Battling For the Extreme Title

Salma Hayek and Madonna had fought only once, and the darker woman had been the victor, which she had not stopped crowing about, no matter any of her following results. Madonna was after all, the Material Girl, pop icon of the 80' and 90's, and probably well into the 21st Century. Despite being 41 she was fit, worked out everyday and had a mean reputation as a catfighter who would use every dirty trick in the book to ensure that she won. Losing to an upstart like Salma who had been on the scene precisely 5 minutes badly rankled her.

An opportunity to renew the rivalry presented themselves when Salma's film, "Wild, Wild West", received bad reviews and did poorly at the box office. Madonna had commented publicly that Salma should stop acting and leave it to the professionals. Salma went straight into an interview chair and stated on prime time TV that, diplomatically speaking, "Madonna can go piss up a rope. Madonna's acting career could hardly be described as being illustrious and she should stick to her singing, topless photo-shoots and looking after Lourdes." The following day Salma received a fax from Madonna saying that she could either put up or shut up, and if she wanted to continue the discussion personally she could visit at 7pm that night so that they could settle it as women. It took Salma less than two minutes to send a response to the effect that she would be visiting tonight.

Salma was late because the LA traffic was so awful and by the time that she was facing her opponent, the hot weather and frustration made her perspire. Madonna had emptied a room of her LA mansion, and was sat on the floor waiting for Salma. When she appeared, she too had started to sweat in the hot weather and tension, and stood up and walked to the centre of the room. Salma, her hair worn long cascaded down her back, was wearing black leather knee boots, knee length white lacy leggings through which black panties were visible, black strapless wonderbra which excentuated her cleavage and on each hand were white lacy finger-less gloves. Madonna was wearing a see thro black t-shirt which showed off her breasts which were unprotected by a bra, grey knee length sports leggings, black ankle trainer boots and around each wrist there was a red sweat-band. They eyed each other with a level contempt.

"So Salma, I see that you found the courage to turn up. You're so late I thought that you had turned chicken."

"I wouldn't have missed whipping your arse again old woman. Are we going to fight like this or do you want me to strip down to your level?"

"What's the point of changing?" said Madonna who started to advance with her arms outstretched. Salma advanced in a similar posture and the two women locked fingers in a test of strength. They flexed muscles and staggered around like dancers trying to gain an advantage, slowly drawing closer to one another. But the closer that they got, the more that Madonna's arm strength began to tell. Salma tried to break contact to launch a different attack, but as she did so, Madonna was able to grab a fistful of raven black hair and yanked the latin woman forward so that their hot bodies came into contact. Salma plunged both her hands into Madonna's blonde lock, and an intense hair pulling struggle started. As the women's legs jostled to offer some advantage, they inevitably became entwined and they fell sideways, breaking their hair hold as they landed.

Madonna recovered her senses first and aimed a flurry of fists into Salma's bare stomach, causing her to grunt in pain. Salma retaliated by regripping Madonna's hair which was draped over her face and then swinging her upper leg at her enemy, her booted foot hit Madonna's upper thigh and slid upwards into her crotch. Madonna squealed in pain and rolled over allowing the Mexican woman to scramble over and sit astride her. Once she was positioned on Madonna's waist, Salma thrust her hands downwards an took a grasp of Madonna's breasts, which might as well have been unprotected behind the see-thro t shirt. As the claws dug into the soft vulnerable flesh, Madonna arched her back in pain, and reached up to slap Salma round the face with the flat of her hand, "Get off my tits you little whore!" she cried, but to no avail.

Madonna squirmed on the floor trying to free herself, but the more she tried to end the pain burning across her chest, the worse it grew. She tried to pull Salma's head down by the hair which caused her to yelp in pain, but not release her grip. Finally she drove a fist into Salma's stomach, before aiming for the crotch, catching the darker woman totally by surprise. Salma felt as if she was about to throw up as the fist hit her stomach and she released her grip and wrapped her arms around herself. Madonna paused for a moment to stroke her damaged breasts, before reaching up, grabbing Salma's long hair and pulling her off to one side. Unencumbered by her opponent being sat astride her, Madonna was able to twist slightly and swing one of her own booted feet into the latins now exposed crotch. Because of her position she wasn't able to generate the normal level of force, but it was still enough to cause Salma to scream in pain.

Madonna raised herself up on to her arms, smiling in satisfaction at the sight of the squirming and squealing Salma. She swung herself onto her hands and knees and crawled towards her opponent. Despite the pain, Salma was aware of the danger she was in, and at the last moment rolled out of the way, trying to put some space between them. Madonna didn't rush to catch up as she was confident that it was now just a matter of time. Very weakly, Salma was able to raise herself onto her knees and face the older woman who was crawling towards her as if on a photoshoot.

Madonna threw herself forwards and wrapped her arms around Salma's waist driving her backwards. Despite pounding Madonna's back with her fists, Salma couldn't stop herself falling backwards with her opponents face buried in her stomach. But once on her back Salma was able to free her legs , and with Madonna squarely in the middle started to squeeze by trying to wrap her ankles. The turn of events surprised Madonna who having been in charge and on the attack was now trapped. She tried to raise herself onto her knees, but Salma took a firm grip of her opponents hair, "Don't struggle Mads, I like you the way that I have got you."

Despite the crushing pressure of Salma's thighs Madonna had managed to rise herself up slightly, and was able to sink her claws into the darker woman's arse. The skimpy lace material of her leggings offered no protection against Madonna's experienced fingers and soon started to give way. Salma screamed and arched her back in pain as white fingers sneaked under black underwear and into tanned skin.

"Well Salma it seems that you've put some weight on your butt, maybe you should consider working out more!"

Salma unhooked her ankles which allowed her backside to fall to the floor from the effects of gravity, briefly trapping Madonna's hands. The Material Girl's relief from being squeezed was only temporary when she felt hands grab hold of her hair and yank her forward. Her face landed in Salma's cleavage, and her nose was assailed by their sweaty smell, before being dragged back again. Madonna tried to sink her teeth into the luscious brown orbs in front of her, but Salma was having none of that. Salma maintained a firm grip of her blonde hair and keeping the snapping teeth away. Madonna raked her nails down the bare midriff, breaking the skin and causing nasty red marks to appear. Salma squealed but did not release her painful hold. Unable to reach Salma's lustrous long black hair, Madonna used her hands to start ripping aside the front of the white leggings intent on assaulting Salma's womanhood.

Desperately Salma put her strength into rolling the pair over so that she was on top and driving her crotch into Madonna's stomach for safety. Now pinned to the floor and unable to attack Salma's pussy, Madonna again raked her nails down the exposed skin of her back, causing her to let go of her hair and her head to fall to the floor. Effectively sitting astride of her opponent, Salma lent back and with her left hand slapped Madonna across the face with a resounding whack. This blow brought Madonna back to her senses, and her hands shot upwards and started to claw and pinch at Salma's breasts. The Mexican woman screamed as the pain burnt across her chest and picked Madonna up by the collar of her t-shirt which was not designed to withstand such use and gave way, exposing Madonna's breasts and dropping her head back to the floor. Slightly stunned Madonna momentarily ceased her attacks on Salma's breasts. Recovering from her own pain Salma lent backwards slightly and reached down with her hands and took a grip of Madonna's breasts. First of all stroking the nipples with the lace of her finger-less gloves, before cruelly pinching and twisting them. Madonna screamed "You dirty stinking bitch!", and rising up took hold of the hair either side of Salma's head and dragged her down. The two women started to roll back and forth across the floor, pulling at hair, engaging in sly body punches, swift pinches to the breast and raking nails over battered and bruised skin. Their legs thrashed around trying to force an advantage, Madonna's white skin pressed against Salma's olive tanned skin, blonde hair against raven black. First one on top then the other, neither able to gain an advantage. But as it progressed Salma realised that she needed to break free of the clinch as the match was being fought as a bar-room brawl which suited Madonna more than her. The next time she was on top Salma broke free of the hair pulling , losing a clump of hair in the process and rolled free and slowly got to her feet.

Opposite her Madonna had done the same, and discarded the remnants of her t-shirt and was now topless. Hher body was marked and bruised drenched in sweat. "Fighting dirty down on the floor beneath you is it? Probably think yourself a lady don't you?!" Madonna taunted. Salma looked down at herself and whilst her top was still intact, her body to was bruised and marked, and her leggings were full of holes through which her black panties were clearly visible.

"When you come to the house of a whore to fight, then you should expect to fight in the gutter with her!" She retorted.

Enraged at being called a whore in her own house by a Mexican upstart bitch, Madonna charged forward intent on teaching Salma some respect. They threw themselves at one another slapping, clawing and stretching to grab hold of hair. But despite their weariness from fighting in the heat, they were sufficiently agile to just dodge out of the way. They each landed some glancing blows on the other and swift tugs of hair, but nothing decisive. Madonna attempted to grab Salma around the neck and pull her close, but the darker woman was able to duck and slip way, continuing their dancing manoeuvres. The fight was taken to the floor by Madonna's aggressiveness and desire to hurt Salma. Rather than let the dark skinned woman dodge another neck lock, Madonna thrust herself forward and onto her opponent. For one moment their nipples touched, before Salma lashed out with her booted left foot, catching Madonna in the shins. The Material Girl collapsed the floor, clutching her shin letting forth a stream of expletives and rolled around on her back. Salma grabbed Madonna's ankles and forced them apart, and started to walk backwards, dragging Madonna across the floor. Madonna was forced to let go of her painful shin and tried to buck and squirm herself free of Salma's grip. There was nothing that she could grab onto, to prevent being dragged around like a rag doll, her back starting to be marked with carpet burns.

Boring of this and realising that it brought her no closer to the victory that she lusted after, she twisted her opponents legs over, forcing her onto her front. She then leapt forward and landed astride Madonna's butt forcing her hands into her shoulder blades, driving her breasts into the carpet. Madonna's scream of pain was cut off, when her head was yanked backwards by the roots of hair, stretching her neck. She tried to raise herself up onto her elbows to bring relief to her reddening breasts, but Salma drove a fist into her right armpit, and again she slumped into the carpet. Salma dismounted her moaning opponent and rolled her over onto her back again, before repositioning herself in a reverse face sit position.

A sudden panic overwhelmed Madonna as she realised that she was staring defeat, and Salma's panties in the face. But this was as nothing when she felt Salma's hands tearing at the thin cotton material of her leggings. In desperation Madonna started to scratch the skin of Salma's imposing butt, but it did nothing to halt the assault on her crotch. Despite knowing what was about to happen and steeling herself, the shock of her white knickers being thrust aside and the dark fingers began to pull on the short blond pubic hair, wrenched a piercing scream from Madonna's mouth as she arched her back in agony. Salma was enjoying plucking the hair of Madonna's pussy, which had so often been used to humiliate other women. Ignoring the burning sensation in her arse from Madonna's claws, and Salma's fingers continued to advance towards her opponents engorged lips. "Sure you don't want to surrender back there bitch, say it now or you are really going to start hurting!"

But before she could insert fingers into Madonna's womanhood a new and more intense sensation began to overwhelm Salma. Then it struck her, Madonna had sunk her teeth into her butt. Her already jaded nerves flashed the message of pain into her brain and she leapt forward to escape the pain, all thoughts of wrecking her opponents pussy pushed to side. Madonna released her grip on Salma's butt, and spat the taste of sweaty butt flesh out of her mouth. On one side of Salma's butt, the teeth marks were still prominent on the brown flesh. Salma scrambled forward a little way, before her own pussy came under assault. Bent on revenge, her hatred for the dark skinned woman being fuelled by the burning sensation the overwhelmed her own pussy, Madonna raised her self up and thrust a hand into the hairy minge in front of her. Now it was the turn of white fingers to tear and probe at dark minge hair. When Salma tried to struggle to free herself from this burning sensation, Madonna clamped her booted fingers on either side of her neck. She was trapped!

With avengence Madonna assaulted Salma's pussy, ignoring the pitiful wails emanating from the direction of her feet and the latin woman's thrashings. It was when she started to hook fingers inside the wailing started to die down, to be replaced by whimpers and moans. "Like this do you latin bitch? I bet that you're more used to this treatment than having a real man. When I've finished with you, your cunt is going to be bald but you'll feel better about yourself."

Salma felt herself close to passing out, the waves of pain and pleasure that swept her body were pushing her closer to just giving up. But the smell of Madonna's boots and the humiliation of her position, but most of all, the determination to free her womanhood from her enemies fingers kept her going. She brought forward her left knee and then kicked backwards, connecting with something solid and bringing a scream from Madonna. The burning pain in her minge suddenly stopped and she lashed out again, once more connecting and this time the grip on her neck was broken and she was able to scramble forward free of her opponent. Madonna had been knocked backwards by the two blows, the first had landed under her chin, and although with nothing like the full force that could have been generated, it hurt like hell. The second kick had split her lip and scraped against her nose, causing a thin trickle of blood to appear. Both women were exhausted and battered, and it took a few moments before they raised themselves onto their knees ready to resume their bitter fight. Neither was in any condition to be seen in public, their previously immaculate bodies bruised and marked. Hair was matted to their skin.

They both realised that there was no longer any place for subtle skills or well practised moves and threw themselves at each other like teenagers fighting over a first boyfriend. Madonna tore aside Salma's bra and dug her fingers into the so far untouched brown skin of her breasts. Salma plunged her hands into Madonnas long blonde hair. They swayed back and forth, locked in combat for a few moments, before falling to the floor and starting to roll back and forth. Both were fearful of taking any more damage to their pussys, and they were locked together, their legs entwined to prevent a knee being forced upwards. Hands were interchangeably gripping breasts, pulling hair and scratching skin. After several minutes intense struggle, Salma was on top and spread her legs to prevent Madonna from rolling her over again. They lay there for a few moments before Salma raised her backside and then dropped it, driving her dark minge into Madonna's blonde minges. As their battered womanhoods clashed, Madonna let out a fading and strangled squeal, but made no effort to resist the onslaught. Salma raised herself and repeated the attack.

"Admit it Madonna...."
She drove her pussy downwards, and then raised it again.
" cunt is better than yours...."
And again
"....and I'm the better woman!"

And again, but there was no reaction from Madonna, except a low and pitiful moan. Salma raised herself up and sat astride her beaten foe, and took stock of her position. She had won this hard-core fight, and examined the price for the victory, her body was marked and bruised, and her pussy needed time to recover before she defended her newly won crown. She very slowly got up and lent against the wall for a few moments to recover her breath and strength. Madonna very slowly raised herself to her hands and knees, she felt like shit, and no longer had any idea as to whether Salma had left or not. Salma , walked over and planted a booted foot into Madonna's stomach, almost lifting her from the floor, before she collapsed again on the floor, no moving and not making a sound. Salma walked out of the room, the new hard-core champion, to find something to wear as she drove home.

Salma is once again a CHAMPION! While........

Madonna goes down swinging

Mr. Skin