Generation Next versus Blonde Ambition
NOTE - This story immediately follows Escape from Las Vegas 1
NOTE - This story also immediately follows Escape from Las Vegas 2
It was barely a couple of hours, and not a moment too soon, before the lingerie store closed and all the people, including the paparazzi, had to leave. The store manager somewhat reluctantly let the members of Gen Next go on their way. Before they left though, she did allow each member to pick out a set of clothes of their choice. All the clothes were for free of course, since their 'live modeling' brought in more money than in the past few quarters combined.

As they left through the back door, all the members of Gen Next grumbled underneath their breath about how humiliated they were about doing the live modeling. They slowly made it outside the building and out to the street without bumping into any fans. Then they made it down the Las Vegas strip with their heads slightly down, and a pissed off look on their faces.

As they walked down the strip, people were turning and looking at them, chuckling, as they passed and snapping photos. They quickly stepped into one of the bars in the Vegas casinos to get away from all the gawking fans, with cameras and paparazzi. No sooner did they get into the bar then they ran into the battered and bruised members of Blonde Ambition. They were all at the bar hunched over, brooding over their drinks and complaining with each other about how badly they got beat by the Fab Four.

Taking a look at them and how battered and broken they now looked brought the Gen Next trio to laughter. "Take a look at this pathetic trio. What the fuck happened to you three, huh? Granny Madonna couldn't get you into one of the big kid's clubs?" snickered Alyssa.

"They got butts kicked by J. Lo, Pam Anderson, Halle Berry and Tia Carerre." screamed a fan.

That brought the members of Gen Next to another round of laughter. "Oh my God. You guys really are over the hill. At least we put up a fight when we took those old hags on."

Madonna whirled around and stood face to face with Alyssa. Britney and Melissa got to their feet and stood behind Madonna. "Listen here bitch, if you want someone to trash talk with, you're picking on the wrong group of girls. These bitches fight back."

"From the looks of it, it looks like you girls got the worst of the fighting. We three girls are the new age and next generation of fighting and of Hollywood. We really are 'Generation Next.' We're smart, young, tough, sexy and everyone loves us." gloats Alyssa.

"Please, you girls are the rejects and leftovers that no one else wanted, especially that tramp of yours Nelly Furtado. The group Generation Next died when we left her unconscious in the locker room after she stabbed us in the back."* snips Madonna.

"Please bitch, you girls never wanted me in your group in the first place. You never made me a part of anything from the beginning. You girls are a bunch of self-serving blonde bitches that deserve whatever ass whipping you get. Alyssa and Shakira are the best friends a girl could have. They know what it means to be a friend. I know they've got my back, just like I got theirs." growled Nelly.

"Fucking bitch." yelled Madonna as she shoved Nelly.

"Watch it Madonna." screamed Alyssa as she shoved Madonna.

The two groups started to push each other, when Madonna struck with a punch to Alyssa's jaw startling her. She followed up with another punch. Alyssa responded with a pair of punches of her own to Madonna's jaw and chest and a kick to Madonna's gut. Shakira and Nelly were each involved in their own fights with Britney and Melissa Joan Hart. Both Nelly and Shakira were beating back Britney and MJH with some ease.

The bouncers charge in to stop the fight by pulling the vixens apart. The owner of the bar rush down from his storage area where all the beer and other supplies are kept to the bar area. He has a mixture of pleasure in seeing sexy, female celebrities fight it out his bar, along with a boost in business it would bring him, and anxiety at how much damage they would cause to his bar if the fight went on for a while. However, By the time he got down to the bar, the bouncers had separated the fighters.

"Dammit." He muttered under his breath as he realized he missed whatever action there was. He got his 'tough-guy, bad-ass bar owner' look on him and lashed out at the two groups, "Alright ladies, sorry this had to happen, but I can't have you fighting in my bar. I can't another brawl in here, or else I'd be out of business and I'd hold you girls responsible and we all will be in a shit load of trouble. There's a UFC fighting octagon a few blocks down from here in the Mandalay Bay arena if you girls want to fight it out."

"Fine with me." growled Alyssa who was itching to get it on with Madonna.

"Fine with me too." snarled Madonna as she glared back at Alyssa.

"As for this whole group name thing you girls have a problem with, I suggest that whoever wins gets to keep their name and the losing group disbands FOREVER!" the manager continues.

"Fair enough." mutters Madonna.

"It's fine with me too. How about we have Nelly fight Britney since that ring is really only for a one-on-one fight?" asked Alyssa.

Madonna got a little nervous knowing that Britney has been slumping lately and is far from her prime fighting shape. Britney has not recovered her fine fighting form after her marraige and pregnacy. She takes a quick look at Britney who returned a nervous look and a nod. She turned back to Alyssa and said, "Ummmm…sure."

The owner nodded to the bouncers and they let the girls go, and escorts the girls out the door. The bar crowd follows the two groups of girls to the UFC octagon to witness this momentous event.

Once they get to the ring, Nelly and Britney stripped down to their bra and panties. They enter the octagon and are the enclosed UFC steel ring. They each go around the ring blowing kisses and waving to fans and otherwise getting them pumped for the match. They quickly turned their attention to each other. They walked toward each other and stood facing each other eye-to-eye in a classic stare down with their hands on their hips. "What's it going to be bitch? You might as well give up now, because everyone here knows I can kick your sorry ass." bitched Nelly.

"Please girl, we all know you didn't amount to much of a fighter. I'm a three time champion." replied Britney bobbing her head around and pointing to herself trying to look tough.

"Please! Like that's supposed to scare me. You're going to be my bitch by the time this match is over." Nelly chuckled in response as she turned her head to the right for a second.

In that split second, Nelly brought her right fist up nailing Britney in the jaw, surprising her. She followed that up with a series of quick jabs and hooks to her head and chest. As she pushed Britney back, she kicked her in the ribs a couple times causing her to yelp in pain.

Britney's reflexes react as she captures Nelly's 7th kick to her ribs with her hands. She pulls Nelly toward her while still holding onto her leg completely catching Nelly by surprise. While still holding on to Nelly's leg, she punches her face like a quick-bag (like the boxer's use in practice) with her free hand. Nelly's head snaps back and forth with each punch.

Britney's arm was getting heavy so she changed to a heavier and slower punch to Nelly's head. This gives Nelly the opportunity to strike back. She pokes Britney in the eyes temporarily blinding her and causing her to bring her hands toward her eyes. By doing that Britney was releases Nelly's leg which she had pinned up against her body. Nelly reaches up and pulled Britney's hands away from Britney's eyes and peppered her face with one punch after another forcing her back to the fence. Nelly then lets loose with a whirlwind of punches and kicks to Britney's head, chest and stomach. Britney tried to block them but to no avail. They were coming in too fast and hard.

Nelly charged fast and kneed Britney's exposed stomach several times causing her to double over holding her gut. Nelly then grabs Britney's head up, yanked it up then brought it back down to meet it with her knee. She did it a second time as well, this time doing it so hard that it forced Britney to stand upright. Before Britney could do anything, Nelly kicks Britney hard in the crotch causing her to scream hellishly and double over in pain and invert her knees. Nelly walks to Britney's side, jumped up in the air and executed a text-book bicycle kick on the back of Britney's neck causing Britney to fall flat on her face groaning in pain and barely moving.

Nelly smiles as she admires her handiwork as she dominates her one time so-called friend and group mate. Seeing that she was in control of the match, Nelly walks around the ring, plays to the crowd and does some showboating as well.

In the meantime Madonna and MJH were getting nervous about how badly Britney is getting beaten. "We've got to help Britney out Madonna. She's getting her ass kicked by Nelly and if she loses, we're done as a group. Who knew she could fight so well?" said MJH nervously.

"I know. Slowly start to make your way to the cage door. I'm thinking of getting Britney out of there before Nelly's buddy's get there." whispered Madonna in Melissa's ear.

The two of them slowly started to make their way to the gate. Unfortunately for them, Alyssa spotted them going to the door. She nudged Shakira pointing toward Madonna and MJH, "Check this out. Let's go have a little chat with them." The two of them aproach the blondes. Alyssa got between Madonna and the cage door just as Madonna was about to get there. She looked at Madonna and raised her eyebrow, "Going somewhere Madonna?"

"Get out of my way you fucking bitch." Madonna growled.

"Make me!" snaps Alyssa. Madonna responded with a punch but whiffed as Alyssa ducked underneath it. Alyssa came back with a hard uppercut to her gut, then a knee to her face. She then spun around and kicked her to her face causing Madonna to spin around and fall to the ground with a thud while groaning pain. Alyssa quickly jumps on Madonna's back, grabbed her hair and begins slamming it on the floor. Madonna could do little to stop her. She tried to buck Alyssa off of her but that quickly returned no result.

Alyssa got off Madonna after a couple minutes. Alyssa stood up dragging Madonna to her feet too. She picks up Madonna, twirled her in the air and then slammed her down on her outstretched knee as she knelt down causing Madonna to scream out in pain. Alyssa expertly placed her one hand on Madonna's crotch and another on her neck stretching her body out over her knee. She keeps this applied for a minute or so to weaken her even more before releasing Madonna. Not giving her any rest, Alyssa stood up and began to kick and stomp Madonna's ribs and stomach.

At the same time, Shakira and MJH gets into a slugfest to see who would gain dominance. Shakira soon began to block more and more of MJH's punches. Melissa then whiffed as she over reached on a punch to Shakira. After Shakira ducked underneath this punch, she brought her outer leg up and nailed it square onto Melissa's face causing her to stumble back dazed from the kick.

Not letting up, Shakira buried several deep punches into Melissa's gut, followed by a series of nearly 6 uppercuts that almost knocked Melissa out on her feet. Shakira then grabs Melissa's hair and put her head between her sexy thighs. She hoist Melissa upside down and drops to her knees driving the blonde beauty's head to the concrete floor and knocking her out. Shakira releases Melissa's body letting it fall to the floor. Realizing the MJH is unconscious, Shakira looked for Alyssa to see how she was doing and saw that she was about to finish off Madonna.

Back in the ring, Nelly is absolutely taking it to Britney. She had just finished suplexing the blonde for the 4th time in a row. There is not only no fight left in Britney, there was no energy left in her at all. She was totally exhausted. Nelly on the other hand, was totally pumped and full of energy.

Nelly stood up and was ready to finish off Britney. She brought Britney to her feet by her hair. Britney was on rubber legs at this point and her arms are dangling by her sides. Nelly playfully slapped her face a few times and teases her a bit, "Come on Bitch, don't tell me you're done already. You know how much I'd love for you to beg me to stop and say I won. That way, you're group will cease to exist and Gen Next will pick you guys off one-by-one." She saw she wasn't getting anything out of Britney besides some groans from the playful slapping. Nelly then bitch slapped Britney, not once…but twice (once with each hand.) That seemed to have startled Britney to actually pay attention. "Answer me you damn bitch. You want me to beat your sorry ass some more or do you give up?" screamed Nelly.

Britney rubbed her now sore face. She looked outside of the ring and saw Madonna on her knees getting tortured by Alyssa and Shakira and that her buddy Melissa was out cold. She then turned her attention back to Nelly with a sad face and gulped. She knew she facing an impossible solution. She was in no condition to fight back and there was no help on the way. She did the only thing she could possibly think of; she dropped to her knees before Nelly and looked up at her with tears in her eyes: "I submit Nelly, I can't take anymore. You win. You guys can keep the name Gen Next. I'll do anything you want." The crowd went wild and started to chant Nelly's name.

"That's right Bitch. Now worship my feet and toes." smiled Nelly cruelly. Britney did as she was told as she leaned her head forward and kissed and licked every inch of Nelly's feet. As she was kissing Nelly's toes, Nelly shoved her toes into Britney's mouth causing her to gag on them. "Suck on them bitch." Nelly screamed at Britney.

As Britney continued to suck on Nelly's toes and generally worship her feet, Nelly searched for her teammates and saw they were working over Madonna pretty bad. She yelled out at them, "Hey Girls! I won. We get to stay together. Oh and by the way, keep Madonna conscious, I want to have a little chat with her." She quickly got a thumbs-up and a huge smile from both of her teammates.

Nelly FurtadoNelly returned her attention to Britney who was now finishing up worshipping her feet. She then ordered Britney to sit up as she turned around and had her ass facing Britney. She then took off her panties to reveal her ass. "I remember you and your blonde bimbo buddies made me kiss all your asses before you kicked me out of your precious group. Now it's time for you to kiss my ass…and do a good job too." Britney could only sigh as she complied with Nelly's demand. She puckered up her lips and placed numerous kisses on each of Nelly's ass cheeks.

By this time Alyssa and Shakira were carring Britney's teammates into the octagon with their defeated bodies across their shoulders. Shakira laid the still unconscious Melissa on the ground and Alyssa laid the barely conscious but badly bruised, beaten and naked Madonna on her back. Nelly smiled at her teammates as they came in "Have you girls met my bitch? Introduce yourself to my teammates", Nelly ordered while she was getting her butt worshipped.

Britney looked up and saw that Nelly was talking about her. She then stopped the butt kissing for a second and got a nervous look on her face as she looked at Alyssa and Shakira, "My name is Britney…(sighs)…and I'm Nelly's bitch. I do whatever she tells me to do." said Britney somewhat weakly and sadly.

Alyssa and Shakira laughed at Britney. "Nice work Nelly. You're really coming along. I've got some newfound respect for you. Now what do you want to do with Madonna and your new bitch?" said a smiling Alyssa.

"Well, for Madonna, I'd like to fuck her like she fucked me before the formation of their group and then have Shakira smother her out with her sexy ass. As for my bitch Britney, I'll smother her out with my own ass now. Then, we can have rounds of drinks all night…on their tab."

"Sounds good to me, but where are we going to get a dildo from?" said Alyssa.

"From me." Said a voice behind them. They turned around and it was Natalie Portman…Madonna's long time sex slave.^

"Natalie? What are you doing here?" said a surprised Alyssa.

"I was in town…with Madonna of course, being her sex slave and all. I just followed you guys here for the fight. Anyway, here's the dildo you would need." Said a somewhat happy Natalie.

"Why are you helping us?" asked Alyssa.

"I just couldn't stand being Madonna's sex slave anymore. Let me tell you, it wasn't a lot of fun. I was looking for the first opportunity to bail out and you girls were my best hope. I just want to say thank you for what you girls did. Anyway, you should get back to your work." smile Natalie.

"Natalie, please wait. Would you like to hang out with us after this is done and have a few drinks? They'd be free of course." asked Alyssa.

"Sure. I'd love to." Smiled Natalie.

"Cool." winked Alyssa.

The girls turned their attention back to Britney and Madonna. Nelly instructed Britney to lay on her back. Britney gulped and hesitated but did it anyway out of fear of Gen Next. Nelly then stood over Britney with her ass exposed. As she brought her ass down to Britney's face, Nelly looked over her shoulder and said, "Sweet dreams bitch." Nelly ground her ass down hard onto Britney's face. Britney offered no resistance as she got smothered out.

Within a couple minutes, Britney was completely unconscious under Nelly's ass. Nelly stayed on Britney's face for a few seconds more just to make sure. She then stood up and received the 12" strap-on dildo from Natalie with a smile and a wink. She then put it on and stood in front of the badly dazed Madonna. She spread Madonna's legs wide and then knelt between them. "Payback's a bitch." She screamed as she rammed the dildo into Madonna's vulnerable pussy.

Madonna started to moan almost instantly as Nelly continued ramming the dildo into her pussy. Madonna quickly realized what was happening and that Nelly was the one fucking her with the dildo, but it was too late for her to do anything about it. She resigned herself to getting fucked by Nelly and allowed the pleasure to overtake her. Nelly fucked Madonna's pussy like she would a cheap whore's pussy.

ShakiraAlyssa and Shakira were each chanting, along well as the crowd, the same words that MJH and Britney were saying that fateful day a long time ago, "Make her cum." Nelly was more than happy to comply as she fucked Madonna's pussy fast and hard. She brought Madonna to an orgasm within a couple minutes. After she did this, she continued fucking her for a few more seconds before taking it out and sliding up Madonna's body making her clean off the dildo. Madonna gagged several times as she did this. After she cleaned it off, Nelly stood up and looked at Shakira, "Would you do the honors and make this victory complete?"

"Certainly Nelly." Smile Shakira as the two passed each other. Shakira stood over Madonna's face with her ass toward her. Shakira then shook her ass and swayed her hips as she lowered herself onto Madonna's face. Madonna could do little as her face was being smothered by the best looking and sexiest ass on one of the sexiest woman on the planet. Shakira had expertly applied the face smother on Madonna's face, thus allowing her no air whatsoever. Within a minute, Madonna was completely out under Shakira's ass.

Soon after Shakira smothered Madonna out under her ass, she stood up. The trio of Gen Next each took turns posing over their defeated opponents and now defunct 'Blond Ambition'.

They went back to the bar they came from along with Natalie and all the guys that followed them from the bar. They bought everyone drinks all night long…all on Madonna's, MJH's and Britney's cards. They toasted each other to their groups victory and dismantling of an opposing group.

* Nelly's expelled from the group
^ Madonna dominates Natalie

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