Sarah "Buffy" Michelle Gellar VS Jessica "Dark Angel" Alba.
Normally G-Man would have to go through great lengths to make a match of this caliber but this one was easy. The fight choreographer's of the two fem. fatal were having a drink (well a couple) in a Hollywood bar frequented by the stunt men and women in the business. Both were bragging about how skilled their pupils had become in martial arts after their expert tutelage. The boasting elevated into an argument and the drunker they got; the boasting turned into a challenge. Ok now I know you're thinking so what? Two guys in a drunken argument over whose student is the best does not a fight make! The influence of a beloved teacher is stronger than one would think; both girls felt they were empowered physically and psychologically by their instructors and would be honored to test their skills against another.

G-man's old ear is always to the ground for a possible "girl fight" so he offered his services to both parties. The fight was to take place on an old abandoned MGM lot inside a western saloon, at least that is where is to start. The girls had free run of the entire lot if needed unless one of them were knocked out or surrendered.

Both girls were dressed in black body suits, Sarah was in jeans and cowboy boots and Jessica in just the body suit and biker's boots. They stood at opposite ends of the empty saloon staring each other down until Sarah spoke with her hands on her hips and a defiant look

"Ready to be slain" questioned Buffy.

"Sorry b!%@ I'm not a vampire" The Dark Angel replied.

At the sound of the gong outside they started at each other throwing a series of kicks and punches. At first it was like one step, three step, and five step sparring in Karate, they seemed perfectly matched and equally skilled. Even better than their perspective shows they performed a series of acrobatic stunts that amazed even their teachers. For several minutes it was a draw, Jessica however changed her attack strategy, she stopped going for Michelle's head and body and started after her limbs when she would throw a punch or a kick. Ms. Gellar responded with a few lighting fast snap kicks to Jessica's body which she endured yielding only a few expressionless grunts.

"eeuhh! eeuhh! eeuhhh!"

Jessica delivered a flurry of backhand punches to Sarah's arms and hands causing her to turn her body exposing her short ribs. The relentless Latina took full advantage throwing several quick round snapping kicks using the ball of her foot to reach the blondes ribs.

"Uahh!  Uahh! Uh! Uh! Uhahh! Sarah Michelle cried out with each punishing blow. This attack drove Sarah back with Jessica pursuing her. Before Sarah could regroup Jessica became air borne and drop kicked her in the face, blood splattered from Sarah's nose and mouth as she fell backward bouncing her head off the hard would floor.

Most of the room was made of breakaway material but not the floor. "Buffy" was in trouble at the hands of a merciless "Dark Angel". Jessica kicked Sarah in the middle of the right thigh with her heel, and then with the steel toe of her boot snap kicked her yellow haired opponent just under the right tit.

"Gasp! Cough!" was Sarah's only response. Sarah's eyes almost popped out of her head she could not fathom what was worse the pain of the impact or the loss of oxygen. Grabbing her self under her injured mammary she fell on her face like a chopped Redwood.

To finish her beaten blonde foe Jessica applied a Lotus Lock on her; this hold is the same as the Full Nelson except that the attacker uses her legs to apply the pressure. In the case of Jessica and Sarah Jessica clawed Sarah's triceps to make sure the blonde could not wiggle free. The rare hold completely devastated Sarah she had never seen it before much less been in it. The pain was insurmountable she had no control over herself except to tear up and to cry out like a lost child. The only dignity she had left was in not submitting so she endured the brutality of the hold until she passed out with tears, sweat, spittle, blood and mucus dripping from her pain contorted face.

Finally after hearing no sound the Dark Angel releases Sarah who slumps forward hacking and coughing in a pool of her own fluids. Jessica rises, places her foot on the top of Sarah's head spreading her arms upward and outward in victory her chest heaving and taught body twitching from the combat. Her mentor cheered uncontrollably and Sarah's mentor fought back the tears as he rushed to her aid.

Jessica Alba

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Sarah Michelle Gellar

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