NOTE - This story immediately follows Britney Spears vs Jessica Simpson 2
Taylor Swift (52.6%) squeaks by Britney Spears (47.4%) "It's only the third RAGE supercard and it's hard to imagine one without Britney Spears. After facing fellow mega stars Shakira and Beyonce before, that young lady, Taylor Swift, has been chosen to battle the living legend this year." The call is from the league's play by play announcer, Jam Rodriguez. It is spoken as the two mega stars stand in opposite corners of the ring, awaiting the bell to start their match. "I know there is no stage is too large for Taylor, and I feel that she is up to the challenge."

"A win for Taylor on this stage could be an unforgettable, damned near immortal accomplishment." color announcer Cole Hunter adds. "A decisive victory would instantly cement her catfighting career."

"Britney looks impressively fit." Cole comments while watching Britney bounce around while wearing a tight sports bra top and short shorts. It looks like an outfit straight off of her Instagram page. "She's beginning middle age, but I must say she is in the best physical condition of her life. Her body is tighter, more defined and muscular than ever." Cole adds while ogling the legendary fighter. Britney's dreamy party girl body has matured to being Physical like Olivia Newton John in 1982. "I can't wait for these two generational pop stars to start tearing each other apart till only one is left standing!" Cole finishes while eyeing the young slender and tender Taylor Swift.

"It feel like it's taken forever, but Taylor has finally grown into her big girl body." Cole describes. Her string bean body has finally filled out into a mature work of art. Look at those legs! They are fucking amazing!" Cole exclaims. Taylor's slender legs of yesterday are gone. Now her legs look like a super heroine's gams that are drawn to perfection. They are as long as the Mississippi River. Taylor's thighs are thick enough to make Kentucky Fried Chicken green with envy. Taylor shows off her newfound curves in a black spandex outfit that leaves her arms and legs bare. "Taylor's legs rival the great Mariah Carey tonight." Cole compliments.

"Taylor is a remarkable young woman and her legs can compete with Mariah." Jam Rodriguez answers. "Both ladies are looking luscious as they should for this huge match on the biggest card of the year." As he is about to say something else, Jam is interrupted by the bell ringing to start the match.

Britney smiles as she advances from her corner and says, "Good luck Taylor, this ought to be fun." There was an underlying confidence in her voice that projects the message, that Taylor really needs the luck tonight and not Britney. It is like she knows that Taylor has to be very fortunate to beat her tonight.

Both pop idols walk out of their corners and meet in the center of the ring. They quickly and honorably lock up collar and elbow to begin the match. After a small stalemate, Taylor uses her height advantage and starts moving Britney backwards. Britney is a little surprised by her opponent's power, but soon stalls up and stops in her tracks. With visible effort, Britney marches Taylor back a few steps. Finally Britney skillfully grabs Taylor's arm and slings Taylor down to the mat with an arm drag to end the exchange.

Britney and Taylor both pop right back to their feet, none are the worst for wear. Taylor seems slightly annoyed by Britney's gamesmanship though. They go to lock up again but this time Britney ducks underneath and passes by Taylor. However she gives Taylor a not so friendly slap on the back of the head as she passes by.

Taylor holds the back of her head and turns to look at Britney like, 'Oh you're going to be a prick today' kind of expression. Seeing that she has already and very easily gotten under the youngster's skin, Britney attacks with a swift right punch. Taylor slips under the fist this time and allows Britney's momentum to carry her pass. When Britney whips around, Taylor leaps on top of the legend with a Lou Thez press and knocks Britney to the mat and pins her down underneath her in one fail scoop. There Taylor opens up with both fist pounding Britney's head."

The shrewd former champion, Britney, covers up with her arms to minimize the assault. Seeing that she is not accomplishing the damage that she wants, Taylor grabs two handfuls of Britney's blonde hair and starts hauling Britney to her feet. Only the superior wrestler, Britney, slyly kicks Taylor's extra long left leg out from under her. Taylor unexpectedly falls flat on her face. As fast as lightning, Britney bounds against the ropes and drop kicks her fallen adversary in the face as she tries to stand, to knock the long legged beauty back to the mat again. Instinctively Britney hooks the leg and tries for a quick pin, but Taylor easily kicks out at the one count.

Britney is getting up with one hand buried in Taylor's hair to pull her prey up too. Once standing, Taylor rips off a hard forearm shot to Britney's jaw to break up the hold. Taylor nails Britney with a second forearm to wobble the former champion. Taylor grabs Britney's arm and whips her into the corner turnbuckles. Britney runs tits first into the corner. It is so hard a loud 'POOF" sound springs out. There was not an instant to waste as Taylor comes charging into the corner afterward. Britney astutely hears the foot steps coming. Then she fires a back elbow at the moment she feels Taylor is arriving. Britney's elbow blasts Taylor in the mouth. Taylor's head snaps back and she reels backward gracelessly. Britney turns to get eyes on Taylor while stepping up to the second turnbuckle at the same time. When the awkward, tall Taylor gathers herself enough to stop stumbling, Britney has leaped off the turnbuckle and nails Taylor in both breasts with a drop kick. Taylor is launched backwards to the canvas.

When Taylor slides to a halt, Britney dives across Taylor and hooks her strapping leg and pins Taylor again. The young superstar flexes and waggles her long sexy leg for momentum to get her shoulder off the mat and Britney off her chest. Britney sees that leg and smiles tastily. It is like she saw the world's biggest and greatest barbecue chicken leg. Britney is standing and grabbing a hold of Taylor's leg at the same time. Britney can take the offensive and keeps Taylor down at the same time. Once on her feet, Britney tucks Taylor's bent leg under her arm and falls backwards. Britney drives Taylor's heel and foot into the mat with a foot DDT. Taylor screams and flops like a fish out of water. The simple move is multiplied by Taylor's sexy leg's length. Like the old joke goes, a chest cold is nothing to most people but a huge problem for Dolly Parton. *wink*

Britney keeps smiling like they are loading barbecue chicken legs on her plate and about to serve them up to her. Keeping Taylor's leg in hand, Britney stands. The blue-ribbon veteran twists Taylor's leg forcefully to the point that she makes Taylor flip over from her back to lying on her belly. Britney steps over and straddles Taylor's body between her legs. Then she pulls back on Taylor's leg, putting Taylor in a single leg Boston Crab hold. Once again this hold is amplified by Taylor's long legs and her tall lanky body. Britney is able to bend Taylor's back into an unnatural position. Taylor's body is painfully bent and contorted so much that the sole of her boot almost touches the back of Taylor's head.

Taylor is screaming and struggling in Britney's hold. Taylor's body is being bent like a pretzel. Her knee, thigh and lower back are pulsating in agony from Britney's Single Leg Crab. Taylor tried flexing her long body, but Britney used those efforts against her to trap the younger diva deeper into the depths of pain. Despite being smaller, Britney's mature body is powerful enough to subdue Taylor's long, taunt muscles. Taylor has no choice but to start to claw and scrap her way to the ropes to break the hold. Britney is strong enough to hold Taylor down, but not strong enough to keep her long form from slithering along the mat. When Taylor wanted to elongate her body and stretch and move across the mat, Britney is powerless to stop her. While screaming, struggling and suffering along the way, Taylor drags herself to the ropes and reaches out to grab them to force the referee to break Britney's hold.

Even after Britney releases her, Taylor keeps pulling herself to the ropes. She grasps and hugs the bottom rope with both arms around them for safety and comfort as she scoots to the ring apron. Taylor's knee is in serious pain.

With fluidity and grace, Britney sails between the ropes and out to the arena floor effortlessly. Britney seizes Taylor's hurt leg with both hands. After grasping control of the limb, Britney raises Taylor's leg and slams it down across the ring apron as hard as she could. Taylor screams and squirms as Britney slams Taylor's leg against the apron like a wild woman. Meanwhile the referee is yelling and counting for Britney to stop the rule infraction emphatically. Britney continues to the point of being disqualified. Then she abruptly ceases and holds both of her hands up innocently. Taylor grunts and squawks as she rolls from the apron to back into the ring.

Britney is getting an earful from the referee. "Britney has been a focused a Mississippi born, cornbread fed, ass kicking machine so far." The color commentator Cole exclaims. "She's firmly in control of this match." Britney hears the referee's complaints for a brief moment, then re-enters the ring. She is not about to let a dangerous young talent like Taylor a moment.

Britney's concerns prove warranted, when Britney dips her head to crawl through the ropes. While laying on her back on the mat, Taylor swings her long leg and kicks around and kicks Britney flush in the head, while she was vulnerable and entering the ring. "You spoke a little too soon good buddy." play-by-play announcer, Jam, answers. "Young Taylor has a few tricks up her sleeve." Britney sees stars and tumbles through the ropes to the mat while holding her head.

Taylor scoots back to the corner and uses thee ropes to pull herself back to her feet. Taylor waits for Britney there. Two seconds only pass before Britney is rising to her feet and turns to pursue her opponent. With the assistance of the ropes Taylor raises that big leg once again and powerfully kicks Britney in the chest. Britney yells a loud "Umpft!" and is propelled backwards until she lands flat on her ass on the mat.

Britney shouts, "Fuck!" She is more so cursing herself for a careless assault. She gets back up, and Taylor spins out of her corner, spinning like a ballerina. Then she comes at Britney with that tree trunk leg spinning towards Britney's chest to mow her down. At the last instant Britney gets her hands up and catches Taylor's leg in mid-flight. Perhaps it is the damage that Britney did to Taylor's leg, or perhaps it is her masterful fighting skill, but Britney foils Taylor's signature finishing move. Britney smiles at her game, then flings Taylor's leg to the side. While Taylor is off balance, Britney grabs Taylor's head with both hands and sits down hard on the canvas, and slams Taylor's face to the mat emphatically with a face buster wrestling move. Something about the loud dooming sound made when Taylor's face and body slams into the mat caught everybody's attention. Then Taylor's long sexy body just lie there flat and lifeless and gave the fans the impression that this match may be over.

Britney is not interested in possibly winning the match. That is what separates her from other mere greats in the ring. She positively knows that she has this bitch helpless right now. Britney's killer instinct kicks in. It is time to FINISH HER! Britney scrambles to her feet while hauling Taylor up with her by two handfuls of hair. Taylor is barely hanging on to the description of semi-conscious. So, Britney's only resistance is Taylor being nearly dead weight. Then Britney hoists Taylor up like for a body slam. Next Britney tries to lift Taylor even higher. She wanted to full press Taylor above her head, but the lanky bag of bones was heavier than Britney thought. Either way Britney tosses Taylor up and drops to one knee, allowing Taylor to plummet down belly first across Britney's out stretched knee. The rush of her breath leaving her body brings Taylor back to life with a huge heave. She falls off Britney's knee and curls into a ball holding her midsection, while trying to breath again.

Britney retreats into the corner. There she takes a crouching stance almost like a runner about to explode out of the blocks. Britney's fans see that she is ready for her new finishing move. The blonde first developed a running spear as her finishing move out of marketing purposes. However Britney fell in love with the finisher. Britney speared Beyonce through the ringside barricade at RAGE II! The spear finished Beyonce and took all the fight out of her. Britney gave Beyonce a second spear just to punish her for giving her one of her toughest matches. She knew Beyonce could not get up from a second one.

"This match may be over if Britney hits this spear." Jam calls at the announcer's desk. He is stating the obvious as Taylor breathlessly tries to get to her feet, while still holding her midsection, and faltering several times. Britney just waits patiently in the corner with a smile.

After a while Taylor gets upright. "Hey who's the blonde woman sprinting to the ring?" Jam asks as he sees this blonde blur passing out of the corner of his eye.

Cole answers, "Oh that's Jessica Simpson. I'd recognize those big tits anywhere."

The crouching Britney surges forward and plows her shoulder into Taylor's flat belly. Taylor is mowed over like a deer in headlights. She is lifted off of her feet by the stacked blonde and propelled five feet across the ring and slammed to her back. Jam exclaims, "Britney just broke her in half!" The fans go crazy, thinking that the match is almost over. Britney stays on top of Taylor and hooks her spiritless leg and balls Taylor's body into a tight pin.

The referee has made the first and second count, and is coming down for the third, when Jessica Simpson grabs Britney by her top and snatches Britney off top of Taylor and back to her feet. To Britney's utter shock, the two blondes are now face to face and chest to chest. Jessica says, "I told you I wanted you at RAGE III!" Next Jessica hauls off and slaps the taste out of Britney's mouth with an open handed slap. Britney goes reeling backwards.

"Jessica Simpson has just interjected herself into this match!" Jam yells. "If you remember Jessica interjected herself in in the contract signing for this match too."

"That didn't work out very well for her." Cole interjects. "Taylor knocked her ass out. But you've got to give credit for persistence though."

Britney instantly comes roaring back with both fists swinging. "Talk about persistence, Ms Hit Me Baby One more Time is the champion of persistence." Jam reminds everyone as Britney and Jessica starts brawling. Both blondes fight furiously but Britney is popping Jessica twice as much and twice as hard. Jessica's head is bobbing on her shoulders as her fists slow down. With Jessica dazed, Britney grabs her arm and whips Jessica into the corner. At the last moment, Jessica reverses the whip and sends Britney hurling into the corner instead. Britney's back takes a hard impact into the turnbuckles and Jessica is chugging in right after her. Britney gets her foot up and Jessica runs into a face full of the sole of Britneys boot. Jessica's head snaps back and she reels backwards.

Britney pulls herself up till she is seated on the top turnbuckle. Then phantom like, Jessica is back on the attack launching from under Britney with an uppercut. "Shoryuken!" Jam exclaims. The punch is straight out of the old Street Fighter video game. Jessica looked just like Ryu's special attack. The Rising Dragon Fist nearly takes Britney's head off of her body and sends it into the stands. Britney just slumps while still sitting on top of the turnbuckle. Jessica shoves Britney to the side, and sends her rival tumbling off her perch. Britney falls over, and bounces off the ring apron and lands on the arena floor.

Jessica confidently exits the ring. The blonde looked fierce. She came to the ring wearing black leggings and a black vest. She looks every bit of the bad ass. Jessica pulls the dazed Britney to her feet then whips her like a bullet into the ringside barricade. Britney's body makes a powerful boom as she careens disorderly into the barrier. Britney goes down and stays down. She is just wreckage on the floor.

Jessica pauses for a breath with Britney down. It is short lived as she feels a tap on her shoulder. Jessica turns to see Taylor saying, "I thought I taught you your lesson about getting into my and Britney's business!" Once again the fists start flying. The four fisted fracas is cut short when Jessica finds the range to kick Taylor in the cunt. Jessica's toe splits Taylor's camel toe and launches Taylor two feet in the air. Taylor screams and hops. She comes down on both feet, bent over clutching her pussy tightly with both hands with her ass stuck out. Taylor is frozen as Jessica walks around behind her and pussy kicks her again. It was not the ideal angle, but Jessica's foot found some pay dirt. Taylor roars again. She look helpless as Jessica walks around to face her again. Finally another uppercut rockets up and explodes on Taylor's chin. Jam hollers "Shoryuken!" again, as the Rising Dragon Fist claims another victim. Taylor is ejected off of her feet and into the air. The young singer lands flat on her back. Seeing that Taylor wants to take a break and lie on the floor for a while Jam jokes, "You Win! Perfect! in his Street Fighter voice.

Jessica turns and sees a flash of Britney well on her way for a spear. Jessica gasps but swiftly grabs Britney's head and falls back to DDT Britney on the arena floor. Jessica had the spear well scouted and was able to reverse everything. Britney's skull is driven into the ground. Her pretty ass is peaking high in the air. Then her body goes slack and collapses to the ground. Many fans did not even understand the reversal until they saw Britney lying on her face and unmoving.

Jessica stands and looks down at Britney, and then funs, "That had to hurt." accompanied with a chuckle. Jessica reaches down and pulls a nonresistant Britney off the floor, and then rolls her into the ring under the ropes. Jessica follows into the ring afterward. "Let's get you in your favorite state, naked Britney!" Jessica sings. Then she starts stripping the listless Britney's top off. Jessica flings the sports bra in the audience. Next Jessica rips Britney's shorts off and throws then into the darkness as well. After leaving Britney only wearing a tiny thong and her wrestling shoes, Jessica sits the disoriented Britney up. Jessica whips her cell phone out of her vest pocket and takes a selfie of her and Britney sitting in the ring. Next Britney hauls Britney up and props her up in the corner and takes a couple more selfies of her and the befuddled Britney who is just starting to become aware of what's happening. Jessica knows that those pictures will earn her a stupid hefty check once she posts them on Instagram tonight.

Jessica juggles Britney's tits in her hands next, for a little play time. Boobie time is interrupted by Taylor climbing on the ring apron. Jessica acts quickly with a well placed elbow that stuns Taylor momentarily. But it is enough time to measure a right cross to her jaw that sends Taylor tumbling off the apron and back down to the arena floor. Jessica goes back to jiggling Britney's tits again for a couple of seconds. Then Jessica opens fire with a flat handed chop across Britney's naked breasts.

Britney shouts, "Yeow!" and instantly comes back to life. Britney comes out of her funk swinging with both fists. Jessica is has shown that she is no match for Britney in a free-for all. After being taken by surprise this time, by Britney's resurgence Jessica is flat out getting whipped by Britney.

Britney's breasts are bouncing violently with each swing. She is literally trying to knock Jessica's head off into the third or fifth row. However her big, fat natural tits steal the show as she batters Jessica into a cowering ball, that is trying to cover up. Britney presses onward by sneaking in punches in between Jessica's defenses. Soon Jessica is dazed, and her defenses loosen allowing Britney to score more effectively. With Jessica wobbling and close to being taken out, Britney sees Taylor climbing on the ring apron once again. With the agility of Bruce Lee, Britney floats over and nails Taylor in the beak with a haymaker. It was like Taylor starts crumbling from the inside and goes down and falls to the arena floor. "That felt good!" Britney says with a smile. If Britney ever through a perfect punch, that one could have been the one.

Britney could not help herself but to take a moment and admire her work. She sees Taylor sprawled out on the arena floor. Britney's moment of self admiration is abruptly interrupted by Jessica seizing Britney from behind. Stealthily Jessica comes from behind and locks a rear naked choke hold around Britney's head and throat. Jessica throws herself backwards and takes her near naked blonde victim with her. Jessica lands on her back with Britney on top, but caught in Jessica's clutches. Jessica intertwines her legs around Britney's to seal her doom. Britney flails and fights to escape but she knows that her carelessness has allowed Jessica to lock this choke hold in very deep. Britney has made a mistake that she will not get the chance to recover from. Britney uses all of her skill and craftiness to get out, but Jessica is not a scrub either. Jessica understands the rare opportunity of Britney making a critical mistake and gift wrap her defeat, is a true blessing.

Britney fights vainly to stay conscious. To her credit, most people would have been out cold or tapping in seconds in a rear naked choke locked in that clean and deep. Jessica is actually amused as Britney goes through every trick in the book to escape with both of them knowing that she is wasting her time. Jessica quits toying and tightens her grip. Britney's body stiffens and a tortured gurgle tries to escape. Britney knows that she has very little time to either tap out or pass out. Jessica did not deserve her submission for her foolish mistake, Britney thinks. Then she goes totally limp in Jessica's clutches.

Jessica carelessly kicks Britney's body away with a big smile on her face. Beating Britney in anything, in the ring, on the music charts, popularity or the internet is a huge thrill for Jessica. The gleeful blonde springs to her feet, but knows the mission is not complete. Taylor has groggily gotten to her feet outside of the ring. Jessica takes off and bounds off of the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Jessica bolts back toward Taylor, and dives through the ropes and shoots into Taylor like a missile. Jessica's suicide dive wipes out Taylor, knocking her into the ringside barrier and electrifies the audience at the same time. Jessica pops to her feet exhilarated.

Jessica grabs the bewildered Taylor and rolls her under the ropes and returns her to the ring. Jessica immediately follows her into the ring. Jessica stands and stalks Taylor like a smiling slasher from a scary movie. Taylor nervously scoots backward. Then Jessica flings her black vest open and shows off her breasts in a tiny lace black bra. Taylor's eyes widen as she sees what is in store for her. Jessica quickens her pursuit as she plops her big boobs out of the bra. Finally like a vampire, Jessica pounces on top of Taylor and instantaneously pins Taylor underneath her. Finally Jessica's tits plunge down and engulf Taylor's face for a breast smother.

The outcome of this breast smother is just as assured as her rear naked choke hold on Britney. Jessica's breasts are too big, formidable and she is too skilled for it to be otherwise. Taylor's resistance is futile at best. Cole comments, "This shouldn't take long." Between the damage that both Britney and Jessica have inflicted, along with some inexperience on Taylor's part, that comment was obvious. Taylor's arms that were trying to push Jessica's tits away fall to the canvas. Jessica keeps up the pressure by grinding her breasts harder on Taylor's face. Less than a minute later, they put and end to Taylor's movements.

With Taylor out, Jessica sits up off of her mark, and starts stuffing her bare tits back inside of her bra. Once they are concealed, Jessica stands and fastens her vest back in place. With Britney out on one side of the ring and Taylor out on the other, Jessica goes to the center of the ring. She throws her arms to the side for the public's acknowledgment. The fans give her a mixed reaction, but in Jessica's mind, she only hears their approval and affection. Jessica takes a bow like she is on stage at the opera. Once done Jessica exits the ring. She accomplished her mission. Jessica wanted to take the show from Britney and Taylor. In her opinion she definitely did that. Jessica expects bigger paychecks and greater opportunities down the road.

Now the referee is left in the ring with Taylor knocked out in one corner and Britney slumbering in the other. He never called for a disqualification despite Jessica's outside interference. Management would frown if this high profile match did not have a winner. The way he figures it, everything is fair and even between the two currently, so the match can continue. The referee says, "Fuck it! Let's keep going!". He gives the indication that he is waiting on one competitor to rise and the match will continue.

After understanding that the match is still going on, the fans get behind their favorite to rise. Their cheers reverberate around the arena and rattle the ring. It helps rouse both Britney and Taylor to consciousness. Britney is first to waken and tries to get her awareness. When Britney is halfway aware, Taylor starts moving. This encourages the fans to cheer even louder. Britney snaps back. She looks around and sees that Jessica is gone. Taylor is still down, and the referee is telling her to get back up and that the match is still going. Britney knows better than to ask any silly questions. She should just get the victory and get the hell out of there.

Britney surveys the scene. She is functional, and Taylor is fumbling around to get up and still bewildered. Britney rises to a crouched position, ready to strike with another spear. Britney's fans cheer in excitement and anticipation. Meanwhile Taylor's fans try to warn her. Taylor finally stands unsteadily and groggily. Britney bolts out of her corner and plows through Taylor with another spear. "She broke her in half again!" Jam exclaims. Britney's brutal spear puts Taylor flat on her back again.

Britney covers Taylor for the win. The referee counts ,'one', 'two' then right at the last instant, Taylor slips her shoulder out from under Britney and off of the canvas. The fans go nuts. Britney looks in total disbelief, like she has seen a ghost. Britney repeats, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

Still Britney quickly regains her composure. She grabs a handful of Taylor's hair while rising to haul Taylor up too. Britney is thinking of another way to finish this bitch. Suddenly Taylor's legs wrap around Britney's head, and captures it. Taylor locks her legs and Britney's face is forced down against Taylor's pussy. Britney's arm is caught in the trap also and is pinned against her neck tightly. Britney realized that she has stepped into a Triangle choke also called sankaku-jime in judo. Applying pressure using both legs and the opponent's own shoulder, the technique is a type of lateral vascular restraint that constricts the blood flow from the carotid arteries to the brain, potentially resulting in loss of consciousness in seconds when applied correctly. Recent studies have shown that the triangle choke takes an average of 9.5 seconds to render an opponent unconscious from the moment it is properly applied. The big boobed blonde, Britney, struggles and fights to escape. Then...............

Twenty seconds later Jam announces, "Your winner in a big upset is Taylor Swift!"



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