The day after Shakira challenged Alicia Silverstone for the Bootylicious title, Alicia accepted it. In her interview with FHM, Alicia spoke about her upcoming match with Shakira, "That fucking bitch thinks she can beat me and my ass after only one fucking victory. She is dead wrong. I'm going to beat her ass and then smother her with my own sexy ass to prove I've got the better ass."

When Shakira heard the comments, she just shrugged them off and smiled, "If she thinks her ass is so sexy, then how come I've got the most downloaded ass on the internet? How come everyone is talking about my ass?"

The two fighters were now in a war of words until the match. They both worked themselves up. When the match day finally came and both fighters were as ready as they could possibly be.

The Generation Next members were excited that Shakira has recieved her first title shot in the league. They were all there to support her and give her confidence. Alyssa approached Shakira, gently grabbed Shakira's hands and smiled at her, "Don't worry about anything Shakira. You'll do fine in the match. Just follow your own advice of staying calm and focused. You're one hell of a fighter. I'm confident in your fighting skills and that you'll come back as champion after the match. Besides, you've got one hell of an ass. It's a hell of lot better than Alicia's. I would rather have lost the title to you than her."*

Shakira giggled and nearly blushed, "Thanks for believing in me Alyssa. You've always been a good friend to me, as have all of you. I will dedicate this match to you Alyssa. I know it was a heartbreaking loss to Alicia for you and I will avenge you."

The two hugged, "Thanks Shakira. You didn't have to dedicate the match to me, but I do appreciate the gesture. It means a lot to me. When you win, we'll all be here waiting for you to celebrate your victory. I'd even kiss your ass cheeks after the match." Smiled Alyssa.

"I'll kiss them too." Chimed in Nelly and Kelly in quick succession of Alyssa's last comments.

"Thanks, you guys are the best." Shakira smiled as she hugged each of them before she left for the ring.

Shakira was introduced first to the ring to her new song "Hips Don't Lie". The crowd cheered wildly as she came down the ramp. She played to the crowd after she got to the ring, blowing the kisses and waving to her adoring fans. Alicia was introduced next to the "Batman & Robin" movie theme song. She received a chorus of cheers and boos, but mostly boos. The two beautiful fighters stared at each other as Alicia entered the ring and handed the title to me, The G-Man, as I am the referee. After I gave the belt to the holder outside, I called for the bell to start the match.

"You're going down bitch!" Exclaimed Alicia as she charged at Shakira, only to have Shakira sidestep her at the last second and drop her with a drop-toe hold.

The two fighters quickly got back up. Shakira was the first to attack with a snap kick to Alicia's gut, followed up by a knee to the face as Alicia doubled over. She followed that up with a series of punches to Alicia's face. Throughout the punching, Alicia was able to get a kick away and nail Shakira square in the gut. "OOOOOFFFFFFFFF" exclaimed Shakira as she grabbed her stomach. Alicia followed the kick with a series of hard jabs to Shakira's face and then an uppercut sending Shakira off her feet and to her back.

Alicia stopped to wink at the crowd and pat her own plump ass. That was enough time for Shakira to recover. As Alicia approached her, Shakira quickly snapped her leg out and connected with the side of Alicia's left knee spreading her legs apart. She followed that up with several sole kick toe Alicia's crotch causing her to yelp in pain, double over covering her crotch and invert her legs.

Shakira quickly got up, kneed Alicia several times in the head. Those wicked knees opena cut causing Alicia to start bleeding. Shakira grabbed Alicia's hair and nearly dragged her to the turnbuckles and began slamming her head to the top turnbuckle. Shakira stopped after connecting twenty times. She grabbed Alicia's arm and guided her to the other turnbuckle where instead of running into it she grabbed the top ropes and lifted herself up and saw Shakira whiz by underneath her. Alicia landed on her feet and smiled as Shakira turned around in shock. Alicia peppered Shakira's face and body with punched and karate chops.

Alicia grew a smug smile as she was taking it to Shakira. Her mistake came when she tried to imitaite 'The Rock' when she leaned back, extended her arm out and spat on it. When she brought her arm forward to smack Shakira, but Shakira grabbed her arm and reversed the position she was in. Now Alicia was in the corner getting her face and body peppered with punches and karate chops. "Payback's a bitch, huh Alicia?" chuckled Shakira as Alicia yelped and groaned in pain.

Not wanting to make the mistake Alicia did, Shakira chose to ram her shoulder into Alicia's gut again and again. Shakira rammed her shoulder into Alicia's gut 30 times effectively taking the air completely out of her. She stood back a second to watch Alicia drop down to her ass in the corner. Shakira then began to kick Alicia's face with one quick kick after another. She continued that for nearly a minute. The kicks took a heavy toll on Alicia as her resistance was being worn down.

Shakira then reached down and grabbed Alicia by the hair, brought her to her feet. Shakira paraded Alicia around the ring and then finally brought her to the center of the ring. Alicia was effectively done by this point as she dragged her feet and her arms dangled.

Shakira then put Alicia into a headlock, hoisted her up into the air vertically. Shakira held her up for a few seconds to let the blood flow down to her head before falling to her ass and dropping Alicia onto her head. Alicia's head hit the mat with a sickening thud before her body fell to the mat nearly unconscious.

Shakira got up and took off her bikini/mini skirt bottom to reveal her hot, sexy ass much to the pleasure of the crowd and me. She stood over Alicia with her ass toward her. She looked over her shoulder toward Alicia: "Say bye to your precious title Alicia. I've got the better booty." Shakira swayed her ass from side to side as she lowered it onto Alicia's face. Alicia could only offer token resistance since she was nearly beat unconscious already by Shakira.

Within a minute, Alicia was out under Shakira's ass. I quickly moved in and administered the 3 count on Alicia and then called for the bell making it official. Shakira is the new Bootylicious champion. I quickly grabbed the belt and handed it to Shakira who smiled and winked at me. I raised her arm in victory.

As I held Shakira's arm up she whispered in my ear, "The girls promised to kiss my ass if I won the title. I know you weren't there, but since you're our ally and you…"

"I'd love to kiss your ass Shakira." I cut off Shakira before she could finish. Shakira smiled at me as we went to the team locker room.

The girls were all happy for Shakira and greeted her with hugs and high fives. Alyssa finally said in jubilation, "Congratulations Shakira, you did it. I'm so very proud of you. You're a good friend. Now, a promise is a promise and we are all going to kiss your ass. Aren't we girls?"

The girls nodded as they each lined up to kiss Shakira's ass. They each placed a kiss on her super fine butt. As they were kissing her ass Shakira said, "Our ally G-Man has promised that he'd honor the agreement you girls made and kiss my ass too even though he wasn't here for it. Is that's ok with you girls?"

"If that's ok with you Shakira, it's ok with me." Smiled Alyssa. After each of the girls kissed Shakira's ass, I knelt behind Shakira and kissed her ass cheeks. I was sweating a bit I was so nervous about kissing her ass. She treated me as she bent over a little further, causing that magnificent booty spead out even further.

After that, we all drank some champagne and had a few good laughs. Shakira said, "Why don't we all go out on the town and celebrate?"

"I love the idea." Replied Alyssa. We all showered and got ready. We all had one hell of a night going from one club to another celebrating Shakira, the new Bootylicious Champion.

* Alicia vs Alyssa


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