Salma Hayek (71%) Dominates Pam Anderson (29%)
“Salma, this is an unusual situation”, begins backstage interviewer Downtown Julie Brown, “You, the Extreme Champion challenged a contender Pam Anderson to a match. Why?”

“Because before entering this league, The Battle Zone, Pam kicked my ass more times than I can remember in various other leagues.” Salma replied. “She kicked my ass till I begged for mercy, then kicked it some more.” “Well, tonight I’m going to pay her back with interest.” Salma holds a broom above her head. “Tonight we’re playing a new game called ‘A Witch on a Stick’ cause I’m going to take this broom and shove it up her ass!”

“Big talk from our champion,” Julie says as Salma starts to the ring, “But I imagine Pam has a few different thoughts” continues Julie as Pam approaches. “Any comments about Salma before this match?” asks the British beauty.

Pam responds in her typical scatter brain fashion, “Oh Pooh, I don’t know why Salma is so uptight, she must have too much caffeine or something. Just let bygone by bygones, y’know what I mean.” Pam maintains her famous fem fatale personality, and maintains her dumb blonde fasciae. However she knows Salma means business and underneath the fast talking, air brain image she maintains, is a championship catfighter, who knows she’s going into the ring with a Raging Spitfire who is thirsty for vengence.

Salma waits for Pam in the ring wearing a flowered colored bikini and a scowl on her face. She has her hands firmly planted on her hips, waiting for the moment to strike. Pam bounces to the ring, wearing a pink full length jump suit. She slips through the ropes and playfully bounces on her toes with her fist balled up, and a big smile while rotating her fist, playfully mocking a boxing stance. Salma maintains her position in the center of the ring with her hands on her hips completely unamused by Pam’s mock boxing routine. Salma’s foot suddenly strikes out at the blonde connecting to Pam’s pussy. All the fun is gone as Pam quits playing and covers her hurting groin. Salma brings the broom handle down across Pam’s head a split second later, and the blonde drops to her knees seeing stars. Pam fights through the fog in her mind to look up and see Salma swinging the broom handle like a base ballbat towards her face. Unfortunately she can not move in time and the broom slams into her unprotected face. HOME RUN! Salma does not give her opponent a moment to recover, seeing Pam lying on the mat coving her face and rolling in pain, Salma drops the broom for a moment to grab Pam’s ankles, and spread her legs a part to drop all her weight behind a knee to the sex organ. Pam screeches, again and places one hand between her legs on her aching pussy, while the other covers her throbbing face.

To Salma’s delight, Pam was hurting and the Mexican had every intention to make her demise even more excruciatingly painful. “I’m going to make you squeal like a pig, Bitch” Salma yelled as Pam rose to her hands & knees and tried to scamper away. Salma was not about to let her quarry escape, and captures Pam by her blonde flowing locks, and pulls her to her feet. Salma directs her to a near by corner of the ring and uses Pam’s hair as a handle to slam her face into the turnbuckle countless times. “I’m goin to make you beg for mercy!” Salma yelled before finally releasing Pam, allowing her to fall to the mat. Pam looked up with a distant look in her eyes, before shaking her head, and brings a few of her senses back.

Pam looks at Salma in amazement. They had fought many times before, but never has Salma been this focused & brutal. “Beg for mercy Bitch, Beg!” screamed an irate Salma. Pam vowed to herself, that she would not give the brunette the satisfaction of hearing her beg tonight.

Before Pam could regain any composure Salma was back on the attack. She hoist Pam in the air and drops her throat first across the top rope. Pam was gagging, on her knees and still leaning with tits against the ropes and her back to Salma, when Salma retrieved the broom and cracked her across the back several times. Pam slumped helplessly to the floor. This did not resemble a wrestling match at all, but a one-sided thrashing. Salma sat down on Pam’s back and grasped her under her chin and pulled back harshly. Pam, although slender, was a lot taller than Salma but was too spent to buck her opponent off of her. Salma once again grabbed the broom handle and placed it against Pam throat and pulled back even harder. The captured blonde could only gag, kick her legs, and renew her vow not to be reduced to pitifully pleading for mercy. “Remember that match a couple of years ago when you tied me up and belly punched me?” “It’s payback time Bitch!” Salma muttered.

When Salma finally released Pam and got up off her, the blonde could only lie face down and gasp for air. Salma loomed over her admiring her handy work. Salma then pulled Pam to her feet, and whipped her into the ropes. Pam was greeted with a dropkick on the rebound. Pam fell back to the mat, looking up at the ceiling hoping this torment would soon end. Salma used this opportunity to unzip Pam’s tight pink jumpsuit that hugged her curves. The Mexican peeled the suit off Pam and removed her panties as well, leaving her nude body rocking back and forth, still trying to deal with the punishment she has received. The whole time Salma stripped Pam, she reminded her of many encounters in the past, where Pam punished Salma unnecessarily into oblivion. It took mear seconds for Salma to remove first Pam’s jumpsuit, then her lacey undergarments, leaving her in a position millions of men have dreamed about, flat on her back & nude. Salma took a moment to revel in her dominance, placing her hands on her hips, and surveying the conquered blonde. Salma kicked Pam in her side, causing her to grunt and roll a couple of feet. Salma repeated kicking her till Pam was rolled across the ring and under the bottom rope to the ring apron.

Salma reached down and grabbed a handful of blonde hair to pull her victim to her knees. She pull Pam’s upper body through the ropes, while the rest of her stayed outside on the apron. The brunette pulled Pam’s arms up behind her, causing the Baywatch beauty to bend over to a 90 degree angle. Salma used Pam’s panties to tie her wrist together to the top rope, trapping the blonde on her knees, while she was bent at the waist till her free swaying tits’ nipples pointed directly down to the mat. Salma dropped to her knees to be face-to-face with Pam. “You know you look just like a cow with those big sacks of silicon sagging under you like that” Salma purred, “Someone ought to milk those puppies.” Salma slowly licked her lips then fired a punch to Pam’s swaying tits. Pam’s tender melons jumped as if an electric current was running through them. Again and again Salma punched away at Pam’s swinging tits. Hanging down, away from her body like they were, Pam’s boobs looked like two big speed bags, and Salma was a championship boxer, making them dance to the rhythm of her fist. The torturous punching continued for several minutes, while Pam helplessly grunted, moaned, sobbed and yelled at times, but received no relief from her torment. Many black & blue bruises were raised before Salma finally decided to stop her torture, and untie the blubbering, crying blonde. Pam clutched her chest, holding her tortured boobs in agony, but maintained her vow to not plead for mercy. She may lose the fight, but she was determined to never give Salma the satisfaction of hearing her beg.

Salma used Pam’s hair to pull her through the ropes. Pam helplessly crawled behind Salma on her hands & knees while the latina lead her to the center of the ring. Salma slung Pam face down on the mat, and planted a foot on the small of her back to keep her in place. Salma retrieved the broom and used the end of the handle to probe between Pam’s ass cheeks. She stopped once she located Pam’s ass hole, and plunged the broom into the small opening. Pam screamed at the top of her lungs, and Salma pushed again, driving the handle deeper inside. All Pam’s resolve shattered, and she began pleading & begging for Salma to stop. Pam pitifully cried out her submission, and begged for mercy, But Salma only shoved the handle in deeper with an huge evil smile on her face.

Salma knew this was a mortifying way to defeat Pam. Insiders reported Pam’s embarrassment when she lost her cock fight to Carmen Electra*. She felt being fucked to an orgasm in the middle of the ring was the most embarrassing moment of her life. It drove a huge wedge between her and former friend Carmen that remains today. Salma revels knowing she has given Pam her new most embarrassing moment.

Salma heard the patter of feet rushing up behind her. She did not know who was coming, but figured, it would not be a good idea to wait to find out. Salma ripped the broom out of Pam’s ass causing the blonde to again scream at the top of her lungs, and swung the broom around as the feet got closer. Salma hit her charging target, nailing her attacker in the pit of her stomach, doubling her over. Salma sent the broom handle crashing down across the back of the attackers head, sending her tumbling face forward to the mat. Salma still had not gotten a chance to see this female attacker’s face, and determine her identity, but she was going to make her pay for her interference.

Salma approached the face down woman from behind and reached over her head till she placed the broom handle across her throat. Salma used the broom to pull the woman to her feet, stood beside her, snaked her leg around the ladies near leg and fell backwards with a Russian Leg Sweep. The back of the woman’s head was driven to the mat, the broom added extra pain across her throat. Salma rose to her feet and finally was able to see the woman’s face. It was Pam’s newly found friend, rapper Lil’ Kim. Kim & Pam met while Kim recorded a rap for Pam’s hubby Tommy Lee’s new album. The two hit it off immediately and have been fast friends ever since. Kim recently recorded a guess spot on Pam’s show VIP, and plans to have maybe turn it into a recurring role. Kim knew Pam did not want any help tonight, but could not sit idley by while her friend was being unmercifully tortured.

Salma plans to make Kim regret her interfering with her fun. She whipped the petite rapper into the ropes and charged & clotheslined Kim with the broom on the return. Kim’s body flipped a full 360 degrees in the air from the force of the blow and landed face down on the mat. Kim tried to rise, probably by instinct more than anything else, but Salma slammed the broom down again, flattening the blonde beauty. Kim was all but out, but Salma was delighted that she had found yet another way to get at Pam. Pam was distraught at seeing her friend being beaten on her account. Pam hysterically screamed & pleaded at Salma, “Please leave her alone, this between you & me... don’t hurt her!” Pam was too injured from having a broom stick rammed up her ass to prevent Salma’s attack. Salma delighted at hearing Pam hysterical pleads on behalf of her friend.

Salma stripped Kim of the black leather bra & mini skirt and panties she was wearing. Now with Kim completely naked, she used a handful of hair to pull the groggy beauty to her feet. She walked Kim towards Pam and pulled her to her feet too by her golden hair. Salma slammed the two beauties heads together again & gain, until her firm grasp was all that prevented the two friends from sinking to the mat. Salma slung them into the ropes one more time, and met them again with the broom handle simultaneously clotheslining the two across their throats, and knocking their on their backs. Salma looked down at her two vanquished foes lying naked & beaten at her feet. She smiled realizing she had delivered them a frightful beating neither of them would soon forget.

Salma goes to the timekeepers table and gets a large red permanent marker. She bends over and writes “LOSER” across Pam’s forehead. Then she writes “LIL’ LOSER” on Kim’s forehead. In fact Kim’s critics have been criticizing her for Kim’s desire to look like her new friend and admitted role model Pamela Anderson Lee. Some people have been saying by her dawning platinum blonde hair, blue eye contacts, and a breast enlargement, Kim was more of a Lil’ Pam now than a Lil’ Kim in their opinion.

Salma surveyed the two pain stricken, naked bodies lying before her. They were completely helpless & defeated, only offering an occasional cough or gag as a result of the broom handle. She was satisfied with the beating she had delivered, but needed a little icing on the cake. Salma untied her bikini top, and allowed it to fall to the mat. She reached down and pulled the nearly limp bodies to their knees. She placed their faces against her boobs and said “Lick!” The two woman began softy licking Salma’s breast & nipples like two whipped puppies. Even Salma was surprised by their submissiveness to her commands. Salma enjoyed the pleasure of their tongues flicking her nipples for a few minutes, before releasing the beauties, allowing them to fall back to the mat.

Salma quietly left the ring, mentally congratulating herself on trouncing her opponents, and breaking their will. She figured she would never have to worry about Pam or Kim opposing her ever again. Pam, wrecked with pain shot Kim a glance. Kim returned the glance. At that moment Kim & Pam made a silent pact of revenge. Maybe Salma’s victory was not as absolute as she thought.

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The Queen of Hardcore, Salma Hayek is all smiles after her bout!

Pam Anderson and Lil' Kim vow to erase that smile
The Blonde Baywatch Bombshell & The Queen B@#$h will have the last laugh