This story is a fictitious account of a fight that might have taken place in the mid-1950's between bondage model Bettie Page and dancer Mitzi Gaynor. It contains NUDITY and VIOLENCE.
MITZI IN HOLLYWOOD Chapter 5 - Rematch with Bettie Page (Pt. 1 Pre-fight Jitters) - by Ginny and Kim

The big redhead gave the blonde's breasts another squeeze and smiled as she heard her moan in pain. "OK Red," Nikki Spade said with a heavy sigh, "that's enough. Let her up." The redhead released her grip and Mitzi Gaynor sank to the mat with a sigh of relief. It'd been a hard practice and although she'd done well, Rhonda had easily evaded her attempted headlock and instead had flipped her over and mounted her from behind to put her in a double tit clutch that left her gasping in pain.

Rhonda extended her hand and as Mitzi took it, the redhead easily pulled her 120 pounds to her feet. Putting an arm around Mitzi's shoulder, she congratulated her on her progress, but Mitzi shook her head stubbornly. "Maybe I'm getting better or maybe you're just taking it easy on me," she said forlornly, "I don't know what to think any more." At a nod from Nikki, Rhonda retired to her office in the rear of the tiny gym she owned. A pioneer stuntwoman, Rhonda now made a living training failed actresses to do stunts. Her sideline, which she ruefully admitted was more lucrative than her primary business, was training fighters for underground fights held in private clubs and homes in the Hollywood Hills.

Mitzi thought she had it made when she beat Debra Paget to win a contract. Her dream was dashed that night at a party to celebrate. She'd been in a violent catfight with Bettie Page who'd beaten and humiliated her in front of the guests. Bettie not only stripped Mitzi, but tied her up, spanked her and then masturbated her to a climax in front of studio big shots. After that, the producer tore up Mitzi's contract and gave the role to Mitzi's rival, Shirley MacLaine. To add insult to her injury, he told her if she wanted another contract she'd have to beat Bettie Page in a rematch at his club. Now, Mitzi found herself sprawled beneath Rhonda this afternoon as she practiced for her fight with Bettie Page. Her confidence had been shattered by a devastating mauling by Marilyn Monroe a year ago and restored when she beat Debra Paget. Now it was shaky again after her public humiliation by Bettie Page.

Her manager Nikki Spade hired Rhonda, not only to teach fighting techniques, but to help her regain confidence. Mitzi was in tremendous shape, of course, and her dancer's skills enabled her to quickly pick up fighting moves. Nikki's challenge was to rebuild Mitzi's confidence for the rematch with Bettie. Nikki called in a few favors, including Rhonda, to give Mitzi's confidence a boost. Two girls who were at the police academy with Nikki gave Mitzi practice bouts that let her regain the rush she'd felt in victory. Combined with a strict training regimen, she'd re-built Mitzi's confidence to it's pre-Bettie level. Her next hurdle was to give her the confidence to face Bettie Page again. Mitzi still shivered remembering how Bettie stripped her before she fingered and spanked her, but Nikki knew Mitzi had been drunk and by skillful use of psychology, she fired Mitzi's thirst for revenge. Nikki could only hope she'd done enough, for the bout was barely a week away.

In the month and a half since the fight with Debra, Mitzi and Nikki became more than friends. At first Nikki assumed the manager's role and threw herself into her duties, but their relationship grew and she became Mitzi's close friend, then her confidant and finally her lover. So when Rhonda walked in and saw them wrapped in each other's arms on the floor of the shower after Mitzi's workout, she just shut the door and tip-toed back to her office. Rhonda had become very liberal in such matters in spite of her own "straight" sexual preference. Years in the movie industry made one tolerant of other people's peccadillo's.

"You were good today," Nikki whispered as Mitzi nuzzled her firm breast and playfully pulled on the hard nipple with her teeth. "Uh-huh," Mitzi murmured as she ran her tongue around Nikki's aureole as she squirmed in pleasure. Nikki tried to keep her mind on what she was trying to say, "If you keep your mind on Bettie and you can beat her Mitz, really." Mitzi was barely listening, however. Now that she had Nikki aroused, she was intent on completing her task. Mitzi dragged her fingernails along the inside of Nikki's thigh and she felt her back arch as she opened herself to Mitzi's fingers. The dancer found Nikki's clit as she easily pushed two fingers into the moist opening behind her swollen pussy lips.

"Ohhhhhh," Nikki sighed as Mitzi teased her clit with her fingers, "that's the spot." Mitzi bowed her head and used her tongue in a way that, only six short weeks ago, she would never have imagined. She'd learned a lot from Nikki in a short time and Nikki was a grateful beneficiary of Mitzi's study. Her climax was a strong one and as her spasms of delight slowly subsided, she held Mitzi tight and, with tears in her eyes, kissed her lover passionately. Mitzi looked into Nikki's eyes and playfully asked her, "You wanted to say something about my fighting?" Nikki knew Mitzi was teasing her, but she was too happy to care. "Yeah," she grinned, "you were great. You're gonna kill that bitch."

The next morning, as Mitzi got changed for her morning workout, Nikki read a newsletter devoted to women's fighting. There was an article about the promoter who was sponsoring the fights and the results of the latest fights. The writer had some nice things to say about Mitzi's debut bout, but pointed out that she was lucky to win. "Hey Mitz," Nikki said, "this guy says he likes you." She grabbed the mimeographed sheets from Nikki's hands. "Ohhhh, lemme see lover." As she scanned the article, her eyes narrowed and Nikki was glad to see a flash of anger when she read the critical comments about her. "Well," she grumped, "so he thinks I'm lucky eh? We'll see what he thinks after my next fight. I'm so sick of people talking about how Bettie's going to beat me. I'm really going to enjoy getting revenge on that black-haired witch." As they read the article, Mitzi was surprised at the results of some of the other women's matches. "Hey, did you see Shirley MacLaine started wrestling? It says here she beat Debra a couple of weeks after I did. I guess Debra and that manager of hers were really upset. Poor Debra, it says here Shirley knocked her out. Ouch!"

Nikki nodded as she recalled how close Mitzi come to being knocked out herself. "You see who else lost? Kim Novak lost to Debbie Reynolds. They're calling it an upset." Mitzi scanned the article and quickly read the brief description of the match. "Wow! That Reynolds is such a little bitty thing, I expected that blonde to whip her easily. I guess she's tougher than I thought." Nikki shrugged. "Maybe Kim thought, didn't take her seriously. Overconfidence is your enemy in this business. Any gal can beat another with luck or if her opponent makes a mistake. It says Kim tried to jump off the top rope and Debbie rolled away. She hurt her leg. That's how Debbie won, not because she was better. You've got to be careful in that ring."

Mitzi's eyes brightened when she reached the end of the article. "Did you see they mentioned me again. I'm going to meet the `Legendary' Bettie Page, Playboy's Playmate of the Month for January. That's neat." Nikki was unimpressed by Bettie's photographic modeling fame and drew Mitzi's attention to her wrestling exploits. "You see who else is fighting that night?" Mitzi nodded. "Yeah, Shirley MacLaine and Juliet Prowse in a preliminary, then Debbie Reynolds and Julie Newmar. Novak and van Doren. Then Jayne Mansfield and Rita Moreno for the Championship, that'll be a real brawl. I can't wait to see it." Nikki nodded. "Yeah, it'll be a good one. But you concentrate on your fight or you won't be in any condition to see it. Remember what Bettie did to you the last time." Mitzi nodded earnestly, "I won't ever forget. By the way, speaking of forgetting; Rhonda wanted me to bring a check for this month. She said you forgot to give it to her the other day." Nikki muttered under her breath and Mitzi recognized it immediately. "You mean we're broke again?" she asked incredulously. "Unless I get a case soon or you win a couple of fights we'll have to give up this apartment and move into my office. Now if I caught a case AND you won, we'd be in good shape for a couple of months."

"Gee, Nikki, I didn't know it was that bad. I'll get an advance from my agent this afternoon." Nikki grabbed her arm. "Uh-uh. I'm not going to let you go in hock for me. I'm the manager, here. Getting money is my job. I'll think of something before the end of the month. Our immediate problem is finding something to eat." "Don't worry about it," Mitzi said. "You're pretty. I won't have trouble getting us dates every night. A friend's agency arranges dates for actors who want pretty girls on their arm when they go out so the press won't suspect they're gay or secretly married." Seeing Nikki's expression, Mitzi added, "It's .. legit, kinda."

That's how they survived until Mitzi's fight with Bettie Page. Nikki wasn't comfortable at first, but she soon realized that, like so many other strange practices, this was a normal thing in Hollywood. Most of the men she dated weren't interested in her sexually for one reason or another. A couple were secretly married to actresses but the studio refused to let them divulge it for fear of harming their "box office attraction" for women fans. They used Nikki and Mitzi as "beards", someone safe to be seen with in public to confirm their reputation as a "ladies man" before they hurried home to their spouses. Nikki found it disconcerting at first, but soon accepted it as just another quirk of life in tinsel town.

When the day of the fight arrived, money problems became secondary to Nikki's problem of making sure Mitzi was in the right frame of mind. She and Rhonda had done all they could to prepare her physically; indeed, Mitzi was in her best condition in months. What Nikki feared was that Mitzi may be so intimidated she'd forget to use the skills she'd learned from Rhonda. Things that happened before her fight, however, only heightened her concern.

Mitzi and Nikki arrived at the arena after the first bout of the night between Debra Paget and Beverly Garland was underway. They were lightly regarded and Beverly only fought as a substitute or to "round out" a card. Petite Debra Paget was a favorite punching bag of the crowds for she always put up a good fight, she rarely beat the bigger women. It was a difficult time for Gretchen too, for she managed both fighters. As expected, Debra knocked out Beverly whose film reputation as a "bad girl" did her no good in the ring. Debra won the first fall when she ripped off Bev's panties and when she tried to cover herself, Debra slugged her twice on the jaw then pinned her. She won the second fall as well, since Bev was still groggy and quickly fell under the little brunette's flurry of fists.

Nikki looked around the dressing room as Mitzi prepared for her turn in the spotlight. "Damn, this place is getting worse all the time. Now the toilet's stopped up." "At least they got the big mirror I requested," Mitzi said perkily, eyeing her image as she did a half turn. "Yeah," Nikki grunted, "They'll do anything if they think it'll improve the looks of the girls. Horny bastards! Look, they even replaced that 40 watt bulb with a new 60 watter. Now, that's gonna make a difference! Listen babe, there's a restroom down the hall. I'll be right back and we'll get you ready to give Bettie what she deserves." "OK," Mitzi chirped as she turned back to the mirror and resumed admiring herself.

Nikki hurried down the dimly lit corridor toward a bathroom she'd seen in a dark corner of the basement. As she feared, it was filthy, but at least there was paper. She covered the seat with toilet paper and unbuckled her belt. She carefully lowered her trousers and panties, wishing for once she hadn't worn the trousers she always wore to the arena. She remembered how easily she and Mitzi had stripped Gretchen when they caught her in the ring at the Debra Paget match and she'd vowed not to make it easy for anyone to do the same to her. She settled down and just as she began to release a steady stream of piss, the door flew open and a dark-clad figure stepped between her knees and put their foot on her pants, trapping her feet.

She looked up into the leering face of Gretchen Curry, Bettie's manager and her worst enemy. "Well, well," Gretchen said as she stared while Nikki tried in vain to pull her blouse down to cover herself. In spite of her fear, or perhaps because of it, Nikki's piss continued to stream with an embarrassingly loud sound in the tiny room. Gretchen grabbed a handful of hair and forced Nikki's head back as she brought her right hand up from her waist and put a small knife to the blonde's throat. Nikki swallowed nervously and dropped her hands which she'd raised to Gretchen's hand in her hair.

"Wha . . . what do you want?" Nikki gasped, afraid of what the powerfully built woman's answer would be. Gretchen sneered as she held Nikki against the cold porcelain surface of the tank. "Don't flatter yourself I came back here to see you," she giggled. Then she released her hold on Nikki's hair and ran her fingertips over the young woman's blushing cheeks. "Not that you aren't worth a little trip. No sirree, not at all. I just wanted to make sure Bettie isn't interrupted while she and little Mitzi have a pre-fight conference. Nikki's eyes widened, "Bettie and Mitzi, no! That's too much even for you Gretchen. You're so desperate to win, you'd beat her up before the fight even starts?"

Gretchen shrugged and the sharp knife's tip pricked Nikki's skin, drawing a drop of blood. "Not beat her up actually, just kind of give her a warning. You know, let her know she doesn't want to hurt her any more than she has to, to win. If Mitzi plays her cards right, she'll get off with just a few bumps and bruises and nothing more. Nikki wanted to knock Gretchen back and run to Mitzi but with her trousers around her ankles, it was impossible. "Damn," she thought to herself, "why didn't I wear a skirt instead of these fuckin' pants?"

Gretchen held the knife under Nikki's chin and told her to clasp her hands behind her back. Nikki hesitated and Gretchen jabbed her lightly with the blade. She felt a stab of pain and quickly obeyed. As her hands came together at the small of her back, her small, firm breasts rose on her chest and thrust out toward the big auburn-haired woman. Gretchen playfully cupped Nikki's left breast and gave it a hard pinch. It was that time in her cycle and her nipples were especially sensitive. She winced at the unwanted fondling and Gretchen smiled at how easy it had been to make her react.

She ran her hand down the front of Nikki's blouse and between her open thighs. Nikki tried to close her legs, but Gretchen pressed her knee further between Nikki's thighs. "Uh-uh. Keep `em open for me." Nikki did as she was ordered and closed her eyes as Gretchen's hand moved between her legs and fondled her dripping slit. Gretchen moved her hand around as Nikki squirmed uncomfortably then she looked down with a tight grin on her full lips. She raised her moist hand and wiped it on Nikki's face, smearing her makeup with her own piss. "You sit here and get yourself cleaned up," Gretchen whispered as she backed out the door still pointing the knife at Nikki, "Let our gals finish their little talk without being interrupted, OK?" She disappeared as silently as she had come. Nikki sat there for a few minutes, her body quivering as she collected her thoughts. Then she remembered Mitzi was alone in the dressing room with Bettie and quickly pulled up her pants and hurried back to her fighter.

After Nikki left her, Mitzi slowly took off her tight jacket, thinking how much she'd like to have some new outfits. She threw it on a chair, then began to unbutton her blouse. She dreamed of having enough money to buy whatever she liked to wear. When she undid the last button, she pulled off the blouse and laid it on top of her jacket, taking care not to wrinkle the delicate fabric. She took a deep breathe and turned to the left as she admired the swell of her breasts in the mirror as she reached behind her and unfastened her bra. She tossed it with her other clothes and, naked from the waist up, paused to study her figure.

She cupped her full breasts in both hands and teased her nipples with her thumb and forefinger. Watching them harden as they swelled, she sighed, "Lord, I think they're still growing." She hefted them, feeling their weight and found it exciting. "After I win tonight, I'm gonna take Nikki shopping," she thought as she studied her arms. She could tell they'd become stronger if not much bigger thanks to Rhonda's special training program. Striking a flexing pose, and looking in the mirror, Mitzi had to laugh at herself. She took a deep breath, stretching her body upward as she slide her fingers off her firm round breasts, down her torso until she had her hands around her slender tight waist.

Her mirth melted slowly away however, as she thought about how soon she'd be alone in the ring with Bettie. Once more she'd be on her own as scores watched to see who would gain the upper hand. Mitzi felt a little stab of fear rush over her as she thought what it had been like when Bettie had battered and dragged her from room to room. Much of it was a blur, as she had sort of numbed out. But, she could still feel her helplessness as people gawked and laughed at her. She unzipped her skirt at the side as she recalled the things Bettie had said she'd do to her.

With a shimmy, she slid the tight skirt over the swell of her hips and her muscular thighs that were nearly as big around as her tiny 20" waist. She remembered a quote from Gretchen in the current issue of the newsletter Nikki tried to hide from her. "Yeah, that Gaynor bitch may look like so much, but when Bettie whacks her a few times, she'll be crying like the baby she is. She'll probably try to run away like she did the first time." Then a quote from Bettie, "There'll be nowhere for her to run, no escape. I'll snatch her bald and beat her to a pulp. I'll make sure this is the last that Hollywood sees of that tough talking wimp. Ha-ha-ha!"

Mitzi remembered it well because she'd read it over and over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes she was so angry, she wanted to rip Bettie's head off, but other times it frightened her so she wanted to bolt and never return. She knew one thing for sure, a repeat of the beating she'd received at the party would be too, too awful to contemplate. She looked at the mirror again, smiled, pulled up a chair and vainly watched her reflection as she raised her right leg and slowly rolled down her hose. She lifted her leg straight up until her knee was brushing her ruby lips, then repeated the little ritual with her left stocking, then removed her garter belt. Standing, she looked at the beautiful blonde woman wearing a pair of sheer white panties who looked back at her from the new mirror.

Almost without being aware of it, Mitzi's hands moved over the swell of her lower belly and her fingers slipped into her panties. She pushed the cotton panties down to her ankles when she felt the moisture beneath the close-trimmed thatch of hair between her legs. She closed her eyes, kicked off her panties and pushed her finger between fleshy lips that were swollen with excitement at the prospect of the up-coming contest. She slowly worked her finger in deeper and threw back her head as she sighed, "God help me, I do love it so much." Her other hand was at her breast, squeezing and pinching her nipple and making it hard.

"That's an unusual way to warm up for a fight. What's the matter, ain't your dyke girlfriend giving you what you need?" Mitzi spun around and nearly fell down as her hand between her legs tripped her. Bettie Page was standing in the doorway, leering at her through painted lips. She was already dressed for the fight, wearing black bra and panties, black garter belt and a pair of hose with heavy dark seams up the back. Her outfit was completed by a pair of black patent leather heels. Mitzi felt vulnerable in her nudity and with a little gasp she grabbed her blouse to cover herself.

Mitzi scrambled to cover her nudity as Bettie closed the distance. Before Mitzi could react, the brunette had a handful of hair and her wrist holding the blouse. Her arm was twisted behind her back before Mitzi knew what happened. She gave a pained yelp as Bettie levered her arm high on her back and slammed her chest into the cement wall with some force. To keep her from escaping, Bettie put a knee in the small of Mitzi's back and pushed her against the cold wall.

Mitzi struggled, but Bettie held her in position as she leaned over Mitzi's shoulder and whispered, "Look, I'll make this easy for you. We both know I'll kick your butt again and if I have to, I'm going to hurt you a lot more than I did last time." Bettie grinned as she felt a shiver run through Mitzi's finely trained and firm young body. She wondered if it were fear or the excitement of having Bettie so close to her and in total control of the situation. Bettie had lots of experience with young models who found themselves unable to control their excitement during photo shoots when she had them helplessly bound and gagged. Mitzi found herself in a similar situation only this was real, not make believe.

Bettie spoke in a low, controlled tone. "Remember what it felt like last time? Huh?" Mitzi tried to nod, but the handful of hair Bettie had made movement difficult. Bettie continued, "I don't have to beat you up again. There's a way to avoid the pain and discomfort. Be sensible. We'll go out and give those guys a show. I'll slap you around some, I know how to make it look painful without hurting you, well, not too much any way. Remember, that's what I do in the films. You're an actress, or so they tell me, so act like you're hurt."

Mitzi wanted to speak, but knew if she said anything it may make the situation worse so she held her tongue and let Bettie do all the talking. "Then, when you look beat up pretty bad, I'll put you down and give you the best damn orgasm of your life. Trust me, I know what a woman like you needs and my fingers are long and strong. You won't be disappointed and you can get off without risking serious injury. What's it gonna be? You gonna go along with me or get another whippin'?"

Bettie eased her grip and Mitzi was able to turn her head to look at Bettie. "Hell no, I'll never throw this fight." It wasn't what Bettie had wanted to hear and she registered her displeasure, banging Mitzi's face on the wall. Stunned, Mitzi's body went limp and Bettie pulled her off the wall and threw her across the floor. Her body slid to a stop against the legs of the make-up table as Bettie stormed out the door, slamming it angrily behind her. She looked up and saw Nikki rushing toward her. "If you let that cunt get in the ring tonight," Bettie screamed at the startled Nikki, "I'm gonna to kill her!"

Nikki ran into Mitzi's dressing room and found her young fighter sitting on the floor with her panties still around her ankles. The blonde was shaking and Nikki wondered if it were fear or anger that was the cause. She helped Mitzi up and tried to calm her, but the blonde just kept muttering, "... came right into my dressing room. Right in ..." Nikki heard the roar of the crowd and recognized it as the sound they made when a match reached it's climax. "Come on, Mitz, you gotta get dressed. You're on in a couple of minutes."

While Gretchen and Bettie had been intimidating Nikki and Mitzi, the second match of the evening was going on involving two newcomers - the 21 year old actress/dancer Shirley MacLaine and a 19 year old dancer named Juliet Prowse who'd come from Europe. Shirley became interested in fighting after seeing Mitzi humiliated by Bettie Page six weeks before. She'd been so turned on by Mitzi's lithe body being abused by Bettie that she'd thought of little else since. She decided to take up the sport in order to get the chance to do the same to her number one rival. Now, after a couple of impressive wins, she was being wooed by two of the more aggressive managers, Marge Danzer and Gretchen Curry.

Juliet trained with Mitzi at Rhonda's and they'd become friends, even sparring a couple of times, although Mitzi's advanced training enabled her to easily pin Juliet. Mitzi was fond of the youngster and before Juliet left the dressing room they shared, Mitzi kissed the young redhead and wished her luck with a traditional showbiz phrase, "Break a leg, kid." It nearly become prophetic as the older and more experienced Shirley easily dominated the young novice in the ring. The one-sided contest nearly ended after five minutes when after a series of flips and throws weakened Juliet, Shirley clamped on a figure four leg lock that very nearly snapped her leg as the stubborn girl refused to submit in spite of the tremendous pain.

Shirley finally released the hold, but Juliet's leg was too weak to support her and she spent the rest of the short fight on her knees. With Juliet's best weapon, her strong legs, no longer a threat, the cruel Shirley methodically destroyed her. There was more than a little jealousy involved, for Shirley had been working all her life for a break and this up-start had arrived from Europe and had her career put on the fast track. Shirley heard rumors of the affair between Juliet and Frank the promoter, and she wanted to send the message she didn't care who your friends were - if you got in the ring with her you were alone and vulnerable.

Juliet turned on her knees, but Shirley was fast and used her own legs, moving in to kick Juliet in the breasts and belly. The young dancer's arms couldn't reach her and tears of frustration formed in Juliet's eyes as she absorbed one shot after another, unable to reply. When she dropped her hands to protect her belly after a series of kicks there, Shirley kicked her in the face with her heel and put her on her back. The redhead dove on Juliet and straddled her, tearing off her small bra with a single swipe of her strong hands.

Juliet whimpered and tried to cover herself, but Shirley slapped her hands away and pinned them to the mat with her knees. "They want to see those perky tits of yours babe, and we're gonna give `em what they want." Shirley hit her twice on the chin, the second knocking her silly and causing her body to go limp. She pulled off Juliet's panties, leaving her in her garter belt and nylons - a required part of their costumes. The redhead pulled her up by the hair and when her leg buckled, caught her around the waist with one arm.

She drag-carried Juliet to her corner and hung her over the ropes. For the next several minutes Juliet wailed in pain as Shirley abused every part of the groggy woman's youthfully firm body - punching, scratching and tearing out handfuls of hair as Marge Danzer stood at ringside, shouting encouragement and offering suggestions. The pain brought Juliet around and when her screams became too loud, Shirley finally ended the match by throwing her down and clamping Juliet's head between her powerful thighs. She squeezed and squeezed until Juliet lapsed into unconsciousness as the blood-thirsty crowd cheered her on.

Mitzi had just gotten dressed when they carried Juliet into the dressing room and worked feverishly to revive her. When she finally came to, Juliet announced it had been her last fight - she was retiring. It'd been a tense few minutes and Mitzi was badly shaken. It was a bad psychological blow just before she was to face a woman who had dominated her in their only prior meeting! Nikki had to grab a wastebasket as Mitzi, either from pre-fight jitters or the sight of her friend's unconscious body, vomited up the contents of her stomach. It'd not been a pretty scene as the arena doctor worked over Juliet and Mitzi bent over with her head in a trash can, but Nikki took it all in stride, having seen far worse sights in her brief police career.

When Juliet had revived, Mitzi took a breath and stepped through the curtain that separated the dressing rooms from the arena. Cheers greeted her appearance when the men saw her trim figure in a pale pink bra and panty combination with a matching garter belt and black nylons. She began a smile, but then her face suddenly went blank. Nikki saw it and wondered about it since she wasn't sure if it meant Mitzi was ready to fight or merely scared. She decided against asking and instead followed Mitzi to the ring where Bettie, dressed all in black, was preening and posing for the panting men in the front row.

Mitzi vs. Bettie Page continues in Chapter 6