Britney Spears (52%) slops Shania Twain (48%)Shania Twain comes to the pre-match press conference with a smile, but leaves furious. She was upset at what little chance the reporters were giving her to retain her title over former champion, Britney Spears. "I am the champion, they shouldn't be talking to me like this!" Shania thought. Finally after taking all the indignities, she could stomach, Shania blurts out, "Let's not forget who is the champion here! That little girl needs to be taken out behind the wood shed and have her hind tanned and that's what I'm gonna do!" When many of the press responded to this latest statement as an empty threat, Shania was really steaming.

"Okay Britney, why don't we fight like we used to back in the old days. Just me and you go into the barn, and fight until only one can walk out. We used to call it a Barnyard Brawl" challenges Shania.

"Fine with me, just bring the championship belt with you" responded Britney. "I beat you once, I know I can do it again."*

"Good, I'll beat you just like I did that whore of an idol of yours." Shania was of course referring to her match with Madonna and her match with her where she badly beat the pop icon.**

A silence fell over the room, everyone knew Britney would not let that statement go without a response. Britney has idolized Madonna all her life, and continues an almost desperate quest to gain Madonna's approval and respect. "Hmpt.... you just bought yourself a serious ass kickin' and I'll dedicate this match to Madonna." Britney says with a sneer.

By the day of the fight, tensions were very high. Britney viewed this match, as her big opportunity to win the respect and approval of her childhood idol Madonna. Shania wanted the respect earned from finally conquering Britney as well as avenging an embarrassing loss. Britney showed up at the barn wearing a form fitting pair of shorts pants bib overalls. Her shapely, strong tanned legs on displace showing the training of thousands of dance routines. Underneath the overalls she had a white tank shirt. Shania wears pair of cut off jean shorts, or "Daisy Duke shorts" and a black t-shirt tied at the mid drift, showing a tight tummy. She had a red bandanna tied aroung her neck. Both superstars wore a look of determination as the met in the middle of the barn.

They ran together and met in the middle of the barn and locked hands in a knuckle lock. The pressed breast to breast at they struggled in this test of strength. Shania grits her teeth and struggles against the young girl, but knows she is not able to out power the blonde. Shania ducks her head down and bites Britney on the arm. Instinctively Britney releases the lock and draws back her bitten limb. Shania takes advantage and fires her freed fist into Britney's ribs, just under her breast. The blow knocks the wind out of Britney allowing the Canadian beauty to fire a flurry of punches to her ribs, and finishes the combination with a bomb fired across Britney's chin.

Britney swoons and Shania captures the blonde in a headlock. Shania immediately raps Britney's face with a series of short punches. Knowing she is in control of the fight, Shania whips Britney into the wall of the barn. Shania traps Britney against the wall and slams a series of hard straight punches to the blonde beauties vaunted bosom. "Time for me ta get some respect around here girlie" spits Shania. "When your precious idol, Madonna ran away from Major Gunns like a scalded dog, who went and retrieved the belt from the XWL?" Asks Shania. "Me that's who," answers Shania, the whole time firing punch after punch into Britney's tits. "I am the queen of this league!" proclaims Shania as she finally relents her assault on Britney and steps back allowing the teen idol to slump to the ground. Shania shouts "If you're smart girlie after this match, you make me your new idol, instead of a worn out slut!"

Britney took advantage of Shania's ranting by lounging out and tackles the brunette at her knees. Britney flings the country idol to the ground, and crawls on top of her and encircles the singer with her arms & legs like a crab. "You talk too much" mutters Britney as her fist rockets across Shania's lips and snaps her head to the side. The punch stuns Shania allowing Britney to obtain her ultimate goal, and snake her legs around Shania's mid section.

"OWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" howls Shania as Britney squeezes with all her might with her legs. Britney hands sink into Shania's hair, and the blonde starts to bounce the champion's head off the dirt ground of the barn. Britney's legs prove to be a potent weapon, as they crush Shania's ribs, and barely allow the brunette to breath. Shania soon becomes very dizzy between the lack of oxygen and Britney wringing her head back and forth against the ground. Britney stops bouncing Shania's head, and observes her foe with agony etched on her face, just trying to draw a breath whenever she could.

"Can't..... breath..... crushing... my... ribs...." Shania stammers as she her struggles for freedom cease and she just lies there twitching and yelping every time Britney tightens her squeeze around her body. Britney realizes her rival is almost finished, but wisely pours on the pressure with her legs as Shania's face first turns red, but gives into a very unhealthy pale color. Britney reaches out and places her forearm across Shania's throat and chokes the gagging, gurgling diva. Britney constricts even tighter almost amused at Shania's weak flailings to escape.

Knowing the damage is done, Britney releases Shania and rises to her feet. Shania curls in a ball, holding her slender waist, and moaning in pain, trying to fight back her tears. Britney reaches down and grabs a handful of hair, and snatches her older rival to her feet. Shania yelps an "Owww" and gets to her feet. Britney uses the handful of hair to lead the beautiful singer to the barn door where she throws Shania into the door. Shania leads with her face as she crashes into the door knocking it open and tumbles into the barnyard. Britney follows her rival, and again uses her hair to pulls the brunette to her feet. Britney ushers Shania over to a pig feeding trough full of slop, and flings the country star into it. Shania lands in the slop with a splash and quickly lifts her head up out of the foul smelling slop. Britney grabs her head and pushes it back beneath the surface of the slop and holds it there.

Shania uselessly kicks her legs and arms, trying desperately to fight her way out of the slop, but is far too weak now to have a hope of escaping. Britney holds her beneath the surface of the slop until Shania quits fighting and Britney figures she has damn near drowned her rival in the slop. Mercifully Britney pulls Shania's head up and pulls her out of the trough and dumps her on the ground. Covered from head to toe in slop and completely humbled at this point, the country singer simply lies on the ground moaning from the punishment she has taken.

Being true to her promise to 'give Shania a serious ass kicking', Britney reaches down and tugs on Shania's t-shirt. The slop soaked shirt easily spits open and is removed from its owner. Britney next walks around and unbuttons Shania's Daisy Duke shorts and pulls them off. The defeated Shania offered no resistance to Britney stripping her naked, choosing only lying on the ground sobbing. Now with Shania completely naked except for the slop that covered most of her body, Britney reaches down and clutches Shania's boobs. Britney uses the tits as two giant handles to pull the sobbing woman to her feet. Once Shania reached her feet, Britney carefully measured her and blasted the beauty with a punch to her lovely face. The force of the punch sent Shania flying backwards until she flipped over the short fence and into the pig pen.

Shania cries become louder as she wallows in the muddy pen. Britney enters the pen and stalks Shania who is crawling on her hands & knees trying to escape her tormentor. After allowing Shania to crawl a few feet, Britney leaps on her back and pins Shania face down in the mud. Britney wrenches Shania's arm behind her in a hammerlock, and pushes her face in the mud with her other hand. Poor Shania is screaming & sobbing, trying to keep the mud out of her mouth to keep from choking herself, and gasp a breath of air whenever possible.

"So I think you owe Madonna an apology" Britney asks the suffering beauty.

"I'm sorry Madonna!" yells Shania, "I take back everything I said about you, just let me go Britney"

"Oh, but wait, I thought you were going to tan my young hide" Britney hisses, "Are you still going to tan my hide?"

"No… you win" says the loudly sobbing Shania, "You're not a girl you're a woman....... 100% woman." pleads Shania.

Britney finally releases Shania and stands over the loudly crying defeated woman and claims her victory and championship. "I did it all for you Madonna!" Britney says into the camera focused on the triumphant new champion.

Britney dances away with another victory and championship reign

While Madonna gives her inspiration for victory

No Pig Slop Can hide Shania's Beauty


* Britney pounds Shania & the Divas
** Shania pops Madonna