Many view this big co-main event at RAGE! II of Britney Spears defending the Bootylicious title against the legendary, Beyonce more enticing than the Rihanna vs Jennifer Lopez main event. These are two larger than life figures in the league, music and pop culture. For the first time, these two legends meet in the ring for the first time.

Beyonce entered the league with a bang. She was highly recruited, and an extremely high free agent signing for the Battle Zone. Stone Rage was able to nail the signing by instituting the Bootylicious Championship. Then promised Beyonce a chance to win the belt determined by a facesitting finish. Beyonce won that inaugural match in spectacular fashion by delivering a brutal and memorable complete destruction of Jennifer Lopez. Her best days were ahead of her when she filled in for Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry who were on maternity leave in the Fab Four. There with Pam Anderson's guidance and management, Beyonce easily won the War Queen title from maybe the league's most dominant champion ever, Christina Applegate. Since then Applegate and the Resistance conspired against Beyonce to separate her from the title and permanently banned her from working with or associating with Anderson and the Fabs again. Still everyone list Beyonce as one of the greatest ever.

Britney's story is synonymous with the rise of the league itself. She wanted to enter the league as a teen idol, but Stone Rage made her wait till she was 21. From there, Britney's exploits took the league to new heights. She whipped the shit out of the previously thought unbeatable champion, Catherine Zeta Jones. Britney then dominated the competition and started the league's first super team, Generation Next. The league was her playground, before the dark days, before the ABA. Of course the drugs fucked shit up too. Now Britney is back with the Bootylicious title and a new group, Femme Fatale, and still maybe the most feared woman in the league.

Beyonce set about training with some of the highest paid experts money could buy. Freddie Roach, The Gracies and Kurt Angle all came through to assist with Beyonce's training. Analytics and computer strategist kept statistical records and charted the best strategies for training and the match. Beyonce oversaw everything; she wanted to make sure there are no mistakes. Beyonce still feels the anger from her two losses to Rihanna. There is no way in hell she is losing again. Beyonce does not care what kind of hell she has to put her body through to get a win. She studied video, studying Britney's movements. She logged all the statistical information into the computer also. She learned Britney's tendencies and her percentage chances of what moves she would attempt.

Britney's training was not near as intense or elaborate. Britney does things like she always had; a gym, her friends like Brandy and Melissa Joan Hart and a whole lot of sweating. Since, especially Melissa, then Brandy have been with her so long, Britney cannot imagine training any other way. They keep things fun to keep her loose and know her better than any trainer. The big change was to excuse one member from being present. All agreed that it is best for Nicki Minaj to sit this one out. First, she has been growing distant from the group as her own star has been skyrocketing. Second and most importantly, Nicki is a friend of Beyonce's. Nobody wanted a conflict of interest.

Along the same line, the newest member, Nelly Furtado was also often excused from the first sessions. She was invited to the later sessions when they needed a fresh sparring partner. Nelly just joined the group and nobody trusts her totally. Nelly was a member of Generation Next with Melissa and Britney before the left her high and dry for Madonna. None of them trust her motives. However Nelly proved useful.

Finally it is fight time. There is an extended intermission before the match. The ring has to be cleaned after Pam Anderson's sloppy and messy destruction of Janet Jackson and Generation Prime. During that time, they replayed interviews of Britney and Beyonce about their upcoming match. They were taking turns of running clips of each combatant raving and complimenting their opponent. Each spoke with the utmost respect and admiration for the other.

Then the voice asks Beyonce, "With all this respect for Britney, will it be hard to bring the aggression to beat her?"

Beyonce looks at the interviewer confused for a moment then answers, "Hell no! I'm going to beat that bitch's ass." as if she has been asked a stupid question. "She likes to say 'I'm Britney Bitch? Well, during the match she'll be a yelling bitch, a screaming bitch and a crying bitch, and after the match she's going to say I'm Beyonce's bitch." Beyonce confidently brags. "This match is for our legacy. It'll be easy to do whatever for my legacy. That includes beating Britney's blonde ass. After the match, and I win, we'll be cool again."

Beyonce's rabid fans went nuts. They were cheering for their queen. and start chanting, "BEYONCE'S BITCH! BEYONCE'S BITCH! BEYONCE'S BITCH!"

Then there is a clip of the interviewer asking Britney the same question is shown, ""With all this respect for Beyonce, will it be hard to bring the aggression to beat her?"

Britney's upper lip curls in distain before she calmly answers "No, not at all. This match isn't about feelings, it's about getting in the ring and whipping somebody's ass. This is about being one of the greatest of all time. I'm not going into that ring not to just beat Beyonce, I'm going to beat Beyonce up! Beyonce may be bad, but I'm the baddest! I'm going to punish that poor girl for no reason, just to so she knows how bad I am. I can't be the first woman to beat Beyonce, she's already loss a bunch of times..." Britney pauses a second for her burn to sizzle, "But I can be the first to beat Beyonce up! She'll probably need to be carried out of the ring. I'm going to BEAT BEYONCE UP!" Britney repeats emphatically.

Britney's fans roar loudly. They start a chant, "BEAT BEYONCE UP! BEAT BEYONCE UP! BEAT BEYONCE UP!"

After the chants the arena goes dark. On the jumbo tron there is a black and white film of a castle. Then there is a regally dressed woman proceeding to a throne, surrounded by her hand maids. Meanwhile, opra music is playing in the background. The woman sits on the thrown and a crown is placed on her head, and it is shown that the woman is Beyonce. The film flips to color and 'BEYONCE' flashes on the screen. Finally pyro's explode, sending sparkles from the floor to high in the air. Then Beyonce appears sitting on a litter chair (sedan chair) carried by six muscle bound men. Meanwhile four scantily clad dancers dance and accompany them as they carry Beyonce to the ring while "Who Run the World? (Girls)" plays. Women scream and jump up and down with tears in their eyes. (A whole lot of men too) They carry the litter to the ring so Beyonce can flawlessly rise off her chair and slip through the ropes and enter the ring to complete her grand entrance.

Next the jumbo tron lights up again there is an adventure with a winged woman flying through a series of adventures. At the end Britney's face is shows saying "Tonight is a night for legends. All things are possible"

Huge explosions follow as Britney's "Scream & Shout" plays. Finally Will.I.Am himself with four dancers comes on the stage. Will raps "I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out And scream, and shout, and let it out We saying, oh wee oh wee oh wee oh You are now, now rocking with Will.I.Am and Britney bitch!" Then a winged Britney Spears starts floating down from the rafters wearing a pair of wings to the middle of the ring. Fans again lose their minds following the two spectacular entrances of these icons. If the match lives up to half of the hype, this will be the greatest event ever.

After all the pomp and circumstance of the entrances it is time for the match. Beyonce wears a pink latex one piece that looks like it is from her concert tour. Her thick thighs and arms are exposed, and she wears pink fishnet panty hose. Britney wore a similar black leather one piece. It looked to be from her Vegas show too. Britney has black fishnet hose too. Britney and Beyonce meet in the middle of the ring for the referee's final instructions. Both just wanted the bell to ring and start history.

They go back to their corners and calmly wait for one more step to immortality. The bell rings and Britney explodes out of her corner at Beyonce. It takes the Houston honey by surprise. Her analytics had not predicted that at all. Beyonce is frozen for a moment as Britney approaches and fires a kick. Beyonce prepares but the kick lands much lower than she expected, in her crotch. Beyonce immediately bends over and clutches her cunt. Britney has not been a flagrant rulebreaker recently as she was earlier in her career. However she has reverted back to her old tricks given her desperation to win this match.

Britney grabs two fists of Beyonce's hair and angrily snapmares her over Britney's shoulder. Beyonce lands hard on the small of her back with a shout. By Britney's dirty tactics and rough handling, Beyonce discovers Britney's meaning of saying 'beat her up'. A hard kick to Beyonce's side rolls her over onto her stomach. Britney sits on Beyonce's back and wrenches her back into a Camel Clutch.

It is early and Beyonce is very strong. A couple well placed elbows into Britney's side loosens her grasp. Then Beyonce rolls to her side, toppling Britney off top of her. However as she fell off, the skilled Britney seized Beyonce's arm and pulls it between her legs and rolls Beyonce onto her back, putting Houston's finest in a cross arm breaker as a counter.

Beyonce howls as her elbow starts hyperextending across Britney's body. Again Beyonce is big and strong and it is early. Beyonce turns into Britney and forces her way to her knees. Shortly she gathers herself and muscles to her feet, but she is stooped over because her arm is still caught between Britney's legs who's on her back on the mat. Beyonce growls, really pissed that she is in this situation. She reaches down with her free hand and sticks her fingers through Britney's cleavage into the top of Britney's outfit's bra cups. Beyonce uses Britney's one-piece to hoist her off the mat and stand up. Then Beyonce violently throws Britney back down and slams her back down to the mat. Britney shouts and arches her back, feeling Beyonce's power.

Beyonce backs up, shaking her arm. Britney quickly pulls herself together and gets back to her feet. The two standoff with their dukes up. Beyonce is the aggressor, striking with swift jabs to Britney's noggin. Britney is up to the task, repeatedly blocking or avoiding the fist. Beyonce responds by speeding up her assault and throwing jabs faster with more frequency. Britney is up to the task again, until Beyonce hits third gear and speeds up her assault again. Finally Beyonce is able to break through Britney's defense and boxes her ears with a quick lefts and rights. Beyonce sees an opening for a low blow, but does not take it. She is all for getting down and nasty, but not flat out cheating. She interpreted Britney opening with a low blow as Britney being afraid of her. Beyonce is not wrong. Britney knows the quality of her opponent.

Beyonce does nail Britney with a kick just above the beltline. Britney doubles over. Beyonce grabs Britney's blonde hair and falls back onto her back. At the same time she brings Britney down with her and pulls Britney's chin into her shin. When Beyonce hits the mat Britney's chin rams into Beyonce's shin. The energy and shock of the fall transmits to Britney's body. Britney recoils back and bounces into the air before landing on her back with a numbing sensation running down her spine.

Beyonce waits for Britney to rise before she strikes. The tough Britney gets right back up. Beyonce nails her square in the upper chest with a two foot drop kick. Again Britney is taken off her feet and lands on the back of her skull. The resilient blonde is back up quickly again. Her tormentor is waiting. Beyonce drives her knee and thigh into Britney's stomach, doubling her over again. Beyonce takes a big step back then pirouettes like a dancer to gain momentum and blasts through Britney with a clothesline. Britney's feet are again in the air and the back of her skull crashes hard to the canvas again. This time Britney's body folds up like a matchbook from the impact. It takes her a couple of moments to uncoil and lie flat on the mat.

Like everyone knows, Beyonce has a power game. Britney knew Beyonce was strong, but not this strong. These moves are taking much more out of her than she expected. As she thinks about this Beyonce come crashing down on Britney's chest ass first. "UNGH!" Britney shouts as she curls up clutching her chest, but then tries to get to her feet terrified that the big woman will come crashing down on her again.

Britney looks up and here comes Beyonce like a lightning bolt. Beyonce spins as she approaches for more power then blasts Britney in the nose with her elbow. Britney goes down yet again. Britney looks up, dazed and stunned and sees Beyonce posing for the Bee hive fans (Beyonce's extremely loyal and passionate fan base). Then Beyonce bolts for the ropes and bounces off. She comes running back toward Britney, but right before getting there Beyonce hits a quick dance step and theatrically drops a heavy elbow on Britney's chest. Beyonce bounds back to her feet yelling "Get up Britney Bitch! Get yo ass up!" in a voice that sound remaniciant of her old Sasha Fierce persona.

Still down and holding her chest, Britney flashes Beyonce a middle finger and says "Fuck you!"

Beyonce eyes flash fury. She drop to her knees and fiercely seizes Britney by the hair. First she starts slamming Britney's face into the canvas repeatedly "Don't you know who I am?" she angrily shouts as she slams Britney's face. Then she rolls Britney over to her back and instantly mounts the blonde. Finally Beyonce starts clobbering Britney's face with both fists. After pummeling her foe senseless, Beyonce gets up, but shouts down "I'm the baddest chick in the game, Bitch!" Beyonce feeds off her trash talking.

Despite the fogginess in her head, Britney pops up to her knees and fires a punch as hard as she can into Beyonce's camel toe. "Ooooooow! Low blow!" Beyonce howls as she staggers away. Britney stands looking a mess. Her hair is disheveled and her tits are falling out of her outfit, but the blonde pushes on and follows Beyonce, hammering her across the back with forearms as she retreats.

Beyonce continues to retreat from Britney's assault. Beyonce is faster and gets a crack of distance between them, then spins around in a flash delivering a spinning backfist across Britney's lips. Beyonce watches as the blonde crumbles to the canvas. Instinctively Britney rises up to all fours, fearing that Beyonce's thick body would come crashing down on her again. However Beyonce grabs the thin strip of material between Britney's legs and pulls it, giving the Mississippi queen a wedgie."How you like somebody fucking with your twat?" Beyonce jabbers. Britney opens her mouth for a sassy comeback, but nothing comes out. Unfortunately dim witted blondes are incapable of witty banter. When Beyonce stops, Britney has body parts falling out of her outfit everywhere.

Beyonce take several steps away to catch her breath. Britney is thankful for the brief respite. She takes her time standing and takes several heavy breaths. Before the blonde vixen knows it, Beyonce clobbers her over the head again. As Britney wobbles, Beyonce grabs her outfit and gives it a sharp, hard jerk. Seams rip, more of Britney falls out and Beyonce exhorts dominance and control over her smaller opponent. Beyonce slap Britney again and jerks more of her costume free. The Bee hive starts chanting "BEYONCE'S BITCH! BEYONCE'S BITCH! BEYONCE'S BITCH!" seeing their queen in total control and bitch slapping down and out Mississippi queen.

When Beyonce is finished embarrassing Britney with this very undignified stripping, she delivers a devastating right cross that drops Britney to the mat. The fans are Beyonce's and Britney's are on their feet and roaring. Beyonce takes a moment to acknowledge them. "THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!" chant begins. Britney stands and looks like a wreck. She pulls down the tattered shreds of her outfit so they will not get in the way. Now she is bare breasted up top and what is left of her outfit is dangling around her waist.

"Is that all you got" Britney defiantly asks. Beyonce gets a good laugh out then walks to challenge the blonde. the two vixens square up when Beyonce's foot rockets into Britney's gut and doubles her over. Britney's head is pulled between Beyonce's heavenly thighs and in an instant, Beyonce power bombs Britney nearly through the mat.

As Britney lies flat on her back spread eagle Beyonce struts on the mat as the BEYONCE BOMB chant rocks the arena. Beyonce ends her strut back at Britney, and bends over and removes the rest of Britney's black outfit and tosses it aside. Britney lies wearing only her pantyhose and boots. Beyonce walks around and stands over Britney's head. Beyonce starts going down on Britney's face, but pauses for a moment to dance and ass shake, then plops down on Britney's face.

Beyonce settles in on Britney's face. Britney thrashes around trying to escape. Beyonce rides her out, she is an expert at this type of match, although she is surprised by Britney's rebellion. She is sure that Britney is easy and a well-deserved, all-time great. While Britney flails to avoid defeat, understand she is the reigning champion and an expert at this match as well. While Beyonce did her little dance, Britney moved her arms in and down, so Beyonce could not pin them under her thighs. However Britney noticed the super savvy Beyonce found a way to subtlety get her ankles and shins in position to pin Britney's arms. These are two subtle chess moves that 90% of the public did not notice, but defines both of them as all-time greats.

Britney rocks under Beyonce's weight, not to escape, but to get her arms free. Since her arms were not under Beyonce's thighs, she has a chance. Britney succeeds in freeing both arms. As if Beyonce expected this, she readjusted her position and sank her weight more impressively on Britney's face. Both women are impressed by the other's virtuoso and mastery in face sitting. Instead of amateurish clawing, Britney grabs the back thong of Beyonce's outfit and jerks it up, giving Beyonce a wedgie. Beyonce yelps and winces as she mentally applauds this brilliant counter. It causes her significant pain. It forces her to rise up a little off of Britney's face, and if she bears down, it inflicts more pain to herself. Beyonce just abandons her face sit. Both women get to their feet, both with a lot more knowledge and strategy about this match. Both understand that their opponent is extraordinary and nowhere near ordinary. They will have to knock the other senseless to face sit her for a victory.

As they square off again, Beyonce takes two steps and launches herself like a rocket and shoulder blocks Britney where she stands. Beyonce blasts through Britney like a wrecking ball going through a building. Britney thinks she is fighting a cyborg or something. Never has she encountered anybody this fast and strong and skilled. Beyonce quickly snatches the floored Britney to her feet and whips her into the ropes. When Britney rebounds back Beyonce is coming at her with her foot raised. Britney runs into the foot and next thing she knows she is on the mat looking up at Beyonce who is standing on top of her with one foot on her chest.

Beyonce steps off Britney with the crowd going wild. Britney thinks "Alright bitch, if you want to be a cyborg bitch, I can take this next level and be a cyborg ass kicking bitch too!" Britney immediately gets off the canvas and charges at Beyonce. Britney leaps and takes Beyonce down with a Lou Thez Press. Britney stays on top and starts pounding Beyonce's face. Beyonce is startled but more than capable of throwing Britney off top of her. Beyonce gets up but is taken back down by another Lou Thez Press and is eating Britney's fists again. Beyonce throws Britney off again, but not before eating several more rocking fists.

Britney charges at Beyonce again, but this time Beyonce steps up and catches Britney in mid-flight. Beyonce wraps both arms around Britney's midsection and locks her in a bearhug. Beyonce squeezes trying to get revenge for the fists she ate. Although she has Britney breathless and paralyzed in suspension she knows that will not be enough. Beyonce releases Britney but instantly hoists her up again, only this time she is stretched out across Beyonce's mighty shoulders and looking up at the lights in a Human Torture Rack.

Beyonce bends Britney with all she has. Beyonce thinks she is fighting Super Bitch. After all the punishment Britney has taken she should not have the resistance that she does. Not only that, when Britney does strike it is with superior strength and precision. Britney has the power to wipe her out quickly and efficiently. Beyonce growls and bends Britney even more. Beyonce quickly ponders strategies and recounting her analytics. Then the next thing she knows Super Bitch slipped free, flips off her shoulders and grabs Beyonce's head at the same time and drives it into the mat severely with a DDT.

Beyonce is face down and getting up cursing herself. She realizes that applying too much power unbalanced Britney. As Beyonce arises Britney comes in and leaps in the air and comes down with her foot on the back of Beyonce's head and drives her face into the mat with all her weight. Beyonce yells in pain from Britney's Curb Stomp. This is maybe the worst move she as experienced in fighting, and hopes to never experience it again. Beyonce rolls over and gets up with eyes on Britney.

Britney scowls at Beyonce. "I guess I'm going to take this cyborg bitch apart bolt by bolt" Britney thinks.

"Alright Super bitch" Beyonce thinks. "If you want to play like that, just call me kryptonite tonight."

The two square off boxing at each other once more. Beyonce's fists slices through and drive Britney back. Beyonce follows with a kick but Britney catches her foot before it lands. Beyonce quickly does a jumps off one foot and does a modified drop kick to Brintey's chest. The blonde reels back into the corner. Beyonce jumps to her feet and follows in. She does not expect for Britney to snatch her by the hair, bend her over into her knee that is rocketing up to blast Beyonce in the nose. Never letting go of that fistful of hair, Britney tucks Beyonce's head under her opposite arm then DDT's Beyonce's head into the mat. "What the Fuck! Are you Steven Segal or s....." Beyonce screams as she lies face down on the mat. She starts to push off the mat. Suddenly Beyonce's face is smashed back down into the mat by another furious Curb Stomp from Britney. Beyonce yells in agony as she is assaulted in the worst way.

Beyonce is very cautious as she gets up again. Beyonce wobbles a little as she rises after the assault to her head. Britney gasps slightly. "The cyborg bitch is rocked! The bitch is human." thinks Britney. She gets so excited that she just leaps at Beyonce firing elbows at Beyonce's face. The Houston honey is driven back into the corner by the rabid blonde. Britney continued her assault until she is sure Beyonce is stunned. The Britney grabs one of Beyonce's legs and lifts and opens it up. Then she starts driving her knee up into Beyonce's pussy like a piledriver. Beyonce howls in torment until she instinctively backhanded the shit out of Britney's face. The force of the bitch slap spins Britney 180 degrees and sends her reeling out of the corner.

"Cyborg." Britney softly say to herself as she sees Beyonce coming for her like a Terminator. Britney may see a Terminator, everyone else saw two women in one helluva fight. Beyonce is limping toward Britney from the low blows. Her ass cheeks hang low out the bottom of her outfit from the wedgie and her tits are falling out up top. Britney looks absolutely no better with wild hair and only wearing panty hose and boots. When the two come together they start firing fists in a fireworks show.

Beyonce sees the exchange in slow motion, mostly because she is still dazed. She threw punches in desperation. Then she saw a punch coming at her just like in the comics. "Super bitch" flashes through her mind as she sees the knuckles flying toward her, but could not move to avoid them. The punch explodes on her chin like a bomb. Beyonce tries to control her legs, but they are like noodles and she drops to the canvas. Britney was caught in the moment fighting for her life. When she dropped Beyonce she was surprised. After several seconds and the cyborg was still down, Britney is astonished.

Britney does not know what to do at first, but she knows that she wants Beyonce as naked as she is. Beyonce is struggling she is trying to just get up to her hands and knees but too disoriented. Britney reaches down and pulls the strap of Beyonce's outfit off her shoulder, down her arm, and exposing Beyonce's right breast. Britney goes for the other shoulder, but Beyonce comes to life and pushes her away saying, "Get off me bitch!"

Beyonce is still dazed and confused and getting up pretty slow and gingerly. Britney steps forward and grabs Beyonce by the hair and snatches her all the way up to her feet. Through pure strength, Britney muscles until Beyonce's arms are secured in a double under hook with Brintey's arms. Next Britney lifts Beyonce as near vertical as she can at this point of the match. Then Britney falls straight down, driving Beyonce's skull into the canvas in a part Brainbuster, part DDT, but 100 percent effective. Beyonce holds her head in clear debilitating pain on the mat. Beyonce pushes up and her face gets smashed back into the canvas by a third Curb Stomp.

Like a pitbull, Britney goes back to reaching down and pulling that other strap off of Beyonce's left shoulder and pulling the pink outfit down exposing both of Beyonce's boobs. Beyonce was oblivious of the stripping, she is far too busy dealing with the head trauma she has suffered. Although it is not really necessary, Britney grabs Beyonce's arm and snatches Beyonce to her feet with one powerful jerk and a mean spirited, "Get up!" As soon as Beyonce is jerked up, Britney pushes her back then jerks her forward by the same arm. When Beyonce is jerked back, it is right into a wicked forearm straight to the jaw. Beyonce's body goes limp from Britney's Bad News Barrett, Bull Hammer imitation. With her outfit down around her waist, and tits exposed Beyonce crumbles to the mat like a imploding building.

Britney smiles looking down at her worthy opponent. Fans stand and roar sensing a changing of tides as Britney starts woman handling Beyonce. Britney reaches down and finish pulling Beyonce's outfit over her fabled hips and down her Tina Turner like legs. Beyonce just lies there with no resistance allowing Britney to reduce her to just pantyhose and boots just like Britney. Some fan roar seeing Britney's success, some fans roar seeing Beyonce nearly naked, in the end, the arena is roaring. Britney is happy to prance around, waving the pink outfit to the delight of the audience. Beyonce rolls out of the ring to clear her battered head.

Beyonce slowly paces outside holding her head as her senses returns. As they do she looks in the ring and sees Britney frolicking and instantly the fire returns to her eyes. Sensing something, Britney looks and sees the fire in Beyonce's eyes. A chill runs down her spine. It is like a movie, seeing the lights turn back on in the cyborg killer that is coming for her. "Time for the secret weapon" Britney thinks more out of fear and desperation than anything else.

Britney drops Beyonce's pink outfit and runs into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Britney bounce hard off the ropes and rockets back to the side where Beyonce is standing. Britney leaps! Beyonce looks up and says "What the Fu..." as Britney launches herself through the top and middle ropes like a missile and explodes into Beyonce. In a daredevil, very un-Britney Spears like, lucha libre inspired move, Britney collides into Beyonce, giving up her body, to hurt her foe and bowl her down. Both women are on the floor feeling the after effects from their collision. Of course Beyonce got it a whole lot worse than Britney.

Both women are down as the fans break into a HOLY SHIT! chant. Britney is first to slowly get up and walk out of screen shot as Beyonce is still down and obviously hurting. When Beyonce does slowly rise, she looks up and gasps shouting "What the...." as it looks like the sky is raining Britneys, as the blonde comes crashing down on Beyonce again. After rising from the suicide dive, Britney had gotten on the ring apron. She waited for Beyonce, then she hopped on the middle rope, bound off of them and flips in the air and comes crashing down on top of Beyonce from a great height. Britney was born a Southern Mississippi cornbread eating girl. Her body is solid, sturdy and country thick. It can be a devastating weapon in many ways, as Beyonce is reminded as the robust sex bomb comes crashing down on her head.

Fans start the LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA! chant. Britney is hyped and gets up and celebrates pulling off the spectacular move. Then she climbs back up to the ring apron and waits for Beyonce. Britney's lucha libra attack has taken Beyone totally by surprise and has taken an even heavier toll on her. Beyonce slowly rises and seems pretty dazed and totally confused where Britney's attack is coming from. At that time Britney runs across the ring apron and jumps off the apron at Beyonce. The Mississippi blonde ensnares the Houston hottie's head with her legs. Britney's sturdy legs whip the off balance Beyonce and toss her through the air with a hurracanrana. Beyonce goes flying and flips through the air and lands hard on her back on the arena floor. Beyonce comes to a sliding stop, howling and holding the small of her back.

Britney climbs to the top turn buckle and waits for Beyonce to rise. She smiles as she is perched there she thanks the day that she allowed the untrusted Nelly Furtado in her training sessions. Britney was sparing and on fire, Brandy and Melissa knew it. Then Nelly said, "No way are you going to win like that. It's the same stuff that you've been doing for about 10 years now. That was when you were in your twenties, before a ton of partying and a shit load of drugs. One thing we know is that Beyonce will be overly prepared. You're going to need to do something new to win. I've got a trick that Shakira learned when she fought her." Nelly did that solely to earn the group's trust when she is actually Shakira's spy. It worked. Nelly taught Britney some lucha libra moves and they are working better than Britney ever imagined. Nelly's word is gold with Britney now.

Beyonce wobbles to her feet. Britney's whirling dervish attacks and her sturdy, curvy body raining down has Beyonce all out of suits. Once Beyonce stands Britney leaps off the top turnbuckle. Britney flies through the air knowing that the landing is going to hurt like hell, just as three previous landings. It turns out to be well worth the pain. The soles of Britney's long black boot nail Beyonce in the face. Beyonce is sent reeling wildly and recklessly like shot out of a cannon. Beyonce reels backward and the stocking clad vixen wildly flips over the ringside barrier and disappears out of sight.

Beyonce finds herself groveling at the front row fan's feet, trying unsuccessfully to get back to her feet. "What the fuck!" Beyonce thinks. "That damned lucha libra shit always fucks me up! Only Shakira knows that. She wouldn't tell Britney though.... Nelly!"

All Beyonce's theories will have to wait. Britney has climbed over the barrier and helping Beyonce to her feet with a hair haul, since Beyonce was not able to get up on her own. Britney hair hauls Beyonce right up into body slam position, then body slams the near naked icon on the laps of the front row fans. Britney reaches down grabs Beyonce's hair and lifts her head up and drills Beyonce between the eyes with a solid fist. With thoughts of finishing a cyborg not a normal woman Britney drops to her knees and cups Beyonce's head in one arm and starts pounding her in the temple and head until the cyborg stops. It is a barbaric destruction. It is one clubbing punch, after one clubbing punch after another clubbing punch bludgening Beyonce until her eyes start to roll up in her head. Her gorgeous near naked body lies as an offering on the front row laps. Beyonce slips into unconsciousness. For Britney, it was like the movies when the lights in the killer cyborg's eyes go out after absorbing inhuman punishment.

An exhausted Britney stands and leaves unconscious Beyonce lying there. She crawls over the barrier then drop to her knees and rests against the barrier. She knows that eventually she will have to carry Beyonce back to the ring for a facesit to win the match, but right now, she has no choice but to rest. About a minute or more has passed when to Britney's shock and horror a hand reaches over the barrier and clutches a huge handful of blonde hair and snatches her up. Beyonce is back and now has Britney in a sleeper hold from the other side of the barrier. Britney is freaking out. It is definitely like a scene from a movie. The cyborg is back with a vengeance. Britney flails just like a cinema scream queen. Her instincts take over. Fortunately for Britney, one of her instincts is an innate ability to survive. On instinct Britney reaches back and grabs Beyonce's hair and throws herself forward. She flips Beyonce over her shoulder and over the barrier to the ringside floor.

Beyonce and Britney both are down. Both exhausted near naked ladies slowly try to get to their feet. "Damned Super bitch!" Beyonce thinks. "Fuck that, I'm fucking Beyonce! I am Super Bitch!" The pantyhose clad women get to their feet about the same time. Once on their feet, Beyonce strikes with a right cross. Britney wobbles and staggers back, stunned. Beyonce continues with a chop to the chest, a smack to the titties, a punch to the chest, and a upper cut to the chin. Beyonce is taking Britney apart, she cannot respond. Fans marvel at what they see. It is like a movie to them too, but it is King Kong vs Godzilla. Two legendary mythical and magical creatures battling it out till the end. It does not matter who wins at this point. Both are indubitably legends. Neither's place in history will change. It is just a matter of how this storyline plays out. No one goes to King Kong vs Godzilla to see who wins. It is not really important, only the fight is important.

Beyonce continues marching Britney backwards with punches and chops. The majority of chops and punches were aimed at Britney's boobs, like Beyonce was jealous of the heavier chested blonde. Britney is defenseless and looks helpless as she is tamed by the punishment. She looks like she is in the final phase of training in Beyonce's bitch program. Beyonce has battered Britney back near the announcer's table. Beyonce grabs Britney by the hair and slams her face into the table extra hard, then flips Britney on top of the announcer's table and climbs up after her.

Beyonce does not waste any time she stands on the table and pulls Britney's head between her thighs again. She clutches Britney's waist and hoists her up for her signature finisher power bomb, the Beyonce Bomb. Britney out of instinct and fear flips up higher out of Beyonce's grasp. On the way down, she ensnares Beyonce's head under her home and drives the crown of Beyonce's head down with a DDT to the table. The announcer's table breaks into pieces and collapse. In the end two nearly naked international iconic idols, wearing only panty hoses and boots lay semiconscious amongst the rubble of the announcer's table.

Neither woman moves much for a while. It gave fans plenty of time for their HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! and THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! chants. They even had time for a BE-YON-CE! BRIT-NEY SPEARS! BE-YON-CE! BRIT-NEY SPEARS! BE-YON-CE! BRIT-NEY SPEARS! chant. Of course each fan has their favorite, but definitely has tremendous love and respect for both phenomenal women.

Britney sits up first. She looks at Beyonce still lying face down. Beyonce is moving then she trembles for a moment. Britney unleashes a loud raucous laugh. The machine in broken. The cyborg is malfunctioning. From the body language of a competitor, Britney knows that Beyonce totally finished. Still laughing, Britney gets up, and grabs a handful of Beyonce's hair shouting, "Get up Bitch! This ain't over yet, I'm not through beating your ass!" Beyonce pitifully moans and gets hauled up by the hair.

Britney leads Beyonce out of the wreckage of the table. Beyonce appears out on her feet, with a far and away look on her face. Her arms dangle by her sides like noodles, allowing Britney to strike with a vicious chop across Beyonce's tits. Beyonce looks like a zombie, just standing there and take it. She is nothing more than a gorgeous punching bag at this point. Britney chops punches and slaps Beyonce's cafe au lait chest red and raw, fulfilling her prophecy to beat Beyonce up.

Britney kept beating and battering Beyonce until she is battered into the corner of the ringside barrier. Britney stops to back up, slick her hair back and get a running start and spears the defenseless Beyonce right through the barricade. Beyonce and Britney break through the wall and spill into a corner of the ringside where there is no seating. Both women are again down, this time lying on the cold concrete to one more HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! chant.

Again both women lie there for quite a while. Beyonce lies on her back, holding her ribs, not even thinking about getting up. Britney lies face down exhausted but more hurting because of the extreme moves that she put her body through to incapacitate Beyonce. She forces her aching body up to finish this epic encounter.

Britney sits up while Beyonce is still down right beside her. When she sits up she is right beside Beyonce's crotch. Britney reaches over with her claws and starts ripping and tearing at the crotch of the Beyonce's panty hose. It does not take long to open a hole to expose Beyonce's cunt. (Neither woman wore undergarments under their hose) Britney applies a claw hold on Beyonce's cunt while seated beside her. Beyonce tries to scream but she can still barely breathe from the spear. What comes out is like the annoying wails that are commonly found in a Japanese heroine in peril porn videos. Beyonce understands that she played the game and loss, so now she must take her punishment. Britney has earned the right to do this. Britney takes advantage doing all the damage her hand could do. She applies the claw to tenderize then digs and scratches the insides. Britney is surprised and impressed that Beyonce has not cried for mercy yet. She knows that she certainly would be.

Britney stands and hair hauls a compliant Beyonce to her feet. Britney leads Beyonce by a tuff of her curley hair, to the ring like walking a pet on a leash. Poor Beyonce is totally defenseless. As she passes by the ring post, Britney stops to slam Beyonce's face into the post, just out of meanest. She slam's Beyonce's face a second time to make sure that she understands the pecking order. Then she does it a third time for the hell of it. Finally Britney rolls Beyonce under the ropes and into the ring.

Britney slid into the ring after Beyonce. She stands over her victim and shouts "Get up! Get up and take this!" Actually to Britney's surprise, Beyonce did slowly start to get to her feet. Britney is astonished Beyonce has the power to do this after all that she has been through. As Beyonce reaches three quarters standing, Britney swoops in under her and hoists her up; way up. In one amazingly powerful moment Britney hoists Beyonce's big body up, extending her arms over her head and military presses the idol like a barbell. Beyonce gasps amazed that Britney has the strength left to press her. Britney's hand by Beyonce's crotch finds her pussy and slips inside. Britney delighted hearing Beyonce's broken moan. Then Britney walks forward out from under Beyonce allowing her to plummet face first to the mat.

Britney returns to Beyonce and hauls her up once again. She whips the beaten Beyonce across the ring and when she comes back Britney charges and spears Beyonce in the midsection once again. This time she knows Beyonce is finished. The poor idol lays completely defeated spread eagle on the mat. Britney mercifully at this point walks around and plops her big white creamy ass on Beyonce's face. Beyonce could barely breathe after being speared through the barricade. That trouble has multiplied after the second spear. She offer next no resistance going out under Britney's booty.

Britney had Beyonce by the hair pulling her face deep against her pussy. Beyonce is practically out when Britney could no longer fight the urge. Maybe it was from playing with Beyonce's pussy. Partially, it is from being in contact for about an hour with one of the sexiest bodies on the face of the earth. A lot of it is that she is exhilarated by beating one of the world's most beautiful and powerful women. For whatever reason, Britney releases Beyonce's hair and starts clawing and ripping a hole in the crotch of her own pantyhose, until she reveals a expertly manicured blonde muff. Then she grabs two handfuls of Beyonce's hair and starts grinding her pussy on Beyonce's face. Thankfully for Beyonce she passed out very soon after Britney started satisfying herself. Britney works her hips furiously and unashamed in from of millions of fans watching through video. She could not help herself. Soon there is a splosh as she splatters Beyonce's face with cum. Britney is in erotic bliss. She rarely does this but she starts squirting spraying Beyonce's face with a steady stream for a few seconds.

Britney sits back off of Beyonce's face as her head falls in exhaustion. The match was exhausting, and the orgasm took everything that Britney had left, or so she thought. Then the crowd explodes in cheers and chants for her and Beyonce. The fans stood and gave their respect for what could be the match of the century. Their applauds supplied Britney with all the energy she needed to get up and celebrate and salute the fans.

The referee hands Britney her title belt and the Britney clutches and hugs the belt with a new appreciation for the title. Britney runs to the corner and hops on the middle turnbuckle and raises the title above her head to the delight of the fans. The camera catches a telling vision with Britney standing tall, elevated on the middle turnbuckle while a near naked Beyonce lies kayoed and spread eagle on the canvas behind her.

Britney salutes the fans at the first corner. Then she makes her rounds, visiting the other three corners spending as much time as needed to salute the audience. As she is finishing the fourth corner, she sees Beyonce waking and sitting up. Britney rushes over and drops to her knees asking Beyonce, "Are you alright champ?" She asks giving Beyonce a hug.

A groggy Beyonce rubs her head replying, "Why are you calling me champ? I loss."

"Bullshit" Britney answers. "I may have got the win, but you didn't lose. You are by far the toughest and baddest girl I've ever been in the ring with. Besides we accomplished what we wanted. We gave the fans the match of the century."

Beyonce and Britney give each other a mutual hug before Britney helped Beyonce to her to her feet and raised Beyonce's arm and presents her to the fan, who give her the same ovation that they just gave to Britney. After giving the proper respect, Beyonce takes the belt from Britney's hand saying, "Allow me." Beyonce walks behind Britney and fastens the belt around Britney's waist in a classy gesture.

Britney and Beyonce hug again. Beyonce whispers in Britney's ear, "I got to admit it, you beat me up tonight."

Britney chuckles and answers "To be honest, I thought I was totally your little bitch for most of the night."

With a laugh between them, Britney and Beyonce leave the ring arm in arm. Both are limping and laboring. The two icon, walk with breasts sparkling with sweat and other liquids, wearing now crotchless pantyhose and long sexy leather boots.

After walking through the backstage curtains, Beyonce is shocked to see Britney's team, Brandy, Melissa and Nelly there to great their leader. Beyonce separates from Britney and takes a right to head to her dressing room. She looks over shoulder as she walks away hearing Britney's team jumping up and down like kids and exclaim "We did it! We did it!" Beyonce remembers the value and feelings of being part of a team rather than a solo act. Beyonce realizes that she was fighting at a disadvantage with her analytics. Britney was strengthened by the hopes and dreams of her friends.

As Beyonce walks away on unsteady legs, Nelly respectfully asks, "Hey Beyonce! Are you okay? Do you need some help?"

"No I'm fine." Beyonce responds as she makes it further down the hall as quickly as possible.

"Damned! You really laid it on Beyonce." Brandy tells Britney quietly, too low for Beyonce to hear.

"She is the toughest bitch I ever fought. She left me no choice I had to really fuck her up to put her down. I gave her the hardest spears I ever gave anyone. I put Beyonce through hell. There is no way she's winning her next match." Britney explains.

After the match, Beyonce was still really upset that she loss. She absolutely did not feel like being around others, but knew she had to make an appearance after the card to avoid rumors about why she was not seen. She wanted to go to the Fab's afterparty, but again, contractually unable to attend. So she ends up at Stone Rage's official after party. Beyonce walks through the main room greeting people and posing for pictures. After an hour, Beyonce makes it to the VIP room. It's called The Rage Room. There is heavy security, and it allows the celebrities to get drunk and act a fool in private, without the reporters, photographers and others starting tabloid headlines. It even has its own private exit to avoid any contact with the public.

Once entering, Beyonce takes a seat beside her old friend Alicia Keys. "Let's team together in the tag team tournament" Beyonce says.

The offer took Alicia off guard but, she was thrilled to accept. "What's up? I hear Britney and her little sis are in it too. Do you want another crack at her?" Alicia asks knowing her friend does not take defeat well at all.

Beyonce pauses reflectively before answering. Then she says, "No I doubt we'll meet them in the tournament unless it is in the first match. I put Britney through hell. There is no way she's winning her next match. Honestly, I'm just tired of fighting alone. I want to be part of a team again." Alicia smiles back sharing a rare tender moment with Beyonce. Out of the ashes a new beginning is born.



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