Christina Aguilera (54%) dethrones Britney Spears (46%) In easily the most anticipated match ups to date, the two Generation Next stars, Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera meet for the title. Christina enters the ring accompanied by Ananda Lewis of Generation Next. Christina & Ananda have developed quite a friendship while interfering on Britney's behalf to help her maintain her title. Christina is colorfully dressed in a red crop top, and form fitting red & blue flowered pants.

Britney enters the ring with Generation Next's newest recruit... LeAnn Rimes. Britney grabs the mic and announces, "Hey Christina, allow me to introduce my two new recruits for Generation Next, Jessica Simpson, and Aaliyah." Britney had to cover herself. Ananda & Christina's interference in matches have become such a prominent part of her title reign that the commissioner pitted her against Christina in an effort to weaken or break up Generation Next. Britney wanted to make sure she had a strong team in place if Ananda or Christina left the fold as a result of this match. Besides, she liked the idea of having them around to cheat in the match if necessary.

Britney was smiling broadly at the start of the match. She felt she was undefeatable with Jessica, LeAnn & Aaliyah in her corner. Britney & Christina have known each other since they were pre-teens in the Micky Mouse Club, so Britney was well aware that Christina was a real threat, but felt with the outside help and her size & strength advantage she would prevail.

Britney, wearing a white tank top and hip hugging black pants, charged Christina at the bell. The smaller blonde ducked out of the way at the last moment and allows her foe to fly hurdling into the turnbuckle. Britney charges again but this time captures her target. Britney gets a tight grip on Christina's blonde hair and slams her face into the corner. Britney follows by picking up Christina and body slamming her to the mat. Britney scoops up her foe again, holding her across her shoulders in a fireman's carry, before dropping her opponent to the mat again. Britney is feeling very confident that her strength is too much for her contender, and playfully flexes her muscles before whipping Christina into the far corner of the ring. Britney charges into the corner again, only Christina brings her thighs up and wraps them around Britney's head in a head scissors. Christina tightens her lock, then sends Britney flipping to the mat with a head scissors take down. Britney lands hard on her back. Britney tries to beat her rival to her feet only to find her already up and nailing her with a drop kick. Hoping to surprise Britney for a quick win, Christina covers her for a pin, but the champion kicks out at one and a half.

Britney regains control of the action by leaping to her feet and buring her fist into Christina's tight stomach. Britney follows by driving the point of her elbow into Christina's skull and body slamming her to the mat. Britney pulls Christina up to a seated position. She stands behind her, pulls her head back and pounds her face with fist after fist. Once Britney finally stops, Christina pitches face first to the canvas. Sensing victory, Britney hair hauls Christina up and tucks her head under her arm and locks her in a front face lock.

Britney is able to easily control Christina with the face lock. She leads her rival around the ring, wrenching the hold tighter & tighter. Britney's uses her strength to her advantage, wearing her smaller contender down. Britney sends a glare to Ananda at ringside, who is loudly encouraging Christina to escape the hold. Brtiney could feel the fight and energy seep out of Christina's body, and decides it's time to put her out of her misery.

Britney grabs Christina's flowered form fitting pants and lifts her off the mat, like she was attempting a suflex. Only when Christina was half way up, Britney falls backwards delivering a version of a DDT, a particularly painful version. Christina's feet were off the mat so she had no way to protector herself, or soften the blow. Christina was already glassy eyed, and dazed, but to insure victory, Britney followed by placing the smaller blonde's head between her legs and pile driving her head almost through the mat. Christina was motionless, as Britney rolled her on her back, and covered her for the pin. The Champion did not forget to hook the challenger's leg, and make escape near impossible. The referee got in position for the count, and delivered the count. Christina had made no effort to kick out by the two count, but the count was broken when Ananda reached in the ring and grabbed the referee's leg and pulled him out of the ring.

The referee reprimanded Ananda as LeAnn & Aaliyah came over to start a pushing, shoving & yelling match with their young rival. Britney, who always used every advantage in a match, sees the referee distracted and calls for Jessica to toss her a metal chair. Jessica grabs a folding chair from ringside, and tosses it over the top rope. Britney's eyes got wide as saucers, and her jaw dropped as the chair flew over her head, and behind her. Then she knew she had been double-crossed. Britney slowly & regretfully turned, to find her worst fear confirmed, as Christina stood with the chair, enroute to her head. The chair cracked against her skull with a loud thud. The audience said a collective "Ohhh" as the chair connected with Britney, sending the young champion to the mat. Christina threw the chair out of the ring and hair hauled her rival to her feet.

Christina said, "See I told you Ananda and I were the brains of this operation, and you always will be nothing!" as she pushed the dazed teen in the corner. Christina pulled Britney's top over her head, revealing the youngster's famous tits. Christina chopped across the tits time and time again. Britney was defensless and could only slump in the corner as her pride & joy was being ravaged by the blonde. After a couple minutes of chops, Christina crushed both tits in her hands. Britney's head hung, resting on her chest, as her teammate tortured the moaning beauty. Christina could not pass the opportunity to drive a series of knees into her victim's crotch too.

After a devastating torture session, Christina drags Britney out of the corner by her tits and dumps her on the mat. Christina turns the champion onto her back. Britney was dazed and defeated, not even noticing that her rival had scaled to top rope. Christina leaped off with a backflip moonsault, landing on top of Britney's chest, knocking the air out of the beauty. Christina stood, and placed one foot across Britney's chest, flattening her tits, and triumphantly raised both arms above her head as the referee counted her out.

Jessica & Ananda rushed the ring to congratulate the new champion, while Aaliyah & LeAnn tended to Britney. After a few minutes, Christina walked over to the fallen former champion. Christina used her foot to push Britney to her back from the seated position she was in, while Jessica & Ananda stood eye-to-eye with Aaliyah & LeAnn. Christina placed a foot on Britney's throat saying "So whats the deal? Are you still in Generation Next or what? You friend or foe?" Britney realized the danger of refusing in the position she was in and softly said, "We're still down with you"

"Good" Christina said with a smile, "But know your role, cause this is Generation Next PRIME, while you and your flunkies are just the 'B-Team'. It's my show now, Jessica, Ananda and I are the stars, you and your girls are just here to handle our dirty work!"

Christina And Generation PRIME reigns supreme

Britney & Generation Next has a new role


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