Shania Twain (52%) Out Guns Major Gunns "Tylene Buck" (48%) Major Gunns was in the main event of the latest XPW wrestling event, and loved it. She was in a grudge match with archenemy, Lizzy Borden, and was seriously kicking her ass. Fans were loudly cheering her on to inflict further punishment on the hated villianess and Major Gunns was obliging them. Lizzy had attacked her from behind last month and left Gunns lying in the ring. Luckily Gunns worked out some frustration from the evening by beating up Madonna who happened to be at ringside, and taking her War Queen title belt from her.

In weeks since, Gunns has appeared on television with the belt, and inviting anyone from Stone Rage's league who thought they were tough enough to come get the belt. Since Gunns had beaten Madonna soundly & fairly Stone Rage recognizes Gunns as his champion, and decreed that any celebrity who could bring the gold home from XPW will be his new champion. Finally Gunns felt she had pounded Lizzy enough and body slams the limp blonde in the center of the ring. Gunns places a foot on the girl's rapidly rising and falling chest, and gained a three-count and the victory. Ring attendants rush in to load a compeletly defeated, and semi conscious Borden on a stretcher and haul her to out the arena. Gunns takes the time to celebrate with her fans, and lofts her stolen War Queen belt above her head.

"I think you have something that should belong to me!" blares out over the sound system. Gunns looks up to see Shania Twain, with her newly won Song Bird title strutting towards the ring. "As the Song Bird champion, I feel it's my duty to come here to take back our War Queen belt. Are you going to hand it over peacefully Major Gunns, or do I have to take it?" Continued Shania.

Gunn looks at Shania and snarls her upper lip. "You're going to have to take it, country bumpkin" fires back Gunns. Shania charges the ring and runs straight for Gunns. Shania is scarcely dress in a black mini skirt, which stops just below her hips and a black halter-top. She has on black boot that comes up her shapely legs to her mid thighs. To compliment her outfit she wore long black gloves that came all the way up to her upper bicep. Gunns is ready for Shania as she approaches and nails her in the forehead with a punch. The blow sends Shania reeling backwards into the ropes. Gunns followed in delivering a sweeping chop across Shania's soft breast. Gunns whips Shania across the ring and levels her with a clothesline on the rebound. The beautiful singer struggles to make it back to her feet, obviously shaken by this initial onslaught.

Shania is a little wobbly as she rises to her feet. Gunns approaches and hammers her across the back with a forearm. The blonde then drives her knee into Shania's belly before whipping her into the ropes again. Gunns swings her arm for another clothesline at the rebounding singer, but Shania ducks under the blow this time. Shania bounds against the ropes on the other side of the ring. Gunns tries to throw her knee into Shania's stomach as she rebounds this time, but the athletic singer does a cartwheel and avoids the dangerous limb. With Gunns off balance now, Shania bounds against the ropes once again, and launches herself at Gunns. Her forearm smacks into the big blonde's chin and drops her in her tracks. Before Gunns could shake off the damage, Shania is on top of her. Shania sits on the big blonde's bountiful chest and rocks her head back & forth with punch after punch. Gunns is still big & strong enough to throw the lady off of her, but she is obviously shaken by the experience as she rises to her feet.

Shania knows she cannot let up on someone as dangerous as Major Gunns and greets her with a boot in her gut as Gunns gets to her feet. Gunns grunts loudly and doubles over. Shania goes to kick again but Gunns catches her foot and flips Shania over onto her back. This allows her to kick and stomp the downed diva a few times before Shania can scramble & squirm to safety. Shania leaps to her feet, trying to ignore the pain traveling through her entire body. She started this fight with Gunns, and she is determined to walk out with a victory and to become the new War Queen. Past defeats to Britney Spears run through her mind, giving her the courage to not be humiliated again.

Gunns and Shania square off in the middle of the ring. They circle cauciously, each respecting the other's ability. Shania moves first. She lounges and seizes Gunns' neck then quickly drives a knee into her stomach. Gunns grunts and doubles over, but she quickly returns with a short uppercut to Shania's ribs. The hard blow forces a squeal out of Shania and makes her do a quick hop. Gunns fired a round of uppercuts to Shania's ribs. The Song Bird Champion backs off, wincing in pain and holding her ribs. Gunns closes in hoping to finish the beauty off, but Shania surprises her again by lashing out with booted foot to her mid section. Again & again Shania fires back, until Gunns is stooped over gasping for air. Shania grabs a handful of blonde hair and drops ass first to the mat, driving Gunns' face to the canvas with a face buster.

The strong blonde pushes herself off the mat to her hands & knees. She looks at Twain angry & frustrated, that she has not been able to crush this opponent yet. She charges Shania who is gracefully steps out the way, allowing Gunns to collide into the turnbuckle with her tremendous breast. Gunns grunt then spins around and charges Shania again. This time the country queen takes Gunns down with a leg sweep. Gunns crashes face first to the canvas. Shania adds a few quick kicks in to Gunns' side on the downed grappler before Gunns reaches out with a sweeping paw, and trips the country cutie. Shania falls on her ass and Gunns goes to work.

First Gunns slams a volley of ax handle blows onto Shania's tight tummy that knocks the stuffing out of the country gal. Gunns drive the point of her elbow into Shania's nose, bringing tears to her eyes. Gunns hair hauls Shania off the mat and escorts her to the corner with a headlock. Gunns maintains her headlock and drives the crown of Shania's head into the middle turnbuckle. After ten of fifteen slams, Gunns flings Shania to the mat. Gunns again hair hauls Shania to her feet and slings her across the ring. Shania collides into the corner with a thud. Gunns backs to the opposite corner, gets a running start and splashes Shania in the corner. Shania's knees quiver as Gunns lands breast on breast against her. Gunns slings Shania to the opposite corner and gets a running start to repeat the maneuver.

At the last possible moment, Shania slips out the way, leaving Gunns to a harsh breast on turnbuckle crash landing. Gunns staggers backwards, with her breath knocked out of her. Shania goes behind Gunns and launches a kick between her legs. Gunns drops to her knees, holding her crotch. Shania grabs two handfuls of blonde hair and drags Gunns backwards adding staccato kicks to her kidneys whenever possible. Once they have reached the center of the ring, Shania swings first her left leg over from behind Gunns' shoulder to the front of her, and then her right leg follows. Now with Gunns seated on the mat, Shania is sitting her shoulders with Gunns's head in between her legs. Shania pushes down with all her weight, contracting Gunns' spine and compressing her neck. Shania reaches down further and grabs Gunns' leg. She pulls the limb up until her knee is up against the blonde's forehead.

"Agghhhhhh LET GO! You win Let me out!" Yells Gunns from the painful submission hold.

"Really?" sings Shania, "What about the War Queen title belt?"

"You can have it, just let me out", pleads Gunns trying to hold back tears of agony.

Shania releases Gunn's leg, and gets off her shoulders. The big blond crashes over on her side, not knowing what to grab first, her stretched hamstring, her throbbing lower back, or the pain shooting up her neck. Shania smiles and acknowledges the fans. She hoists her newly won title above her head, and leaves the ring. Shania hops over the guard rail and, exits through the fans, bringing the War Queen belt back home.

Shania Rules At last

At least you still have Lizzy Borden to kick around Major Gunns


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