Halle Berry (70%) Dethrones Christina Aguilera (30%)

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Christina had been taunting Halle for almost a full week before their fight, arranging chance meetings and spreading rumors behind her back. She commented on Berry's age and her failed marriage always retreating after riling her soon to be opponent. By the night of the fight Halle had murder on her mind, and unknown to her Christina had been saving the best insult for last. An hour before their championship bout they cross paths again, this time backstage near Christina's locker room. Christina is like, "I heard about your little hit and run case. I didn't know you were such a chicken shit."

"Shut up, cock sucker," replied Halle, briefly reliving the car accident and how she turned a deaf ear to her conscience and left the scene in fear. Now up on charges and facing prison time, Halle's glamour filled life appears to be heading for the dumpster and Aguilera is happy to remind her of it.

Christina sneered, "I'm going to beat you like your cell mate will when they put you away. I hope you like taking it up the ass. I hear their deep into anal fisting where you're going."

Halle slapped Christina saying, "I told you to shut up!! I'll kick your ass right here!!"

Christina replied with a smirk on her face, "No. We're not fighting yet. I want everyone to see me kick your ass. I'm going to show the world just what a little coward you are as you beg me for mercy." Halle got up in Christina's face, but Christina just backed away slipping into her dressing room, "Not now jail tail, but soon." Halle rushed the door only to hear it lock in her face. Muffled laughter cut the silence of the moment.

By the time the match started an hour later Halle was climbing the walls with anticipation of destroying the no-talent eye-candy singer who had insulted her earlier. She is in the ring first waiting for her prey clad in a black bikini top and hip hugging black shorts that go down mid thigh. Christina only smiled as she saw the fury in Halle's eyes, entering the ring in a white crop top and blue jean shorts. Jessica and Ananda had accompanied her down the center isle. Almost jumping the bell, Halle flew into her opponent. Swinging wildly with little or no strategy, Halle went into a windmill of attacks punching and slapping frantically. Christina keeps her cool dodging most of them, blocking the rest, and nails Halle with some well timed counters. She was successfully blocking her furious rival's flailing attacks and then striking like a cobra. As Halle lounged at her, she kick the actress in the shin. When Berry instinctively reached down to comfort her damaged limb, Christina almost took her head off with an uppercut to the chin. A left and a right slammed into Berry's tummy as she raged on. Christina was showing true skill in manipulating Halle. Uppercuts and jabs exploded into Halle's boobs. Christina had obviously been practicing and this is obviously what she wanted. Halle was fighting wildly rather than smartly. Aguilera was patting herself on the back until a solid right connects with her cheek. Halle was getting through her defenses.

Christina's guard was being battered down. Halle's fist pounded her arms into submission until they were no longer willing to aid in her defense. Halle's wild blows now connected pummeling Christina's head and chest. Her hands are knocked away as Halle slams one roundhouse after another into Christina's cheeks. Her face twisting in pain, Christina tries to retaliate but a few straight punches to her tits send her in retreat. She grabs Halle's hair and before she can raise her knee into Halle's tummy she takes a combination of rights and lefts to her own abdomen. Halle's fist of fury bury deeply into the singers firm tummy grinding her abs to mush. Christina's hands are still holding the short black tresses but weakly, barely able to stand and slowly giving ground. Halle grabs fistfuls of blonde hair jerking Christina's face up towards the ceiling. She keeps Christina's head looking up as she drives her right knee into the youngster's belly repeatedly. Christina's howls of anguish do nothing to deter the furious black girl. Halle's foot hardly ever touch the mat, coming to rest for less than a second before striking again and only due to Christina's backpedaling. Christina finally falls to her knees just short of the corner after the sixteenth blow, her hands falling to her sides. Halle is unconcerned though. Her knee now slams into Christina's bosom. Christina looks like a rag doll in Halle's grasp, her body reeling from every blow. Halle soon hauls her up by her hair and plants her foot deeply with in Christina's belly driving her into near corner. The singer hits with a thud and a moan, her arms now draped over the top ropes. Halle flies into Christina slamming her knee into her young rival's bruised belly, before stepping back and delivering another kick to Christina's tummy. Christina turns to jelly and collapses onto the mat.

Halle takes a moment to absorb the crowds cheers underestimating Christina's recovery time. Christina slowly makes it to her feet and stalks Halle from behind. Christina twirls Halle around with a hold on her shoulder planning to clock her when Berry almost takes her head off with a haymaker, sending Aguilera to the canvas. Halle waits for Christina to get up before charging into her again.

The black goddess is taken off guard and knee after knee slams into her firm tummy. Christina delivered the a knee blow to the forehead that propped Halle back upright before her legs buckled her down to the mat. Now on her hands and elbows, one hand around her waist and the other comforting her head, Halle can do nothing as Christina picks her up by the hair just enough to get her to her hands and knees. She now straddled Halle's head and started to squeeze it tightly between her strong young thighs. Halle moaned as her ears were crushed, her face distorted by the pressure. Christina then grabbed Halle's shorts and pulled them up into her crotch driving the actress up to her feet. Aguilera then dropped down to the mat ass first savagely pounding Halle's head into the canvas. She now sits with Halle's head between her thighs, the shorts in hand, and a big smile on her face. Halle is in horrible pain, her face being mashed, head pounded, and puss punished. She fights to stay on her hands and feet and keep pressure off of her neck as she desperately seeks to escape. She wouldn't have long to plan an escape. Christina unties her bikini top and pulls it away from her chest. Then she tugs harder on the shorts forcing Halle's feet off of the floor. Halle was doing a hand stand for a second before the wedge broke her balance. If Christina hadn't released Halle's head the bronze beauty would have broken her neck as she crashed down on her back where Christina used to be. Christina now standing started to force Halle up to her feet by her hair when Halle's right fist exploded into her pubic mound.

Jessica SimpsonAnanda LewisHalle nails Christina with several more pubic blows dazing her. Christina goes down cursing, her hands comforting her mound as she hits the mat. Halle rolls the blonde over to her back and sits on Christina's thighs. She pummels her younger rival's pubic mound and tummy with close to twenty blows before making her way up Christina's waist. Now sitting on the blonde's tummy, Halle lifts the sports bra off of Christina's tits and buries her knuckles relentlessly into the pert creamy breast. Christina's eyes are soon flooded.

Halle strips her rival after convincing herself that the twelve unanswered moaned filled tit-punches had won the match for her. Halle tears off Christina's top, shorts, and panties. Lifting Christina's legs Berry drives her boot repeatedly into the white girl's naked crotch. Jessica and Ananda leap into the ring. Jessica secures Halle's arms behind her back as Ananda goes to work on her with a barrage of tummy pounding fist and knee attacks.

AaliyahHalle is on the edge of breaking, when suddenly to make matters worst, Britney and Aaliyah finally appear making their way to the ring. Britney grabs one of the metal folding chairs and slips into the ring with Aaliyah. Ananda steps aside so Britney can finish Halle off, but is soon in awe as Britney decides it time to pay Jessica back for betraying her. She brains Jessica with a metal chair and kicks her out of the ring. She follows leaving Ananda to Aaliyah and pummels Simpson into submission. Ananda however, saw Aaliyah coming and charged her, shoulder blocking her in the gut and tackling her to the ground like a football player. Ananda mounts Aaliyah and pummels her into oblivion with a flurry of rights and lefts to the face. Ananda rolls Aaliyah out of the ring and pulls Halle off Christina as she goes for the pin. With her hands held behind her back by Ananda, Halle is defenseless against Christina's payback onslaught. Britney jumps off of her bleeding teammate and heads into the ring. After applying a drop kick to Christina she goes after Ananda. Ananda drops Halle to defend herself but soon succumbs to Britney's might being dragged out of the ring by her hair.

Halle is still dazed and it is Christina who makes it to her feet first. She pulls Halle up by her hair and ddt's her into the mat. Christina works Halle over savagely. She kneels next to Halle, lifts her upper body up by her hair to a sit, and pummels her tummy with unforgiving lefts punches. When Halle's covers her tummy, Christina throws her down and seizes her tits. The light chocolate orbs engulf Christina's creamy fingers deliciously. Halle tries to tear Christina's hands away but she only adds to her torment in the process as Christina's nails slice into her tit flesh to hold ground. Halle's screams at the destruction of her breast finally halt as Christina turns her attention to Halle's shorts. Halle loses her shorts and panties with one motion, and squeals as her pussy lips are pinched and pulled to their elastic limits. Christina tortures Halle's puss now yanking on the fiery mane of the black beauties freshly trimmed bush. Halle's pussy looked like that of a girl over ten years younger, and clean shaven except for a patch that seemed to point like an arrow head towards her kitty. Christina had followed the arrow much to Halle's dismay. "Please stop! Not my pussy!!," Halle pleaded now teary eyed. Christina let her pubes go, not moved by Halle's plea, but by a desire to finish this fight and secure the victory before dealing with her misguided teammates.

She hefts Halle up by her tits, slams her hips into her dark prey, and tosses her to the mat by the tit hold. Tit tugging the ebony princess back to her feet again, Christina again flips Halle hard to the mat by her wounded mams. This time Halle lays close enough to the turnbuckle for Christina's signature move. Britney looks up to see her climb the ropes and rushes up to the ring leaving Ananda on her hands and knees after kneeing her in the crotch several times. She reaches Christina's foot just in time to have it slip between her fingers. She is airborne and it is all over. Christina moaned as she slammed into the unforgiving mat. Halle had rolled away at the last moment.

Christina was unable to recover from the failed attempt, her body wrecked. She just lay there aching all over as Halle slowly made it to her feet. Britney had other concerns as Ananda grabbed her leg. Jumping onto Christina's back, Halle jerks her upper body off of the mat by her hair, stretching her back as far as possible before slamming the young singer's face into the mat. Chris is stomped and kicked repeatedly. Christina's head, torso, legs, and arms are all subject to the onslaught. Where she can, Halle concentrates on the muscles, bruising them so badly that Christina would be effectively immobilized. Halle straddles Christina's left leg and pins her arms down even though it is unnecessary. Her toned dark skinned knee leaves the mat and then torpedoes down into Christina's crotch. It is up again and down. Up and down. Up and down. Christina screams with each hammering blow. After the tenth she silently surrenders. Halle could have pinned her anytime now. After the eighteenth, her will was broken, but Halle wouldn't notice until after the twenty-fifth.

When Christina starts to sob uncontrollably her eyes clinched, Halle released her arms and sat on Christina's waist. "If you give up right now," Halle purrs while softly placing her hands on Christina's tits, "I won't rip these puppies off. I'll let you go." Christina is silent except for her sobbing. "Think about it," Halle continues, now playing with Christina's boobs, moving them around her chest in circular motions, "your allies are beaten and you have no where to run." Christina is still silent. Halle sighs, "Have it your way then. You had better learn how to sing, cause you're not going to be able to live off of your looks anymore."

Halle pinches her foes nipples and inhales her victory and Christina screams, "Noooo!!!! Stop!!! Please stop!! I give! I give. Don't hurt me anymore. Please." The match is over and Halle is victorious.

She stands and poses with her foot on the beaten blonde's throat, "I'm glad you wised up. Too bad it's too late. When I said now I meant now, and you waited too long."

By now Ananda and Jessica are stripped naked their hands and ankles duck taped to keep them out of the way. Aaliyah takes charge of keeping an eye on them and an eye out for trouble as Britney reenters the ring. "Who's in charge now, bitch?" Britney mounts and rams Christina's head into the mat by her hair over twenty times before spitting in her face. Britney hauls her up and slams her drunk and already defeated rival into the corner. Then she rammed her knee repeatedly into Christina's cunt until she no longer had the strength to keep her standing. The fact that Christina managed to stay awake as her womanhood was so savagely assaulted, seemed to be evil blessing from god, as if she was meant to feel every blow. As Christina sank Britney continued to blast her sending several attacks to her tummy her breast and finally her head. She finally allowed Christina to crumble to the floor. Britney hauls Christina up by her battered tits and places her with her favorite variation of the DDT. Christina's body trembles in pain at the utter destruction of her body. Britney sat down behind Christina and placed her rival's head against her lap cranking it down into Christina's chest. Britney's legs rest on the floor at Christina's sides pinning her arms underneath them. With her arms pinned and no way to escape, Christina's chest is completely vulnerable. Britney seizes the perfectly sculpted creamy breast and squeezed relentlessly, as Christina howled. Next Halle held Christina's legs as Britney finished her with her own move, the back flip moonsault. Britney rolls Christina on to her tummy and sits on her head. She wraps her arms around Christina's waist and lifts her lower body up and onto her knees. Christina's ass is now on display for all to see and adding to the indignity, Britney grabs the butt cheeks and spreads them wide. Cocks stiffen in the audience as Christina's tight ass hole invites someone anyone to penetrate it.

Halle had stepped out of the ring for a second and returns with a huge strap-on jet black dildo. Surprisingly Halle slips Christina's pink lace panties back on. Now brushing them aside just enough, she rams the thick cock into Christina's tight anus. As if the anal fucking wasn't enough Halle reaches down and starts playing with Aguilera's clit. Halle proves her mastery of the sexual arts as she expertly drives Christina into a lustful frenzy. Christina's first screams of, "Please stop! Nooooo!! It's too big!!!" were replaced by. "Ooh yes! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!! Don't stop!!!! Fuck me like the little bitch I am!!!!!" Christina is like a wild animal as she eagerly takes the large cock deep within her hole. Britney is easily dethroned as a revitalized Christina bucks ignoring her wounds concentrating solely on the thick meat that pounds her ass and the masterful manipulation of her clitoris. Her ass jiggles in the air as if she was booty shaking in a rap video. When she cums, she floods her panties with her juices. They overflow and drip from her panties also running down her thighs.

Halle says, "You're nothing but a little slut are you?"

To everyone's surprise, Christina responds after dipping her fingers into her cum soaked panties and slurping the juices from her fingers, "Yes. I'm nothing but your little fuck doll. Please pound my ass some more." Christina is shocked as well as she comes to her senses realizing what she just said and where she said it. In a flash of ecstasy she had forgotten about the match. As the adrenaline fades Christina once again crashes to the mat, suffering her most humiliating defeat. Halle stuffs the cum soaked panties into her mouth before leaving with her partners in crime.

The End.

Halle makes a Beautiful and Classy Champion

Christina is the Sex Toy of Champions



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