But you have to read Catherine Zeta Jones vs Christina Applegate I and Catherine Zeta Jones vs Christina Applegate II first!

Christina Applegate (72%) paysback Catherine Zeta Jones (28%) Catherine Zeta Jones is in the ring wearing her most evil scowl. The tension for this match was enormous. After the first two matches, this one could not help but end one way, with one defeated beauty, completely broken both figuratively and literally. Christina Applegate runs up the aisle from the dressing room. Her face shows her focus to finally avenge the two brutal beatings she received at Catherine's hands a year earlier. Christina leaps onto the ring apron. Catherine charges toward her, looking to attack the blonde as she tries to enter the ring. Seeing Catherine coming, Christina leaps off the apron before Catherine can snatch her. Christina grabs Catherine's ankles and pulls her off her feet, then under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

Once Catherine's feet touch the ground, Christina starts swinging away with blows to her foe's head. Catherine is not about to be an easy victim, and starts to fire back a few retaliatory shots of her own. Catherine punches score against Christina till the champion removed her title belt and wallops Catherine across the face with it. The brunette's knees buckle, allowing Christina to hit her again. Christina scoops up the brunette and body slams her down on the hard arena floor. The blonde then stomps her foe unmercifully.

Christina hauls Catherine to her feet and slings her into the security barrier separating the ringside are from the front row fans. As the stunned brunette sinks to the ground Christina kicks and stomps her victim till she falls to her hands & knees. Christina snatches Catherine to her feet and whips her face first into the ringpost. Once again Catherine falls to her knees. Christina viciously comes from behind and starts biting her rival on the forehead. Catherine squeals in pain from this animalistic assault.

Anna Nicole SmithChristina continues biting till she opens a gash on Catherine's forehead. Predictably the referee, ABA member Anna Nicole Smith, simply observed the foul from the ring with her arms crossed across her massive chest and does not move to call the rules infraction. Catherine surely could not count on her for any aid or sympathy.

Christina rolls the battered beauty into the ring. Catherine's sweat starts to mix with the blood flowing from the cut, and pours down her face. If it were a boxing match or if the referee gave a damn, the match would have been stopped at this time. Catherine rises to her knees and turns toward Christina. Christina sadistically digs her claws into the open wound, trying in increase the blood flow. Catherine lets out a long scream of torment. Satisfied with her opponent's distress, Christina lets Catherine go and watches as the injured woman crawls away, dripping a steady flow of blood on the mat.

Despite Christina's vicious approach to this match, the fans were firmly behind her. If any woman ever deserved to issue a brutal beating to another woman, Christina owed this to Cat the Crippler. "You're nothing but a big bully" comments Christina. "When someone stands up to you, you fold like a little baby!"

Christina advances toward her victim. She hauls the suffering woman to her feet and pushes her back into the corner. Christina mounts the second turnbuckle so she can fire punches down on her trapped enemy. She finishes off the punches by again biting the open cut on Catherine's head. Christina dismounts the turnbuckle, but keeps a tight grip around Catherine's head. Christina falls forward taking Catherine down with a DDP Diamond Cutter maneuver.

Catherine lie face down splattered across the mat, moaning in pain. Christina exits the ring, and returns with a metal folding chair. The blonde patiently waits for her quarry to struggle to her knees, and then wallops the beauty over the head with the chair. The brunette sinks lifelessly back to the canvas. Christina picks her chair up and climbs to the top rope. Christina leaps off the ropes with the chair leading the way. She lands on the brunette's chest with the chair finishing off the Welsh Witch, Catherine Zeta Jones.

Catherine lies on the mat semi conscious and softly moaning in pain. Christina leaves the ring and returns with a second folding chair. The blonde opens the chair wide enough to slip Catherine's ankle in between the seat and back of the chair. She opens the other chair and slips Catherine's arm between the seat and back of it. Christina gets a running start and bounds off the ropes near Catherine and hops in the air, and lands on the legs of the chair encasing Catherine's wrist. The chair slams shut, threatening to snap Catherine's wrist. Christina hops off the chair legs, and lands on the legs of the chair around Catherine's ankle. Catherine's other limb is snared between the legs & back and those bones too are stressed to the breaking point.

Christina hears Catherine's loud shrill of agony, followed by uncontrollable crying. Christine never turns back around to see if she did indeed break Catherine's limbs. She was however satisfied with herself for the beating she did inflict. Anna rushes to Christina and raises her arm in victory, knowing she would get no argument from the nearly crippled woman flopping on the mat. Christina leaves the ring, never looking back at the condition of Catherine.

After the show, Christina and the rest of the ABA were about to leave the arena for yet another wild victory party. On the way to their limo, they saw Michael Douglass wheel his beloved wife out of her dressing room in a wheel chair with her wrist and ankle heavily bandaged and a large gauze taped to her forehead. Christina was delighted at this site. "Pathetic!" Christina says loudly as she and the rest of her crew approach the couple. "I can't believe you wanted this pathetic creature in the ABA!" Christina says to her heckling cronies.

"Did I break it?" asks the reigning War Queen.

"No thankfully she only has a fractured wrist and a severely sprained ankle" replied a relieved Mike.

"I guess I have to try harder" says Christina, as if on queue the rest of the girls of the ABA spring into action. Anna, Jenny McCarthy, Alyssa Milano, Nikki Cox and newest member Jeri Ryan all pile on Michael, knocking him to the ground. Christina takes Catherine's chair and wheels the squealing beauty away. Christina dumps Catherine out of her chair in front of an open door. Christina pulls Catherine's injured leg into the doorway and slams it shut on the injured leg. Catherine screams with renewed agony. Christina pulls the helpless beauty into the room and closes the door behind her. It took several minutes for Michael to fight off the five ABA girls and rush to the room to rescue his wife. Once he did escape the villainous quintet and rush to the door, her found his beloved spouse topless, and unconscious face down on the ground. The letters ABA was spray painted across her back.

The Champion shows her might!!

Have we seen the last of Cat The Crippler?