Fab Four versus Generation Prime
NOTE - This story immediately follows EFLV Gen Prime Time
The arena is the medieval Tournament of Kings dinner show at The Excalibur hotel & casino It's a large dirt oval surrounded by a six foot high stone wall. It's late night, after the two daily live shows where knights jouste on horses, have sword fights, and wizards performing magic tricks while people eat a meal (with their hands, no silverware in medieval times). The arena is packed once it is announced that the Fab Four and Generation Prime were going to fight it out.

The Fab Four stand in a row at the far end of the arena. They are dressed either for a fight or to go night clubbing. They are all very stylishly dressed. Pam Anderson and Halle Berry wear tight jeans while Jennifer Lopez and Tia Carrere wear black stretch pants. All of their pants are low riders and show the tops of their thong panties. All their tops stop above their navels giving everyone a peak at their sexy figures. Each bounces and stretches to keep limber as they wait for their opponents. All four wear their "game faces" and are focused and determined to crush Generation Prime.

Shortly, Generation Prime enters through the large opening at the end of the oval. All four are quite different from the Fab Four. These four vixens are yelling and arguing with each other. The arguing has not stopped since the events in the Venetian lobby.* Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera have been at each other's throats. Janet Jackson has been fussing at both of them. She was upset that their arguing got her ass royally kicked by Jessica Alba. Mya has been squarely behind Christina and arguing the blonde's point to the others.

"Let's get em" Tia announces and the Fab Four charges toward the dysfunctional group. Generation Prime looks up and sees the warriors charging toward them, but go back to their various arguments. Tia leads her quartet in a collision course with their rivals. When they collide, its an explosion. Mya steps up and blasts Tia with an explosive right hand punch to her face. Tia shouts in pain and is sent reeling back before tripping and falling on her tush. Christina bends over and back flips Jennifer. Jennifer finds herself flying high in the air, tumbling head over heels before landing so hard on her back that she raises a cloud of dust around her. Janet runs forward and spears Pam in her stomach as she charges in. The blond lets out a loud "umph" as she lands flat on her back with the breath knocked out of her. Jessica takes Halle down with a clothesline. Halle's feet fly in the air as she lands on her back holding her throat.

Amazingly, within a couple of seconds Generation Prime has the all the Fab Four lying on the ground moaning in pain. Although the Gen Prime girls could seem to care less, they just resume their previous arguments.

"Fuss, fuss, fuss, that's all you do!" argues Mya as she walks to Tia who is sitting on the ground trying to shake off the effects of Mya's punch. "I know you got your ass kicked by Jessica Alba" Mya says as she kicks Tia in the chest. The big Hawaiian grunts loudly and wraps her arms over her chest. "Get over it!" Mya says while kicking Tia in the head, knocking her over onto the ground. "Leave Christina alone about it, I'm sure Jessica started it!" Mya adds while kicking Tia many times in her side, ribs and the small of her back. Tia squirms trying to get away from the assault but finds no solace. Mya's kicks are fueled by frustration from a days worth of arguing with her teammates.

Still on her knees from spearing Pam, Janet raises her hands above her head and clasp them together. She brings them down with sledgehammer force onto Pam's belly. "Shut up Mya!" Janet snaps. "If Christina wasn't trying to be a sneaky bitch, then none of that would have happened." Janet finishes while repeating the sledgehammer blows all over the suffering blonde's squirming body..

"Really Chris" Jessica starts while moving behind Halle who is slowly rising to her feet and still hurting from the clothesline. "If you have a problem with me you should have talked to me” Jessica says as she grabs the back of Halle's jeans and pulls Halle back against her chest. Jessica lifts Halle in the air and drops her butt on her outstretched knee in an atomic spinecrusher. Halle screams and drops to her knees holding her butt. "But you're not woman enough to do that." Jessica adds as she clotheslines Halle across the back of her head, knocking her face first in the dirt.

"I don't have a problem" Christina defiantly fires back at Jessica while pressing her foot down on Jennifer's throat. "You have a problem overstepping your place." Christina finishes as Jennifer bucks on the ground desparately trying to get Christina's foot off her throat before she chokes to death. "You came to Vegas complaining like somebody died and made you boss."

"Somebody had to take control!" Jessica screams back while pulling Halle up to a seated position and locking her in a rear chin lock. "If you and Mya had taken out Jennifer Lopez, then we would be controlling the league right and nobody'd be in Vegas" Jessica continues, seemingly ignoring Halle as she gags and tries unsuccessfully to pull the arm across her throat away. "It was two on one and you two losers got whipped!"

Mya immediately fires back, "Hey who are you calling a loser?" Mya captures Tia by the ankles and spreads her legs apart and drops her knee on Tia's vulnerable pussy. "I remember that Jennifer was destroying you in your match until we saved you with the Curse of Aguilera!" Mya says as she maintains a strong grip on Tia's legs keeping them open as she stomps on the pit of Tia's belly. "Remember it was the Curse of Aguilera, not the Skill of Simpson that saved your ass!" Mya finishes as Tia grunts and squirms as Mya continues to drive her heel into her stomach.

"That's right it took teamwork!" Janet interrupts as she wraps her legs around Pam's head and locking her into a head scissors. "Christina’s evil mind to come up with the idea. My sister's witch doctor." Janet adds emphasis on the last comment to emphasize her involvement "and Jessica's body." She finishes as she reaches down and opens Pam's jeans and pushes them down so she could reach her hand inside Pam's panties and claw her golden pussy. Janet was so frustrated by her teammates that she just wanted to make something suffer as much as she has been suffering from this arguing. Pam's wiggling and screaming body ends up being that something to take her frustration out upon. Janet keeps her eyes fixated on her arguing team as her fingers angrily mutilates Pam's fabled pussy.

"That's right Goofy" Christina exclaims at Jessica. "My mind and your body!" Christina continues as she takes her foot off of Jennifer's throat and grabs Jennifer's shirt. With a quick yank, she pulls Jennifer's shirt off over her head as the latina struggles to her feet. A quick kick to Jennifer's back drops her back to her knees. Looking annoyed that she was temporarily distracted by Jennifer's escape attempt, Christina continues, "I do the thinking Goofy!" Christina grabs the back of Jennifer's bra and unfastens it. "The last thing we need is an idiot like you trying to think!" Christina reaches around from behind and finds a handful of Jennifer's tit. "You just wait till we tell you what to do and try to look pretty." Christina adds while pushing Jennifer's stretch pants down to her upper thigh and reaching her hand inside of Jennifer's panties to claw her pussy. Jennifer is shocked to find herself half stripped and helplessly squealing at the hands of this little blonde she had beaten so many times before. Christina seems to careless about her domination of her rival, she only looks at Jessica with obvious disdain.

Jessica is furious at Christina insulting her lack of intellect. Nearly subconsciously she takes her anger out on Halle. She pushes Halle over face first to the ground. She reaches down and clasps both hands under Halle's chin and wrenches back, appling a form of a camel clutch. Halle yells as she feels like the blonde is about to snap her neck. "How dare you call me an idiot!" screams Jessica in response.

Seeing things escalating our of hand, Janet tries to defuse the situation. "Nobody thinks you're an idiot Jessica" Janet says while trying to ignore Christina rolling her eyes at this comment. During the conversation, Pam fights free of Janet's leg scissors. In the process, Pam loses her unfastened jeans. Pam tries to crawl away but Janet dives on her back before she gets more than a few of feet. Janet wraps her arm under Pam's chin and a wrench back, making sure the blonde does not get away again. "I'm sure Christina and Mya did their best against J. Lo” Janet continues now that Pam is secured in her rear chin lock.

"That's what is pissing me off!" Mya starts. "You act like you could have done better against Jennifer." Mya says as she stops stomping Tia's stomach and walks around to her head. "What's gotten into you lately?" Mya asks as she sits on the ground and wraps her strong dancer's legs around Tia's head with a figure four head scissors. "You've been acting like you're Supergirl all of a sudden, like you've gotten too big for your pants." Mya says as she torments Tia with her legs.

"Yeah you know tough Jennifer can be." Christina says as she releases her claws on Jennifer's private parts and slings her face first into the dirt. Christina easily peels off Jennifer's stretch pants while she continues, "She had just broke the curse", Chistina grabs Jennifer's legs and sits down on her back and applies a Boston Crab. "The bitch was damn near invincible” Christina finishes, oblivious to the fact that she is currently ripping the woman she has just referred to as 'invincible' limb from limb.

"Don't try to avoid the point!" Jessica yells. "You called me an idiot!" Halle's desperate squirming trying to get out of Jessica's camel clutch annoys her. She releases Halle momentarily to reposition herself facing Halle, who is on her knees, and locking Halle in a front face lock. "I'm tired of getting no respect!" Jessica screams while torquing Halle's hurting neck. "I'm tired of being treated like a freakin' joke!" Jessica screams recalling what she considers as disrespect from not only her teammates and the media. In her anger, Jessica puts tremendous pressure on Halle's neck. The ebony goddess thrashes around while squealing and whimpering. The face lock obstructs the oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Halle fights feverishly, but slowly the darkness closes in on her.

"Ohh Grow Up" Mya blurts, "You sound like a ten year old!" Mya says just as Tia kicks free of her figure four head scissors. Tia sits up, but before she can make another move, Mya rises to one knee behind her. Mya hooks Tia's left arm with her arm and stretches it bakwards. Mya puts her outstretched knee in front of Tia placing her foot in-between Tia's open legs. Then Mya stretches Tia's body back with a mighty tug, using her knee as a fulcrum to applied a modified abdominal stretch that gets an anguished wail from Tia. "Respect must be earned you ditz." Mya tells Jessica.

"Everybody stop this name calling” pleads Janet as she moves from lying on Pam's back and pinning her to dirt to a one knee position while maintaining her chin lock. Using one leg to keep Pam's lower body pinned to the ground and wrenching her upper body vertical Janet puts Pam's tortured body into a 'L' shaped position. Pam's face cringes in anguish. She wants to howl in agony, but Janet’s arm against her throat makes it hard to utter a sound. Pam's spine is in total distress and begs for relief.

Christina ignores Janet's request. "Jessica you blonde Aretha Franklin, what have you done to get so much respect?" At this point Jennifer is suffering greatly in Christina's Boston Crab, and desperate to escape. She strains her legs trying to push Christina off. She succeeds in unbalancing Christina enough to make her stand. "I'm a former War Queen" Christina continues her rant although being temporarily unseated. "I pinned Britney Spears!" Christina says while keeping a firm grip on Jennifer's ankles and turning the squirming New Yorker over onto her back. "I beat Alyssa Milano” Christina says as she entwines her leg with Jennifer's locking her into a figure four leg lock. "And I would have beat big butt Beyonce if Shakira hadn't interfered!" Christina finishes. Jennifer screams loudly as Christina cranks up the pressure on her figure four. She looks for a way to escape, but finds none. Finally Jennifer covers her face with her hands to cover her teary eyes, as she tries to resist the intense pain in her legs.

Jessica gets even more angry at Christina's attack of her record. She releases Halle allowing her to collapse face first to the dirt. Jessica stands with her hands on her hips staring at Christina. "I remember when you beat Britney for the title. I threw you the chair so you could get the victory, remember?" Jessica places her foot on the back of Halle's head and presses it into the dirt. She grabs Halle's left arm and wrenches it up behind her back at a near 90-degree angle. Halle screeches in agony feeling like Jessica is about to pull her arm out of the socket. "I also remember how Halle destroyed you in your first defense and took the title." Jessica taunts. "Tell her Halle! Tell her how you dominated her, Tell her how you made Christina your little Fuck Doll!" Jessica screams at Halle like she really expects Halle to join in the argument on her behalf.

Halle's only responds by screaming, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! My arm.... You're breaking My arm!"

From the reaction on Christina's face, Mya can see her acknowledgement of the truth in Jessica's words. In frustration, she maneuvers Tia from her abdominal stretch into a Dragon Sleeper hold. Tia is on her knees doubled backwards with Mya's arm bending her neck back further till it the back of her head rests on her back. Tia cannot breathe, nor can she maneuver her body to escape. Tia knows she is done, and waits for unconsciousness to take her. Mya wrenches harder on her neck in frustration, because she can not think to a witty responds to the goofy blonde's verbal victory.

The senior member of the group, and the woman they call 'coach', starts taking a rational look at this situation. The gap between Chistina and Jessica is reaching an irreparable distance. No amount of counseling will resolve this conflict. Besides nobody is listening to her anyway. She realizes Christina and Jessica can no longer coexist, and she will have to choose to side with one of them very shortly. She desperately tries to be the voice of reason and wisdom saying, "That's right girls, it takes teamwork. A little teamwork and we'll rule this place!"

While preaching to the two angry blondes, Janet has moved Pam from the 'L shaped' contortion into a full nelson with Pam seated in-between her legs. Janet presses down on the back of Pam's neck with all the stress, frustration, and anger this argument has caused. Pam pitifully whines and moans from Janet's might. Pam realizes she does not have the strength to break free from the smaller dynamo's clutches. The blonde is starting to blackout in Janet’s mighty grasp.

"How can we be a team when Christina is sending people to beat up her teammates?" Jessica quickly retorts. "Do you know what Jessica Alba did to me?" Jessica rants while releasing Halle's tortured arm. The blonde reaches down and yanks Halle's stylish shirt off over Halle's head. Halle offers no resistance as she flops around as Jessica continues and unfastens Halle's bra clasp and snatches off her bra. "Do you know what she did?" Jessica screams again as she sits down on Halle's stomach and pins Halle's arms to the ground with her knees. "She slapped my boobs like this” Jessica continues as she assaults Halle's tits with open hand slaps. "Do you know how much this hurts? And this happened to me because of my teammate!" Jessica screams while continuing to slap Halle's tits to a bright red color.

"You deserved it!" Blurts Mya in a hateful tone. "The way you came to Vegas and scolded Christina and me for getting beat by J.Lo was uncalled for." Mya releases Tia and stands. Tia falls to the dirt with a grunt and a moan. She wants to stand but she is dizzy from lack of oxygen. She stares at the ceiling with the room spinning. "It's bad enough that we got the shit kicked out of us by J.Lo, but then we have to hear shit from you too!" Mya continues. "Do you know what I would have done to you?" Mya asks before reaching down and grabbing both the waistbands of Tia's panties and stretch pants, and with one swift, smooth yank pulls both garments off Tia. Mya plops down on Tia's stomach and opens Tia's legs and smacks Tia's naked cunt.

Mya and Jessica stare at each other and engage in a contest at Tia and Halle's expense. Jessica slaps Halle's tits harder and harder while Mya smacks Tia's cunt. Halle and Tia scream and shout in pain while Mya and Jessica shoot mean looks at each other oblivious of the harm they are causing their victims.

"STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!" Janet screams at the top of her lungs. Her voice is so loud and forceful that Mya and Jesscica stop and give Janet their attention. "You're both acting like kindergarteners." Janet yells in disgust while releasing Pam, who's limp body crumples to the ground. "Now talk to each other like adults and put this team back together." Janet demands then kicks Pam's prone body in anger and frustration. Janet sits back down on Pam's back and wrenches her head up by a handful of hair. Janet leans down and whispers in Pam's ear, "See how a great leader solves this mess."

While groaning in pain, Pam answers, "It won't work, they're too far gone." Janet's eyes blaze in anger from Pam's words. She pulls harder on Pam's hair, till her breasts leave the ground. Then she grabs Pam's leg, and bends her body into a "U" shape. Agonized, Pam wails louder.

"Well" Mya says, "I probably wouldn't have spanked your pussy, but I felt like it." Mya admits as she pulls Tia to her hands and knees and places her head between her legs and squeezes in a standing head scissors.

Tia hates the position Mya has placed her. She is on her hands and knees with her bare butt sticking up in the air. She can feel the eyes bearing down on her spead open ass and pussy. Tia tries to pull apart Mya's thighs but it was like trying to move two tree trunks. She was too weakened from the Dragon Sleeper to resist. Tia had no choice but to stay there and suffer with her womanly treasure on display.

"Okay I'll admit it was wrong to put Jessica Alba on you" Christina starts. When she is suddenly interrupted by Jennifer's screaming.

"IIIIIIII Let me goooo!" Jennifer begs, unable to bear the pain of Christina's figure four any longer. "IIIIII can't take no morrrre!" Jennifer howls writhing in agony.

"Shut Up!" Christina yells while releasing her leg lock before snatching off the only piece of clothing Jennifer was still wearing, her panties. "Can't you see I'm trying to apologize here." Christina takes the panties and stuffs them into Jennifer's mouth. She rolls Jennifer onto her stomach and slides her arms around her with a full nelson. Christina slams Jennifer's face down, and grinds it into the dirt while lying on her back and pinning her down with a body press. "Now like I was saying, I'm sorry about the Alba thing. It'll never happen again." Christina says.

Christina smiles and tries to look sincere, but she is thinking, "Yeah, I'm sorry I came up with such a dumb plan. Next time I'll be more careful and make sure I get you out of the group!"

Jessica is lying across Halle's chest while trapping her in a headlock. She is considering the weak apologies offered when Halle whispers to her in a strained voice, "They're lying... They stabbed you in the back once and they'll do it again. 'ungh' They're jealous of your success." Jessica frowned. You could almost see smoke coming from her ears as the wheels in her brain turn. "They want you out of the group." Halle continues. "Ask them why 'ungh' they sent Alba to attack you.... you'll see."

"How do I know you won't try something like that again?" Jessica asks Christina. "What were you trying to accomplish anyway by having her attack me?"

Christina looks curiously back at Jessica. She had not expected that smart of a question from Jessica. "Well uhhh... I was trying to teach you a lesson about criticizing us about getting beat up by Jennifer." Christina stammers.

"Really?" Jessica responds, "I think you're telling a fib! I think you're mad that I'm starting to think for myself, and not going along with everything you say. After all we've been through in Generation Next then starting Gen Prime, I don't think you really even like me, you've just been using me!" Jessica rants. "You've been using me for all these years!"

Christina is shocked and surprised to hear this from Jessica. Although it is all true, she never thought the goofy blonde would ever figure it out. Christina tries to offer an inadequate answer, but it fails to change Jessica's mind, and a screaming match quickly breaks out between the two blondes. Mya quickly joins in on Christina's behalf, and things escalate out of control. The three young starlets scream at each other simultaneously, not even listening to each other. Janet watches in horror as Pam's prophecy comes true. Then through all the confusion and incoherent arguing, one phrase cuts through the jumble and lights a light bulb in Janet's head. Christina hollered, "You criticized me about Jennifer! You know I've never been able to beat J.Lo, she's kicked my ass every time!"

Christina may have never been able to beat Jennifer before, but currently Jennifer is a lifeless lump of naked flesh, crushed under Christina's body press. Jennifer is captured by Christina's full nelson, and her face is ground so deep in the dirt, only J.Lo's curly brown hair is visible. Janet realizes somehow in her rage, Christina has accomplished what she has never done before, totally defeating Jennifer Lopez.

Janet is then startled by desperate pleas from Pam. "Oh Janet please stop! I can't take no more! Let me go, I can't take no more! I'll do anything, just let me go!" Janet is dismayed by the broken and frantic tremor of Pam's voice. Unknowingly she had beaten and broken the blonde juggernaut who had fucked her brains out and left her in bondage only a few days earlier.

Janet looks to her left and sees Tia still trapped in Mya's standing head scissors, and her naked butt wiggling franticly. Mya is using one arm to twist one of Tia's arms behind her back in a hammer lock while Mya's other hand reaches around and is pulling handfuls of Tia's silky black hair out by its roots. The most amazing thing of all is that the red-faced action star is tapping Mya's thigh indicating her submission. Tia knows her hammerlocked arm is near the breaking point, and must submit now so she can fight again later. Amazing the undefeatable Tia Carrere is actually tapping out!

Finally, Janet then looks to her right and observes a helpless Halle Berry. She lies spread eagle, flat on her back. Halle submissively allows Jessica to wring her head back and forth in the headlock. Somehow through their rage, Janet realizes that Gen Prime has unknowingly just completely demolished the indestructible Fab Four.

"Hey Guys!" Janet yells at the top of her lungs. "Stop and look... We did it... We've beaten the Fab Four!" The girls stop arguing for a second and realize Janet is telling the truth. They had won. "If we can hold it together for a little bit longer, and finish off the Fab Four, then THIS LEAGUE IS OURS!"

"Seeing their goal within their grasp, all the arguing stops. Mya opens her legs and let Tia collapse to the ground. Mya quickly sits down in front of her and wraps her legs around Tia's head making a Mixed Marial Arts triangle with her sexy legs. Tia's face is driven into Mya crotch, and her neck is arched backwards cutting of the flow of oxygen and blood to her brain. Although the move is not perfectly executed, Tia knows there is no escape and within a minute or two she will be unconscious.

Janet releases Pam from the horrible 'U shaped' contortion and rolls Pam over onto her back. Seeking a measure of revenge from their previous encounter, Janet takes off her shirt revealing her sexy tits encased in a purple bra. "Now you're about to find out about real tits Blondie” Janet taunts before thrusting her cleavage into her busty victim's face. After the abuse she's endured, Pam doesn't resist. In fact, she welcomes the end of her torture..

Christina is extremely excited to have finally beaten J.Lo. She pulls Jennifer's face out of the dirt and is pleased that Jennifer is still conscious. Christina sits behind Jennifer and wraps her arms around her head applying a sleeper hold. Jennifer sits slumping forward a bit, with her mouth hanging open, showing her thong panties that Christina made her eat earlier, wondering how she has just gotten creamed by this tiny little blonde.

Jessica hauls a limp Halle to her feet and squeezes her in a bear hug. Halle let out a loud moan in pain thinking the strong blonde may snap her spine. The pain is excruciating, and Halle is not sure how long it will be before she passes out.

"Hey tits for brains" Christina shouts to Jessica. "You can't beat someone as tough as Halle Berry with a fucking bear hug! Use them big old tits of yours to finish her!"

"Yeah Goofy" Mya adds "Those monsters will knock her out in seconds."

When Jessica did not immediately drop Halle and comply, Janet snaps, "Damn it Jessica! We're too close, listen to Christina and do what you are told!"

"Why do you let them treat you like that?" Halle quietly whispers in Jessica's ear. "They don't respect you. You deserve better than to be a step & fetch for bitches like Christina, Mya and Janet. You're better than that. I wouldn't stand for it and you shouldn’t either. You're drop dead gorgeous, and super talented and idolized by thousands of fans. What kind of example are you setting for them?"

Jessica listens carefully to Halle's motherly advice. Then announces, "Ms. Berry, you're right." To everyone's surprise, Jessica releases her bear hug, allowing Halle to crumple to the ground in a heap. She struts over to where Christina is finishing Jennifer with the sleeper, and says, in a sassy tone, "Christina, I don't like the way you talk to me." Then launches a kick that nearly knocks Christina's head off. Christina's eyes roll back in her head, she releases Jennifer and slinks to the ground in an unconscious heap. "And I don't want to be part of Gen Prime anymore too!" Jessica finishes.

"NOOOOOOO" Janet screams in horror as her plans for domination fall apart. "No we were sooo close."

"You stupid bitch, you hit Christina!" Mya shouts as she releases Tia moments before she is about to pass out. Mya gets up and charges toward Jessica, enrage she has just attacked her friend. Jessica is ready and waiting for Mya. When she gets near, Jessica scoops Mya up and power slams her into the ground. Mya winces in pain and arches her back. She immediately wishes she had not charged in so foolishly. Jessica wears a wicked smile as she hauls Mya back up and places Mya's head between her legs. Jessica then lifts Mya upside down and power bombs her back to the ground. A cloud of dust rise around the little songbird.

By this time, Janet is on her feet slowly plodding towards Jessica, snorting and snarling like a wild, rabid beast. "You stupid ass, dumb fucking little cunt, we were so close to ruling everything, and YOU FUCKING BLEW IT!"

Any doubts Jessica had about turning her back on Generation Prime now disappear. She always thought Janet cared the most about her in the group, but her reaction proved she is just as selfish and self-centered as Christina. "Come on Jannie poo I got something real special for you" Jessica says while smiling at the prospect of hurting her former coach. Janet charges forward as does Jessica. When they meet, Jessica levels Janet with a clothesline just like she did at the opening of the bout. While Janet is stunned on the ground, and wondering how she got there, Jessica reaches down and clamps one hand around Janet's throat. Jessica pulls Janet to her feet before hoisting her in the air for a choke slam. Janet lands with a loud grunt feeling the effects of Jessica's power. Next thing she knows Jessica has her hoisted in the air for a second choke slam. All the rage has left Janet's eyes as she lies on the ground hurting. Then her expression turns to shock as Jessica hoists her up for a third choke slam.

Jessica turns to walk away, and passes Mya who is back on her feet although hurting. "You can't..." Is all Mya gets to say before Jessica kicks her hard in the cunt, dropping the sexy girl to her knees sniveling like a baby.

"Oh shut up” Jessica says annoyed by her former friend. By this time a very beaten and battered Fab Four are on their hands and knees crawling towards the exit. Jessica looks at them and shouts loudly, "HAALLEEEEEEE!"

A chill runs down Halle's spine. She does not know what to expect from Jessica at this point. "Oh shit" she softly says.

"Nice knowing ya Halle" Pam comically responds as she starts crawling towards the exit a little faster.

"Yeah, you hold her off while we escape” Jennifer jokes as she too crawls faster.

Halle stops and stands on shaky legs. The Fab Four joke about abandoning Halle, but the truth is, the rampaging blonde would destroy the whole lot of them in nothing flat. Jessica runs up to Halle and gives her a big hug. Not a bear hug, but a warm embrace. "Thank you Ms Berry, thank you for helping me see the light” Jessica excitedly says.

Not entirely sure what to make out of the situation Halle answers, "yeah sure... you're welcome"

"Don't you worry about those three, I'm going to make sure they don’t bother you for a long time, then I'll meet in Stone Rage's office after we leave Vegas." Jessica says excitedly like a young child on the playground. "I'm soooo happy to have you as a friend now" says the bouncing bubbling blonde.

"Great... I'll see you later Jess” Halle says and the blonde skips back to her former friends to inflict some more pain. Halle walks back to her chuckling friends standing at the exit and says, "What have I just started?" Halle was just trying to use her brain to escape the beating they were receiving, not make a friend for life out of Jessica, but that is what she did.


The Fab Four were a ragged mess as they walked back stage. Halle was naked from the top up. Tia was naked from the bottom down, and Jennifer was just plain naked. Surprisingly Pam is the only one clothed, having only lost her pants during the fight. All were covered from head to toe in dirt and undoubtedly horse shit from the being ground in the dirt. They stank and their hair looked like unkept birds nest. The hotel manager, thrilled from the sold out arena receipts, opened the spa especially for them to allow then to clean up.

Pam, Halle Tia & Jennifer relax in the sauna and talk about how lucky they were tonight. All spoke with the utmost respect for Gen Prime. They knew who really won the fight, then they joke Halle about her new friend. After the sauna, the hot tub, and a massage had relieved their muscles of much of the trauma they experienced during the fight, the hotel manager took them to their room. They chose a small modest room with two double beds instead of the hotel's finest. They felt it was easier to hide that way. Pam and Halle cuddle hugged together nude on one double bed, while Tia and Jennifer slumber on the other.

Once the quartet wakes, late morning, breakfast and a homemade DVD arrives. The ladies feel a lot better after a restful sleep, but still ache from the beating they had received. Jennifer put the curious DVD into the player, and to their dismay, it shows Tyra Banks wearing only a thong swinging on a stripper pole. It switches to Roselyn Sanchez giving some guy, whose face is blurred out a lap dance. Next they see a totally nude Kelly Hu grinding on some guy’s lap on a couch. Lastly it shows Jamie Pressly stripping on a stage with light flashing and men raucously cheering. They are all confused as to what exactly they are watching until Christina Applegate appears on the screen.

"Hi girls” Christina nonchalantly says. "If you are watching this video, you've somehow made it through Gen Next, Gen Prime and Blond Ambition. Congratulations! You did not even need the help Stone Rage sent you. Oh, you didn't know Daddy Rage sent you some help? I guess that's because we got to them first and put them to work at some local establishments. You can find Tyra at the OG, just ask for Sana Fey, and she'll help you. Roselyn is at Cheetas, where Vanessa Blue is... ah hemm... attending to her. Kelly Hu is working hard at the Diamond Cabaret. Lisa Lipps is... uh teaching her the ropes. And last, but not least, Jamie is at Crazy Horse serving Minka. They are all anxiously awaiting for you to rescue them, but there's one more thing. All of Vegas is talking about the final showdown between the American Bad Asses and The Fab Four tonight at 6pm on the street out front of the Luxor. Please go save your friends and we'll be waiting!" And the screen goes to black.

The Fab Four gets a sick feeling in their stomachs. They know they are barely in condition to meet the ABA after all they have been through. Now if they add one more fight to save their friends, they stand little chance against the ABA. "What do we do?" asks Jennifer, "I don't know if I can stand another fight."

Discussion breaks out amongst them, but Tia is quiet. Finally, the girl they call 'honcho' because of her toughness speaks and only her voice reigns. "We rescue our friends” she states commandingly. "We are the Fab Four, not the ABA or Gen Prime... we stand for something! Words like friendship and honor! We're going to rescue our friends then kick the ABA's ASSS!!!"


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