Generation Prime Time
NOTE - This story immediately follows FINDING J.LO 4
Mya just wanted to get away for a moment. Jessica Simpson has just arrived in Las Vegas, and she and Christina Aguilera have been constantly bickering. Janet Jackson is trying to play peacemaker, but it has not helped. Jessica's career has been blowing up recently, and she's been rubbing it in Christina's face. Christina is not a girl you want to piss off. She will make life hard for you.

What better way to escape the arguing than a relaxing gondola ride through the canals at the resort they were residing, The Venetian, Mya thinks. Minutes later, Mya lounges back in a gondola as it leisurely floats down the canal, past various shops and restaurants. She wonders if Janet can once again avoid Christina and Jessica's relationship from reaching critical mass. That has been a constant problem between the two camera hogging young blondes. Oh well, it did not matter too much to Mya, she knew exactly where her loyalties lied. Mya closes her eyes and softly sings "Merrily, merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.".

Mya slowly drifts away trying to forget her cares when she heard that voice. That whining, annoying voice. It can not be, but yet it is. Mya opens her eyes and her suspicions are confirmed. Jennifer Aniston is yapping away with some people. Maybe they were press, maybe just fans, Mya did not really care. Mya grits her teeth and mutters, "You... you're the cause of all of this." She orders the gondola driver to a pullover and let her out.

Jennifer is still babbling with the people with her back to the canal. She never sees Mya coming. But Mya definitely comes. She creeps from behind and clobbers Jennifer across the back of the neck with a forearm shot. Jennifer shouts in shock and pain as she stumbles forward.

The people Jennifer was talking to scatter away as Mya presses her attack. She pounds Jennifer as hard as she can, as frequent as she can. "This is all your fault" Mya shouts as Jennifer collapses to her knees. "If you didn't rat us out to Tia Carrere, we all wouldn't be here right now!" * Mya screams as she keeps pounding Jennifer to her knees by hitting her with everything her muscles can muster.

Jennifer is taken by complete surprise by Mya's attack. She had come to Vegas to try and get back into the ABA's good graces after they threw her out for disclosing their plans to Tia Carrere. She knew that now that she has been dismissed from the group, she would be susceptible to these kinds of attacks. Although Mya is one of the last people she thought would jump her, at least by herself. Mya's has long been considered Christina Aguilera's lap puppy. But eventually all puppies grow up to be dogs and bitches.

Having driven Jennifer to the ground, Mya starts violently yanking and jerking the flimsy sundress that Jennifer is wearing. Jennifer is drug a couple feet across the sidewalk before the dress is shredded off of her. Mya stumbles ungracefully back several steps with the torn garment in her hands. She leaves Jennifer on her knees wearing only her panties. Jennifer regrets opting to tease everyone by going without a bra under the thin sundress.

Feeling really desperate from being publicly beaten and stripped, Jennifer lunges forward, grabbing Mya around the knees. Jennifer tackles Mya to the pavement and mounts her looking for an opportunity to do some damage. Mya reaches up and grabs hold of Jennifer and the two start grappling on the ground.

Jennifer thought she could easily out wrestle Mya. She never though much of Mya as a fighter. She only pictured her as a lackey to a more dominate person. But the little girl is proving to be tough, damn tough. Then Mya's hand comes across her face and slaps the taste out of her mouth, Jennifer realizes just how tough this girl, no young woman is. The back hand return slap re-enforced that revelation.

"How dare you walk around calling yourself the Hardcore Champion?" Mya screeches. "That was a great title with even greater champions, like Madonna, Salma Hayek, Tia Carrere and Halle Berry!" Mya rants. "That was before your weak butt got the belt! You are a disgrace to that great belt, and I can't wait to get you in the ring take that belt away." Mya screams. The ebony avenger keeps slapping Jennifer till she is slapped silly.

Perhaps Mya's rant about the legacy of her title, reinforced Jennifer's resolve. As Mya is hauling Jennifer to her feet by her hair, Jennifer buries her fist in Mya's stomach. Mya elicits a loud grunt and doubles over. As Jennifer rises to her feet, she wraps both hands around Mya's throat and chokes the young beauty. Jennifer violently shakes Mya's head to and fro as the singer paws at Jennifer's wrist, trying to wrench them off her neck.

Mya's mind is getting cloudy. Her mouth is open with her tongue hanging out. Mya now understands how despit her soft demeanor, Jennifer won the Hardcore title and gained entrance in the ABA. "This bitch is ruthless!" Mya thinks. Mya realizes she is seconds away from, at best, lying unconscious on The Venetian sidewalk, or at worst flying home in a coffin.

Jennifer is so intent on choking the life out of Mya, that she does not realize she has left herself open for Mya's kick that rockets up and nails her square in the cunt. Jennifer releases Mya's throat while in the mist of a blood-curdling scream. Mya wants to run away and escape at least while she catches her breath, but she knows there is no time for that now. She had underestimated Jennifer once, and would not make that mistake again. Mya wraps her arm around the doubled over TV star's head and falls backward, DDTing her to the pavement.

Jennifer now lies on the pavement moaning on the verge of consciousness. Mya sits besides her gulping as much air as possible. Although this has been a fairly brief encounter, it has been incredibly intense. Mya does not have the energy to continue after being choked. She only knows one move that will work in her current condition. She uses that juicy booty from the King Magazine cover that transformed her image from a cute young singer, into a hot sexy young woman. Mya crawls onto Jennifer's face and sits on it while she regains her breath. The plump ass that fueled a rap war between 50 Cent and The Game, (Mya denies sleeping with 50) once again serves Mya very well.

Jennifer had never had her face smothered by another woman's ass before. She had no idea how demoralizing and humiliating the maneuver could be. The woman's body weight on her face inhibits her breathing. Jennifer's muscles quickly tire from being denied the necessary oxygen to continue this battle. Then there is the emotional factor of Mya sitting on her face like a queen sitting on a throne. Using an instrument of sex appeal, as a weapon of destruction, surely has every male watching with dicks hard as a rock, and salivating over Mya's sexy ass. Jennifer did not want to fight anymore; she just wanted this ordeal to be over. Jennifer wishes she had an ass like Mya, so she can inflict this type of torment on someone else, like Tia Carrere.

Mya had finally regained her breath, and sought to end this fight. Mya lifts her booty off of Jennifer's face, and leaps in the air, and crashes down with all her weight on Jennifer's face. The back of Jennifer's head collides with the pavement and leaves her lying dazed and spread-eagle on the pavement. Mya looks up and realizes she is near the Food Court of the Shoppes, and Shake N Burger is only a few feet away. Mya walks over to the counter, making sure she is seductively switching her sexy ass that has just caused Jennifer's doom. Mya grabs two ketchup squeeze bottles and returns to Jennifer. Jennifer is moaning just regaining a few of her senses. She sits up and Mya starts squirting the ketchup bottles on Jennifer. Jennifer can only sit there helplessly as streams of ketchup rain down on her, covering her with the bright red condiment. If she was not humiliated enough by the face sitting, now she is thoroughly embarrassed. Mya empties both bottles of ketchup on Jennifer, covering her entire upper body in the red substance, to the delight and laughter of the crowd that has gathered to witness the fight.

"Some Hardcore Champion....... Pathetic!" taunts Mya. "I'd love to get you in the ring with the title on the line" boasts Mya.

"I'd love to get you in the ring too." retorts a seething Jennifer. "Let's see how you do face to face instead of when my back is turned" Jennifer continues.

"Really?" Mya answers, "Well think about my title shot while you swim home." Mya says as she drags Jennifer to her feet. Mya pulls Jennifer to the canal and throws her in the water.

Jennifer shouts as she splashes in the canal. She is embarrassed and humiliated by her young attacker, but definitely knows who is the winner of this encounter. The actress vows the two will meet again , with her Hardcore championship on the line. Jennifer swims to the opposite side of the canal from where Mya is standing, to climb out and sulk away into the shadows.

Mya stands with her hands on her hips wearing a big smile from her victory watching her victim crawl away in defeat and humiliation. Fans cheer and congratulate Mya on her accomplishment. A young puppy has just grown into a world class Bitch!


While Mya is coming of age down stairs, Janet Jackson is busy trying to mediate the argument between Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. Jessica is complaining that everything is all Christina and Mya's fault for not being able to beat Jennifer Lopez even when it was two-on-one. ^ Christina is upset at Jessica's accusations. The truth of the matter is that their argument is for entirely different reasons. With her newfound success in her career, Jessica feels she is the biggest star in the group, and everything should revolve around her. She is just using Christina's failure as an excuse to gain control of the group.

Christina on the other hand, is jealous of Jessica's success, and sees her as competition. Christina would rather discredit Jessica and get her thrown out of the group, so she can maintain control of Generation PRIME. This argument is the last straw, she is now determined to find a way to have Jessica expelled from the group. Christina's mind quickly devises a plan to convince Janet and Mya that Jessica, or Goofy as she now refers to her, does not belong anymore.

As the argument gets more heated, the only thing that keeps the two blondes from coming to blows is Janet standing between them. "Shape up or ship out little woman if you want to stay in Generation PRIME!" shouts Jessica. "Janet and I won't tolerate your failure and excuses!"

"Uhh wait calm down..." Janet stutters, "I didn't say that..."

"Maybe it's time for a change in this group!" Jessica continues and turns and storms out of the suite. "Think about that! Janet!" Jessica yells as she slams the door shut.

Christina watches with her eyes burning with fury. "It is time for a change Goofy," Christina yells at the door. "You're not as tough as you think you are... You're not even the toughest Jessica around!" Christina yells and storms into her bedroom and slams the door shut.

Janet fixes herself a glass of wine and sits heavily on the sofa, wondering how shes going to resolve this argument between her two friends. After forty minutes and two shots, Christina returns from her room, and sits with Janet. Expectedly Christina's conversation centered around throwing Jessica out of the group. Janet opposes this idea.

Christina says, "You should at least be open to the idea of replacing her. What if Jessica has an accident or something"

Janet pauses for a moment at this comment. Christina is her closest friend in Gen PRIME, and the two know each other extremely well. Janet knows how sneaky and conniving Christina can be, and can always tell when she is up to something. "An accident?" Janet asks suspiciously. "Chris... what did you do?"

"Oh nothing" Christina quickly replies innocently. "But" she continues, "A little bird told me that Jessica Alba wants to join our group, and she's going to prove her worth by taking out Goofy."

"Damn it Chris, you set her up!" Janet exclaims rising to her feet. "We are a team, you have no right to decide who's in or out of this team by yourself. Honestly Chris, even I didn't think you are wicked enough to set up your own teammate, that's been in the group from the start!" Janet says exasperated. "Call Jessica Alba and tell her the deal is off." Janet orders.

"I can't" Christina says while trying to look ashamed of herself. "By my calculation, she's probably whipping the lobby floor with Goofy as we speak."

"Ah shit!" Janet says. "We'll talk about this when I get back." Janet says as she runs out the door to the elevators to get to the lobby. It seems like an eternity for the elevator to get to their penthouse suite and a long trip down to the lobby. Once downstairs she hears a large commotion coming from the casino. Janet sees a crowd of people gathered in a circle loudly cheering. Janet runs over and fights through the crowd and sees what she feared.

Jessica Alba is sitting on Jessica Simpson's stomach. Simpson is naked from the waist up and pinned under the larger actress. Alba is slapping Simpson's naked tits all over the place while Janet's blonde teammate lies there crying and yelling hysterically. Janet's mouth drops open, she can not believe the site she is witnessing. Acting on instinct, Janet charges and dives onto Alba, and wrestles her off of Simpson. Next thing Janet knows, she is rolling around on the casino floor, wrestling with Jessica Alba.

Janet and Jessica's hands are buried in each other's hair and they are rolling around like an old ECW catfight between Francine and Dawn Marie. In fact, Janet though she heard Joey Styles screeching "CATFIGHT!... CATFIGHT!" in that annoying high-pitched voice. Realizing that they were not doing much other than expending a lot of energy and giving the crowd a good view each other booties as they roll around, the combatants break apart and regain their feet.

Jessica raises her fist, challenging Janet to an impromptu boxing contest. Janet eagerly puts her dukes up too. To Jessica Alba's dismay Jessica Simpson steps beside Janet with her fist raised too. Alba briefly wonders if she has made a large mistake, but starts bouncing indicating she is willing to take both of them on.

Janet advances first and walks into a stiff jab that snaps her head back. Simpson advances and receives the same treatment. Simpson and Janet try again several times, but do not penetrate Alba's defenses. Although the two singers were unsuccessful in getting to the actress, they were successful in skillfully maneuvering her down an aisle of the casino until Alba finds herself trapped. Behind her is a wall, a row of slot machines pin her in on the left and right. At the open end of the aisle stand Simpson and Jackson with their fist raised and waiting. Upon this revelation, the trapped Alba morphs into a tiger.

The trapped tiger bounces and moves forward. She throws a couple of meaningless volleys to set up her next punches. Janet and Simpson returns with a volley of their own. Then the tiger strikes with a hard right punch to Simpson's stomach, followed with a stinging left cross to her chin that staggers her. Janet uses this opportunity to attack with a punch to Alba's belly, but leaves herself wide open to the tiger's staggering right hook counter punch.

With her adversaries on their heels, Alba delivers another body shot to each of them, then a punch that flattens Simpson's breast. Realizing that Simpson is hurt worst than she is, Janet steps in front of the blonde for an exchange with the tiger. Alba is too fast and strong for Janet and overwhelms her, with a painful volley that sends her reeling to the left against the slot machines. Alba knows Janet is stunned, hurt and can be knocked out, but Simpson advances before she has the chance.

The momentum of the fight changes at this point. Now the tiger is at the open end of the aisle and stalking two weakened prey that are trapped on all sides by slot machines.

Simpson and Janet take turns advancing and engaging the tiger, but each time they are beaten back. They attack together, and still both are beaten back. Alba takes turns stunning one so she can pound the other until her teammate recovers to come to her aid, then she then pounds that one. Simpson and Janet start looking desperate and worried, realizing that Alba is taking both of them apart.

Perhaps because of her earlier encounter, Simpson seems to be in deeper trouble than Janet. She is getting stunned more frequently than Janet, and takes longer to recover. Janet is much more aggressive, often taking the lead, and proves very resilient, taking a lot of punishment and keeps stepping up to take on the tiger only to receive more pain.

Finally the inedible happens. A right cross decks Simpson. She lies on the carpet and cannot get up. This allows Alba to concentrate on Janet, and pound her to the ground as well. With both beauties down, Alba knows how to finish this fight. First she turns to Simpson and rolls her onto her back. She mounts the defenseless blonde and blasts her with fist after fist. It only takes seconds before Simpson is prone on the carpet barely conscious and taking uncontested punches to her face. Janet looks over and sees her friend's predicament and valiantly crawls over and wrestles Alba off her friend.

Janet and Alba roll around briefly before Alba ends up seated on Janet's stomach and blasting her like she did to Simpson. Janet squeals and tries to protect herself but its useless as punch after unrelenting punch smashes into her tits, her belly, her jaw, her eye and her temple. It takes much longer than it did to finish Simpson, but finally the icon is reduced to a quivering, sobbing lump of flesh beneath her. The fully dressed Alba takes a moment to strip Janet of her T shirt, and to relieve the woman of her bra so she matches her topless teammate, both only wearing faded pair of jeans.

Alba sees Simpson moaning and rising to her hands and knees, so she gets off Janet and pounds the bitch back into the carpet. Thirty seconds later Simpson is face down on the carpet and out. Alba returns to Janet, and hair hauls the beauty to her feet. Alba leans Janet against the slot machines and starts pounding away at her yet again. Alba wears a smile as she punishes Janet's sexy six-pack abs, then her fist shock Janet's plump boobs, causing them to vigorously dance on her chest. Her fist smashes a beautiful face that's defies the age of its owner, and her punches cause long flowing jet black hair to swing left, right, up and down from the impact of unforgiving blows. Janet squirms and squeals, and tries with pitiful attempts to protect herself, that fail to block one single agonizing punch. Finally Janet drops to her knees and dramatically pitches forward with her face slamming to the casino floor, leaving her completely unconscious in a position any man would love to find her, face down... ass up.

Alba looks to Simpson who has regained consciousness, but still pretty much helpless. Alba walks to the blonde and hauls her to her feet. Alba props the smaller woman against the slot machines, just like she did to Janet minutes ago. Alba blasts punches into Simpson like she did Janet, but the blonde responds differently. Her firm arm lie limply on the top of the slot machines allowing Alba to tee off unopposed on any body part she liked. The tiger's fist uncontestantly plow into Simpson's flat firm desirable belly. Alba punches two of the most perfect tits ever witnessed by man. Alba hits a gorgeous face that possesses two big brown eyes that stare vacantly at their tormentor pleading for mercy. Alba punches are as uncontested as if she were pounding a punching bag. Finally after there is no doubt Simpson is out on her feet and is wearing a very goofy grin, Alba stops and put her hand on the back of the blonde's head and pushes her forward. The blonde collapses to the carpet face down.... ass up, just like Janet.

Jessica Alba turns and raises both arms in victory to a cheering crowd of people that were enthralled by the fight. Alba gleams with an adoring smile that captivates everyone. Many were so entranced at watching the two gorgeous half naked diva heroines in peril getting the piss pounded out of them that they scarcely noticed that the tiger herself is easily one of the sexiest women in existence. A true goddess in her own right. An avenging angel!


Up stairs Mya has returned to the suite and is excitedly telling Christina about her "coming of age" encounter with Jennifer Aniston. Christina is genuinely happy with her close friend's achievement. Mya getting stronger is good for Mya and even better for the group. As they toast to Mya's success, a ragged Jessica Simpson and Janet Jackson enter the suite. Both are battered, with ruffled hair and topless with multiple bruises on their boobs. "Damn! if you two looks that bad, then I'd hate to see what the other girl looks like." Christina says to her teammates.

"Shut tha fuck up!" Janet snaps back. "And Jessica Alba will never be part of Gen Prime if I haves anything to say about it" Janet says with obvious disdain and disgust.

Christina knows Janet is in no mood for jokes, so she leaves her alone. Her and Janet have been close for many years, enjoying a mentor-pupil relationship. She knew Janet will forgive her eventually, but she could not help but to needle Jessica saying, "What's the matter Goofy? Couldn't handle a two-on-one situation?" with a giggle. Jessica gives Christina an evil glare and but only responds with a grunt. She is in so much pain and so battered that was all she could muster. Jessica and Janet remove their remaining clothing for a soothing bath in the extra large hot tub.

After her teammates had soaked their aching bodies for an hour and were in a better mood, Christina enters the bathroom. "Well while you two were interviewing Jessica Alba for membership, I was working too." Still upset with the little blonde, Janet and Jessica look at their teammate with a mean stare. "I've found the Fab Four" she announces. "They just took down Generation Next. I talked with them and arrange a showdown between us. Tomorrow at the Excalibur hotel & casino, we fight to the finish the on the grounds of the medieval Tournament of Kings dinner show."


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