Christina Applegate (61%) rolls over Shania Twain (39%) Christina was livid as she responded to a challenge made to her by Shania. “You dare to call me a dog, DOG! ME? CHRISTINA “THE TRUE CRIPPLER” APPLEGATE!! Let me tell you something! I’ve heard that up in Canada they have to chain their dogs so they don’t run away. Something tells me you’re going to run away once you see the ring and me in it waiting for you. And you thought what I did to Cat Jones was bad? Huh, wait till you see what I have in store for you! * They don’t call me “The True Crippler” for nothing. So Canadian Dog, I stipulate that we have a dog collar match. I’m gonna pin your sorry mangled body or worse.

The night of the match was here. Shania entered the arena to mostly cheers and seemed confident but you could tell there was an underlying anxiety to her accepting a dog collar match. Shania’s shiny black hair glistened under the lights as she jumped over the ropes. Undoing her black sequined robe she revealed a two piece black vinyl suit with shiny black wrestling boots.

The spotlight caught a focused somber Christina as she silently made her way to the ring ignoring both boos and some cheers. Christina had weathered so many brutal matches, being sidelined in her infamous battles with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, and now through being the punching bag with her newly found blood lust had become the girl you loved to hate. And hate is what showed in her blue eyes framed by her blonde hair as she tossed off her white ring jacket to show her still wearing her good girl outfit of white top, pin briefs and white boots.

The two were called center ring as officials tied a black studded collar around each with five feet of chain separating them. Neither let their eyes leave the other as they heard the last instructions. Pinfall or KO was the only way to win. The referee was there only to count them out. The bell sounded and the two immediately yanked back in a bizarre test of strength. Both looking like they were in suspended animation and neither giving a quarter they both now also grabbed the chain. Christina stamped her foot as Shania was pulling her toward her. Shania frustrated suddenly charged Christina holding a foot of the chain as she struck her across the forehead and downed her. Shania got behind Christina and rubbed what little chain she could maneuver and opened a small gash rubbing the wound with the chain. Christina couldn’t believe it as she was already dazed just seconds in the match.

Shania then rubbed the chain under her chin starting a choke and smiling as she did so. Christina knew she had to act fast and kicked her foot high and back striking Shania as she leaned in over Christina’s head. Shania was stunned as Christina flipped her over and wound the chain around Shania’s throat blatantly choking her. But Christina feeling her blood trickle down her face remembered the first blood Shania had drawn and let go letting the country singer gag and breathe heavily while suddenly feeling a fistful of chain striking her forehead and opening a gash as well. Shania impressed Christina by her strength and resiliency as she pulled herself up trying to grab Christina’s head for a neckbreaker but Christina escaped.

Now both were circling the other again. In only the first few moments both saw the other bloodied and winded. This time the test of strength saw them going in circles. Both quickly getting dizzy and knowing whoever landed first would probably be choked or punched out, Christina took the advantage of moving in with a clothesline that stunned Shania. Before Shania could even fall Christina tossed her over the top rope and held her footing as Shania dangled choking. Christina had underestimated this move as the flailing Shania caused Christina to choke, also. Christina tried to hold her ground but knew this was a mistake. Shania had grabbed hold of one of the ropes and managed to kick her feet upon the ring apron. Christina blocked her causing her to fall off but this time Christina let herself go with her landing on her on the concrete arena floor. Christina’s knees had dug into Shania’s ribs as she landed. Shania was gasping as Christina sat her up and kneeling behind her choked her till she was beet red. Christina let her go and yanking the severely weakened singer up by the hair then bodyslammed her across the announcer’s table. But unlike t.v. the table just shuddered with the weight of Shania being slammed. Christina slid her off and tried again this time cracking the table. Frustrated she slammed her again this time breaking the table and maybe Shania’s back as papers flew and the ring bell landed on Shania.

Shania flailing her legs was a relief to her fans but everyone knew that the match was all but over for her. But not for Christina, yet. Christina “The True Crippler” was going to live up to her name and add another name to her injured list. Grabbing a folding chair she positioned Shania’s right arm between it and came down with leg drop followed by a knee drop. Shania shrieked in agony as Christina was satisfied she had broken her arm. Christina wanted the entire arena to see her win so she again dragged the dead weight of Shania across her shoulder depositing her back on the ring apron. Christina jumped back in the ring and dragged Shania using the chain and her strong neck to center ring where she again seated her and choked her out till she was limp. The ref pleaded with her to let her go as the audience went wild booing and some cheering a now sadistically smiling Christina. Christina, her blood and broken bone lust sated again now let go and simply cross body pinned Shania. The collars were taken off, Christina left the ring in a hurry for fear of a rioting crowd as a stretcher was called to carry off the injured Shania.

A True Crippler???

Shania might think Christina is the True Crippler

* Cat vs Christina III