Jennifer Lopez (52%) blast Madonna (48%) Madonna sits in the dressing room, before the match with her legs crossed, smoking a cigarette. She quietly strategize her upcoming match with Jennifer Lopez, and comes to the obvious conclusion that just after having a baby, she is in no physical condition for the battle. Not wanting to suffer a painful & embarrassing defeat at the sexy latina's hands, she tries to think of a way to defeat Lopez and advance to the Song Bird title match. She suddenly realized that she was the Queen of Hard Core till Salma Hayek took her title. * Maybe a "no rules" match would even the odds a bit.

With this in mind, Madonna got out her seat, and placed her white cowboy hat on her head. She was dressed similarly to her current "Music" video with a white vinyl vest and matching pants. Madonna went to Jennifer's dressing room door, and politely knocked. Jennifer answered the door, dressed in a bath robe with a equally polite, "Yeess.." When Jennifer opened the door, Madonna sent a rocketing right fist into her nose. Jennifer yelped and staggered backwards in shock & pain. The former Hard Core Legend followed her prey, kicking Jennifer's tight belly, doubling her over, before dropping her to one knee with another right crashing down on her temple.

"Come on Bitch!" Madonna spat, "It's my rules tonight" and kicked her victim in the tit, knocking her to the cold floor. Madonna hoped the surprise and vicious nature of a hard core fight would deliver a quick ending to Jennifer. The blonde knew she did not have the stamina for a long fight. The pregnancy robbed her of any chance to train for this fight. But this is for the Songbird Title. Plus, Jennifer is on a losing streak and might be an easy victim for once. Madonna puts her hand on Jennifer's collar bone to hold her in place, and batters her face with her fist.

Madonna appears to on her way to a quick victory when Jennifer's fist rockets up into her chin. Madonna is stunned for a second as Jennifer sits up and retaliates with two-fisted combinations. Madonna's head is being knocked about her shoulders, but she has the presence to lounge forward and clasp her hands around Jennifer's neck. Jennifer gasps and returns the favor by choking Madonna. Both women squeeze as hard as possible. Madonna's arms that once rippled with muscle, but now shiver like jello, after months of inactivity from the pregnancy, strain for every ounce of strength they can muster. Jennifer's strong taunt body strains as well. With both ladies feeling they are about to choke the life out of each other, they break apart, gasping for air.

As if by mutual consent, each take a moment to recuperate from their short, but intense battle so far. Both are slowly struggling to their feet, when Jennifer notices Madonna having a hard time catching her breath, she realizes now is her opportunity. Jennifer hits the blonde with a right cross. Madonna tried to avoid the blow, but her reaction time was too slow. Madonna's head snapped back for an instant, and Jennifer grips Madonna's face like she is palming a basketball, and pushes her backwards, till she rams the back of her head into the wall. Madonna winces in pain as her teeth stop rattling, but Jennifer does not give her a moment's relief. Jennifer knew just how to finish off the tiring tigress.

Jennifer's fist found Madonna's soft belly over & over again. Her piston punches buried her fist into Madonna's soft stomach, as the blonde's arms dangled by her side. Madonna's vision got fuzzy, and she felt like vomiting when Jennifer paused for a second. The blonde stooped over struggling to remain standing. Jennifer ripped open the blonde's white vest, sending buttons rocketing in every direction. The latina pulled the garment off over Madonna's head and started back at her body assault. Sounds of flesh on flesh now resounded around the dressing room, as Madonna pitifully tried to protect her body. Finally, after barely being able to take a breath from the vicious assault, Madonna slinks down the wall to her ass, defeated & unconscious.

Jennifer, who had lost her robe during the fight was in bra & thong panties, admired her handy work. Just for spite Jennifer turned around and grinded her big sexy ass in the seated woman's face. She delighted in giving her helpless rival a "stink face" for a while, before grabbing Madonna's ankles and dragging the unconscious woman out into the hall. Jennifer sat Madonna up against the wall, and place her white cowboy hat on the sleeping woman's head, so that it covered her face. Jennifer smiled and returned to her dressing room, leaving the topless blonde to her slumber.

* Madonna vs Salma

Jennifer Lopez & Madonna

Battle of Pop Icons