March 2001
The Rise of Generation Next
Britney Spears (52%) escapes Christina Applegate (48%) "What's tha matter, need help to beat me Britney?" asks Christina Applegate as she stands in the ring ready for her championship match against Britney Spears. "Leave your goons out of this and face me by yourself like a real woman!" Yells the blonde. Unfazed by these taunts, Britney continues to talk and strategize with her teammates, Aaliyah, Le Anne Rimes & Melissa Joan Hart at ringside. "Well if that's how you want to play, I'm sure you already know my friends, Alyssa Milano & Nikki Cox" Christina announces.

With that the mood changes as Alyssa & Nikki come from the dressing rooms. Britney knew her outside interference would be at a minimum tonight. Britney slides into the ring under the bottom rope, leaving her friends to deal with Christina's friends. Christina was waiting on Britney. As soon as the singer rolled into the ring, Christina started kicking and stomping her. The toe and heel of Christina's hard soled boots dug into Britney's body time & time again, leaving the younger blonde rolling on the mat trying to escape the next boot. Christina, who was dressed in faded jeans and a red tank top, kept up her assault. Britney's body was starting to show battle marks from her rivals boots. Britney wore only a red vinyl bra for a top, and blue pants with the Pepsi name and logo on her ass again this month.

After stomping Britney until she has rolled into a ball, Christina reaches down and uses a handful of hair to snatch the champion to her feet. Christina whips Britney into the ropes and tries to nail her with a clothesline on the rebound. Britney, however is aware enough to duck under Christina's outstretched arm, bounce against the ropes to gain more momentum then dive onto Christina's upperbody with a Lou Thez press. Now seated on Christina's chest Britney follows up with a flurry of punches to Christina's head and face a' la Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Britney rises off her foe. She adds a few painful stomps of her own to pay back Christina as she regains her feet. "I don't need any help to beat an old washed up slut like you" growled Britney, "Now GET UP!" Christina gets to her feet and is caught by a heymaker of a punch from Britney. The blow sends the actress reeling into the ropes. Britney follows in with a few more punches that explode solidly against Christina's face.

Christina is starting to wither under the fury of Brintey's assault, but the blonde Bundy is tough as nails, and refuses to be an easy mark for the strong, young champion. Christina fights back, trading blows with Britney. The two exchange punches like drunken sailors, with Christina being successful in driving Britney back towards the center of the ring. Suddenly the champion unleashed a sneaky uppercut that slid in under Christina's defenses and exploded on her chin. Christina dropped to the mat instantly.

Christina was extremely shaken by Britney's might. She instinctively rose to her hands & knees, but when she tried to stand up, she toppled over time & time again. Britney watched with delight at her punch drunk adversary's struggles.

Alyssa MilanoNikki CoxWith Christina all but beaten, so Alyssa & Nikki had to act fast. Both leaped to the ring apron. Britney saw them, and abated their progress by knocking them both off the apron with a pair of punches. Britney looked pleasingly at the situation so far. Alyssa reached in under the bottom rope and grabbed Britney's ankles and pulled her out of the ring. Britney was ready as soon as her feet hit the floor though. She retaliated with raps to both Alyssa & Nikki's heads, rocking them enough to grab a handful of hair and slam their heads together. The brunette & red head begin to sink to the floor, as Britney motions to her team mates to come over and finish off the duo.

Britney returns to the ring where Christina has finally regained her feet but is still very dazed. Britney shoves her opponent into the corner while her teammates beat Nikki & Alyssa outside the ring. Christina slumps in the corner, draping her arms over the top rope to remain upright. Britney tears her tank top down the top, ripping the garment in two and right off Christina's body. A couple of chops redden Christina's tits before Britney forces Christina's head between her thighs for a standing head scissors. Britney squeezes and grabs Christina's waist to prepare her for a pile driver.

Christina gains enough awareness to grab Britney's knees and pulls the blonde off balance so she falls on her back. Quickly Christina rolls the champion over on her belly and into a Boston Crab. Britney screams in agony and fights the temptation to tap the mat and end the torment. Christina leans back further sensing she is about to become the Warqueen.

AaliyahMelissa Joan Hart"Take those two backstage and tie them up or something, I'll take care of things out here" instructs Le Ann to Aaliyah & Melissa. They nod and begin to escort their defeated foes backstage. Le Ann turns to the ring and smiles, but has yet to interfere on Britney's behalf.

Christina smiles and leans back even further, hearing Britney's yell degrade into howls of desperation. Christina leans back further and Britney feels her long blonde hair touch her back she is double back so far. Britney reaches back and grabs that blonde hair and yanks as hard as she can. The unexpected yank works as Christina is unbalanced and slips off Britney's sweaty back, and releases the hold.

Christina quickly gets back on her feet determined to maintain control of the match. She walks to Britney who is still on her knees. As she approaches, Britney fires a hard straight jab into Christina's crotch. The blonde doubles over and is an easy victim for Britney's hard upper cut. Christina staggers back and her arms dangle lifelessly by her side. Britney draws back again and blasts her with a right cross. Christina falls like a tree to the mat, and lies out cold on her back. Britney stands over her victim with a smirky smile of satisfaction and dust her hands together like she is knocking dirt off her hands after she has finished a dirty job. Britney places one finger on Christina's chest and gets the victory from the unconscious beauty.

Briney raises her arms in victory, while Le Ann enters the ring for the celebration. Backstage Aaliyah & Melissa have just finished locking Nikki & Alyssa in a large crate for the production equipment. When out of the shadows, a dark figure in a dark cloak steps out and hits them from behind with a steel chair. This figure continues her assault till both Generation Next members are face down out cold on the steel floor. Finally the person removes the hood of the cloak to reveal Catherine Zeta Jones has finally returned to the Battle Zone, still holding her grudge against Generation Next.

Le Ann embraces Britney, then suddenly picks her up, twist and drives her to the mat with a belly-to-belly suflex. "BITCH!" yells the country cutie, "How dare you set me up and leave me alone against Madonna!" Le Ann tears into Britney with stomp after stomp. She pulls the champ to her feet and DDT's her to the mat. Britney is nearly unconscious after that blow. She barely remembers Le Ann removing her bikini top, and wrapping it around her throat and using it to toss her around the ring like a rag doll. She only has vague recognition of Le Ann beating her from pillar to post for the next 5 minutes before leaving her motionless in the ring.

After the carnage, ring officials are carrying the beaten & bruised champion to the dressing room, when the blonde pulls one of their cell phones off the clip on his hip. She dials a number and says "Nelly.... Nelly Furtado? It's Britney.... I need you to join Generation Next..."

To The Fall of Generation Next

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