• Name -Jenne Marie Basone AKA Hollywood
  • Birthdate -May 19, 1969
  • Birthplace -Burbank, California
  • Marital Status -Single
  • Astrological Sign - Taurus.... really as she's on the cusp! A passionate, independent, very earthy, Love to give to others. Her ruling planet is Venus, Her rising is Taurus
  • Height -5'7" 122lbs
  • Hair Color -Red- Brown
  • Eye Color -Brown

  • If you look up "catfighting" in the dictionary, Hollywood's picture should be right beside it. Purposely, this lady is chosen to be the first inductee to the Hall of Fame for work in Catfight videos, as opposed to cinematic catfights like our previous honories. We will go into a detailed account of Hollywood's life, we will reserve that honor for her official site. I definitely encourage, if not urge, you to visit her site via the link lower on this page.

    Hitting a few highlights though, Hollywood was a 17 year old Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist in Burbank California, when she decided to auditioned for G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) She beat out over 500 battlin' babes to become "Hollywood", half of the tag team of "Hollywood and Vine". She was trained in the sport by Mondo Guerreo in August, 1985. She became a huge part of this cult classic's sucess. Classic matches against Sally the Farmer's Daughter, as well as tag matches against Tina Ferrari (WWE's Ivory) & Ashlie Cartie' put her name on the lips of every teenage male growing up in the late 1980's.

    Legendary Hollywood & Vine Tag teamHollywood & Cheryl Rusa
    After GLOW, Hollywood kept herself very busy. Basone has continued to work as an actress, stuntwoman, pro wrestler, session wrestler, and model, keeping her nickname "Hollywood". She had guest appearances on TV shows and wrestled for almost every major catfight video in the country from Steel Kittens to Double Trouble. Finally, she opened Hollywood's Production Company and started producing videos for herself. Her video's can be purchased on both of her sites. She has free downloadable preview's of each video. Has a innovative series where she dresses up as a superheroine and battles the bad guys or girls!

    She has film & TV credits that include Married With Children, Baywatch, Basic Instinct, In Livng Color, Saved by the Bell, Sex Court, and Breast Men. She was a regular on the cover of Fighting Females magazine, and has appeared in Playboy as well as their home videos. She frequently surfs the net, and usually returns fan's letters and emails. Contact Hollywood At:

    7510 SUNSET BLVD. #164
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90046

    This is one lady who honestly & truely gets more beautiful everytime I see her. Hollywood is "true to the game" so to speak. She is someone who seems to enjoy catfighting almost as much as we enjoy watching her. She has a fantasic scense of humor. Hollywood has the very rare talent to play a dominating victor who enjoys toying with her quarry or portaying a tortured, pleading, victim with equal ease. We will always be fans of your catfighting ability and your personallity Hollywood. This page is just a small token of our appreciation to let you know all those bumps & bruises you suffered for our entertainment have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank You Hollywood for being you.

    Beating up the legendary Quisha Lorraine

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