Alyssa Milano VS Salma Hayek II

No Holds Barred Drama Queen Title Match

Salma Hayek (77%) conquers Alyssa Milano (23%)
"After many years, at long last, it comes to an end." Alyssa Milano's obssession and stalking of Salma Hayek ends tonight. Salma tells herself. After years of being kidnapped and ambushes, abductions and looking over her shoulder constantly, Salma gets Alyssa in the ring again to finish this once and for all. Salma put it in the contract that Alyssa's harassment and stalking ends forever with a Salma victory. The cost of her life long freedom is putting up her Drama Queen title in a no holds barred match and worst if she loses Salma becomes Alyssa's personal pet fot thirty days. From Salma's experience that means the terrorizing and dehumanizing experience of being a chained sex slave at Alyssa's mansion for the duration. 

"This going to be fun!" Alyssa thinks. She is on top of the world tonight. Alyssa has fought her way back into the ABA at a time when the ABA has fantastic plans. Money and power are on the horizon. She has the Drama Queen title within her grasp. Alyssa has beaten Salma before and plans on doing it again. In fact she did not just win she beat Salma unmercifully into oblivion. As a bonus for doing it again, she will get thirty days with her favorite toy, Salma Hayek. With that much time to train and tame, Salma should be a docile lap dog when she is done. She can then add the domesticated warrior to her Milano Mafia group in the ABA and enjoy Salma anytime she wants. Alyssa is all smiles.

Along with Stone Rage's new marketing deals with the studio's this match is sponsored by Victoria Secrets. Therefore both women start the match in stunning Victoria Secrets lingere. Salma wears a black panties and bra combination. Her panties have multicolored flowers embrordered on them. She completes the ensamble with thigh high fishnet stockings and a garter belt holding them up. Alyssa dresses more modestly. She wears a white bra and panties. Her bottoms are more booty shorts than skimpy underwear like Salma's. Alyssa assesorizes with silk panty hose underneath. 

Salma hands the referee her title belt. "Here it is, the cheese that tricked that rat to come out for a fair fight." After releasing the belt she comments, "I'll be back shortly for that."
"You always did talk a lot of trash." Alyssa answers. "You know you're just my big Mexican barbie doll. Just go down easy like you do on your billionair husband, and I might take it easier on you." Salma's responses by flipping Alyssa her middle finger. Alyssa coos "I love it when you're fiesty."

The bell rings and both vixens come out of their corners. Salma raises both arms for a test of strength. Alyssa quickly accepts and they lock hands. Both flex against the other and find they are pretty even strength wise. That was all Alyssa cared to find out. She delivers a cunt kick to Salma's vulnerable pussy. Salma drops to her knees in an instant. Alyssa kicks some more, punting Salma in the side and then moves behind her to stomp till Salma falls onto her face. Then Alyssa is able to attack her desired target. She stomped her heel on the small of Salma's back in her kidneys. Alternatively she viciously battered the kidneys on either side of Salma's back. Alyssa figured she could take the steam out of her aging rival early and cruise through the match easily. Salma flops on the mat under the fury of the attack and makes her booty jiggle around in and out of her skimpy little panties.

Alyssa crashes down with an elbow drop across the small of Salma's back, again targeting the kidney area. She seizes Salma's gorgeous long flowing black hair and pulls Salma's head back and starts banging her face into the mat. Some fans tried to count along with Alyssa's slams, but they were coming too face and furious. After 4 or 6 slams most of them lost count and the voices died down. The next 26 slams were only noted by the sound of Salma's face thumping into the mat accompanied with Salma's loud high pitched, 'yeow' each time. Alyssa steps off Salma's back but keeps her hands sunk in Salma's hair to haul her to her feet also as Alyssa stood. Minutes into the match and Salma is obviously dazed and punch drunk. Alyssa runs to the corner as fast as she could with the stunned Salma in tow then slams Salma's face into the top turn buckle on arrival. Alyssa steps back and laugh as Salma drunkenly turns around, moaning and her head lolling from side to side on her shoulders. The champion drapes her arms over the ropes to remain upright.
Alyssa steps back to Salma and her hand swings around and goes low and applies a claw hold to Salma's pussy. The Champion yeows loudly again as her sexy body tenses up and is paralyzed by the raging pain of Alyssa's crotch claw. Alyssa redoubles and squeezes tighter and Salma's head falls backward as she arches her back and screams, from the thriving pain between her legs. Alyssa ends her claw by raking her nails across Salma's cunt. Alyssa instantly steadies herself and launches a wide swinging, yet measured right hook to Salma's jaw. The woozy warrior wobbles as her head snaps to her right. While leaning to the side a distant eyed champion helplessly waits as Alyssa winds up and explodes another atomic bomb left hook to her face. Salma's head spins to the left so fast her hair whips around and covers her face completely. From there the dazed champions starts slowly sinking to the mat until she sits as a stunned and dazed rag doll, seated in the corner.

Alyssa watches Salma's slow decent with delight. Then she is right there to put her foot on Salma's throat to choke her. Alyssa grabs the ropes with both hands for leverage to press as hard as she could on Salma's neck. The champion gags and gurgles while kicking her legs and trying to push Alyssa's oppressing foot away. It is a ho hold barred match the referee is not coming to save her. When Salma's sleepy eyes are closing, Alyssa pulls her foot away and takes Salma by the hair. She leads the crawling champion out of the corner a couple feet then flings her to the mat. Salma flops and lies on her back. Alyssa takes a seat on Salma's face, making sure her ass is firmly on top and covering the coughing champion's face completely, "Come on Ref!" Alyssa yells when the official was not immediately there for the count. He was a bit marveled by the two sexy kittens battling in his vicinity. He counts the pin but the struggling champion gets a shoulder off the mat. Alyssa did not seem to care that much she gets off Salma saying, "You're no champion! You're just garbage!" Then she adds a kick to the enbattled champion's side. Alyssa is looking forward to first devastatingly punishing Salma, followed by sexual humiliation like in her first match with Salma.

Alyssa observes her rival crawling rather slowly back to the corner. Salma uses the ropes to help her to her feet. Before she can turn around Alyssa strikes. She flashes up behind the champion and attacks with fists to Salma's kidney's once again. Alyssa lands 10 punches to the right side before switching for 10 kidney punches to Salma's left side. Alyssa spins Salma around to face her, and goes to work with four more wide strong right hooks to Salma's unprotected face. The dazed champion's arms are still down and her body twists violently with every bop. Next comes four left hooks just like the others. Alyssa is slow and deliberate with her bombs to the helpless champion. Alyssa finishes her barrage with eight punches to Salma's panty covered cunt. The pussy pounding seems to bring Salma back to life from being a bobble head punching bag. Salma grabs her pussy and drops to a three point stance with both knees on the mat along with one hand, while the other hand clutches her crotch.

"I could pin you right now! This is too easy." Alyssa remarks as she pushes Salma down flat to her face on the mat. Alyssa steps over Salma, straddling her with her legs. Alyssa laughs loudly again and repeats, "Too easy!" as she reached down and un fastens Salma's black bra. Salma does not offer any resistance as Alyssa unfastens the bra from the rear, then rolls Salma over onto her back and pulls the bra off of her body. Obviously once she won the bra her next move is to wrap the garment around Salma's neck. Salma starts squirming for her life. Alyssa drops on top of the Mexican and blankets her with a full body press. Face to face, tits to tis, Alyssa conquers Salma. Alyssa grapevines her legs around Salma's and spreads them open. It was not painful, but greatly appreciated by the front row and shortly after the entire viewing audience, as the cameraman gets the million dollar shot of Salma's twat. 

No holds barred so again the referee cannot break the choke hold. Salma's eyes roll back in her head and she stops struggling. Alyssa lets go of the bra and moves up Salma's body. To finish her humiliation of her rival, Milano maneuvers her crotch onto Salma's moaning face. Once again Alyssa sits tall and proud opn Salma's face with her twat on Salma's mouth. The referee starts the count. Once again Salma's body whips hard enough to topple Alyssa and avoid defeat. Alyssa stands with not a care that Salma has kicked out again. In their first match, Alyssa thrashed Salma completely and and knocked out the Mexican legend multiple times on Salma's long dark trail of pain and humiliation ending in defeat, kidnapping and sexual destruction. Again Salma crawls to the safety of the corner of the ring. Alyssa watches gleefully as Salma again slowly gets to her feet. Salma turns around to face Alyssa with fatigue and pain written all over her face, then her strength gives out and she slowly slides down the turnbuckles and ends up sitting on her ass in a beaten spectical in the corner. 

Alyssa shakes her head at the sight of poor Salma. She charges at poor little Salma to harm her further, only Salma's foot shoots up and harpoons Alyssa in the gut as she runs in. Alyssa doubles over with a surpised shout. Still seated Salma kicks up and kicks the doubled over Alyssa square in the face. Shocked and stunned, Alyssa drops to her knees. Again the sole of Salma's foot smashes into her face again and knocks Alyssa over onto her back looking up at the lights. Salma stands and suddenly looks greatly improved. Her fatigue and pain have miracuously vanished. Salma runs her finers through her hair and fluffs it out looking imaculant. Her huge, beautiful naked tits stand proud and perfect as does the rest of her body poured into her skimpy lingere.

Salma walks to Alyssa and gets on top of her. Next those great big tits are forced on Alyssa's face and smother her. Salma uses her hands to press her breasts over Alyssa's mouth and nose and cuts off her air. The challengers legs thrash as she fights to breath. You could see Alyssa's eyes get wide as she struggles under Salma's monster boobs. Once Salma had Alyssa fading she rises off her rival. Salma grabs Alyssa's hair and hauls her up to her feet. Salma tosses Alyssa into the corner that was home for her sudden comeback. Salma steps face to face with her rival and starts treating her body like a punching bag. Salma's fist pound Alyssa's body with lefts and rights to the drowsy contender. Each of Salma's fist seem to carry a jolting charge making the Italian New Yorker painfully hop and dance as they land. Salma finishes with an upper cut that also took Alyssa by surprise. It explodes under Alyssa's chin, snapping her head backwards and then she sinks to the mat and ends seated in the corner like Salma was earlier. 

Salma presses her foot down on Alyssa's nose and mouth to smother her again. It is an ineffective smother but Salma adds grinding and scraping her foot across Alyssa's face to the mix. Then a stomp to Alyssa's face appears to send her into dreamland. Slama grabs Alyssa's ankles and drags her out of the corner. Alyssa revives and shows her championship mantle by kicking Salma away from dragging her. Alyssa gets right back up and charges at Salma again. Salma calmly kicks her in the gut again. The torpeedo foot devastates Alyssa making her drop to her knees and holding her belly. "Stupid idiot". Salma remarks and turns her back to Alyssa but then suddenly kicks backwards and hits Alyssa square in the face. Alyssa falls over backwards again looking vacantly up at the lights again.

Salma reaches down and grabs Alysssa by the hair again and hauls her to her feet. Salma chuckles at the expression on Alyssa's face. "Oh yeah I remember, you don't like having your hair pulled." Salma comments. So Salma whips her hair harshly on the way up. Salma leads her to the corner and slams her head into the turnbuckle. Salma turns Alyssa around to face her, then the knees to the mid-section starts. Salma rams her knee into Alyssa's sides and belly making her rival bark at every blow. Salma's booty shakes enticingly getting a rise from the audience. The Latin angel finishes her knees and steps back to kick Alyssa in the cunt. Alyssa clutches her twat and collapses to both knees again moaning in pain.
"Get up bitch!" Salma yells. "Get up! This isn't over yet! Get up and pay for all that you've done to me!" Alyssa's face is still contorted in pain as she raises her head to look at Salma. She was hurting, but also angry and complexed that somehow Salma turned the match around. This should not be happening to her. Alyssa fondly remembers crushing Salma so many times. Alyssa's will drives her body into action. The Italian springs to her feet and comes after Salma once again. Alyssa swings a sweeping punch at the Mexican beauty. Salma catches Alyssa by the forearm in the middle of the punch's swing. Salma holds that arm leaving Alyssa exposed to Salma swat the challenger with her own big swinging punch to Alyssa's jaw. Back and forth, forehand and backhand blows have Alyssa's head spinning like a turnstyle. After eight hard whoppers Alyssa's body starts slumping till Salma's holding her arm is the only thing keeping her standing. Salma finishes with two strong kicks to Alyssa's belly then lets her arm go. The Italian New Yorker crumbles to the mat.

"Get you ass up" Salma grumbles as she grabs Alyssa and pulls her back to her feet. Salma harshly ushers Alyssa back over to the corner and shoves her into it. Salma climbs quickly on the middle turnbuckle and traps the dazed vixen and looms over Alyssa. Salma grabs Alyssa's hair and forces her to look up at her. Next Salma slams her big naked sweaty tits down on Alyssa face. She presses down to smother Alyssa. Alyssa tries to push Salma's mighty breasts away, but Salma captures Alyssa's wrist and pins them down. Alyssa kicks her feet while trying to wiggle out from underneath Salma's big boobs. Not satisied, Salma lifts her tits a bit and swings them like wrecking balls and smacks Alyssa across the face with them. Swinging them back and forth, Salma uses her huge tits to inflict damage on Alyssa. The New Yorker's heavy grunts are proof positive the damage a big D cup tit can cause. Dismantling her former molester this sexual way is also making Salma hot and bothered.  Salma's heavy hooters have Alyssa dazed abd confused.

Salma finally steps down. Then she delivers a back hand chop across Alyssa's tits. The smack resounds around the arena and the fans respond with a 'wooo'. That excites Salma, so she lets loose with a barrage of chops across Alyssa's lusious rack. When Salma stops, Alyssa slumps in the corner like a whipped wench. Salma steps back and shouts "You like to stalk and terrorize poeple like you're a monster? I'm about to show you a fucking monster!" Salma viciously kicks Alyssa in the stomach. She keeps kicking Alyssa until she falls into a seated position in the corner. "You're about to find out who's the real monster!" the Latino threatens.

Salma reaches down and grabs Alyssa's ankle and starts drgging her out of the corner with the care of an overstuffed bag of laundry. Alyssa's backside feels the burn from being drug across the canvas to the middle of the ring. Most fans are cheering the big boobed Mexican hottie to inflict more pain and get more revenge. Others just cheer because one of the world's most beautiful women is walking around the ring proudly, topless with her head up high. Once they reach their destination, Salma takes a seat on the mat above Alyssa's head. She pulls Alyssa's head between her thighs and applies a head scissor hold. Alyssa groans and tries to pull Salma's legs apart. "It doesn't feel so good, huh you piece of shit." Salma comments. Alyssa is helpless as she endures her torture hold.
Salma maintained the hold until Alyssa seems out of it. Now that sandman if knocking on Alyssa's door, Salma lets her go and gets up. She walks around the ring in all her glory, ranting "Who's the monster?" then answers herself "I'm the fucking monster!" Alyssa lies on her back moaning and rubbing her head. She slowly, groggily rolls over on her front as she finds the strength and courage to push herself up again. Meanwhile Salma is yelling at ringside fans and disrepectully ignoring her broken opponent. Alyssa is on rubber legs, but even Ray Charles can see this is her opportunity.

Alyssa springs to her feet with the speed of a turtle. She runs up behind Salma as fast as her legs would carry her at snail pace. Right as Alyssa is about to put her hands on Salma, the Latin hottie spins around to face Alyssa. She immediately grabs Alyssa's hair and holds her at arms length. Alyssa looks into the demon that she has creasted eyes. The woman that she has put through far too much is back for her vengance. Alyssa is scared as she realizes and faces her mistakes. Salma drives her knee up into Alyssa's right side four times in a row. Each one makes Alyssa expell a loud grunt. as she starts hunching over. Salma then uses her other knee to drive it into Alyssa's left side four more times. Salma then spins Alyssa around so her back is to her. She grabs Alyssa by the shoulders, then rams her knee into the small of Alyssa's back and kidneys for more times. Alyssa then falls on her face to the mat, coughing and moaning. 

First Salma circles her prey like a buzzard. Then she reaches down and pulls Alyssa back to her feet with two handfuls of hair. Alyssa can barely stand with her arms danling by her side as Salma keeps her upright. "This is for all the smack talk" Salma announces as she holds Alyssa's head down and rockets her knee up into her unprotected. face. Alyssa yells and dangles there for another one. "This is for all your dirty tricks" Salma explains and blasts Alyssa in the face with her knee again. "This is to show you that I'm the champion." Salma says before delivering another brutal knee shot to Alyssa's face. Alyssa falls over backwards and lies spread eagle on the mat with her hair covering her face. Mostly by instinct Alyssa gets up a few moments later and gets up to her knees. She stopped there looking dazed and confused. "Oh my I can't believe it. She wants some more." Salma winds into a motion and delivers a side super kick square into Alyssa's face. She nearly knocked Alyssa's head off her shoulders. Alyssa rockets over backwards and back spread eagle on the mat again. This time her hair is whipped back off her face and fans finally witness the damage Salma has caused.

Alyssa's nose is bleeding and her left eye is rapidly swelling and blackening. She is obviously knocked the fuck out. However Salma does not cover her. She slowly walks to the corner and climbs the to the top turnbuckle. Salma takes all the time she wants, and runs her fingers through her hair as she is pearched on the tope turnbuckle looking as flawless as she could under the circumstances. Finally Salma leaps off and soars halfway across the ring. She comes crashing down on Alyssa's chest, back first in her coup-de-gras finishing move, she calls the Spanish Cannonball. Salma gets up after her highlight finish. Alyssa was already out cold and still is out cold. Salma puts her foot on Alyssa's bruised cheek and puts both the hands on her hips as the referee counts out Alyssa. He then scrambles back to his feet and raises Salma's hand, who is still posed with her foot on Alyssa's face. The ring announcer's voice bellows, "The winner and still Drama Queen champion.... Mexico's greatest export, Salma Hayek."

Salma stays there for a couple of moments, accepting the roar of the fans. Then she walks to her corner and recovers her bra. Salma puts the bra back on and adjusts her tits back inside. Salma gets her short lace robe that she wore to the ring and puts that back on. The robe only comes half way down of covering her beautiful ass. Lastly Salma takes her championship belt and straps it around her thin waist.

Once she is done she walks back over to Alyssa, who is still lying on the mat and has not move one single bit. "Salma mumbles, "This cunt really thought she could bully and terrorize me. Salma gets down as straddles Alyssa's chest and grabs her hair and shakes Alyssa, while demanding "Wake up!" Slowly Alyssa's eyes start fluttering and she moans. After Alyssa begins returning to the land of the living, Salma says, "Now that I've fucked you up and proved I'm the champion, you're going to do what ever I want."

Salma stands and pulls Alyssa up to her knees by her arm. "You're going to worship my ass or I'll turn what's left of your face into dog food." Salma turns around and lifts her robe in front of the wobbly loser's face. Salma grabs a handful of Alyssa's and forces her face against her ass and demands, "Kiss it!" At first Alyssa was just there with her face pushed against Salma's ass, but she knew she did not have any other options if they have not come to her yet. So Alyssa puckered up and kissed Salma's beautiful ass. It is not like it is the first time she has kissed and licked Salma's ass, but the other times Alyssa was in control and Salma is beaten bound and in tears. This time Alyssa is beaten and broken and servicing her queen. After posing for plenty of pecks to her ass cheek, Salma says "Now down my legs to my feet." Salma puts one leg out on display. Alyssa complied by kissing Salma's leg all the way down to Salma's feet. Alyssa even got a little blood on Salma's foot as she worshipped it.

After she was done, Alyssa looks up at Salma and says, "This isn't over. I'll find a wat to get you back in the ring with you again. When I do, I'm going to kick your..." Alyssa's sentence was cut off by Salma kicking her square in the face, and knocking her over backwards, spread eagle on the mat yet again. Salma stands over her victim momentarily, with her hands on her hips and wearing the glistening gold championship belt. She is awe inspring and looks as close to a godess as humanly possible. Salma smiles and turns to leave the ring. She smiles and waves at her fans as she returns backstage.

The classy champion prances through the curtains to the backstage area. Before long she sees her friends, Penelope Cruz and Vanessa Williams coming to greet her. Penelope is carrying a pipe and Vanessa has a steel fold up chair. Salma looks further down the hall and Alyssa's ABA team of Buffie the Body and Aria Giovani are face down on the ground and rubbing their backs and the back of their heads. Salma chuckles and knows why Alyssa had no other opions than to kiss her ass. The trio disappear happily down the hall getting ready for another victory party.

Meanwhile in the ring the referee and ringside officials tend to Alyssa. They revive her and she refuses assistance to walk out of the ring. Alyssa is slow and wobbly, but she makes it through the curtain to backstage. She notices her team of Buffie and Aria groggily sitting up and rubbing theirs heads. Then a greeting party of the other bosses in the ABA, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu and Jenny McCarthy walk past Buffie and Aria and right up to Alyssa.

"What the fuck was that you made the whole ABA look bad." Demi angrily shouts.

"Chill the fuck out. I loss one match. No big deal." Alyssa answers.

"I'm not talking about losing the match, I'm talking about kissing Salma Hayek's ass!" Demi clarifies. "We're the American Bad Asses! we turn women into punk bitches, not be ones ourselves. You made us look like a joke out there. It's one thing if you were just a member, but you are a boss, a leader and cornerstone in this organization. You went out like a punk bitch who doesn't deserve to wear our letters."

"Fuck you bitch!" Alyssa shouts back bucking up in Demi's face. "Who do you think you're talking to? I started this group. I am the founder. I'm more bad ass than your bitch ass!" Alyssa bumps into Demi's chest. "I had no choice. Do you see what she did to my face? I didn't see any of my teammates coming to my rescue. In the old ABA we had each other's back and something like that woud have never happened.

"Weak bitch. You've got a short time to prove worthy of being in this organization or I will beat your ass and kick you out myself. We're not making the same mistakes we did with Denise Richards." Demi threatens.

"I'd like to see you try to kick me out, old ass bitch." Alyssa defiantly answers. "I'll whip your ass and send you crying to the retirement home, then take your group and keep moving."

Demi did not take those words kindly. Quickly Lucy has to grab her friend and hold her back to stop a fight. Jenny grabs Alyssa and holds her at bay. Lucy starts pulling Demi away. Jenny leaves Alyssa when she is sure she does not want to push the issue. "We'e not playing with your ass Alyssa. Do something to make this right, or you're finished." Jenny warns, letting Alyssa know where she stood on the matter as well.

Alyssa stands in dismay,and can not believe this bullshit from the people she thought were friends. They start leaving as Madonna comes walking down the through backstage too. Madonna makes eye contact with Jenny, Lucy and Demi, then keeps walking up to Alyssa.

"You ain't shit" Madonna says as she walks up to Alyssa's face. "They're right. You are weak and shouldn't be here." Jenny, Demi and Lucy all stop in their tracks to see what is about to do down.

Alyssa looks at Madonna all confused before saying. "Get the fuck out of here. This ain't your business."

"I'm doing something different." Madonna answers. "I'm making it my business."

Madonna was in a match against Eva Longoria in the opening of the Pay Per View. She loss rather unimpressingly. Madonna has no affiliation with anyone in the ABA positively or negatively. So everyone is confused why she is here. The mystery only thickens as Madonna starts clobbering Alyssa over the head with her fists.

Aria and Buffie get up to rush to their leader's aid, but Jenny waves them off saying, "Let's see how this turns out." Then Jenny tells the others, "If Alyssa takes care of Madonna, she will have my trust back."

Alyssa fights back but Salma has already taken too much out of her. Madonna lands a good old fashined bionic elbow to Alyssa's head and puts her down on the floor. Madonna drops down and mounts her. First Madonna jabs her thumb into Alyssa's swollen eye. Alyssa screams like she is being murdered. The blonde follows with forearm shots to the swollen side Alyssa's face. Alyssa calls out "Help me! Somebody please help me!" In her current condition everyone knows this is not exactly a fair fight. However the ABA never cared too much about being fair anyway. After all, Madonna got beaten an hour or more before this. That is close enough to fair in the ABA's view.

"She's weak." Demi comments again hearing Alyssa's plea for help. Alyssa is tired and already beaten, she truly is in need of help. Madonna grabs her by the bra and pulls her up off the ground. Madonna slings Alyssa into the wall. As Madonna closes, Alyssa kicks Madonna low, trying to get as close to her crotch as possible in her exhausted condition. It slows Madonna long enough for Alyssa to land a flush right hook to the jaw. Normally she would have staggered the blonde but in her tired and weakened state at this time, Madonna blinks it off. Madonna retaliates with a punch that buckles Alyssa's knees. Madonna makes sure Alyssa does not fall. She grabs her by the hair and pulls her up only to slam the back of her head into the hard wall. She has Alyssa's eyes rolling in her head like a slot machine.

There is a nearby cart with electronic stuff on it. Madonna ushers Alyssa over to it and clears if off with a brush of her arm. Then Madonna hooks Alyssa in a full nelson hold from behind and smash Alyssa's face into the cart. Then Madonna appies the power of her hard candy muscular arms and bends Alyssa's neck down. The aged wildcat has been a workout warrior for twenty years now and gives Alyssa a painful lesson into the blonde's long gevity. Madonna redoubles her efforts and cranks up more strength into bending Alyssa's neck. Madonna hears Alyssa whine and knows that she is close to breaking. Madonna slams Alyssa's face down into the cart again. The helpless woman's will to continue collapses. Alyssa pleads "Enough! You win, I'll give you what ever you want."

"Bitch, I'm Madonna, I take what I want." Madonna spys a flat 15' tv monitor. she grabs it and smashes it over Alyssa's head. Even the ABA girls cringe as Alyssa crumples to the floor. Madonna looks down and realizes Alyssa is knocked out again. Madonna removes Alyssa's bra and then shorts which both have an ABA emblem sown them. She leaves Alyssa only in her pair of panty hose. Alyssa moans as she starts trying to wake up. Meanwhile, Madonna opens a large road case for shipping large electonic equipment. The blonde opens the huge box, then returns to Alyssa. Madonna picks the semi-consious Alyssa up and carries her over and body slams Alyssa in the box. Madonna closes the box and pushes the wheeled case down the hall into a bunch of other road cases.

Madonna picks up Alyssa's bra and shorts and walks over to the three ABA bosses. "My name is Madonna, and I've been a bad ass in this league well before any of you have joined." Madonna explains. "I don't have much time left in the ring, but before I go I'm going to break Pam Anderson in half and take my Cock Fighting Championship back. I really would love to see Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and the whole Fab organization go down in flames actually. I really want to make this league tremble at my name again. I need an army. You had a general who wasn't worthy of these letters." Madonna respectully shows the ABA emblem on Alyssa's outfit. "At this time is my career I think I should do something different. It's time for me to be Madame X and build a team that will stand after I'm gone and be part of a legacy in the ABA."

First there is silence before Jenny says, "All if favor of Madonna replacing Alyssa Milano in the ABA say, Aye."

"Aye" Demi quickly votes.

"Nay" Lucy blurts. "She's too old. We need a young voice for the future." Madonna and Lucy exchange mean stares.

Jenny breaks the tension saying, "I say aye. The ayes' have it. Welcome to the ABA MAdonna."

The three bosses welome Madonna to the fold. Of course a proper celebration is in order. They decide to go to what would have been Alyssa Milano's victory party. As they walk off. Buffie and Aria stand in the hallway not knowing what to do. Is their time in the ABA over with Alyssa? But Madonna says "Buffie, Aria are you coming, or are you staying here?" Buffie and Aria briefly look at each other then quickly fall in behind Madonna. "You guys are going to love being part of the Madonna Mafia..."

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