• Birth Name -Helen Elizabeth Cooper
  • Birthdate -December 3, 1976
  • Birthplace -Palo Alto, California
  • Marital Status -Single
  • Astrological Sign - Sagittarius
  • Height -5'5" 114 lbs
  • Measurments -36D-23-35
  • Hair Color -Blonde
  • Eye Color -Brown

  • Drop dead gorgeous blondes with traffic stopping bodies don't drop off trees, but Tanya Danielle has fallen into our laps. The catfight industry is fortunate Tanya Danielle came along. She has become a superstar in the industry, and a living legend, still building her Hall of Fame resume. Tanya stays in tremendous demand, and has worked for countless of the major catfight producers including, Double Trouble, Napali, Catfight Central, Web Kittens, Hawk Heroines (Mega Babe is phenomenal), Superheroine Central and Sabre Studios. Too often she is unappreciated, but she has been a superstar everywhere she has performed. Now it is time to show Tanya Daniel our appreciation.

    Tanya currently operated her own web site with a multitude of fetish goodies. Through her site we are able to gain a peak at this super star. Tanya is a native Californian who was born and raised in the northern part of the state. She grew up in a town called Atherton which is about 40 miles south of San Francisco. Her parents sent her to a college preparatory all-girls high school in Palo Alto. It was adequate preparation for any college, but not so useful for the path in life that she was about to take.

    At 17 Tanya moved to Southern California to attend the University of California in Los Angeles. She was pursuing a Bachelor's degree in History/ Art History. The blonde found it interesting, but not at all compelling. In her second year she decided to forgo her UCLA studies for a stripping career, though at the time she did not know it was to become a career. Originally Tanya was "just going to take a quarter off" from school, she never went back. What many people refer to as "debauchery" drew her like a magnet.

    Tanya Danielle vs Franchesca LeHollywood & Cheryl Rusa
    Obviously those very clear-cut definitions of what it is to be a "good" girl or a "bad" girl fascinates lovely Tanya as well. Fortunately for her fans, Tanya relishes taking on taboos in lesbianism, racial beliefs and religion in many of her videos. No other video displays this than her Sister Tanya series. Sister Tanya is a catholic nun who is the principal of a school. While preaching to the other girls, she finds herself in many lesbian misadventures, and positions. Tanya's videos frequently pit people prim and proper roles encountering their worst nightmares. Tanya has a character, Mayor Tanya Hamilton, who preaches no desire for interracial relationships, but gets a change of mind. There is the similar Black Cock Lust series, Nazi videos and Klan members that challenge people's boundaries on racial views. These definitions on good and evil is probably what makes Tanya so incredible in her super heroine videos. Tanya utilizes an all star cast of beauties in her videos including. Franchesca Le, Goldie Blair, Jewell Marceau, Crystal White, Kianna Dior, Summer Cummings, Stacy Burke, Zoe Britton, Carolyn Monroe, Mercedes Ashley, and Shannon Leigh. Tanya also hosts blogs for each woman to highlight her videos with them.

    Stone Rage Catfights is not the only place that appreciates and acknowleges Tanya's superb excellence in catfight videos. The Female Fighting news blog also recognizes Tanya's accomplishments. The well respected author, Jonair, has several entries dedicated to Tanya. His Tanya Danielle entry seconds the opinions found here.

    Another friend of Stone Rage Catfights, The Catfight Report, has several entries on his blog as well. He was also fortunate enough to tie Tanya down to do an interview. Its a wonderful interview that gives you an insight into the lovely Tanya.Tanya Danielle Interview. Also you can contact Tanya through her fan club.

    Contact Tanya At:
    Tanya Danielle Fan Club
    2554 Linclon Blvd #130
    Marina del Rey, CA 90291

    As a catfighter Tanya Danielle "gets it". Tanya understands and mastered this and a multitude of other fetishes. She combines her knowledge from bondage videos and catfighting to produce an unique product. Tanya has an intensity and seriousness in her videos that is missing in too many others. Tanya plays an incredible victim. Her expressions show the fear and pain needed to create the part. She is a great winner too. Tanya maintains a seriousness to destroy her victim, and does not let up until her victim is finished. I thank and honor Tanya for the professionalism and respect shown for this fetish. You are one of the greats!


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