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Jessica Alba saw Minka Kelly getting a coffee and had to know something. She sat down with Minka “Hi has been a while.”

“Yes it has, how have you been Jessica?”

“Good, I'm back on the circuit again. Got all the press on Sin City 2 done. The last time, it came out while I was kicking so much ass.”

“You challenging me!”

“I ca... What the… Minka I came over to talk to you because we’re in the same bracket but I thought of challenging Morrison who beat you. I wanted a scouting report.”

“We fought back and forth she has great striking and since Megan Fox knocked you out numerous times I doubt you’d challenge her.”

Jessica and Minka sat there with an uneasy tension that formed at the table. “I didn’t come over here meaning to disrespect you and we’ve been friends since we met so I don’t want to further disrespect you but I won’t be disrespected.”

“Jessica we got along when we met but you came over here to talk to me about a fight I lost by a split second like I got beaten up. You came over here to challenge me whether you admit it or not.”

“We have two choices here. We can go somewhere and settle our differences or we can get wins in the first round and settle up then.”

Jessica looked at Minka trying to intimidate her “I don’t want to wait.”

They got to their cars and Minka put her window down “Seeing our mutual history let’s go to the ball field and fight in the dugout.”

“I’ll call and get some mats put down and the bats taken away.”

Minka KellyJessica was there first and as Minka showed up they took a deep breath, took off their shoes and walked up and got in each other’s face. Jessica’s eyes narrowed “Just remember you asked for this.”

“Bitch it was you who wanted this fight. When I leave you crying, you’ll wish you just sad hi.” Minka pushed Jessica who smiled nodded her head and went to slap Minka.

Minka caught the slap and pushed Jessica into the bench. Minka went to follow up but Jessica kicked her away. Minka got up and had her slap blocked but Jessica countered it by getting her hand on Minka's throat and pushing her into the little seats. “Stronger!”

Minka grabbed Jessica’s left tit and twisted until she got a scream and she twisted the opposite direction which caused Jessica to let her throat free. Minka then pushed Jessica down to the dugout floor. Minka stumbled the opposite way and found herself on her hands and knees leaving the dugout.

Jessica stood up and looked around ‘fight in the dugout or out in the field like there were 56’000 people watching'. She exited the dugout and looked around at the historical stadium and could see how it would work. She and Minka would definitely fill this stadium and 56,000 people would know she was the better woman.

“Come on then Jessica”

She snapped back to reality and Minka was in the coach's box with her shirt in her hands. Jessica smiled and took off her shirt and the two tanned beauties just smiled and nodded. Minka closed her fists and as Jessica got close, she hit her with a right cross putting her down. “You suck at this! You always have and you always will.”

Jessica rolled away and Minka ran at her. As Jessica got up, she side stepped Minka and tripped her up so she was halfway between third and home.

Minka got up and flipped Jessica over her hip, and immediately tried to get atop Alba, but was pushed away by Jessica's feet.

They got up and traded slaps. Minka went for another slap but as Jessica moved her head back, she realized it wasn't a slap meant for the face. Minka's hand turned inward and rather than have fingers straight to slap the face of an actress who only has looks, Minka curled her fingers and clawed at Jessica's left tit. The cup tore open and Jessica was left with four red nail marks on her tit.

Jessica AlbaShe looked at the exposed tit. Jessica was shocked as it was her first fight in years and she was no longer used to this. Minka noted the distraction on Jessica's face and stepped forward bent down and nailed a right cross to Jessica's nose putting her down.

Jessica was on her back and dazed and confused. Minka stood next to her not even giving her a glance just closing and opening her fist. She hit a perfect right in terms of technique except for the knuckles it landed with. "Some things never change do they Jess, you always had the look but never the talent."

Jessica, before Minka could react, got on her hip, then spun and kicked Minka in the calves and putting her down on her ass. She got up to her knees and threw herself at Minka and clotheslined her down flat. Jessica ended up with her body off Minka but her pussy on Minka's face... Jessica slid back like a snake and when she was on Minka's stomach she sat up and slapped Minka, then came back with the backhand both with her left.

"You are not someone who can speak down to me bitch"

Jesica Alba"Give up you weak bitch, you are a second rate me."

She pushed the left tit up and outwards and pulled down on the right tit and twisted it. Minka's right hand came up and slapped Alba, which got a little pressure off her tits, so she threw her left fist up. It missed Alba's chin but she lifted her hips and that threw Jessica off the top

They both got up, Minka lunged at Jessica who caught Minka with a headlock and flipped Minka over her hip and down to the ground. Jessica kept the headlock on and went around on her hip a full 360 ,both she and Minka while hitting punches to Minka's face.

"Come on bitch, come the fuck on already."

She stood up and keeping Minka in a headlock she lifted Minka up straight and ran for a bulldog but Minka grabbed her by the back of the bra and when Jessica left her feet Minka pulled down throwing Alba onto her back. Jessica quickly rolled onto her stomach started to get up when Minka ran at her and grabbed her again by the bra and swung and threw her into home plate.

A dust pile came up and Jessica's bra was ripped off. She started to get up only to get kicked in the ribs. "I Hate you so much, wish I did this sooner to you"

Minka grabbed Jessica by the hair and staying low started dragging Alba around in circles getting her tits rubbing hard against the dirt in the hitters box.

"Had enough yet you no talented bitch."

She lifted Jessica up to her knees and stepped back and went to straight kick Jessica but it was blocked and Minka was pushed off balance.

Jessica got up and leaped into a right then a left slap. She went for another but Minka countered it by leaning back and hitting a knee to the stomach. She then hit six hard slaps to the back of Jessica's neck.

This fight may have started as a semi-skilled battle of talent but it was a pure catfight as the two had to finally admit they always just wanted to slap the other one and ruin their body. They just wanted to beat down the other woman and when this was over one would be the winner.

Minka KellyJessica lifted up Minka's leg and the two bounced around so Alba was able to pull her head out dropped Minka's leg and the two women were exchanging slaps.

Slaps were missing or hitting shoulders and tits but mostly connected to the side of the face.

Jessica was starting to get hit more and Minka took a chance and hit a straight kick that nearly put Jessica down.

Her face was stinging. Minka was glad to have that respite and they were near the backstop. Minka hit a kick to jessica's thigh.

She went for another kick but Jessica caught it and held the foot between her arm and right hip. Jessica then hit a right kick to he upper inner thigh on the hamstring. She could feel Minka's body give up. While she still holding on to Minka's leg, Jessica spun around and whipped Minka into the backwall.

Jessica was quickly on her hiting punches to the face. She then takes a break and slam knees into each tit. She sat on Minka's lap and kept slamming Minka's head into the wall until she realized Minka was asking her to stop.

Jessica did stop and yanked at Minka's hair and just stared at her "We're in the same bracket bitch, pray we don't meet again because I like hurting you."

Minka stayed there and all she could think 'I'll beat JLo and you'll beat Union. Then, I'll have revenge on that bitch. '

Jessica Alba was fully clothed and back in her car. She had a huge smile on her face. She took damage but she destroyed Minka Kelly.


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