Rena Mero (58%) Bombs Mariah Carey (42%) In definitely one of the most intriguing matches of the day, Playboy Covergirl, Rena “Sable” Mero, battles singing diva, Mariah Carey. What is so interesting about these beauties, is that they are greatly adored by millions of fans, but at the same time greatly hated by many fans at the same time. Rena’s Playboy issues have been some of the largest selling issues of all-time, but she is commonly called “ungrateful bitch” by many internet wrestling fans, stemming from her legal problems with the WWF. Mariah has millions of websites dedicated to idolizing her, but at the same time, she has hundreds of sites dedicated to hating her.

Both have had bumps in their careers in the Battle Zone. Rena has defeated Debra McMichael & Carmen Electra in unimpressive outings, but suffered embarrassing defeats to Pam Anderson & Kimberly Page. Mariah has had many big wins, but has equally as many big losses. She was completely wiped out by Christina Applegate & Nikki Cox in her tag match with Whitney Houston, but rebounded to destroy Cameron Diaz in her last outing.

Rena enters first wearing a black leather bikini, with black wrestling boots. Mariah soon follows wearing a pink halter top, and black short shorts, that leave her ass cheeks hanging out of the bottom. Both are business like in their approach, showing no real emotion towards each other.

At the bell, they circle each other, searching for an opening. They locked up in a classic collar & elbow lock up, from which Mariah quickly maneuveres Rena into a headock. Mariah was quite proud of herself about the hold, but Rena effortlessly broke it by tossing Mariah into the ropes across the ring. The two collide in the middle of the ring when Mariah rebounds and the singer finds herself knocked on her ass. She looks up in surprise that the big blonde downed her that easily. Mariah springs to her feet only to be met by Rena’s forearm across her jaw. Mariah swoons for a moment, allowing Rena to scoop her up and bodyslam her to the mat. Mariah winces in pain, then grunts as Rena drops an elbow across her chest quickly followed by another. Rena holds Mariah in place by her hair, and fires two shots into her face. Maintaining her grip, Rena pulls the singer to her feet and whips her across the ring, and knocks her down with a clothesline when she returns.

Mariah lay on the mat, looking up at the arena ceiling, as little stars danced before her eyes. She knew she needed to get to her feet before Rena’s next strike, so she struggled though the pain to rise. As she made it up, Rena’s clasp fists came crashing across the back of her head, followed by Rena ramming her head into Mariah’s with a head butt. Mariah staggered back & forth trying to maintain her balance. Rena again scooped her up for a bodyslam, obviously working on the singer’s back in preparation for her powerbomb. Mariah somehow managed to slip out of the slam as Rena held her above her head. Now behind her foe, Mariah gets under Rena, and lifts her in the air, to drop her down, butt first on her bended knee in an Atomic Spine Crusher! Rena’s knees buckle, and she cries in pain. Mariah backs into the ropes gets a running start, and runs past the Playboy blonde, as she does, she grabs a handful of Rena’s blonde lockes, and drives her face into the mat. Rena lies dazed face down, while Mariah gathers herself a bit. Still hurting from Rena’s offense, Mariah decides to use a “wear down” maneuver on her opponent.

Mariah stradles Rena and twist her left arm up her back into a hammer lock. Rena slaps the mat in anguish, but is determined to escape the hold. She powers up to her feet, but Mariah just twist and pushes the limb further up her back causing Rena to double over, stifled in pain. Mariah has gotten her wind back and decides to get revenge for her earlier pain with a little phycological warfare.

Mariah yells, “Yeah... who’s the tough girl now?” With that she unfastens Rena’s bra hooks. The bra hits the ground, allowing the blonde’s massive breast to swing free. Mariah smiles & laughs while Rena’s face tuns red with anger and embarrassment. Furious, Rena decides she has had enough of this bitchy brat, and looks to mount an offensive. Rena cleverly kicks back with her right leg and catches Mariah squarely between her legs. Mariah loosens her grip on Rena’s arm and frown at the pain coming from between her legs. Rena turns and scoops Mariah up across her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Rena tosses & spins Mariah in the air at the same time, and as Mariah falls, Rena grabs her neck and drives her to the mat, executing the TKO, her husband, Mark Mero’s finishing maneuver. The maneuver is very similar to a move called the Diamond Cutter, but Mariah called the hold extremely painful. She lay flat on the mat face down holding the back of her neck.

Still angry, Rena teaches Mariah about stripping by pulling off her halter top off. The teary eyed singer just lay there as Rena completes the stripping by yanking off her shorts, leaving her completely nude. Still thirsting for revenge, Rena uses Mariah’s brown hair to lift her head off the mat. This allowed her to clutch her hand around Mariah’s throat and pull her to her feet. Rena tosses Mariah into the corner, where Rena uses the top rope for balance, and fires a series of kicks into Mariah’s chest.

Mariah slumps in the corner, when Rena forces her head between her legs and finishes Mariah with her self titled power bomb called The Sable Bomb. The crowd erupts, and Rena treats them again with another Sable bomb, on her helpless opponent. Rena lays across Mariah’s shoulders for the pin when a group of “Mariah Haters” in the front row starts chanting, “One More Time”. Eager to please her public, Rena rises off Mariah by the two count and once again Power Bombs to the mat. Feeling the moment, Rena adds a little insult to injury, by grabbing Mariah’s ankles and doubling her up in a matchbook pin. Rena bends Mariah’s feet up beside her head, and sits on Mariah’s ankles and face. A particularly embarrassing pin for Mariah since it gives the crowd a terrific view of her pussy exposed and thrust in the air. The audience goes wild, and the referee counts to three, as Rena proudly sits with her arms on her hips like a comic book heroine. Rena continues to sit on Mariah long after the pin, absorbing the moment, and allowing the whimpering beauty under her to realize just who the winner was.

Finally, Rena rises and places a foot on her vanquished foe’s chest in a classic victory pose. While celebrating, Rena did not notice a mysterious blonde leap out of the audience, and enter the ring behind her. To everyone’s surprise, the blonde attacks Rena from behind, clobbering her over the back of the head. She tosses Rena over the top rope for a hard landing to the arena floor. Then everyone realizes the blonde’s identity. It was Rena’s old WWF rival, Tammy Lynn Sytch, AKA Sunny. Tammy helped the fallen Mariah to her feet and raises her arm in a token of victory. Mariah’s fan’s start to cheer, but just as unexpectedly, Tammy plows her fist into Mariah’s vulnerable belly. Mariah doubles over in agony, allowing Tammy to drive her to the mat with a DDT.

Rena is climbing back on the ring apron, but Tammy runs and does a baseball slide, right into Rena’s face, again knocking her to the floor. “Let me show you how the ‘Queen of Extreme’ does things, Tammy yells as she places Rena’s head between her legs, and power bombs through the announcer’s table. Rena cries in agony, semi-consciously twitching as she lies on top of the rubble.

Tammy reaches down and pulls the blonde to her feet, and uses a handful of blonde hair to pull Rena stumbling behind her. As she passes the ring, Tammy reaches, and grabs a handful of Mariah’s hair to drag her under the ropes & out of the ring. Tammy escorts both ladies, up the aisle and backstage by their hair. Tammy continues through the backstage area and out the back door, to the huge dumpster behind the area. Tammy carelessly discards of Mariah & Rena by throwing both of their bodies in the dumpster.

Our backstage interviewer, Downtown Julie Brown, rushes over to Tammy with a camera crew to get the story behind her startling appearance. Julie’s big butt twist & jiggles beneath her silky black evening gown as she runs over, screeches to a halt and ask, “Tammy what brings you here? Your hatred of Rena is well known, but no one knew you were even in the arena!”

Tammy stays silent but a voice comes from behind Julie saying, “I can explain that.” Julie whips around to see our Teen Queen Warlord, Britney Spears approach.

“Tammy is my new bodyguard”, Britney continues, “She is here to help me battle unsavory elements who are always attacking me from behind like Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek and Catherine Zeta Jones.” Tammy crosses her arms and smiles & nods approvingly. “She is going to help me and a new generation take over things, its time for the youth to take control.” Britney explains. “I couldn’t think of two better people to make an example out of than Tammy’s old friend Rena “slut” Mero, and my first opponent, Mariah, “hoe” Carey.”

Many of the audience watching on the arena big screen start to boo their dispeasure at the youngster’s comments. “And one more thing,” Britney says, “Julie Brown, you are so 80’s!” With that, Britney takes the microphone out of Julie’s hands, and turns to the camera and announces, “I’d like to introduce you to my new interviewer, MTV’s Ananda Lewis.” Ananda walks out of the shadows as Julie stands in shock, with her mouth wide open. Before she could dispute, Tammy hits her from behind.

Ananda takes the microphone from Britney and says, “I’m proud to stand with a champion like you Britney.” While in the background, over their shoulders, the camera gets a shot of Tammy mercilessly attacking and beating Julie, then shredding her gown. After reducing her to just black lace panties, Tammy tosses the crying Brit into the dumpster with Rena & Mariah. “Welcome to The Next Generation” Ananda proclaims with a smile.

Rena Mero is the winner, but she and Mariah Carey are made examples of by The Next Generation

Downtown Julie Brown finds herself a victim of the Next Generation too.

Britney Spears forms the Next Generation with Ananda Lewis and the bodyguard, Tammy Lynn Sytch