July 2002
Fall of Generation Next
Christina Applegate (57%) conquers Britney Spears (43%) After months of being without the title, Britney finally had a chance to win it back tonight against Christina Applegate. Under Madonna's tutelage, Britney has prepared, trained and fought hard in order to get another title shot and she wasn't about to be an easy target for Christina or the ABA. Christina was just as motivated as Britney to keep the title. They both made concessions for the fight. The concession that Christina gave was that each of their teammates, coaches included, would be hanging fifteen feet above the ring in a cage. The concession that Britney grudgingly made was that ABA ally Anna Nicole Smith would be the official referee for the match. They also agreed that the match would be a no holds barred, anything goes match which both liked.

Anna Nicole SmithBritney was introduced first into the ring and she confidently strode into the ring to many cheers from the fans. Christina was introduced next, but she didn't show up at the entrance. Thirty seconds went by and she still didn't show up. People, including Britney and Generation Next, started murmuring that Christina was too scared to show up to fight Britney. Then, Christina jumped out of the stands by Britney's corner, ran behind Britney, reached inside the ring, yanked Britney's legs pulling her to the ground and slammed her crotch into the post. Christina slammed Britney's crotch into the post several more times into the post causing Britney to howl in pain. Christina went into the ring to continue her assault on Britney.

Christina got up on the second rope, pulled Britney's head back by her long hair and started punching away at Britney's face. After a number of punches Britney had recovered enough from her previous attacks to get her hands up to Christina's body and throw off of her and move a few feet away. Britney shook her head trying to recover from the most recent attack. Meanwhile, Christina got back up to her feet and charged at Britney, but Britney countered by lifting her leg up and connecting with Christina's crotch causing her to yelp in pain and stumble back a few feet. Christina once again charged Britney but Britney countered her once again, this time by lifting her legs and wrapping them around Christina's neck. Britney twisted her body around and threw Christina across the ring completing a hanukanrana. The ABA and Generation Next members cheered on their respective wrestlers to get up and continue the fight.

Both wrestlers took a minute to recover from the attacks on their bodies and to think over strategy before getting to their feet. The two combatants then went at it again with a slug fest with neither giving way to the other. Unexpectedly, Britney lunged forward and kneed Christina in the gut doubling her over and knocking the wind out of her. Britney stood Christina upright and went to work by striking Christina's chest with karate chops that pushed her to the ropes. She then hurled Christina across to the opposite ropes and went off the other set of ropes attempting to clothesline Christina on her return. However Christine ducked underneath and continued on to the other set of ropes. This time Britney connected with a kick to her gut causing Christina to double over and hold her stomach. Britney quickly thrust Christina's head between her thighs, lifted Christina vertically up and dropped to her knees for a piledriver. Britney released the dazed Christina to the mat. Britney knew that she had to finish off Christina before Anna or anyone else should decide to interfere in the match. She lifted the still dazed Christina to her feet and put her in a reverse headlock and hoisted her up in the air, spun around and dropped her head to the mat for a modified DDT nearly knocking out Christina as she dropped to the mat in a spread eagle form.

Generation Next were cheering Britney on as she was dominating the champion and was poised for victory and regaining the championship. In the ABA cage, there were looks of despair as it appeared that their control of things might be starting a downward slide. Jenny looked down at Anna and thought "Anna, do something." As if she could read minds, Anna looked up at Jenny and winked with a smile on her face as if to say "Don't worry guys, I've got everything under control down here."

Britney got to her feet and went for the ropes and came charging back for a leg drop the whole time keeping an eye on Anna. However, before Britney could go through with her leg drop, Anna quickly lifted her leg and rammed it right into Britney's still aching crotch catching her by surprise. Anna's kick felt like a ton of bricks as it connected lifting her off her feet. Britney's eye's bugged out and jaw dropped as her face showed her pain and shock. She held her crotch and stumbled back a couple steps before dropping to her knees. Anna walked over to Britney, grabbed her head and rammed her knee into her Britney's face causing blood to spurt out her nose and her mouth to start bleeding. The crowd stopped cheering after Anna kneed Britney's face for the fifteenth time. Anna then pulled Britney to her feet, grabbed her throat, hoisted her up in the air and dropped her to the mat for a choke-slam. Anna picked Britney to her feet and once again put her on her back with another choke-slam. The members of Generation Next had a look of shock on their faces as Anna assaulted Britney. Even though they were expecting Anna to be biased on behalf of Christina and the ABA, they weren't expecting something this drastic. The members of the ABA were cheering wildly as Anna was taking apart Britney.

By the time Anna dropped Britney to the mat for the second time, Christina had gotten to her feet, albeit a little wobbly. She looked over at Anna, then to the bloody Britney, then back to Anna and smiled at her saying "I knew you'd come through for the team." Anna smiled back and said "What are friends for Chris? I couldn't allow a good friend of mine lose something so important."

Christina walked over to Britney and both she and Anna slowly stripped Britney of all her clothes with token resistance from her. Christina straddled Britney and punched away at Britney's face further bloodying it and knocking it to the mat with each punch. Christina punctuated punching Britney's face by spitting in her face. Christina then began clawing away and brutally mauling Britney's precious breasts with her talon like fingernails. With each passing second of Christina attack on her breasts Britney screamed all the more hellishly. Christina didn't stop her attack until she was satisfied that Britney's orbs were bloody and red from the attack. Christina then stood up pulling Britney up by the hair with her giving her no time to recuperate. She hurdled Britney to the opposite ropes, while she and Anna combined their arms and bounced off the ropes opposite that Britney went off of and careened toward Britney. As the two of them and Britney came closer, Britney ducked underneath their clothesline at the last second and punched them both in the stomach causing them to halt their advance and hold their stomachs and slightly hunched over. She came at them full charge after she bounced off the other set of ropes and bull-dogged the both of them.

Britney slowly made her way to the ropes and leaned on them while she recovered from the attacks that Anna and Christina unleashed on her. In the meantime, Anna and Christina themselves were slowly getting up from Britney's foray. After the duo got to their feet, they both charged at Britney. Christina was the first to reach Britney, but was knocked down by a fierce punch. Anna went the same way as Christina as Britney decked her as well with a punch. Christina and Anna each charged at Britney several more times and each time Britney knocked them down to the mat with a punch. The Generation next members were looking at Britney as she valiantly made a comeback and had a renewed sense of cautious hope in them.

That hope quickly disappeared as Christina changed tactics after being knocked down for the forth time as she quickly rolled toward Britney and kicked Britney in the crotch with the front of her foot and then brought her foot back and kicked Britney in her knee cap causing it and Britney to buckle under her weight. Britney was now struggling to stand on her feet. Christina got to her feet, 'gored' Britney in her gut and forced her back into the turnbuckle. Christina then whipped the hobbling Britney from one turnbuckle to another following up with a knee to her gut as she slowly picked apart the former champ. Christina then pulled Britney to the center of the ring and started punching Britney square in the face and smiled as her head snapped back and forth with each punch. Britney was defenseless and too weakened to fight back as her arms hung loosely by her side and her legs were wobbly at best underneath her weight. Britney and her teammates in the cage knew that there was no fight left in her. Britney was just hoping that either Christina would just finish her at this moment or have a miracle occur and have someone come to her defense and help win back the belt, which wasn't going to happen. The ABA cheered Christina on as she fired away at Britney's face. They also taunted, teased and jeered Britney's teammates as they looked on in dismay while their teammate was being destroyed by the fearsome Christina.

Jenny McCarthyMadonna Christina finally hurled Britney toward the ropes and upon her return, Christina grabbed a hold of her, held her upside down in the air for a short moment, then spun her around slamming her onto her awaiting knee for a devastating backbreaker. Christina made the move all the more devastating by individually grabbing Britney's neck and crotch and stretching Britney's back over her knee to near breaking point. Christina would release the painful backstretch for only a brief moment and then would reapply it again causing further pain on Britney's already pain racked body and for her to scream and sob in pain. Christina continued the assault on Britney's back for what seemed an eternity to Britney before releasing her and watched as her body dropped limply onto the mat.

Just as everyone thought that the match and the torture was over, Christina went outside the ring, grabbed a table and a can of paint spray from underneath the ring. Christina set up the table near Britney. Christina then brought Britney to her feet, slid her head between her legs, wrapped her arms around Britney's waist and then power bombed her through the table shattering it in two and knocking Britney unconscious. To add insult to injury Christina took the time to parade around the ring with her arms in the air. She finally went back to Britney and victoriously put her foot between Britney's breasts, flexed her muscles, told Anna to give her a five count before looking up to the members of Generation Next with a smug look on her face. Britney's teammates could barely watch as Anna administered the count. After the count, Christina grabbed the can of paint spray and sprayed the letters 'ABA' on the front and back sides of Britney.

Jeri RyanMelissa Joan HartBoth cages were then lowered to the mat simultaneously, but only the ABA members were released by Anna. One by one, they each congratulated Christina on her victory and thanked Anna for her help. Then all the members of the ABA surrounded the cage with the Generation Next members in it and began reaching in trying to grab them. Madonna and her team tried as best as they could to stay out of their reach but eventually lost out as they were pulled toward the edge of the cage. Jenny had Madonna tightly by the throat squeezing the oxygen out of her as she banged her head against the steel bars. Jeri was doing the same to Nelly Furtado and Nikki Cox to Melissa Joan Hart. Generation Next resistance and fight soon faded as their bodies had grown weak from the attacks and their arms dropped to their side. It was only then did Anna open the cage door and the Generation Next members dragged out of the cage.

When Jeri dragged Nelly Furtado out of the cage, she propelled her toward Alyssa Milano who was across the ring. Alyssa flattened her to the mat with a sidekick to the face. Nikki placed Melissa Joan Hart on her shoulders and turned her toward one of the corner turnbuckles where Christina Applegate stood on top of. She then jumped toward Mel and brought her to the mat in a loud thud with a clothesline. Jenny and Anna combined to execute a 'DDT' on Madonna.

Alyssa MilanoNelly Furtado After their vicious attack on the trio, they huddled and decided who was going to knock out who and how to do it. Jenny went over to Madonna, brought her to her feet, then shoved her face into her awaiting breasts. Jeri walked over to Melissa Joan Hart and lowered her sexy behind onto Melissa's face covering it completely. Alyssa likewise lowered her behind onto Nelly Furtado's face. Each of the Generation Next members gave little resistance as they were slowly smothered into la-la land. Within a couple of minutes, their resistance had ceased as each they laid on the mat unconscious. Jenny grabbed the can of paint spray that Christina used on Britney and sprayed the letters 'ABA' on both sides of each of the members of Generation Next. By this time, Britney had become conscious and began to move about. She lifted her head up and saw her teammates out cold on the mat and written on. She then realized that she herself was in a similar condition. Nikki looked over, pointed and spoke "Hey look, Slutney Spears is awake."

"You know what to do Nikki." responded Jenny with a cruel smile on her face.

Nikki CoxBritney Spears Nikki nodded as she walked over to Britney and put her flat on her back with a well placed kick. She then stood over Britney, gyrated her butt and hips as she lowered her butt onto Britney's face. Britney was completely helpless as she gave no resistance while Nikki ground her butt into her face. Within a couple of minutes, Britney too was also out cold. The ABA members and Anna then left the ring with confident demeanors to their locker room and celebrated their victory with champagne.


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