Madonna vs Eva Longoria

Featuring Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett of the Booking Committee is at the Stone Rage corporate gym working out after a hard day’s work. It's late in the evening and most people have left the office for the day, so Angela is alone. The busy woman had worked late. She is booking all the matches for the upcoming show, BATTLELINES 3 PAY PER VIEW. Angela is working up a sweat on a weight machine pushing up a bar, keeping her muscular arms strong. Despite the strenuous work out, Angela manages to still look hot and sexy in her multi color two piece outfit or swim suit really. She loves showing her abs and ass off to the younger girls. Angela purposely enters as the younger women are leaving and watch their mouth dropped stares and jealous ogles looking at the miracle body twice their age, but still looking like a work of art.

In the middle of her workout, Madonna strolls into the room. She walks to Angela and asks "Is it true? Are you retiring and stepping down from the booking committee after this pay per view?"

Angela continues lifting her weights, and cuts an eye at Madonna. She does not look very pleased to see the music legend. After looking annoyed Angela answers, "Yes. Truth is that with my new TV series 9-1-1, filming Black Panther 2 and still being a director, I'm resigning from the booking committee after this event. I've already notified Stone Rage and Christina Applegate of my decision."

"Good for you." Madonna replies. "It's great timing. I've been thinking about retiring from the ring lately myself. Now with an opening on the booking committee available it is the perfect time to retire, and go after your spot on the committee." Angela cuts Madonna an unpleasant eye. "I just want one final dream match and I could let wrestling go. I need you to book it for the next card and I can ride off into the sunset, and take your spot on the committee. I want a Cock Fight title match against Pam Anderson so I can retire with my belt around my waist."

"First Madona, we're not friends. I don't even like you. I'm not giving you a title shot, and it'll be a cold day in Hell before I let you replace me on the booking committee." Angela answers.

"Stop being a jealous bitch Angela." Madonna exclaims. "Be smart and work with me. You know I'm going to get what I want anyway. Don't make this harder than it has to be. If I offer my services to the booking committee, you know the board of directors will approve me. You can try to discredit me all you want, but it will just burn your bridges and make you look stupid. Bitch, I'm Madonna. I have more friends and power than you can imagine." Madonna threatens. "I can make things hard even in your illustrious acting career."

Angela responds to Madonna's threat with indifference. Madonna is powerful but so is Angela. In an honest moment Angela knows Madonna is a powerful adversary to have, but she refuses to show any intimidation to the blonde bully. "Not happening. You don't deserve a title shot of any kind. Beyonce used you as a tune up last time I remember you in the ring. Second you are powerful, but I am respected by the board of directors too. Between me and Christina Applegate, we can block you." Angela looks Madonna in the eyes. "If you'd be so kind to leave so I can finish my workout, I'd appreciate it. I think this conversation is over."

"You don't talk to me like that!" Madonna snaps. "I'm still Madonna. I ought to take you in that ring and beat the ever living shit out of you Angela till you give me a title match! I'll be happy to show you what I can do in the ring first hand! Then you will know who the boss is really!"

"Don't threaten me bitch." Angela snaps back and stops lifting and stands "I'm Angela fucking Bassett! You don't begin to scare me! I'll take you in the ring and beat your blonde ass in a heartbeat!"

"Put your money where your mouth is bitch!" Madonna challenges. "Let's get in that ring. We fight, and if I win, I get my dream match against Pam Anderson. I'll file for the booking committee, where you'll endorse me, then you'll keep your big mouth shut and love it until you go away."

"If I win you go back to your living room couch." Angela interrupts "No match, No booking committee no nothing. You just get on your broom and fly out of here and don't come back until I'm gone."

"You're on" Madonna finishes and extends her hand to shake on the deal. Angela shakes her hand and the two try to out squeeze the other's hand.

Angela stand up and starts toweling off with a dead ass serious expression. Madonna is sure this wager is serious and she has one helluva fight on her hands. Madonna gets in the ring and starts stretching. She came to the gym to get her title match with Pam Anderson and the booking committee appointment one way or another. This appears to be the way. At least she came prepared to work out. Madonna wore a tight tank top with loose fitting pants down to her knees.

Angela gets into the ring and does some shadow boxing as Madonna continues to stretch. At their age, both are content to give the other ample time to warm up. When both are finishing, Angela asks, "Are there any rules?"

"It's just the two of us. We don't need any rules. There's nobody to here to enforce them anyway." Madonna remarks. "I'll just beat your ass until you say I've got my title shot."

"More like you beg me to stop." Angela retorts. "Let's get started." Angela's face turns serious. "Ding, ding bitch!"

Like that two legendary women in their own rights start circling each other for a private fight for the ages. While in fighting stances, they close the distance. Angela launches a kick to feel her opponent out. Madonna easily avoids it with a chuckle. Soon Angela tests Madonna with another kick that misses also. Then Madonna turns deadly by countering with a kick to Angela's lowers thigh that buckles her leg. Instantly Madonna grabs Angela's arm and whips her into the ropes and delivers a wicked chop across her chest as Angela rebounds off back. Angela is knocked off her feet and falls to the mat. Madonna drops to the canvas after her. Madonna swiftly wraps her legs around Angela's waist for a body scissors.

Madonna adds to Angela's torment by grabbing and twisting her tits. Angela is able to knock Madonna's hands away commenting, "Kinky cunt" as she does. Madonna lies back and puts all the power she can, squeezing Angela between her muscular thighs. Angela lets out a loud sincere howl from Madonna's vice grip. After plenty of painful moments, Angela gathers her thoughts to try and pry Madonna's ankles apart. Madonna thinks she can only contain her strong rival but for so long. So, she takes the time to give Angela a nipple twister until the ebony goddess powers out of the scissors hold.

Once free, Angela dives on top of Madonna and quickly subdues her with a full body pin. Angela's legs intertwine with Madonna's holding them securely. Her torso lies on top of Madonna's and she is breast to breast and face to face. Angela's hands pin Madonna's wrists to the mat by her head. Angela imposes her body on Madonna's. The blonde struggles underneath, making Angela move forward to impose her weight further. Madonna sees her rival's tits above her face and reaches her head up to try to take an unsuccessful bite out of the juicy looking melons. Angela drew her breast up at the last moment. "You want these?" Angela angrily asks. "You can have them!" and Angela plunges her boobs down on Madonna's face, smothering her. "Choke on these!" Angela jokes.

Angela has beautiful tits, not massive ones, and totally smothering Madonna out this early probably is not possible. So, Angela roles onto her side taking Madonna along with her and wraps her legs around the blonde's waist for Angela's revenge version of a body scissor. Madonna howls and cringes as Angela did before. However the blonde counters by grabbing Angela's breast and begins twisting and squeezing. Angrily Angela counters with several extremely hard spanks to Madonna's ass. Madonna grabs a handful of Angela's couchie. Angela squeals like a school girl at the invasion of her privates. She quickly releases the body scissors and gets away. Both women scramble back to their feet.

Angela learned from the first time not to fool around with Madonna. She aggressively attacks with fists to Madonna's mid section. Angela drives Madonna back into the corner. Angela snatches Madonna by the hair and tosses her to the mat. Angela drops to the mat by Madonna's side and places her knee in the blonde's rib cage. She grabs Madonna's left arm and left leg and pulls them using her knee as a fulcrum to lock Madonna in a "Bow and Arrow" hold. Madonna squirms as she is being stretched to her limits. Eventually the mature blonde proves to be quite limber and swings her right leg up and around to kick Angela in the chest. Madonna's foot produces a loud thump as it connects, and Angela immediately releases Madonna and falls back, and clutches her chest.

Madonna quickly travels up Angela's body. Madonna seizes a handful of Angela's hair and jerks her head in-between the blonde's thighs and clamps them shut around Angela's throat. Angela winces and gags as Madonna's legs snap off her air supply. After being trapped for close to a minute, a squirming Angela is feeling light headed. Madonna wants to add to Angela's torment and grabs another handful of hair just for pulling. It hurts Angela but also loosens Madonna's scissors hold and allows Angela to get a few breaths. Angela gets her feet under her and starts powering up to her feet. Eventually Angela to her feet, but severely stooped over with Madonna's legs still attached around her neck. Angela grabs Madonna's shorts and picks Madonna off the mat and into the air momentarily before slamming her down hard on her back, and breaking the blonde's scissor.

Madonna arches her back and audibly curses the larger woman that just threw her to the mat. As Madonna tries to get up and Angela closes in reaching out for a handful of hair. With Madonna's eyes and mind distracted by Angela's hands reaching for her hair, Angela magically swings behind Madonna and wraps her arm around Madonna's neck and falls backward while closing her legs around Madonna's body at the same time. Before she knew it Madonna is caught in Angela's rear naked choke hold. Madonna curses herself for falling for the move, but after all Madonna and Angela are the same age and both were born on the exact same day. Angela grits her teeth and squeezes as tight as she can. She has the hold locked in deeply and knows it will not take too long to render her nemesis unconscious. Wily Madonna gags and feels the darkness coming for her. She reaches around and under Angela's thigh and finds Angela's pussy again. Her fingers latch on with a strong grip hardened by years of practice. Madonna grabs Angela's pussy lip and squeezes, getting a loud squeal from Angela. Madonna twist and turns grabbing more of Angela's pussy and forces a loud howl and scream from Angela.

"Let go of my pussy you crazy bitch!" Angela shouts. She tries to focus past the invasionary pain and maintain her rear naked choke hold and its effectiveness. However Angela is unaccustomed and sickened by this sexual and kinky assault. "Shit like this is why I always couldn’t stand your nasty ass!" Angela shouts in frustration. Madonna tries to respond with a laugh, but Angela's flexing bicep cuts the laughter just as it was beginning. It became a test of wills between Angela and Madonna, until Madonna's fingers slip underneath the Angela's skimpy work out briefs. Angela's eyes bulge and shoot out of her skull. She silently curses her vanity to get those jealous stares from the other gorgeous women that were still lingering around when her workout began. Madonna's fingers are roaming and clawing the inside of Angela's pussy, and the conservative woman could not bear any more of this indignity. She releases her rear naked choke and kicks Madonna away.

Meanwhile in the same building Stone Rage looks out his top floor office window down at the parking lot. He sees Angela is working late like he was, and figured she was working out in the gym by now. He grabs a remote and changes his office TV to another source where the tv doubles as a monitor for the security camera. He tuned into the security camera in the gym to take a look at Angela (Just to making sure she was okay of course) His mouth suddenly drops seeing Angela going tooth and nail with Madonna in the ring.

Stone Rage is frozen while looking at the monitor. Angela is still on the mat whimpering a little and clutching her ravished cunt. Madonna is several feet away from her and gasping for air. Both are content to spend several seconds like this before Angela makes the first move and gingerly starts getting to her feet. Madonna suddenly springs up while taking off her tank top at the same time. Within barely three seconds Madonna is on her feet, already taken off her tank top. The next i9nstant she is pulling her sports bra off over her head and charging towards Angela. The ebony actress is a deer in headlights, dazzled and confused by how quickly Madonna is stripping and moving. Madonna finishes taking off her bra along the way, and has it ready to wrap around Angela's throat upon arrival. Angela had Madonna's bra around her throat beginning to choke her before she knew it. The Phoenix like burst of super speed took Angela off guard. Madonna is throttling Angela back and forth by the garment around her neck and swinging her, this way and that. Stone Rage breaks out of his trance and rushes out his office door and down the hall to the elevator to get to the gym.

Stone Rage gets off the elevator and hurries to the gym. As he nears the door he hears Madonna's voice saying. "You're in great shape, but I'm in great fighting shape! Go ahead and submit and give me my title shot!" Stone Rage burst through the gym door. He sees topless Madonna and Angela in a double bear hug, with both of their arms wrapped around the other's body. From the looks of things Angela is tiring and holding on at the moment.

He breaks up everything by screaming, "What the Hell are you doing?" at the top of his lungs. Both women relent some as he continues flabbergasted asking, "Why are you down here fighting and kicking each other's ass for free!" Finally he lowers his voice a little saying, "Are you crazy? What is going on?"

Finally the realization set in on Angela and Madonna that they were putting on a million dollar bout for zero dollars and not making much sense. They release each other looking like children whose hands got caught in the cookie jar. Madonna confesses, "We were wrestling to settle an argument. If I won, Angela gives me a title shot against Pam Anderson and endorses me for the booking committee."

"And if I win she gets nothing, because she doesn't deserve a title shot or to be on the booking committee." Angela adds.

Now understanding what is happening, he takes a breath before answering, "I don't think either one of you deserve to be on the booking committee right now. It's not smart to have a fight that could draw millions for free! It couldn't even been recorded. Remember the girls in the league voted to have that security camera not broadcast quality to make sure that the gym remains confidential."

Stone Rage puts his hand over his head and pauses to think for a moment. "I'm settling this for you." He begins. "Madonna, Angela is right. I don't think you deserve a title shot either. You're going to earn it, especially after this stunt. Angela is going to book a match between you and someone on Pam's Fab team for BATTLELINES 3. If you win, then you get your title shot for the next event."

"By the time I beat someone else and Pam Anderson's ass, the opening on the booking committee will be filled. I will have missed my chance to join." Madonna frantically interjects.

"Not at all" Stone Rage explains. "If you had bothered to talk to me instead of taking measures into your own hands, I would have expanded that I'm increasing the booking committee by two members to spread out the work, and we don't lose more members in the future like we're losing Angela. You will have a chance to apply and join after your matches."

"And Angela", Rage says turning his attention to her. "I was going to surprise you at BATTLELINES 3 and offer you a seat on the board of directors for your service on the booking committee." Angela's face shows the surprised at being offered this honored position. "But, seeing this bone head decision to fight Madonna to settle a business decision I'm reconsidering, and you've got to earn your way. Since you’re suddenly a betting woman, if whoever fights Madonna wins, you still get put on the board of directors. If Madonna wins you don't."

Stone Rage looks at both women "Everybody gets what they want. If you win Madonna, you get your match with Pam, you get to apply for the booking committee and keep Angela off the board of directors to keep her from voting against you making the committee. Angela, if you book the winner, then Madonna doesn't get her title shot, and you'll be on the board to block her ever getting on the committee. Everybody gets what they want, and both of you get the punishment you deserve for a bonehead business decision to fight for free as members of my booking committee. After all this, if you're still not satisfied, I'll be more than happy to book a match whenever you like between you two to settle your differences for millions of dollars. Good night and please no more shenanigans ladies." Stone Rage finishes and walks out of the gym door.

A couple days later Angela invites Eva Longoria and Pam Anderson out to lunch. It is not only unusual it is extremely bizarre and unusual, but Angela made this request to discuss some urgent business. "I suppose you've heard that this will be my last event with the league on the booking committee. My acting career just won't allow me the time anymore to continue of the committee." Angela calmly explains.

"Angela, I'm honest and genuinely happy that your career is booming. You definitely more than deserve it as an actress." Pam compliments. "But I won't be sad to see you leave the booking committee. You've been a pain in the Fab's ass and have always supporting Christina Applegate against us."

"You're right" Angela confesses. "I never liked how Stone Rage drooled all over the (Fab) Four of you, especially Halle Berry. But I've called you here with an offer that will be beneficial to both of us. Madonna is trying to replace me on the booking committee. I really despise that woman and want her eliminated from the conversation. Madonna is ready to retire and move on, but she keeps dreaming of one last Cock fight Championship match against you Pam. I prefer to keep her active, dreaming, and pursuing that goal and to keep failing. Instead of giving her the title shot against Pam that she so badly wants, I'm making her earn it by beating Eva in a match first." Angela explains.

"I don't like it" Pam quickly responds. "That is not the way that the Fabs work. If Madonna wants a title shot, I want to fight her......"

"Nobody was asking you. I was telling you." Angela sternly interrupts. "This helps both of us out. Eva beats Madonna and the board will lose interest in her replacing me, and you can avoid Madonna one more time." She sees Pam's expression changing and her mouth opens to rebuttal 'avoiding Madonna' comment. "I know, I know you can beat Madonna, but do you really want to face her in her retirement match? She is still Madonna! That witch has more lives than every black cat in this city. She'll use that old magic and turn back the clock and have you down and getting fucked for hours in ways even you've never imagined. Even if you do win Pam, you'll be that ass hole bitch that ended poor Madonna's career the next morning on the Internet. You don't need that." Angela allows that to sink in. "Besides Madonna doesn't like Christina Applegate, but she's not a friend of the Fab's either. Rumor is Britney Spears is about to come after your title Pam, if you survive Madonna. You've beaten Britney, but that was years ago when you were a lot younger. Madonna on the booking committee will make it a certainty."

Pam and Eva are quiet, because they know deep down Angela is right. "For your own damned good, you're taking the match and nipping this problem in the bud." Angela demands. When Angela really demands something, nobody, not Christina Applegate or Stone Rage will say another word. "Eva don't let your little ass fail me and lose this match." Angela says with a cold stare in Eva's direction. "Just for proper motivation, if you lose against Madonna you will have a match at the next Stone Rage event. It'll be you against Eva Mendez... in a steel cage match. You one on one against one of the girls of the group you turned your back on and abandoned. I do wonder what she will do to you? It'll already be written into your contract." Angela pauses, "If you Fabs win I'll reward you with Sofia Vergara being Katy Perry's first title shot for the Bootylicious belt."

"Sofia!" Eva asks. "Why not me if I win the match?"

"Come on girl, you’ve got an amazing body." Angela answers, "But that cute little booty of yours couldn't smother anybody." she finishes with a chuckle. Angela takes a bite of her lunch but adds, "Ladies eat your lunch. You Fab girls are going to need your energy. Your group will be busy the night of the Pay Per View.

Days later the contracts are signed sealed and delivered. It became a matchup of interest to the media. It over shadowed the Jennifer Lopez versus Kiera Knightly main event because the press understands this is one of the last chances to see Madonna in action. Madonna hinted it was the beginning of her retirement tour and indicated she would like to move onto the booking committee very soon. Media flocked to their icon leaving Eva to train in relative private. Madonna said this match is a stepping stone to Pam Anderson and the Cock Fight championship, but she excluded mentioning the private bet between her, Stone Rage and Angela Bassett. All parties figured if the terms of their wager were released, it would hurt the credibility of Madonna on the booking committee or Angela on the board of directors. So that arrangement is put in writing too.

Fight night arrives without any controversy beforehand. Minutes before the match, Eva is warming up in her dressing room with Pam and Sofia Vergara. Pam is shocked to he her extremely nervous as she stretches and is even shaking. "Eva what's wrong with you? You're fighting Madonna. She's tough, but not Godzilla." Pam asks. "Just start fast and keep up a quick pace, you'll be fine. Be careful of letting her wear you down with leg scissors and holds. You're wrestling as well as you ever have right now. You will be fine."

"It's not that, just if I lose..." Eva quietly replies. "If I lose I get locked in a cage with Eva Mendes; a very angry Eva Mendes. You don't know her like I do. Eva can be ruthless, cruel and unrelenting. She will destroy me. She won't try to win but just hurt me. She will try to break and finish me mentally, physically and spiritually. She won't be satisfied until she tortures me until I quit the Fabs or retire altogether. I'm terrified of getting in a cage with her."

Pam looks sympathetic as Eva exposes a deep fear to her friend. When she had finished Pam answers, "Give me a fucking break. If you weren’t my girl, I'd smack your ass right now for saying that stupid shit. Suck it up buttercup and pull yourself together. Go out there and handle business with Madonna and you won't have to worry about a cage match with Eva fucking Mendez. You're going to win so our girl Sofia Vergara can shock the world and win the Bootylicious belt in her debut single match against Katy Perry and prove Angela wrong. That's why her sneaky ass gave Sofia the match instead of you, she doesn't think Sofia can win. You're going out there and win one for the team!!" Pam shouts. "You're going to win because Sofia, Chrissy (Tiegen) and I look up at you and admire you and expect nothing less. Then we're going after The Resistance as a team! We're going to kick Eva Mendes' ass till she begs for mercy and crawls back into her hole. Got it?"

Eva raises her head and says, "Good speech. I feel a lot better now." Eva hugs Pam tightly. "I just have to take care of business with Madonna and everything will be fine." Eva adds. She releases her warm embrace and starts to the door to head to the ring. Before exiting she confesses, "By the way Pam, if I lose this match, You'll need to find a new team member, because I'm leaving the league and go to Hollywood Cole's wrestling league before I ever get into a cage with Eva Mendes." Eva says light heartedly and goes through the door.

Looking confused Sofia asks Pam, "Was she joking?"

Pam answers, "Probably not" with a chuckle. Pam opens the door and shouts down the hall, "You better not lose then bitch!" She shuts the door and smiles at Sofia like everything was fixed.

Several minutes later Eva Longoria is strutting down the aisle to the ring like a fashion model. Most fans are cheering as she gestures and switches her booty like a clock pendulum to the ring. A foul looking Madonna is waiting for her already in the ring. Eva climbs onto the ring apron and turns her back to the ropes to acknowledge the fans. Then she steps on the bottom ropes and bounces and does a back flip into the ring a la the Bella Twins. As she does, Madonna charges out of her corner. As soon as Eva's feet land, Madonna is behind her and swinging her forearm up between Eva's legs for a classic low blow. Eva shouts and clutches her crotch and collapse to the mat.

Madonna pulls off her bikini top in an instant, just like against Angela Bassett and drops to the mat with Eva and wraps the garment around Eva's throat. Eva is on her stomach with Madonna riding her back as she bucks trying to find a way to breathe again. Angela looks down from a skybox at Madonna's naked tits bouncing around say, "That woman loves to show off those tits." Then a big buck knocks Madonna off her perch on Eva's back.

Eva springs up surprisingly faster than Madonna. Once the blonde stands, the brunette is charging at her and floors Madonna with a clothesline. Eva grabs a handful of Madonna's hair and jerks her up to her knees and wraps her arm around Madonna's neck from behind in a rear chinlock. Eva pushes forward and puts Madonna flat on her belly with her Eva's body on top of her. Eva sits up and pulls Madonna's upper body up until Madonna's arms are draped over Eva's knees putting the blonde in a Camel Clutch hold. Eva resumes her chinlock around Madonna's throat to complete her own variation of the hold. Seeing Madonna becoming red faced, the referee checks the chinlock and determines that it is more choke hold than wrestling hold and calls for Eva to break the hold.

Eva gets up yelling at the referee that the hold was legal. Madonna is getting up when Eva grabs her by the hair and runs over and smashes Madonna's face into the turnbuckle as hard as she could. The blonde dizzily falls to the mat. Eva turns back to the referee and shouts at him some more. Moments later Madonna runs up behind for another classic low blow shot with her forearm between Eva's legs. Eva drops to the mat again shrieking and clutching her pussy again.

Madonna wastes no time. She picks Eva off the mat and tosses her through the ropes and out of the ring. She hears a delightful thump as Eva's body harshly hits the padded arena floor outside the ring. Madonna quickly follows out after her. Madonna looks under the ring and retrieves a metal folding chair conveniently put there. Madonna slams the chair across Eva's back as she tries to get up. The little Texas hottie falls to her hands and knees. Madonna grabs Eva by the arm and jerks her up to her feet. "You think you're fucking cute huh?" Madonna grumbles as she woman handles Eva. Then Madonna shoves her back against the side of the ring. There Madonna jabs the edge of the chair into Eva's gut a couple of times. Eva had jumped up on the ring apron trying to escape another chair shot while holding her stomach. Madonna drops the chair and fires a hard punch straight between Eva's open legs. Eva lets out a high pitched scream as one hand grabs her crotch and the other stays on her aching belly. Madonna rolls Eva back into the ring under the bottom ropes. Madonna comments, "Get your ass back in there!", then follows in after her.

Eva curls into a ball from Madonna's illegal assault. The fans are booing and the referee is yelling at Madonna, but she totally ignores him. Madonna goes for Eva and pulls her up to her knees. Then she presses Eva's neck against the middle rope and presses down choking her some more. The referee is shouting and screaming and starts a count to break the illegal activity. Madonna breaks in time and tosses Eva to the mat. Cold heartedly Madonna grabs Eva's ankles, spreads her legs open then drops down knee first into Eva's pussy. Eva screams and flops on the mat like bacon on a hot skillet.

Madonna backs away for a moment, where she catches her breath for a moment and admires her handy work. Meanwhile the referee admonishes her for her illegal tactics. The blonde assassin is totally ignoring the man. The referee gets in Madonna's face to get her attention, but she shoves him out the way and returns to Eva. She grabs the waist band of Eva's booty shorts and jerks up, lifting the brunette off the mat like a suitcase. When Madonna has pulled Eva up so high that only her fingertips and toes are still on the mat, Madonna punts Eva between the legs from behind. Eva lets out a shriek of excruciating pain as Madonna drops her and let her curl on the mat again clutching her pussy with both hands.

The referee goes ballistic at Madonna. He is doing his best to prevent Madonna's blatant disrespect of the rules. However Madonna does not care and is not going to care. There is too much riding on this match to worry about rules. Madonna thinks that she is a saint in this match compared for what she got planned for Pam Anderson next anyway. Madonna shoves the referee aside again warning him "Stay out of my way! Bitch, I'm Madonna!" She reaches down for Eva's arm but Eva seizes Madonna's arm instead, and in a hot instant, she pulls Madonna to the mat and rolls her up in a small package pin. The referee instantly drops and starts the count. Madonna kicks out at two.

Madonna scrambles to her feet as fast as she could, but turned her attention to the referee. As he stands, she shoves him back to the mat. "Stay out of the way! You almost cost me the match!" Madonna reprimands the official.

Eva grabs Madonna by the shoulder and spins her around to face her. As Madonna turns Eva scoops the blonde onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. "It's not the referee that you should be worrying about." Eva warns her adversary, "It's me!" With that said Eva dumps Madonna off her shoulders sending her straight down for a thumping landing to the mat. Madonna tries to scramble to her feet but Eva kicks her in the ribs and flips her over onto her back. "And that is for roughing up the referee!" Eva adds. Madonna starts to leap back up and strike with an eye gouge or a throat punch to quell Eva's uprising, but she cut her eyes first and saw a smoking hot, bad ass chicka hyped and ready to fight. So, instead the old wily veteran stopped and rolled away and got out of the ring.

The fans who had started cheering the faster pace action and Eva voice their disapproval. The Madonna fans offer a smattering of claps and cheers endorsing Madonna's wise decision and gamesmanship. All knew they saw a bad ass, smoking hot little babe in the ring that should not be messed with. Eva surly looked the part. She even looked menacing wearing a black bustier with skimpy black booty shorts. Her ass hung out the bottom of the shorts especially after Madonna hiked them up for that pussy punt. Eva displayed the confidence and the attitude to match her outfit, but inside she is nervous and scared. She is not scared of Madonna but of Eva Mendes and the cage. If Eva loses to Madonna her options were clear in her perceptive; Option A: Eva Mendes beats her to a bloody pulp. Option B: Eva Mendes tames her into a subservient little bitch forever more. Option C: Eva Longoria is forever branded a coward and laughing stock for leaving the league to escape the match. Option C was looking pretty good in Longoria's opinion. Her only hope is dig down and become the bossy hard ass that made her a successful actress, director and executive producer, to beat Madonna and get herself out of this mess.

Outside the ring Madonna taunts the fans by pointing to her temple to indicate how smart she is. Then she turns and looks Eva in the eyes and repeats the gesture as part of a cerebral mind game with Eva. The brunette takes the bait and charges the ropes and leaps through with a suicide dive. Madonna steps out the way and kicks Eva in the chest as she passes by. Madonna snatches Eva up by the hair and issues another low kick between the brunette's legs. Madonna holds Eva and does not let her fall. Instead she rolls a knock kneed Eva with her ass sticking out, in the ring and rolls in right after her. Madonna goes for the cover and even slips a foot on the bottom rope for extra leverage after the referee had dropped to the mat to begin the count. Eva's body whips like a live wire and knocks Madonna from on top of her before the three count.

Madonna looks at the referee again and complains about a slow count. Eva springs to her feet with a revelation about how to beat Madonna. "It's not him. It's me that's about to give you this ass whipping bitch!" Eva declares sounding like a Clint Eastwood action movie star. "No brag, just fact bitch." Eva teasingly adds. Madonna takes the bait and aggressively goes after opponent. Eva slips under Madonna's attempt to get her and spins around behind the blonde. Madonna wheels around relentlessly and tries it again for getting the same result of Eva slipping away, and Madonna looking like she has lost a step.

The veteran realized what just happened and stopped. She is not about to play Eva's little game. Madonna flexes her right bicep and shows off a muscle that belonged in a bodybuilding contest instead of a pop icon. "Keep running little one but this is going to catch up with you sooner or later." Fans at ringside cheer Madonna.

Eva stops and stands flatfooted. Then in a flash, Eva strikes with a super kick that the unsuspecting blonde was too slow to dodge or block. Madonna is dazed and wobbles backwards. "Sooner or later everybody slows down." Eva teases. Two steps and a big leap later, Eva has caught Madonna's head between her legs with a flying head scissors. Then with a twist of her marvelous body, Eva sends the dazed Madonna somersaulting head over heels and sliding across the mat out of control.

"I figured something out about you." Eva explains as she pops back to her feet. You're full of tricks and games but you don't have a lot left physically. Let's see how those muscles work when I pick up the pace." Eva says as she darts over and gives Madonna a drop kick to the face, knocking her back down. Madonna knows she is losing momentum, so she rolls out of the ring for a time out. Eva predicts it this time and is already launching herself over the top rope. Madonna had just left the ring and took one quick breath when she looks up and sees Eva in flight and coming crashing down on her before Madonna could duck, move or even gasp. Eva rises off her squashed opponent, and brings Madonna to her feet with a hair haul as she stands. Eva figured that picking up the pace and staying on Madonna that the older veteran will not be able to keep up. Eva takes Madonna's arm and whips her her forward. Madonna is sent a few steps and runs into the ring's iron post. Madonna wobbles backwards on unsteady legs. Eva grabs the blonde and rolls her back into the ring.

Madonna starts scooting away from Eva with her hands up begging off and asking for mercy. The crafty blonde needs to slow the match down. Eva did not fall for it she runs and leaps is leading with the two soles of her boots connecting with Madonna's face. Since Madonna was already seated on the mat, her head snaps back and she slams back on the mat with her grey eyes rolling around mindlessly in her head.

Eva reaches down and grabs Madonna's arm and pulls her to her feet. She quickly discovered the topless blonde is on Dream Street. However Eva does not want to take any chances. She wants to finish Madonna off properly before going for the pinfall. Eva holds Madonna from behind with both arms wrapped around her waist. Eva gathers all her strength, and fuel it by the rage from the multiple low blows she has received this mach. Eva picks Madonna up and flings her body back and tosses Madonna backwards with a belly to back suplex. Madonna is surprised by little Eva's strength as she flies backwards and crashes the back of her head and neck against the turnbuckles. Madonna's body bounces off and crashes to the mat. Madonna lies there with sweaty, shinny breasts looking up at the lights.

Eva stands and returns her attention to the blonde. Eva drags Madonna's limp body further out of the corner. Then Eva hastily climbs to the top turnbuckle. Eva takes flight and soars through the air like a beautiful swan. It appears like slow motion as Eva glides through the air then speeds up to live time when she comes crashing down on Madonna's chest. The referee slides into position and makes the three count. He was happy to do so after this difficult match to officiate. Eva rises off of a breathless Madonna. "Good match Madonna, but a word of advice." Eva tells her opponent. "You'd better come with more than tricks and mind games against Pam Anderson." Eva stands over her beaten foe and the referee raises her arm in victory. Eva the fans cheered. Eva tries to contain her excitement but she is thrilled. She does not have to get destroyed by Eva Mendes. A huge smile breaks out across her face. She even plants a foot on Madonna's chest for a pose.

In the skybox another person is excited too. Angela Bassett is jumping up and down screaming and celebrating. She has just earned a prestigious seat on the board of Directors for the league. Her rival Madonna is defeated and flat on her back in the ring with absolutely nothing gained. Angela could not have imagined a more perfect ending.

Madonna sits up and realized she loss her big chance. At first she feels like crying. Then she gets mad. She is still Madonna. The resilient Icon never stays down long and usually gets what she wants. Madonna gets up and shoves the referee down one more time and shouts at him, "This was your entire fault!" Madonna leaves the ring and storms back to the dressing room. Madonna remembers Eva's words and thinks, "It's time to do something different!"


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