Tina Louise vs Julie Newmar by Simguy (FCBA Message Board 13-Feb-00)

Pre-fight: Wildly anticipated tall girl battle had jet setters flocking from all corners of the globe. Both girls trained in the old studio system, so despite their height, each claimed to be an effective in-fighter. Louise the more celebrated, but both girls are perhaps overlooked by history due to the stigma attached to television stars by the movie industry proper at the time. Tina in white hipster bikini, hair up, white gloves, Julie in green and yellow hipster bikini, hair up, black gloves.

R1 Tina showed a forward crouching look, right hand at her chin, left probing ahead, while Julie laid back on her hips, hands low, leaning over to the side to slip, then counter with rising right hands. Both girls circled slowly on flat feet, always set to punch, and by the final minute, they had spiraled in together, each holding with the left, then sawing in with the right to the long torso in front of them as they stood cheek to cheek. Cautious opener, went to Tina.

R2 Tina began finding Julie's cheek with the jab this round, doubling up on the punch to get Newmar to commit to her defensive move early, then touching her while she bent over. Newmar continued to look for right hand counters, dragging several heavy blows up into Tina's stomach, but by the final minute, Louise had bodied up and pushed Julie to the ropes, pinning her back, and clubbing away with short right hands across the hips to take the second round in close scoring.

R3 Tina outjabbing Newmar early, had Julie leaning back with her hands down, and Louise leaned into a sizzling straight right hand to snap back Julie's head and topple her to her backside. Up at 4, Julie appeared startled, but unhurt, but was nevertheless overwhelmed as Louise rushed in to finish. For the next sixty seconds, Tina Louise battered Julie Newmar, stepping with the big brunette as Newmar retreated, covered up, and tried to survive under Louise' wild, crashing lefts and rights. In the final minute, Tina's fervor betrayed her as Julie was able to bend at the waist beneath a looping Louise right, and come back with a singing right uppercut under the chin that lifted Louise onto her toes. Now Tina was stunned, blinking stupidly as Newmar leaned in to crank baseball bat lefts across her abs. Round ended with Louise sagging forward, butt on the ropes as Newmar worked, pushing her lead shoulder into Louise chest to set up those smacking left hooks to the waist.

R4 Tina proved she was no ingenue with a gritty fourth, boxing beautifully on still wobbly legs as Newmar plowed straight forward onto Louise sharp jab. Tina led Julie across the ring, steering the brunette with the jab, then leading back the other way as Newmar was unable to cut off the ring. In the final minute, Tina worked her way inside behind looping wide right hands to the hip, and she bashed away with little lefts and rights inside as Julie's head rested wearily on the red head's shoulder.

R5 Julie finally got her jab going this round, leaning over at the waist as she lifted it off her hip to stick Tina in the mouth while Louise missed over the top. Tina finished well as the girls fell in cheek to cheek, holding Julie around the waist with her left while continuing to chug away with sawing right hands to the gut, but Louise had finally lost a round in this fight.

R6 Hammer and tongs action erupted as the girls stood at center ring, touching each other with range finding jabs, then leaning into spearing right hands that would just miss being KO blows this round. As the wild exchanges evolved into mouth on shoulder slugging, Louise got her hips in behind a short, sidearm right hand to the sternum that buckled Newmar's legs, and the brunette clinched as she grimaced while Louise struggled to get punching room. Newmar was badly hurt, and Tina walked her to the ropes, finally pushing an forearm into Julie's chest to peel her back, and going furiously to the body with wide lefts and rights. Newmar groaning, refused to go down, and lasted to the bell as Louise mocked her cries at the break.

R7 Similar round with the girls trading bombs early, then moving in to settle the round on the inside, and once again, Louise proved the stronger. Muscling Newmar's back to the ropes, Louise turned her broad shoulders into short right hands to the belly and breasts, beating Newmar into a suppliant pout by the bell. Tina strutted back to her corner flushed with impending victory, and told her seconds Julie was 'finished'.

R8 Julie's early jabbing held Tina off for a minute, but eventually, Louise' stinging right hands drove Newmar to the ropes and once again, the lanky leads lay in with one another, spanking clouting blows to the hips, tummies and breasts, and Tina got the better of the inside action. Newmar began to wilt, looking shot, clinching more than punching, while Tina looked hungry for more, shoving and pushing on her brunette to get in one more punch before the bell.

R9 Newmar in retreat now, bent at the waist, lifting her jab off her hip, and sliding away from Louise who stomped after her prey intent on hurting Newmar. As Louise began missing right hands over the top, Newmar got the timing right, and midway through the round, slipped to her right and came out of her crouch with a whopping underhand right, catching Louise moving in right on her navel and dropping Tina to all fours. Louise was desperately hurt, gasping for air, and barely beat the count. The tide had turned, and Newmar now bodied up and walked her girl to the ropes, paying Tina back with shove and slug along the ropes. Newmar pitching in sidearm rights to the belly had Louise' long lashed eyes fluttering dangerously at the bell, and Tina staggered to her corner looking suddenly shopworn.

R10 Julie Newmar knew she needed the KO, and came after Tina Louise with a vengeance. Running across the ring, Newmar began blistering Tina in her own corner with left uppercuts, and slicing right hands on the lips AND TINA WAS HURT! Lolling back against the turnbuckles, Tina was spent, gloves lightly at her lips and she jerked and twisted as Newmar went to her ribs with both hands. As Tina's guard began to break down, Newmar set her hips and lifted brutal uppercuts into Tina's face, banging back that sexy face, and leaving Tina out on her feet. The remaining 2 minutes of this fight is the stuff of celebrity boxing legend. Tina Louise, barely conscious, soaking up a dreadful battering from a huge punching tall girl, clutched, staggered, slid along the ropes, held onto the ropes, and did everything she could to get out of the round. Newmar hunted Louise down all over the ring, swinging her murderous fists wide to bash against Tina's unresisting body and wobbling head, but could not put her girl down. At the bell, a badly battered Tina Louise would stagger to her corner and drop off into a punch drunk slumber as Julie paraded the ring with fists held high, soaking up the cheers of the exclusive crowd in the spacious confines of the soundstage. The decision came back a shocker - despite Newmar's comeback, Tina Louise was the victor, although she never heard the decision.

After: One of the most controversial fights in celeb history, left Tina battered and Newmar outraged in its wake. Tina's pride prevented her from quitting, and Newmar's savagery appeared too late to make the difference in this classic barnburner. In the years to come, Louise would always make the most of her victory, leaving the impression that Newmar had been unable to compete, while Newmar remained embittered by the loss for the rest of her career. 1