Blond Ambition Style
LeAnn Rimes versus Blond Ambition
NOTE - This story immediately follows FINDING J.LO 3
are all smiles about adding Uma Thurman's help to even the numbers against the Fab Four. They head to their hotel to change before meeting with Uma later and hunting for their adversaries.

Britney picks up a current events pamphlet in the back of the limo. "Oh Shit!" Britney exclaims. 'Guess who's doing the House of Blues tonight..... LeAnn Rimes!"

Madonna and Melissa knew Britney still carries a grudge against LeAnn for turning on her when she exited Britney's Generation Next. * "Driver!" Madonna shouts, "To The House of Blues. We've got a country hick to get even with."

Britney quietly reflects on those days before the ABA when she and Generation Next ruled the league. She blames LeAnn for tearing the fabric of their rule. They tried to replace LeAnn with that phony friend, Nelly Furtado. Then allowing Christina Aguilera's spy, Mya infiltrated their ranks, signaled the end of her dominance. Not even Madonna's guidance has been able to put her back on top. Getting even with LeAnn will start things going right again, Britney thinks. It starts here. Destroy the Fab Four here in Vegas, then on to the ABA.

LeAnn is rehearsing in the House of Blue's arena for her show later that night. She is aware of what's going on with the Fab Four, it is of no concern of hers. She had semi-retired from fighting after Beyonce Knowles used her as a door mat during her debut match.

She is interrupted by Britney Spears coming down the center aisle mockingly clapping her hands. "Whooo Hoooo! and best performance by a backstabbing bitch goes to LeAnn Rimes" Britney announces. "I never got to thank you for that match against Christina Applegate, when I beat her, but your two-timing ass stabbed me in the back.**

"Britney!?!?" says a puzzled LeAnn. "What tha hell are you doing here?" LeAnn composes herself a bit, "It doesn't matter. I kicked your butt for leaving me out ta dry with that kinky old coot Madonna, but if you need me ta kick your phat butt again, bring it on this stage."

Britney did not need a second invitation, she runs toward the stage and starts climbing onto it. LeAnn, proving not to be above taking advantage of a situation, attacks while Britney is in a vulnerable position of climbing onto the stage. LeAnn kicks Britney in the face while she is the defenseless position, stunning her. She reaches down and captures Britney by her blonde hair and pulls her onto the stage.

Britney is down on her hands and knees as LeAnn pounds down onto her. The country gal is already having thoughts of victory as she dreams of Britney's humiliating defeat. She looks up and sees Melissa Joan Hart and Madonna coming down the aisle and towards the stage. "Cheating bitch, I shoulda known you didn't have tha guts ta come alone" LeAnn says.

Britney only needed that momentary distraction. She grabs LeAnn around the knees and jerks her off balance. LeAnn hits the deck hard, landing on her back. Britney clasp her hands above her head and slams them down on LeAnn's belly. LeAnn lets out a loud shout and instinctively rolls into a ball. Britney is unrelenting, she slams her clasp fist all over LeAnn's body wherever she can find an opening. LeAnn sits up, perhaps to try to escape, but Britney swings her clasped hands like a club and nails the country cutie in the face. LeAnn falls back to the ground, obviously hurt.

Britney stands and uses LeAnn for a dance floor as she kicks and stomps her victim as Madonna and Melissa climb onto the stage. Britney hair hauls LeAnn to her feet and rockets another fist into her stomach to double her over before slinging her face first into a drum set at the back of the stage. LeAnn makes a loud crash landing as she knocks over the drums. Sounds of drum beatings and cymbal clashes echos throughout the arena. Busted and beaten, LeAnn lies atop the rubble.

Britney strikes a pose and says "Ta Daaaaa!" to her friends.

Melissa struts over to LeAnn and pulls the moaning blond to her feet. "Nobody leaves us without paying a price" she says. Melissa forces LeAnns head down and brings her knee up simultaneously, nailing her foe in the face. A few more knees sends LeAnn even further down Dream Street. Melissa grabs a hold of LeAnn's T-shirt, and easily pulls it off over Melissa's head. She next unclasps the girl's bra, allowing it to fall to the stage. With this completed she slings the dazed girl back in Britney's direction.

LeAnn goes staggering and stumbling toward Britney. As she arrives Britney executes a spinning kick that explodes on LeAnn's chin. The country cutie is dropped like a bad habit. Britney reaches down and clutches the nearly KO'd cutie around her throat and hauls her back to her feet. Britney holds her in place with one hand and slaps her across the face repeatedly with the other hand.

Le Ann's arms dangle lifelessly by her sides as she helplessly accepts the punishment. Finally the sobbing cutie breaks and whines, "I'm sorry Britney, please stop." Britney continues slapping. "I'm so sorry Britney, please forgive me, I'll never bother you again please just leave me alone" LeAnn pleads.

Finally Britney ends her asault, more from fatigue than mercy. "Are you really sorry?" asks Britney.

"Oh she's sorry alright" Madonna says, "So sorry that I'd never would have let you in the group" Madonna finishes to the amusement of her young friends.

After chuckling from Madonna's comment, Britney says, "Since you are so sorry, I want you to do us a little favor, you want to do us favor don't you?"

LeAnn wears a dreadful and depressed expression as she answers, "Yeah, I'll do you a favor."

Good" Britney says cheerfully, "All we want you to do is tell the Fab Four, and everyone else that Blond Ambition's here, and we're here to kick ass!"

Next thing LeAnn knows, she is taken outside the House of Blues to the Las Vegas strip. The warm suns beats down on her bare blushing breasts causing a sexy sheen of sweat to cover them. The thousands outside are astonished to see a half naked celebrity up close and personal. A couple of minutes later, LeAnn finds herself bound and gagged to a bicycle drawn carriage, that carries vacationers up and down the strip. The carriage takes her up and down strip carrying Britiney's message written across her chest in large red writing, "Blonde Ambition is Here!"

Britney smiles and waves as the carriage drives off, "And don't forget, bring her back to our room after she's done for some more fun!" she shouts.

Britney's amusement of her half naked rival being paraded on the Las Vegas strip is interrupted by her "Hit Me Baby One More Time" ring tone playing on her cell phone. "Hello" Britney answers her cell phone.

"It's Uma" the voice on the other end replies. "The Fab Four and Gen Next are fighting in a dress shop at Caesars Palace, right now! ^ I'm almost there."

"Great, we're right up the street, we'll meet you." Britney answers back.

The girls rush to Caesars where they meet Uma Thurman, only to find the fight is over, and the Fab Four long gone. They did however; find Generation Next and Vivica Fox serving their penance for losing by being live lingerie models in a glass display case outside of the shop. Although Uma was upset about Vivica's defeat, the Blond Ambition girls laughed heartily at Generation Next's plight. "Ha you imposters got what you deserve" Melissa laughs.

"Yeah I'm the originator of Generation Next!" Britney proclaims, "When I left the group, the name should have died. You're just a bunch of pretenders and phonies, and if you weren't behind that glass, I'd....."

"You'd do what?" Nelly interrupts, wearing a mean sneer. "I'm sick of your shit bitch!" Nelly says. "I put up with your big mouth when I was in the group, but now I don't have to, you over rated swamp rat. I won't be locked in here forever, and after the Fab Four kicks your butts, we can have it out. If you want to put an end to our Generation Next, I'll be waiting." Nelly finishes glaring intently into Britney's eyes.

Britney is shaken by Nelly's threat. Something about the look in her eyes shown nothing but a woman with an intense desire to do her bodily harm. "You're on!" replies Britney, gathering as much false bravado as she could muster. "Let's go" Britney says as she hurries her crew down the hall in search of the Fab Four.

Madonna leads her group down the hall connecting Caesar's palace to The Bellagio casino. They arrive in the hotel lobby, and there is no sign of the Fab Four. "Damn too late" Madonna says. "I want to get them before the ABA finds them. It's going to be Blond Ambition that takes those bitches down. Once we do, we'll torture them until that queer Stone Rage signs over the league to us to save his prize cows."

On the way out, they pass by two strange guys talking to security wearing nothing but their boxer shorts. "I'm telling you it was Halle fuckin' Berry and Fucking Pam Anderson.... they seduced us, and took our pants." one guy explains.

"Yeah right" says the laughing security guard.

The light bulb goes on above Madonna's head. She approaches the guys and tells the guards, "Don't worry officers, they're friends of ours we'll help them" the guards quickly exit laughing at how blasted some guys get in Vegas. "So tell me guys how did you come across Pam and Halle?" Madonna asks.

"It was Halle and Pam with Jennifer Lopez and Tia Carrere, they seduced us, promised us sex, and then took our clothes and our room keys. Are you really Madonna?" says the frantic guy.

"Yeah I'm Madonna, and I believe you guys. Not only that, I'm going to help you two out." Madonna announces. "I'm going to help you get Ms. Berry, Ms. Anderson, J.Lo and Tia AND make sure they make good on their promise of sex with you. Let's go to the front desk and get another room key so the fun can begin!" Madonna says with a wink.


* Uma hooks up with Blond Ambition - Finding J.Lo 4
** Britney vs Christina 1
^ Escape from Las Vegas 1
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