat, and Melissa draped all over Britney in the back, The Dark Wolf began to sense the presence of female flesh even within the reality of it's containment! It began to crave the first touch of it's master and began slithering in anticipation for a feeding. This was a dangerous toy for Paris and Lindsay to be playing with, but having the media on their back all the time didn't help them in trying to gain acceptance into the league! Paris's money and her daddy's connections may have just given them the ultimate weapon. The question still remains, will they be strong enough to maintain a grip hold on the situation when the chaos begins?

They backed into their fort and shut the garage! The two of them carried Melissa & Britney into their hideaway before coming back to grab the box in the back seat. They surveyed the damage on their soon to be allies while talking some strategy. Melissa was the first to wake up so they bondage cuffed Britney to the wall and gagged her so she wouldn't interfere. When Melissa became aware of the situation she darted over to a still unconscious Britney and tried to set her free. Paris and Lindsay were forced to restrain Melissa to try and reason with her. Unfortunately looking at her partner bound and gagged kept Hart from giving Paris and Linds any sympathy especially after she was captured against her will. The whole scene became ugly when Melissa was wrestled to the ground making just enough noise for Britney to awaken from her slumber. The bound and helpless Spears began to squeal at the sight of Melissa double teamed and manhandled forcing Paris to take action.

"DAMN!!! We should have put them in SEPARATE FUCKING ROOMS, a person isn't going to reason with you when they feel they are being threatened, DAMN!" Paris says.

"DO YOU HAVE ANY CHLOROFORM?" Asked Lindsay while still struggling with Melissa on the ground!

"NO! we're going to have to do this the hard way", stated Paris!

Paris motioned for Lindsay to knock out Melissa while she would tend to the hostile Britney! Lindsay crept up and straddled Melissa, but didn't want to cause any further hurt on her. She had no choice but to move her butt onto Melissa's face and smother her out! Paris wasn't having any luck with Britney who was swinging her legs in her assailants direction to keep her at a safe distance. Unfortunately for Britney it was two against one again! After finally capturing her legs Paris kneed Britney in the crotch to get her to settle down. Britney's effort to lean forward gave Lindsay the opportunity to unlatch the cuffs from the wall. Paris grabbed a hold of Britney's head and rolled around to Britney's backside again taking her down with another sleeper until she slowly lowered her to the ground motionless.

After things finally got back under control, both ladies began to strip Melissa & Britney until they were completely naked. Because they mishandled the situation the two ladies were forced to pull out the Dark Wolf to complete their plan! Drake had warned them to only use it when it was absolutely necessary. The two ladies decisions to not separate Britney and Melissa as well as capture them against their will, really left them no other choice. Paris was ready to play with fire as she typed in the code to open the box and touch it for the first time. The initial feel was disgusting to her, but as it absorbed her energy it firmed itself within her grip. Now according to legends whoever Paris fucked with the dildo would serve as her minion until otherwise!

She would then feast her eyes on Britney as she reached down using her foot to slide her legs apart. Lindsay wisely pulled Melissa aside as Paris slid the Dark Wolf slowly into Britney's unconscious body. Paris felt the dildo responding to Britney as she shoved it further in until it was fully hardened. She began to slide it in and out of Brit's cunt trying to find herself a rhythm. When Paris found it, she went to town on Spears until the force awakened her. Initially Britney was hesitant of the situation, but Paris had her feeling real good at the moment, stirring up sexual energies that Britney thought she would never feel again in her lifetime. The Dark Wolf did its job feasting on Britney's juices while implanting an addiction within the confines of her womanhood. Listening to Britney's moan along with the sight of the thick dildo sliding in and out of her was turning Paris on, but she did her best to contain herself.

Finally it was time for a climax to a situation that nobody seen coming! When Britney reached an orgasm, lightning struck as the Dark Wolf began to send an electrical current into her causing her body to convulse violently. With her breasts giggling uncontrollably, Paris didn't know if she was killing Britney so she ventured to slide the dildo out. Paris didn't have enough strength to do so! Lindsay tried to help but she was repelled by the three-way energy force Paris, Britney and Dark Wolf had formed causing her to fall backwards to the ground! Paris was forced to watch Britney shake and moan until her orgasm would expire, allowing her to pull the dildo out!

At this point Paris was actually worried about Britney as she looked completely spent. But she had to follow Drakes directions fully by rubbing the soaking dildo across Brit's face before running it between her busted up lips. After this Paris quickly put the Dark Wolf back in it's confinement and watched as it's surface seemed to bubble and thrive. Paris looked shocked as she glanced back at Lindsay who was tending to Britney!

"HOLY SHIT, that was a serious energy transfer! IS SHE OKAY?" Paris asked.

Lindsay was puzzled as well, but to her knowledge Britney had recovered from the convulsions with a demented look of pleasure on her face! Paris crept up beside Brit and felt her forehead!

"She's completely exhausted in just 15 minutes? DAMN THAT WAS A MURDEROUS FUCK!!!" Paris vented in Lindsay's direction! Just then Britney's eyes opened as she looked to be completely convalescent outside of the butt kicking she took earlier in the day. This was just what they needed to test her interaction while Lindsay fucked Melissa! When Lindsay dragged Hart into the room Britney ran up beside her to comfort her!


She wasn't hostile anymore at Paris, but she was torward Lindsay who she pushed away from Melissa! It didn't look as though Britney had any recollection of why or how they were even there, but the two of them just had a natural instinct to protect the other. After Brit pushed Lohan away, Linds walked over to the box and reached in to grab the Dark Wolf! Britney looked up in shock at the sight of it as she was heading right for Melissa, but Paris interceded and somehow got her to trust them. Paris looked down at Lindsay who was just about to penetrate Melissa! "I GUESS THIS BAD BOY REALLY WORKS!!!! Britney would have never let anyone violate Mel if it hadn't!, LOOKS LIKE WE'RE IN THE CLEAR SO GO FOR IT!"

It was Lindsay's turn to give Melissa the fuck of her life as she slid it in between her pink pussy lips! Melissa flinched right away upon being violated and Lohan felt for herself the bond the Dark Wolf was creating between the three of them. It was actually an unbelievable site Lohan driving the dildo in and out of the helpless blonde until she began to regain consciousness. Lindsay picked up the pace when she noticed Melissa's instant pleasure. Hart's puppy dog eyes, met with Britney's for a second as it looked as though Spears was reassuring her of the situation. Lindsay began to admire Hart's freckled body as she worked the dildo to an intense pace. She could almost feel the pleasure Mel was feeling as if it was being transferred through to her in a different way.

Paris couldn't take anymore and began to take off her clothes. She motioned for Britney, who was already naked to kneel before her and eat her out! Britney humbled herself at Paris's feet for now she trusted in her completely! Paris began to bask in the pleasures of Melissa's moaning and Britney's tongue before reaching down to grab a hold of Spears by the head.

Lohan felt Melissa on the brink of orgasm as she brushed the hair out of her eyes with her left hand before reaching down with both to work Hart over the edge. When the time came the same thing happened as Lindsay was getting hot watching Melissa body tremble from the orgasmic shock! As the blonde giggled beneath her she tried to release her grip on the Dark Wolf, but couldn't until the powerful orgasm has ceased. Paris was creaming all over Britney's lips as Brit continued to force her tongue deeper totally unaware of her submission to Hiltons commands. When Hart finally relaxed Lindsay pulled the dildo out of her and watched it bubble as she threw it back into it's box. She fell back with a dire need to relieve her sexual tension, as she called for Britney to service her.

Paris grabbed a hold of Britney's head and remarked! "YOU GOT MELISSA, BRITNEY'S MINE!" admiring how her new blonde slave was completely ignoring Lindsay!

Lindsay was tempted to grab the Dark Wolf and use it on herself, but remembered how pleasure of the moment could lead to disastrous results. Lindsay shoved her hand down her pants and sprawled out on the ground.

"GOOoooD LOOoooRRRD!!"

Lindsay eventually had her way with Melissa as Paris had with Brit, and before long all that tension was released. All was well for Paris and Lindsay so far! They now have two allied veterans of Stone Rage's Battle Zone to shield them and do some of the dirty work needed to become rising force. The question is now that the Dark Wolf has been unleashed will they be able to keep it contained. What job will Paris and Lindsay give to their two loyal minions first?


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