It did not take long between StoneRage had formed the Fab Four that the trash talking between the ABA and the Fab Four started. The trash talking was most intense between two of the blonde bombshells and crowd favorites Jeri Ryan and Pamela Anderson. It got so intense that Pamela Anderson stormed into StoneRage‘s office one day and demanded a match.

“I’m Sorry, Pam, I know you and Jeri have a feud going on now, but I just can‘t give you a match just because you come in here and demand one.” said a stern StoneRage, knowing he was going against his better instincts and feelings to give Pamela the match.

“Come on StoneRage, I really want this match. I want to show that bitch who‘s really in charge.” replied Pamela with a hint of desperation in her voice as she placed her hands on StoneRage‘s desk and inhaled deeply.

“I…I don‘t know Pamela.” gulped as he looked up at Pamela.

“I‘ll make it worth your while.” pouted Pamela.

“Ok, Pamela, you got the match.” stammered StoneRage.

“Thanks StoneRage.” smiled Pamela as she kissed him on the cheek.

Later that night, StoneRage contacted Jeri about the match to which she quickly agreed. The only condition she made was that the loser of the match would have to publicly apologize for their comments about the winner. StoneRage went to Pamela with this concession from Jeri. She agreed to the concession and since Jeri made a concession, Pamela decided that she would add a concession of her own. She wanted the loser to be forced to kiss both the winner’s feet in front of everyone and all the cameras. Jeri agreed to the concession and reveled in the thought of an embarrassed Pamela kneeling before her and kissing her feet in front of millions of people. The match was now scheduled between the two blonde babes.

After a couple of weeks of preparations, the time came for the two to fight each other. Jeri was introduced first to the soundtrack of ‘Boston Public’. She was accompanied by her ‘ABA’ teammates. She was wearing her hair in a pony-tail and was wearing a business suit that teachers wear, with the pants, dress shirt and jacket. Pamela was introduced next to the soundtrack of VIP and accompanied by her ‘Fab Four’ teammates. She had her hear loose. She was wearing a ‘Daisy Dukes‘ denim shorts and a open white shirt that was tied at the waist and showed her red bra.

Both wrestlers played to the crowd before the match. The two exchanged a few glares as they made their rounds around the ring. The bell rang and the match had now begun. As the bell ran Jeri attempted to sneak attack Pamela by charging her and taking her out with a quick clothesline. However, Pamela reacted before that could happen and countered with a drop toe hold sending Jeri face first to the mat. Both wrestlers quickly got to their feet and once again Jeri charged Pamela. This time Pamela countered with a hip toss throwing Jeri halfway across the ring. Jeri was definitely starting to feel the pain as she held her back as she slowly got up. Pamela quickly, yet cautiously approached Jeri as she got up.

The two beauties locked up and jockeyed for position. The more experienced and battle hardened veteran, Pamela slowly pushed Jeri into the corner and began to stretch her back over the top turnbuckle. With her back being bent over the top turnbuckle, Jeri lost her grip on Pamela’s throat. Pamela took advantage of Jeri’s problem as she took one of her hand’s from around Jeri’s throat and karate chopped her chest several times. The fact that Pamela had her other hand around Jeri’s throat prevented Jeri from doubling over in pain. Pamela then released Jeri‘s throat and before she could attack her, Pamela thrust her knee into Jeri‘s exposed stomach causing her to double over, hold her stomach with her arms and her mouth form an ‘O‘. Pamela stood her back up, forced her arms to her side and once again slammed her knee into Jeri’s stomach. This time, Jeri dropped to her knees holding her stomach and trying to catch her breath. Pamela grabbed Jeri‘s hair and slammed her knee into it several times. She then drags Jeri to her feet and thrusts her head between her legs.

Pamela, feeling she has the match in hand, is ready to finish Jeri off. She takes the time to slowly take her thumb across her own throat signifying to the crowd that she is ready to end the match. She then wraps her arms around Jeri’s waist and attempts to lift her up. Jeri used what strength she had left in her to shift her weight to the lower half of her body and counter Pamela‘s maneuver. Pamela attempted to lift Jeri several times but each time she did, Jeri counter each time. After several attempts to lift Jeri up, Jeri flipped Pamela over her body. As she was flipped over Jeri’s body, Pamela grabbed onto Jeri’s legs and pulled back on them as she hit the mat. Jeri flailed her arms so she could remain steady on her feet. The tug of war went on for thirty seconds, when Jeri finally regained her footing and then planted her sizeable behind on Pamela’s chest. Pamela’s legs and arms flailed in shock to the sudden booty drop by Jeri Ryan. Pamela shrieked out in pain as much as she could, but could only muster little more than a whimper her breathing ability now compromised. Jeri then rained down punches on the defenseless Pamela Anderson.

Jeri suddenly stopped pummeling Pamela’s face and stood up. She smiled as the writhing Pamela held her bloodied face. She quickly laid into Pamela’s ribs with a few well-placed kicks. Pamela’s body jolted with each kick to her body. Jeri pulled Pamela up by her hair, scooped her up and body slammed her to the mat. Pamela was now writhing in pain on the mat as Jeri bounced off the ropes nearby Pamela. Jeri came at near-full speed and dropped down on Pamela’s gut with a body splash.

After Jeri got up she was playing to the crowd, but mostly got boos from them. After a brief moment of the limelight, Jeri returned back her attention toward Pamela who was still writhing on the ground. Jeri once again pulled Pamela to her feet by her hair and positioned her so that her back was toward the ABA. Then with a series of left and right jabs to Pamela’s face and breasts, Jeri forced her dazed opponent to stagger back toward the ropes, whereupon she continued her assault with even more punches. Pamela held onto the top rope to steady herself and not fall. Jeri topped her attack off by driving her knee into Pamela’s exposed gut driving the wind out of Pamela. Jeri took a few steps back, charged Pamela knocking her over the top rope with a clothesline and watched as she dropped to the floor in a thud leaving her to fend for herself in the midst of her enemy.

Jeri walked the other direction toward the members of the ‘Fab Four’ provoking them and trying to get them into the ring after. This was all a rouse to get the referee in between her and the ‘Fab Four’ and not witness the savage beating her teammates were giving to Pamela. Despite the beating she was receiving, Pamela was putting up a valiant fight. No matter how good of a fight she was putting up, she was soon overwhelmed by the ABA members and soon found herself on the concrete floor naked and receiving the worst beating in history. Eventually, one of Pamela’s teammates glanced over and saw what was happening and yelled out “Hey, they’re beating up Pamela.” The ‘Fab Four’ then charged into the ring and made quick work of Jeri as they attacked her from all sides and had her on the mat naked and nearly unconscious. The referee tried to break up both teams from beating up their opposition but found it to be futile. After the two teams demolished their respective opponents, they turned their attention toward each other. There was utter chaos in the ring as the two teams fought it out for supremacy.

It was several minutes before the referee could restore order to the ring. He then ordered both teams out of the ring and into their respective locker rooms with the threat that he would call the match a draw and have StoneRage suspend both teams from ever fighting again. Both teams grudgingly agreed to the order of the referee and made their way up to their locker rooms. They didn’t get half way up the ramp before both teams began fighting again. The two teams went back and forth in the fighting, but the ‘ABA’ were gaining the upper hand in the fight as they had the ‘Fab Four’ surrounded and on the defensive. Then out of nowhere, J’Lo’s team# came from the locker room and jumped the ‘ABA’ from behind and turned the tide of the battle on behalf of the their leader J’Lo and her fellow ‘Fab Four’ members. They soon had the ‘ABA’ running for their lives backstage, trying to stay out of the reaches of their attackers.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, the two combatants struggled to get to their feet. Pamela was able to make it her feet after several minutes of lying on the ground. She looked into the ring and saw that Jeri was barely getting to her knees. Pamela rolled into the ring and slowly made her way to Jeri. Pamela grabbed a tuft of Jeri’s hair pulled it back and started sending punch after punch to Jeri’s face. Jeri could only muster a few weak punches to Pamela’s gut and crotch in return with little effect. Pamela then dragged Jeri to her feet and hoisted up onto her shoulders for a textbook torture rack. Pamela positioned her hands and legs so that she could get the maximum effect on torture rack. Jeri was wailing in pain from the torture rack. Pamela asked her if she submitted, but she only got wailing in response. She bobbed up and down several times making her torture rack even more painful for Jeri. After another minute of bobbing up and down, she asked Jeri again if she would submit to her and Jeri screamed out loud “I…I g-g-g-give. Please, no more. You win Pamela.”

Pamela bobbed up and down one more time for good measure before letting her down. She then called for a microphone and handed it to Jeri as she steadied herself on her feet. “You know what to say Jeri.” Growled Pamela. Jeri scowled back at Pamela as she put the microphone to her mouth. She knew there would be consequences if she didn’t apologize. Even though she was finding it hard to actually publicly apologize, she had made the agreement with Pamela through StoneRage. She knew she would be just as pleased as Pamela is at this point if she had won the match. It took her a moment to actually get herself ready for the apology. Jeri had the look of disgust as she spoke into the microphone.

“Ever since the ‘ABA’ and the ‘Fab Four’ have come into existence, there has been an ever increasing rivalry between the two groups, especially between Pamela and myself. There have been some heated exchanges and a lot of nasty things said between the two of us. I’d just like to go on the record as saying that I’m sorry for all the things that I said about Pamela and that I hope she can find it in her heart to forgive me. As an act of sorrow and per our agreement, I will kiss Pamela’s feet for all to see.”

With that, Jeri threw the microphone aside and had a stare-down with Pamela. The two exchanged a few words, whereupon Pamela angrily pointed to her feet and said to the effect “You’d better kiss them or else.” and was ready to send a fist into Jeri’s gut, but stopped when the pleading Jeri put her hands in front of herself and said she would kiss her feet. Pamela backed down from her aggressive stance and watched as Jeri cautiously knelt down before her and brought her lips to her feet and began kissing them. Pamela had a huge smile on her face as she watched Jeri worshipping her feet. As Jeri was about to finish kissing her feet, Pamela shoved her toes into Jeri’s mouth and ordered her to suck them. To her surprise, Jeri complied with her wish, albeit grudgingly. Jeri had to keep herself from biting down on Pam’s toes. Jeri made quick work of Pam’s toes and quickly made it to her feet and scurried out of the ring under the watchful eye of Pamela. They both knew that the rivalry was far from over between the two of them and their respective groups.

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