Prelude: Word has spread around about the woman to woman confrontation between Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel, two of the hottest rated women on the planet. Two other perennial top 10 women, actresses Jessica Alba and Jennifer Love Hewitt, are at yet another of the neverending awards ceremonies. Now, women near the top of the list must be thinking one way to move up is to step on someone near or above your current position. . In government dictatorships, the way to move up is by assassination….in most beautiful and sexiest woman lists, the way is to humiliate and beat down one of your rivals. But how will it begin here is the question….the answer comes sooner than later:

Jessica {strutting over to Jennifer’s position}: “Hey Jennifer, love that dress!   Blue light special?”
Jennifer {fake laughing}:  “Oh, if it isn’t Jessica….here at another awards show to actually pretend like she is an actress.”
Jessica:  “Honey, there are a lot more men and women who want to see me here and lust after my body than care if you are here.”
Jennifer:  “That’s funny, hon, because my shows Party of 5 and Ghost Whisperer have made many more episodes than your little filler series …what was it, Dark Alley or Dump Angel?  Good luck on getting 15 episodes syndicated and collecting residuals! {real laughter}”
Jessica {angry}:  “Well bitch, at least I keep my body in shape, especially going out in public.”
Jennifer {taking her top down to show off her tits}:  “Match these, doll!”
Jessica {whipping out the infamous cellulite legs pics of Jennifer in the water}:  “I was definitely hoping NOT to match these!”

Jennifer flashes her impressive treasure chest but Jessica counters with some less than complimentary pics of Jennifer’s physique

Jennifer {furious and humiliated:  “Why you little BITCH!!!  How dare you peddle paparazzi pics of me!”
Jessica {laughing}:  “Oh, I’ve not ‘peddling them’, I’m giving them away. In fact, I’m thinking of making these into nice Christmas cards, baby. See what the Ghost Whisperer has to say about that, hon!”
Jennifer {even more enraged}: “OK tramp, that’s it….after the awards ceremony is over….you and me in a room in this complex with some invited guests to judge a beauty contest….followed by a catfight where I whip your sorry ass!”
Jessica:  “Deal! Oh, but you don’t have those cottage cheese thighs anymore. Looking at these pics make me have hunger pains.”
Jennifer:  “Yeah, I know what you mean. I see your tits and get horny for guys. After all, they have better chests than you have!”

The awards ceremony per usual lasts intolerably too long, particularly for Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Alba who periodically glance over at each other, along with some of the audience who already know about the smackdown that will be occuring after the show is over. All of those in the know think that the awards ceremony is a yawner compared to the scheduled Jennifer vs Jessica beauty contest and catfight that is soon to come. The awards show ends and the vast majority of the audience leaves not knowing what is about to occur…if they did, few of them would actually depart. But many do know what is to occur and where, and those will be the judges for the baauty contest.

Beauty Contest: The women agree to 8 anatomical areas to be judged….facial beauty, tits, midsections, pussies, legs, arms/armpits, backs, and butts. The winner of more of these competitions will win the beauty contest. The contest begins with their faces. Both are clearly above average, but while Jessica is more interesting looking for her beauty here, Jennifer has more of the classic model’s look and better hair, thus Jennifer takes a 1-0 lead. The next area is a comparison of tits, and this one isn’t very close. Jessica’s tits are rather smallish and not nearly as full and spread out as Jennifer’s mams.

Jessica AlbaJennifer Love HewittJennifer is up 2-0 with midsections/shapes now being compared. Jessica gets on the winning side of this one with a less fleshy stomach area than Jennifer and cuts her deficit to 2-1. The next area of comparison is pussies, and in this battle, each woman has a very similar one. In fact, they are so simliar that a decision cannot be agreed upon by a majority present, so this one is declared a tie. The fifth area for judgment are the legs. Both have decent legs, but not great legs by celebrity or model standards. Jennifer’s are thicker than some would like and Jessica’s are too skinny for some. In a close decision, Jessica wins the legs contest and ties up the overall contest 2-2-1.

For the last frontside area of competition, arms/armpits are compared. This is another category where each woman has a nice asset here, but not overwhelming by celebrity or model standards. In another close contest, Jessica Alba wins with shapelier and firmer arms and better armpits. For the first time in the beauty contest, Jessica has the lead…3-2-1 over Jennifer Love Hewitt. The women turn around, and their backside areas will decide the entire beauty contest since the score is so close and two areas still remain, backs and asses. The back is one area where each girl is more beautiful than most you will see, and this is yet another close competition. Jennifer’s contours are a little smoother, but Jessica has better delineation and looks a little more muscular. In the tightest outcome yet other than the tie, Jessica wins this area and is assured to win the overall beauty contest since she is ahead 4-2-1 with only the butt battle left. The contest does go on with the butt contest, and Jeesica wins this lackluster event and ends up with the final tally Jessica Alba 5 Jennifer Love Hewitt 2 and the tie in the pussy area.

Jessica throws her arms straight up in the air and her patented grin shows itself while Jennifer is throwing something else. As she throws a fit, she also throws a vase as she is clearly pissed off that every close area went Jessica’s way. She clearly believes she should have won or at the very least the smallest margin possible for defeat. Instead she didn’t win any category after winning the very first 2.

Jennifer:  “Bitch, I’m taking this joke of a beauty contest out of your hide, and no one gets to give you a phony win in this fight. We decide this one ourselves, and you aren’t going to like the result.”
Jessica:  “Blah, blah, blah….didn’t like the beauty contest outcome, make excuses….boast about what you are going to do in the catfight, and you are going to find out you are all talk and no action.”

Catfight: Jessica and Jennifer are given the option to put back on some clothes such as bikinis or lingerie but they decide they can’t wait that long to tear into their opponent. Thus, they start the way they ended the beauty contest…nude. The women circle each other with arms extended looking for some opening or weakness in their rival. This continues for what must seem like an eternity to everyone there until frustration boils over, and the women take the surefire way to intense contact…hairpulling. The lack of respect and envy and dislike for the other becomes evident quickly as one of the most personal of attacks is also their first contact.

Fistfuls of hair are pulled by each woman as Jessica and Jennifer try to gain the initial advantage in the fight via yanking of tresses. Heads violently go back and forth and this immediately shows that no matter how glamorous these women supposedly are, they can get down and dirty with the best of them. Jessica gets enough of an advantage in the contest to lock on a headscissors around Jennifer’s beautiful neck. Jessica ratchets up the headlock hold with her crooked left arm as she pummels Jennifer’s midsection with her free right fist. Jennifer all the while is trying to use her arms and hands to free her head from the hold. Jennifer gets her hands underneath Jessica’s left arm and pries it away from her neck.

With her head free, Jennifer is able to go on the offense as she clips the back of Jessica Alba’s legs with her left leg, sending the television and movie actress down to the padded floor. Jessica is lying on her back when Jennifer begins a series of kicks to her side, painfully reminding Jessica that mistakes won’t be tolerated in this matchup. Jennifer changes her attack to footstomps to her rival’s beauty contest winning midsection. Each stomp brings Jessica’s body slightly off the mats due to the reaction to the force being applied and her bounce off the floor. Jennifer lies down perpendicular to the right side of Jessica’s body, grabs her foe’s right hand and wrist, extends it towards her own body, and puts her feet against Jessica’s right shoulder in an excruciating hold. Jennifer pulls on Jessica’s arm at the same time she presses both feet against Jessica’s shoulder, which elicits screams from the tormented brunette. As Jennifer continues to distribute the pain to Jessica’s arm and shoulder, the punished woman is desperate to escape. Jessica starts rocking her body in an attempt to make Jennifer’s grip on her arm either slip or those feet on her shoulder’s slip off her shoulder. Her strategy works as Jennifer’s tiny feet lose their target of Jessica’s smallish shoulder, and with that stress removed, Jessica is able to move her left arm to the area where her right hand is being held. Jennifer quickly releases the remaining hold since she has no great advantage at this point.

The women get only to sitting positions a few feet from each other. Jessica is the aggressor as she throws a hard righthanded slap across Jennifer’s beauty contest winning face. Jennifer’s head snaps to the right and anger is the main expression coming across her face. ”Not the face bitch!” is Jennifer’s response along with a righthanded slap of her own to reinforce her verbal directive with some physical pain. Now, it is Jessica’s head that turns hard to the right, and she decides she doesn’t want to exchange blows to the face either at this point.

Instead, Jessica goes hard to her foe’s abdomen with a right fist. As Jennifer is knocked breathless by that blow, Jessica follows up with a left fist to Jennifer’s treasure chest, hitting her right in the cleavage which really stuns the brunette beauty. Jennifer falls backwards over her doubled up legs. Jessica gives her exposes pussy a quick thrust kick before following her body to cover her schoolgirl style. Jessica mirrors the frontside of Jennifer’s body with her own and grinds her body across Jennifer’s continually to press it harder into the matted floor. Jessica moves her right shoulder above Jennifer’s beauty contest winning face and drops down her beauty contest winning right armpit to deposit the ample moisture already accumulated from the fight and the odorous smell that obviously accompanies it. Jessica grinds that armpit around Jennifer’s face in a very humiliating armpit smother maneuver. It also restricts Jennifer’s breathing to some degree but Jessica’s armpit is too small and she is not skilled enough to keep it centered over her rival’s nose and mouth for maximum effect. In addition, Jessica has moved her body forward to do this process, and she isn’t the heaviest girl to begin with, so Jennifer is able to buck Jessica off her body. Jessica ends up behind Jennifer’s head, so Jennifer takes the opportunity to slide her body in the other direction to get some separation.

Jesica AlbaJessica has that smug, mischievous grin on her face that anyone would know who has seen her enough. Jennifer is pissed off at being humiliated by this upstart actress. The women once again only make it to doubled up legs in a sitting position and go at with their arms extending towards the other and trying to get a hold they can use. Their hands end up fighting off their rival’s hands, and nothing really comes out of this contact.

Jennifer lunges towards Jessica and falls on top of Miss Alba and tries to anchor her body by pulling on Jessica’s hair. But all that results in is a mutual hairpulling battle. The women roll their bodies with the force behind it being the hairpulling where one actress is on top and is then dislodged when the other actress pulls her tresses to exchange positions. Finally, they roll up against a piece of furniture with Jennifer lucky enough to be on top. She takes the opportunity to acquaint Jessica’s face with her 34C chest and rubs her larger orbs across her trapped victim’s face in a nice titsmother…good revenge for the recent armpit smother she had to endure literally at the arms of Jessica Alba. Jennifer rubs her medium sized mounds across Jessica’s face making sure that ample amount of sweat and odor contact her foe’s mouth and nose areas. Her tits are also doing a great job of restricting the dark angel’s respiration as her fleshy mounds contact Jessica’s mouth and nose. But what yanking hair giveth, hairpulling can take away. Jessica fights through the titsmothering embarassment and her breathing restrictions to grab nice fistfuls of Jennifer’s locks and pulls her forcefully off to the side of her form, thus freeing her body from the cover.

The women stay stationary after they get to a sitting position and catch their breath. Slowly, they arise to standing positions for the first time in a long while. The audience is treated to a great sight with their bodies all sweaty as if they are participating in an wrestling match where they were oiled up beforehand. However, Jennifer’s medium sized and Jessica’s smallish sized tits are sagging as their chest muscles have tired a bit from the strain and energy expended. Also, their normally luscious tresses and their fluffy pubic hair surrounding their most private area is becoming matted due to all the moisture in those areas. But the determination to beat down their hated rival is still etched on their faces as Jennifer raises her hands in front of her body in the obvious challenge to the classic test of strength.

Jessica accomodates her by clasping her hands with the opposite ones of Jennifer, and the test of arm and leg strength is one. What once were vertical arms are bent one direction and then the other as each woman temporarily gains an advantage. But neither woman has enough of a strength advantage to really put the other woman on her knees, much less on her back which is the main goal in this situation. Jennifer brings up a knee to Jessica’s midsection at an opportune time which doubles over Jessica and forces her to release her grasp of Jennifer’s hands.

Jennifer double axe handles Jessica enough to keep her bent over but not enough to drive her down flat to the padded carpet. Jessica ends up on her knees after her back assault with Jennifer grabbing her left hand and wrist to make an armbar. Jennifer is still standing as she puts her elbow into the arm of Jessica to put pressure on that arm and bring screams of pain from the kneeling brunette. Jennifer raises her elbow off that arm occasionally only to bring it back hard on to the arm once again. Jessica’s other arm is screened off by her own body and can’t really help while her left arm can’t pull away from Jennifer’s armbar.

However, Jennifer’s sizzling bod has to be very close to her own to keep the hold in place, and Jessica’s legs are free. Even though she is sitting on her knees, she quickly swings one of her legs around in an arc to clip Jennifer behind the knee and that pain and shock causes Jennifer to involuntarily release her left arm. Jessica stumbles back a bit since she ended up only resting on one knee plus the force she had to exert put her off balance. Jennifer crashes down to the padded carpet with her legs literally taken out from under her with the swinging leg of Jessica.

The women are moving more slowly now than at any time during the catfight…all the energy expended to make holds, then maintain them, then break them if you are on the wrong end of them, etc. But the disdain for the foe still burns in each girl as they rush together and wrap arms around each other’s midsection in what turns out to be a mutual bearhug.

Normally, a tit battle would also take place, but neither of these girls have big enough tits to really cause that much contact higher up on their bodies. Thus, the focus here are arms squeezing stomach areas, and unfortunately for each woman and the audience, nothing much happens down there either. Both have fit midsections that are certainly not model thin which means their arms have to wrap around a fit and decently sized region. Add the fact that neither woman has powerful arms, but rather thin ones, and it is obvious no one is going to make anyone submit or even gain a signficant advantage here. Thus, the women try this for a couple of minutes and then disengage.

Jennifer is the aggressor as she runs towards Jessica, but her intended victim dodges aside and grabs Jennifer’s left arm as she passes by her body. Jessica stops Jennifer’s body using that appendage to do so and then pulls it awkwardly behind her compeitor’s body in a hammerlock hold. Jennifer screams in agony as her arm is bent awkwardly behind her back, and the pain only increases when Jessica pulls upward on it to change the hold more in to a chickenwing. Jesssica pushes her body forward into Jennifer’s back and the rest of her form which sends the tormented sexy brunette to her knees in front of Jessica. She maintains the hammerlock with her left hand and arm while encircling Jennifer’s neck with her right arm in a choking position. Jessica puts her body weight on Jennifer’s doubled up legs to stabilize the holds as Jennifer continues to be choked by Jessica’s right arm and her left arm awkwardly bent by Jessica’s left hand.

Jennifer only has her right arm free and uses that to try to pry Jessica’s arm from around her throat. But Jessica has her arm firmly around Jennifer’s throat so Jessica uses her right hand more effectively by reaching up to grab some of Jessica’s long hair and yanks it forcefully and painfully. Jessica attempts to have her head go with the hand hoping that will be enough to reduce the pain but it isn’t. Jessica is forced to drop the holds to defend her hair.

Jennifer intentially coughs a little to try to accelerate the recovery from the recent chokehold and shakes her left arm to bring back the circulation while Jessica is trying to get up from being tossed down by her hair to the padded floor. Jessica stalks Jennifer but finds out perhaps that Jennifer was playing possum a bit as Jennifer rushes towards her actress rival and spears her to the floor. Jennifer starts a flurry of wild, catfight type swings, both lefts and rights, that forces Jessica to cover up her face in particular and her head in general. Jennifer uses up quite a bit of energy and gets frustrated that she isn’t doing more damage. Her frustration grows as Jessica fights back by bucking to try to dislodge her body and then getting one good fist right into Jennifer’s jaw to send the spunky brunette tumbling off in a heap from Jessica’s hot bod.

Jennifer Love HewittBoth women’s chests heave trying to breathe normally as they are obviously running out of gas. They may be fit, but they aren’t athletes, and the length and strenuous nature of the catfight has taken its toll on both. Jessica does get up first since she took less punishment in several wild blows that Jennifer took in one hard fist to the jaw.

Jessica walks over to Jennifer and pulls her up by the hair, whirls her around in a semicircular arc, and then slings her down to the floor. Jennifer hits the padded carpet hard and ends up on her stomach. Jessica drops a couple of elbows on to her rival’s back and adds some more pain with a couple of fists driven into the beautiful back of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jessica mounts Jennifer’s back, stradding her on doubled up legs. Jessica reaches forward around Jennifer’s head and puts her hands underneath Jennifer’s jaw and locks her hands together in a chinlock. Jessica pulls back on her foe’s neck with all the force she has left in her hands and arms. Jennifer moves her hands up to break the chinlock, but Jessica’s hands are well locked. Also, every time Jennifer tries extra hard to break the hold, Jessica counters by pulling back extra hard on the chinlock.

Jessica:  “Ready to give it up, slut, and admit I’m more woman than you are.  We already know I’m more beautiful by the beauty contest, so you might as well save youself even more pain in the catfight and just concede now.”
Jennifer {amid some screaming}:  “Bitch…I’m not done, yet!”
Jessica {pulling even harder on the chinlock):  “Ooooohhhh honey, I think I can stick a fork in you, because you are sooooo done!”
Jennifer:  “I give…I give….bitch!!”

Postmatch: Jessica Alba gives a couple of last tugs on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s head due to her language in giving up, but truth be told, Jessica’s hands and arms are exhausted just like her whole body is. But she is still in better shape than Jennifer whose head flops down on the carpet when Jessica releases her chinlock. Jennifer is lying flat on her frontside as Jessica flops off her body to the side to get her second wind. Jessica knows that Jennifer is going nowhere in her condition so she has a couple of minutes to regenerate.

Jennifer’s main actions are to emit some groans and moans and to reach back a little to rub her back which took a beating with the elbows, the footstomps, and the chinlock which affected not only the defeated brunette’s neck, but also her back. Jessica is ready to start some expected humiliations of her rival Jennifer and begins the torture by reaching over to Jennifer’s body and spanking her ass, leaving some handprints and red areas in the process. Jennifer Love Hewitt can scream in protest but apparently do little in her deenergized state to move her body away from Jessica’s reach. Jessica grabs Jennifer’s ankles and painfully doubles them back towards her foe’s reddened butt. But Jessica finds that this takes too much of her own energy to even hold the legs, so she quickly gives up on this.

Jessica turns Jennifer’s body over, and at this point the spectators can see that Jennifer has been crying either due to the pain, due to the humiliation she is feeling, or both. Jessica sits on her rival’s midsection and reaches back with her right hand to rudely and vigorously explore through Jennifer’s thick bush into her pussy. Jessica aggressively moves her hand around in Jennifer’s vagina until she is able to force some of her rival’s most precious fluid to cover her hand. Jessica pulls out her cum covered hand and wipes it on Jennifer’s beauty contest winning face.

Jessica moves her focus to Jennifer’s beauty contest winning tits and forcefully massages those orbs but get no secretion from that area. Jessica seems to be losing a lot of steam herself at this point so she may be trying to wrap up. Jessica does give Jennifer a double barreled taste of sweat and exposure to body odor from her perspiring armpits, both the left and the right ones. Jessica moves her beauty contest winning ass to where it is hovering over Jennifer’s beautiful face and then drops it down for a good facesit. She squirms her butt to wipe some of Jennifer’s own cum across her face and to restrict her foe’s breathing. Jessica in classic facesitting posing puts her hands on the top of her head as she shows off her dominant control of her defeated rival and to humiliate Jennifer some more. She also of course wants to show everyone her fit arms and great armpits, an area she won during the beauty contest.

But Jessica seems to be ready to quit this for the most part and grabs some of Jennifer’s original clothing for souvenirs. However, as she leaves Jennifer Love Hewitt’s body totally destroyed on the padded carpet, she can’t resist a final nude pose of her own showing off her very fit form and a rub of her right foot across the beauty contest winning face of Jennifer. Jessica anticipates that she will be moving up the most beautiful and most sexy rankings with her impressive performance while Jennifer will probably slide some spots.


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