Fab Four versus Blond Ambition w/Uma Thurman
NOTE - This story immediately follows Escape from Las Vegas 1
NOTE - This story also immediately follows EFLV Blond Ambition Style
The Fab Four are all smiles as they watch the manger of the dress shop escort the bra & panty clad Generation Next & Vivica Fox into a glass display case to "pay for damages done to the store". Then they hear someone in the crowd say, "Hey isn't that Jenny McCarthy coming up the hall?"

The members of the Fab Fours eyes all get big. "We'd better leave... fast!" advises Tia Carrere.

All the Fab Four agreed. None of them are ready for another confrontation after battling Gen Next. The gorgeous ladies break out into a brisk sprint out the shop and down the mall hall that separates Caesar's Palace from the Bellagio. The security guards, who have maintained constant surveillance of the quartet with countless security cameras through out Vegas, are ready to start jerking off, as they watch the women run down the hall in their various forms of undress.

Pam Anderson leads the way. She's the only woman fully dressed, but her stolen 'Janet Jackson T-Shirt' containing her mammoth bouncing tits are the images that fantasies are made of. Halle Berry follows close behind, in only a skimpy black bra & panty set. Her sleek toned, sexy body ripples with muscles and sinew as she runs, displaying what a perfect anatomy should look like. Jennifer runs minus her pants, that she removed to smother Shakira into submission. Her huge, sexy ass jiggles like a bowl of jello underneath her frilly lace panties. Tia Carrere brings up he rear, topless from the waist up. Her prize tits, that helped her nab a Playboy cover, bounce like she is filming a video tape for the esteemed magazine.

Pam leads the quartet out of the mall and into the Bellagio hotel. Pam spots two young men in their mid 20's exiting an elevator. The blonde charge into one guys arms, and pushes him back into the elevator. Halle charges into the other guy's chest and pushes him back into the elevator as well. Both buxom starlets snuggle in the arms of the two surprised guys, and Tia as Jennifer pile into the elevator too. "Hey big boy... wanta help a girl out? I'll make it worth your while." Pam says to the wide-eyed, smitten guy who just realized he has the international superstar, Pam Anderson in his arms.

"Yeah, we need the help of a big, strong man." Halle Berry adds.

"Sure anything" stutters one guy who can not believe their luck.

"We need a little privacy" Pam says with a sexy giggle. "Are you guys staying here?" The playful blonde asks.

"Yeah...." replies the guy, still not believing their luck, "We're both dentist, here for a convention."

Pam and Halle look at each other and smile with Halle saying, "Perfect" Halle pulls the guy's golf shirt off over his head, and presses her bra & panty clad body against his, and rubs up and down. "Ooooh my guy's chest is making me hot", she purrs.

Pam pulls her guy's shirt off too. She feels a poke against her coming from his groin area. "You want some of this, don't you, Big Boy?" Pam seductively adds.

Halle drops to her knees, and unfastens the guy's shorts, and pulls them off of him. She tosses the shorts and shirt to Tia. Halle rises back to her feet and turns around and starts grinding her sexy ass against the guy. "Ooohh I need this... I need it right now." Halle says. The dentist cups his hands onto Halles tits and caresses them.

Pam has removed her guy's shorts and tossed them to Jennifer. She stands and puts her monster tits on his chest, and reaches into his underwear and strokes his dick feverishly with her hand. The guy reaches around and gets two handfuls of Pam's ass and squeezes. While both men were concentrating on not blowing their wad there in the elevator, neither noticed, Tia and Jennifer searching their pockets for their room keys. Once they found the key cards, they wave them so Pam and Halle could see they had them.

"What's your room number? I want you to fuck me.. fuck me right now" Halle says, doing her best sound trampy.

"I promise the best sex of your life.. What's your room number?" Pam says.

"1438" both guys stammer. As soon as the number is spoken, Tia presses the button to open the elevator doors. Pam and Halle face the dentist, and simultaneously fire their knees into the guy's nuts. While both are exclaiming in pain, they toss both guy out of the elevator and onto the lobby floor in their underwear.

"I promised the best sex, but I never said with us," Pam says, as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a roll of several hundred dollar bills. "But I'm sure you can find plenty of nice prostitutes to help you" Pam smiles. "After all, this is Vegas!"

"Sorry guys, we really need your room for a few hours but, come back after you've found that sex thing, okay?" Halle says with a grin as the elevator doors close.

Jennifer is already putting the guy's shorts on over that magnificent booty, and Tia is putting on a guy's golf shirt. They hand Halle the other guy's outfit to put on. "Now we have clothes and a place to hide for a while, now what?" Pam asks.

"We rest... We have a lot of fighting to do to escape Las Vegas." Tia says as the quartet enter the dentist's room, and collapse on the beds for a much needed nap.

The beautiful babes slumber for a few of hours, but are awaken to the noise of someone entering the hotel suite. "Wakie wakie booty bitches and scandalous whores" sang a voice. The Fab Four all open their eyes, trying to focus them on the voice that is all too familiar. Once they do focus, they see Madonna, standing with the two dentist that they disrobed in the elevator.

"The craziest thing happened. After we stopped by to laugh at Generation Next in that shop window, we saw these guys trying to explain to security, that the Fab Four mugged them." The two boxer shorts wearing dentist step out from behind Madonna.* "A few dollars at the front desk got us a room key, and here we are." Madonna continues. "Now, which of these nasty sluts promised you sex?" Madonna asks.

"It was Halle Berry and Pam Anderson" the dentist answer.

"Good! Before we're done, We'll make sure they honor that promise" Madonna answers.

"I'm going to enjoy making Halle gets hers." Uma Thurman emphasizes.

Pam looks in shock at Uma saying, "Oh my, Uma Thurman has joined Blond Ambition!"

"No you fucking idiot, I'm just here to get payback for my girl Vivica Fox!" Uma says annoyed and rolling her eyes.

"Oh" Pam says looking dumbfounded. "Well she is blonde.... I didn't know." Pam mutters, drawing a slight snicker of amusement from her teammates.

The amusement quickly ends as Blond Ambition strikes. Madonna leaps on top of Tia as she lies on the bed next to Pam. Britney yanks Pam to her feet by her blonde hair. Jennifer sees Melissa reaching for her and reacts with a punch to her lips that knocks her back. Uma pins Halle on the bed and starts slapping her face. The blonds have a definite advantage the Fab Four, who are still not alert from just waking up from their deep sleep.

Halle struggles underneath Uma to somehow knock her off her perch. Uma rides Halle's thrust and throws like she is breaking a stuborn mare. When the occasion presents itself, Uma fires sharp punches down into Halle's face. Each punch pounding Halle's face reduces her resistance and takes the fight out of her.

Meanwhile, Jennifer's punch sent Melissa reeling back until she was backed against a desk. Jennifer leaps off the bed, and charges toward Melissa, but unfortunately for her, she charges cunt first into Melissa's knee. Jennifer grunts loudly and doubles over. Melissa grabs Jennifer by the hair and slams her face into the desk. Jennifer swoons and her knees buckle. A short right hand punch to the jaw floors the latina.

Jennifer quickly rises back to her hands and knees. Melissa has no intentions of allowing Jennifer any mercy, she delivers swift kicks to Jennifer's stomach, ribs and breast. Jennifer squeals and holds her throbbing ribs and belly. Melissa stops and pushes Jennifer over face first on the carpet. She places her foot in-between Jennifer's shoulder blades, and reaches down and grabs two large handfuls of Jennifer's hair. Melissa stands up straining Jennifer's neck back in this modified surfboard hold. Jennifer howls in agony, as she feels Melissa is about to rip her head off her shoulders by her hair. This torture lasts until two large patches of J. Lo's brown hair are torn out by the roots. Melissa glares down at Jennifer as she lies on the floor holding her blazing scalp.

Seeing Jennifer down, Melissa decides to put her out. The witch sits on Jennifer's back, and wraps her short, strong legs around Jennifer's body. She places one forearm across Jennifer's throat, and wraps the other arm around Jennifer's head putting Jennifer in a rear naked choke. Melissa squeezes with her legs and chokes Jennifer with her arms. Jennifer weakly, and hoplessly struggles to escape, shocking Melissa with her lack of resistance. In record time Jennifer falls limp in Melissa's clutches. Melissa pushes Jennifer's lifeless body from in-between her legs. Jennifer's lifeless body rolls out of Melissa's legs and comes to a stop, face down on the carpet.

Halle is still twisting, turning, and struggling underneath Uma. The blonde rides out all of Halle's attempts, and keeps hammering her face with wicked fist whenever possible. The rosy red color of Halle's cheeks and nose along with the tormented expression on Halle's face tells Uma how effective her assault has been. No matter how much Halle tries, she cannot buck Uma off of her, nor can she avoid Uma's fist that is pounding her face. Halle knows Uma is wearing her down. Then Uma catches Halle with a hard punch across her chin that knocks her senseless. Halle only goes limp momentarily, but it is enough time for Uma to capture both of Halle's skinny wrists and pin them above her head with just one of her hands. The other hand forms a fist and pounds Halle's face unmercifully. Halle feels like the fist has the force and frequency of a jackhammer.

Uma pounds Halle until her eyes rolls back in her skull, and she is obviously out cold. While still sitting on Halle, Uma takes Halle's stolen golf shirt, and pulls it off over her head. Uma then unclasps the unconscious academy award winner's bra, and snatches it off too. Uma finishes by using the bra to bound Halle's wrists to the bed's headboard.

Madonna and Tia are wrestling on the bed. They roll around violently on the king sized bed. The pair go over the edge, and fall to the floor. Luckily for Madonna she lands on top, crushing Tia under her body weight. Tia strikes from the bottom, nailing Madonna with a few punches to the face. Madonna realizes Tia's legs are spread apart, with her legs inside of Tia's. Madonna uses one of her legs and pushes Tia's legs further apart, and uses the point of her free knee to drive it into Tia's cunt.

"Aaahhrrrggg!" screams Tia from the sharp pain between her legs. Madonna drives her knee into Tia's cunt again and again. Tia tries to fire back at Madonna's face, but her punches are not causing near as much damage as Madonna's knee due to being in the disadvantage position of lying flat on her back. Tia knows she cannot take much more, and uses all her strength to throw Madonna from on top of her.

Tia scrambles to her feet and tries to put some distance between her and Madonna to nurse her wounds. As Tia flees, the blonde grabs her from behind by her shirt and spins the Hawaiian around to face her. When Tia turns, Madonna is waiting with a Joe Frazier-like right hook that lands on Tia's chin. Tia's head snaps to the left with saliva spraying out of her mouth. Tia takes a few uncoordinated steps, still trying to get away, but finds she no longer has full control of her legs. So, after those steps, falls face first to the floor.

Tia quickly regain some of her barrings, or perhaps it is instincts, but the tough lady rises to her knees. When she tries to push up to her feet, she finds she has neither the strength nor the coordination to make it to her feet. Madonna prances around to Tia and pulls Tia's head in-between her legs. Madonna reaches down and grabs Tia around the waist and hoist her upside down and piledrives Tia's head into the floor. Like Jennifer, Tia too now lies face down, unconscious on the floor.

All this time, Britney and Pam have been battling, toe-to-toe, yanking hair, scratching slapping and punching. As the action gets more heated, Britney unexpectedly backs off. Pam is into the fight. "What bitch? What? Are you scared?" Pam yells. Then Pam looks around and calmly says "oh".

Pam has surveyed the scene and found her pals, Tia and Jennifer face down and out. Halle is tied helplessly to the bed and now Madonna, Uma and Melissa with Britney are circling her like a pack of sharks. "Get her" Britney says, and Madonna and Melissa grab Pam by the arms. Britney takes Pam's stolen Janet Jackson T-shirt from Janet's house, and pulls it off. Uma starts unfastening Pam's shorts. In seconds Pam is reduced to bra and panties. Seven seconds later Pam has those ripped off.

"To the bed" Madonna orders and the four ladies pull Pam toward the open bed beside Halle. They stretch her out on her back and use her bra to tie her wrist to the headboard like Halle. "Okay guys, time for these two to make good on their promise." Madonna says to the two dentist.

'Uh wait a minute" says one of the guys, "We can't rape them".

"What do you mean rape?" says Uma as she strips Halle of her shorts and panties. "Its consensual" Says Uma as she clutches one of Halle's tits and squeezes it and twist. "Isn't it Halle?"

"Ahhh!" Halle yells "Yeah! Fuck me you little weenie before this bitch kills me!" Halle orders.

"Yeah, you know me" Pam says as Britney gives her a menacing look, "I love dicks." Pam finishes.

"I suggest you guys start with a blowjob, while we deal with Tia and J.Ho, I mean J.Lo" Madonna says. The two hard dick dentists were happy to follow that suggestion. "Don't worry, you guys will have hours to do whatever you want with those two." Madonna says.

The dentists climb onto Halle and Pam's chest with their rock hard dicks in their hands. They grab the bound starlets by the hair and lift their heads off the pillow. Halle and Pam each open their mouths and swallow their erections. The girls have limited movement being bound to the bed, so the guys have to pump their pelvis' to help out. They both maintain grips of two handfuls of hair to hold their heads up, and go to work. Halle and Pam suck and lick as best as they can given the restricting conditions. Halle unconsciously rotates and grinds her pelvis, she is getting so hot and horny from sucking the dick. She can not wait till the dentist sticks his meat into her sopping wet cunt and give her some satisfaction and release.

Now that Halle and Pam are being used as human blow up dolls, making slurping noises and going "mmmmmm" The blondes turn their attention to the groggy figures just waking up on the floor. Britney walks to Jennifer, and grabs a handful of the back of her shirt and pulls the moaning latina to her feet. Uma aggressively grabs the front of the shirt and the blondes pull from either side. Expectedly the fabric tears in two, and off of Jennifer. Britney grabs the back of Jennifer's bra, and pulls the strap back, and releases it allowing it to snap back, stinging Jennifer's back with the old high school prank. Jennifer exclaims "Ouch" and reels forward into a stinging slap from Uma. Jennifer exclaims again and reels away from the pair.

"That's It" yells Jennifer, "I've had it with you two!" As she makes her statement she reaches behind her back and unclasps her own bra and takes it off and starts swirling it like a weapon. Quick as lightening, Jennifer strikes out with her bra, using it as a whip lashing her victims across the face. Each blond recoils from the stinging lash of the bra.

Jennifer strikes as quickly as a cat, first kicking Uma in the stomach, sending her staggering back. Second, Jennifer wraps the bra around Britney's neck and slings her across the room with the aid of the garment. Another quick striking knee to the nose puts Uma down, and Jennifer turns back to the rising Britney.

Jennifer wished she and Britney were alone in the room. Last time she fought Britney, the blond totally dominated her, destroyed her, a humiliating defeat.^ She was told about the Curse of Aguilera, it explained a lot about what has happened to her, but she did not feel it caused that defeat. No, Britney beat her fairly, dominatingly, and humiliating. But more redemption is about to be gained for her in Vegas.

Both superstars charge toward each other. At the point of impact, J.Lo goes low, while Britney stays high. Jennifer hits Britney on her upper thighs and sends her flying like a linebacker blasting a running back on the Madden video game. Britney lands on her back in a heap. Jennifer turns back to the rising Uma and launches herself like a missile and blasts though her with a flying clothesline.

Across the room Melissa is pulling Tia to her feet by her silky black hair. Tia is still hurting from Madonna's pile driver, and is very manageable. Melissa pushes Tia's back against the wall and buries her fist into the brunette's belly. Madonna joins in and they treat the actress like a heavy bag sending punch after punch into her midsection. Poor Tia only groans and tries to cover up under this vicious assault.

Jennifer follows up on Uma. She lifts the blonde in the air, and drops her face first on the desk in a snake eyes type move. The move definitely works, as Uma crumples limply to the carpet. Jennifer turns to Britney as she rises. Jennifer scoops her up into bodyslam position and runs across the room to where Madonna and Melissa are pounding Tia. The blonde's backs are turned to Jennifer and they do not see her coming, although Tia does. At the last moment Tia moves out of the way and Jennifer throws Britney's body into Madonna and Melissa. Both blondes face slams into the wall falls to the in one big heap.

"Get Uma!" Jennifer instructs Tia, "I've got this under control." Although hurting herself, Tia goes after Uma.

Tia grabs Uma by her hair and hauls her to her feet. Tia is hurting badly, but Uma is hurting more. Uma surprises Tia, and probably herself, by countering with a knee to Tia's crotch. Tia grunts and bends over a bit, then wraps her still strong arms around Uma's body. Fueled by determination more than anything, Tia lifts Uma and with a twist, slams Uma to the floor with a belly-to-belly suflex. Uma's head bounces on the floor, and Tia's crushing body knocks the breath out of her. Tia keeps her arms around Uma, and pulls her to her feet as Tia rises herself. Then Tia takes her back down with another suflex. Uma lands with a resounding thud. This suflex appears to have an even more devastating effect, on Uma. Uma's body looks lifeless as Tia hauls her up for a third consecutive belly-to-back suflex. Uma's arms flail like a rag doll as she flies through the air before coming to an abrupt landing being crushed under Tia.

Uma is out cold from this last suflex. Tia smartly surveys the room for something to tie Uma up and keep her out of this fight. All she sees is a box of dental floss that the dentist got from a vendor at the convention. "Hmpt MacGyver would use it" thinks the action star. Tia reaches in the box and opens a package of dental floss. Tia loops the dental floss around Uma's wrist countless times to make sure the thin floss would hold the blonde.

Across the room Britney and Madonna are first to stand. "I'm going to beat yo ass worst than last time." Britney threatens as she advances toward Jennifer. Jennifer responds to the threat with a big backhand slap that knocks the taste out of Britney's mouth. Britney falls back against the wall.

"Why you..." Madonna is able to mutter before Jennifer puts her hand over the blonde's face and mushes her back into the wall beside Britney. Both blondes are stunned by the tough latina. Jennifer captures both by their flowing blonde locks and uses them as handles to slam the back of both their heads into the wall. Once, twice, third time is the charm as the blonde's heads knock two holes in the wall an knocks both blondes unconscious. Jennifer releases them allowing both her victims to crumple to the floor.

Melissa is shocked to see Madonna and Britney disposed of so quickly. She stands several feet from Jennifer as she turns to face her. "You're not so tough, just a few minutes ago I beat your Double Whopper ass like I owned it." Melissa says gathering her own confidence. "Besides, my big tush is much better than that tub of laird behind you. You'll be kissing my ass after I beat you!"

Jennifer answers with an attitude ridden "Whateva!"

Melissa, trying to make sure she strikes first, charges Jennifer and nails her with a stiff punch. Jennifer's head snaps to the side and she staggers back. Melissa fires another, then another and another. She is marching Jennifer backwards toward the room door. Tia takes this opportunity to use her trusty dental floss to tie up Britney and Madonna.

Melissa feels extremely confident as she closes on Jennifer for the kill. All that confidence does not help as Melissa walks forward into a high kick from Jennifer worthy of a Radio City Music Hall Rockette. Melissa's head snaps back, her eyes roll back in her head, and finally her stiff body falls backward to the floor. Jennifer looks down on Melissa really hoping she would get up, but she is out like a light. "Damn" Jennifer says, "I was really looking forward to her licking this big ol' ass" Jennifer says to Tia, who's busy tying up Britney.

"Talking about your big ass again?" Tia asks, "Good to have the old Jennifer back." Tia says with a smile. "Now tie the midget up" Tia continues while tossing her a pack of dental floss.

Tia Carrere"Why do I have to do everything" Jennifer wines. "I knocked her out. What about those two lazy daisies on the bed?" Jennifer chirps out. "Oh Haaallllleeeee..... Paaaammmmmmm!"

Pam answers, "Whaaaap whaaap whaaawhaaa wick" barely able to talk with the dick in her mouth.

"Whuck Whu!" says Halle "whaak whick whaaa whhaa" She continues spouting incoherent words due to the dick in her mouth as well.

Jennifer enjoys a chuckle at her friends expense. When Tia forcefully says, "Okay guys, you've had your fun, now untie my friends and get your filthy dicks out of their mouth." The dentist do as told, not wanting to face Tia or J.Lo's wrath after what has happened to the blondes.

A few minutes later the dentist have released Halle and Pam while Jennifer and Tia have secured the blondes. As the dentist look down at the deliciously defeated and bound blondes they remind Halle and Pam that they promised them sex, and they have not delivered yet.

All eyes fall on the bound blondes lying on the floor. Madonna quickly and nervously answers, "I'm married!"

"Me too" says Britney.

"Me three" Melissa quickly interjects. "Try Uma... Uma's not married!"

"So what do you say Bones?" Tia asks Uma, "It's your choice. Fulfill my friends promise, or stay out here with us and face your punishment with your weasely friends?"

Uma ThurmanUma releases a long sigh, but knew what the most intelligent answer is, "Okay I'll take the perverted dentist, Just make sure you make these bitches suffer... and suffer good!"

"Don't worry they will" Jennifer answers. She walks to a closet and opens the door, "Now Uma, and dentist, your passion suite waits". The Dentist helps Uma to her feet and escorts her into the small closet. Jennifer closes the door behind them. Halle and Pam pushes a desk in front of the closet door, making sure no one will escape.

"Now what do we do with these three?" Tia asks.

"I don't know, but we better do it quick" Halle says pointing up to a security camera, that's surely broadcasting this episode all over Vegas. "But I do have an idea" Halle says as she finds a box of battery powered toothbrushes that the dentist have received from a vendor at the convention too.

Thirty minutes later, the Fab Four is long gone. For the second time, there's a lot of thumping and bumping coming from the closet followed by Uma yelling, "YESS.. YES YES YES YES.. WORK IT!" followed by Uma howling like a wolf in the moonlight. "Come on you wimps lets go again" she says to the two panting dentist.

Madonna, Britney and Melissa find themselves tied on the bed, buck naked. Their wrists are tied to the headboards. Unfortunately they are folded up like matchbooks with their ankles tied to the headboard as well with dental floss of course. They are all moaning and cooing like corner whores with buzzing battery-powered toothbrushes stuck in their cunts. Their sex juices are soaking the sheets, and will continue until the Energizer Bunnies in their batteries stops. They want to call for help, but the dentist socks gag them. Just another night in Vegas, Baby!

* Escape From Las Vegas-Blond Ambition Style
^ J. Lo vs Britney 2

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