You Need to Read Mero vs Carey before you go any further
Carmen Electra (51%) Dethrones Britney Spears (49%) Carmen enters the ring first and waits for the new champ to arrive. Britney who has made quite a few enemies recently finally enters with her new entourage, ECW valet, Tammy Lynn Sytch, and MTV VJ Ananda Lewis. But to Carmen’s dismay, Britney’s “Brat Pack” has picked up a new member, fellow teen idol, Cristina Aguilera. Carmen paced nerviously, as Britney stretched in her corner. She knew winning the title would not be easy. Although Britney was not very polished, she was young, strong, and just seemed to always find a way to win. But her new friends, it made the task even tougher.

Carmen wrestled very tenatively at the start of the bout. She was still trying to convince herself that she belonged in the championship match. She went from being nicknamed “whiping girl” to respectability with a tainted win over Pam Anderson, and gained a title match by impressively thrashing Halle Berry. Britney, on the other hand, beamed with confidence, following her upset destruction of the seemingly unbeatable Catherine Zeta Jones. Besides, her collection of teen idols, and Tammy Lynn would make very cetain she would prevail. But most impotantly, Britney single handedly kicked the shit out of the three best fighters in the Battle Zone that night, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek & Zeta Jones, were all left defeated in the ring as Britney walked out with the prized title, no one could opose her.

With confidence & aggression, Britney controlled the match. She locked Carmen in one violent hold after another, but was still no closer to winning the match, than when she started. Her friends eagerly cheered her on, even through her inability to put Carmen away. The only thing that was accomplished was Carmen’s confidence growing with each passing moment that passed. To Britney’s credit, she did not become at all frustrated by Carmen’s resilience, but cooly grappled her to the mat, and locked her in a tight headlock. Britney howevre realized the danger of letting Carmen stay in this match, so she made manuvers to finish her opponent once and for all.

First, Britney gouged Carmen’s eyes while she was trapped in her headlock. While Carmen was trying to clear her vision, Britney took the opportunity to roll Carmen on her stomach and slap on a Camel Clutch. Britney reared back, wrenching Carmen’s back into agony. Carmen sreamed and searched for an escape route, but the stong teen had all her avenue’s covered. Britney continued to appy as much pressure as she could, pulling back harder & harder. Carmen held on as best she could, but knew she would soon have to submit. But this is where things turn koocky for Britney.

Britney had her back to the entrance to the ring, as she simply waited for Carmen’s will to subside. First, Downtown Julie Brown has returned from the dumpster, and was charging down the ramp to the ring. * Clad in only sheer black lace panties that were filled with rips & tears, she ran to the ring with her tits bouncing. Britney’s entourage had their backs to the ramp, with their attention firmly on the action in the ring. Julie came up unoticed behind Ananda, and picking up a cord for the ringside microphones & camera’s and looped it around her throat. Chritstina & Tammy stood in shock for an instant but they had no clue that following Julie were Salma Hayek & Catherine Zeta Jones. This unlikely duo pound Britney’s friends to their knees. The final piece of the puzzle, Jennifer Lopez, now leisurely walks to the ring. She climbs to the ring apron, in front of Britney and yells, “Hey Bitchney! looks like your title reign is coming to an end.” Britney rises off Carmen and now sees her friends plight at ringside. She angrily turns back to Jennifer and wlks to her saying, “You stinking convict, you’re behind this” When Britney gets into range, Jennifer unleashes a stinging slap across her face. Jennifer drops off the apron and Britney turns to see Carmen back on her feet.

Carmen flashes a jab into the teen's face that snaps her head back. Carmen pistons another and another. Britney staggers, dazed by the sudden offense. Carmen carefully measures her foe, and knocks her block off with a crushing right hook. Britney crumbles to the mat. She tries to regain her feet, but crashes back to the mat at each attempt. She resembled Mike Tyson, trying to rise after meeting his demise at Buster Douglas’ hands. The audience is silent as their once powerful champion struggles pitifully to regain her feet. After several attempts, Britney finally is able to stand on her trembling legs. Carmen carefully waits & stalks the champion. Once she is somewhat standing, Carmen unleashes a lethal knock out punch, that lifts Britney off her feet and flat on her back. Carmen places one hand on Britney’s chest and gains the three count.

Carmen imediately starts to celebrate her victory. Jennifer claps & smiles as Salma, Julie & Catherine too pay their respects to the new champion, before leaving the area, allowing Carmen her moment in the sun. After Carmen exits with War Queen title, Britney comes to, and is furious.

“No, No, No” she yells at her upset loss. She goes to ringside where her defense unit is still groggy from their beating. Britney yells, “Some bodyguard”, and starts to take her frustations out on the fallen Tammy Lynn Sytch, stomping her into submission. Ananda & Christina rise to join in with Britney in demolishing Tammy. Finishing the job on Tammy the crew of teens angrily leave ringside, minus the War Queen title.

Generation Next has vowed revenge on it's Enemies

Julie, Jennifer, Carmen, Catherine & Salma should beware

* Have you read Mero vs Carey Yet??


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