It's never easy being a champion in StoneRage's Battle Zone league, especially since the Bootylicious title was created. It is fairly new and most of the female celebrities think they have the best ass and should be holders of the title. Alyssa Milano is no stranger to challenges or fighting her challengers being a former War Queen and current Bootylicious champion after beating Beyonce for the title. She's a seasoned veteran of the league as well as an accomplished and respected fighter. Many would agree that she has an amazing ass as well.

Many would say the same about her up and coming opponent, Alicia Silverstone. She's not as experienced or established as Alyssa, but she certainly has some major ambitions and raw talent. She already gained some experience by beating Jeri Ryan and Salma Hayek. Now she set her sites early on capturing a title… any title, and the Bootylicious title is a nice place to start.

Both trained hard for the match. When the day finally came for the title match, both were as ready as they could be. Both guaranteed victory over their opponent for the night's event.

Alicia was the first one to be introduced to the ring to the Batman theme song and to a mix of boos and cheers. She was wearing spandex shorts, a sports bra and barefoot. She played to the crowd as she walked around inside the ring, occasionally stopping to wiggle and pat her ass.

A minute later, Alyssa Milano was introduced and comes to the ring. Alyssa is uncustomarily alone, having been just ousted from the ABA. She heard a chorus of boos as she strode confidently down the ramp in a pair of black leather thong bikini, a white cotton tank top and the belt around her waist. Alicia snickered at her as she entered the ring, "You might as well hand that title to me Alyssa, we both know I have the better booty."

"Fuck you bitch. You'd have to beat me first and that's not going to happen." Sneered Alyssa.

The referee took the title from Alyssa and brought it to the outside judge and asked for the bell. The two young beauties circled each other. They quickly locked up in a test of strength and pushed against each other. They were going nowhere fast as neither gained any advantage. They both released the hold and circled each other some more.

Alicia raised her right hand above her head for a different kind of strength test. Alyssa wearily raised her left hand up to meet with Alicia's hand. Alicia then brought her left hand up and Alyssa likewise brought up her right hand to meet it. They both planted their feet and began to push against each other, their respective muscles straining against each other and both gritting their teeth. They each could smell the other's breath their heads were so close.

Alicia took the first step to break the deadlock by head-butting Alyssa several times causing her head to snap back and her body to suddenly stand upright. Alicia took advantage of Alyssa's suddenly upright body by kneeing her pussy and gut hard several times each causing her to shriek in pain. Their hands were still interlocked with each other and Alicia quickly pushed Alyssa back to the corner turnbuckle and pressed her body against Alyssa's. The ref counted to 5 and forced Alicia to back off of Alyssa.

Alicia raised her hands up to show she was complying. She was about to charge at Alyssa who was recovering in the corner only to see Alyssa charging at her and tackling her. Alyssa quickly straddled her and began to rapidly punch away at Alicia's face. Alicia was able retaliated with a couple knees to Alyssa's pussy causing her to yelp in pain. She also poked her in the eyes and head-butted her. Alyssa collapsed onto Alicia's body in pain. Alicia pushed Alyssa off of her body.

As she stood up, she brought Alyssa up as well by her hair. She expertly put Alyssa in a standing Dragon Sleeper. There was little Alyssa could do now. She flailed her arms trying to scratch or punch some part of Alicia's body, but to no avail. Alicia smiled at Alyssa's near helplessness as she intermittently punched Alyssa's exposed chest and gut causing her to grunt and groan in pain. As the Dragon Sleeper was intended to do, it slowly deprived Alyssa of the precious air she needed as her resistance wore down.

"What's the matter slut?" Alicia taunts. "Can't handle my sleeper?" Even though she is inexperienced in her career, Alicia has utilized verbal taunts to gain psychological advantages over her opponents. "I guess that's why you're a former member of the ABA, and why I'll be a future member".

Now with the title almost in hand, she finally released the nearly unconscious Alyssa letting her fall to her back. She ran her thumb across her throat. She took off her spandex shorts to reveal her jucy ass. She paraded around the ring smacking her ass every so often. She quickly made it to the outside of the ring and up to the third rope. She jumped toward Alyssa and connected in a cross body splash causing Alyssa to jack-knife. She quickly straddled Alyssa and planted her ass onto Alyssa's face.

Alyssa kicked her arms and legs trying to desperately free herself from Alyssa's ass. In a last ditch effort, Alyssa kicked her legs up toward Alicia's head trying to scissor her and hopefully get her off of her. However, Alicia grabbed Alyssa's legs and hooked one underneath each of her arms. It was now only a matter of time before Alyssa succumbed under Alicia's ass and lost her title. As her body finally went out underneath Alicia's ass, Alyssa's body twitched a few times before it finally went limp.

The referee soon came over after noticing Alyssa wasn't moving anymore. He raised and dropped her limp arm three times and then called for the bell. After the bell sounded, Alicia released Alyssa's legs. She winked at the ref as he gave her the title and raised her arm in victory. Alicia hoisted the belt above her head.

She sneered at Alyssa while the ref held her arm, "Who's got the best ass now bitch?" She then took the title and went back to her locker room.



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