During a break in the Desperate Housewives filming, little Eva Longoria was talking to Teri Hatcher. Eva was the only cast member who knew of Teri's retirement from catfighting. Eva saw a tape of the punishment Jenifer Love Hewitt inflicted on the olde,r less skilled Teri.

"So", Eva questioned her cast mate, "How is retirement from catfighting?"

Teri shrugged her shoulders, looking innocent and laughed "What are you talking about Eva? I have absolutely no idea".

Eva frowned. Touching Teri's hand Eva said, "Teriiiiiiiiiiiii I knooowwwww what Jennifer did to you. I saw the tape. That bitch will get hers. I have half a mind to challenge that Texas tramp."

Teri's beautiful dark eyes rose in alarm. "Look, Eva, I agree, one day that bitch will get her just deserts, but are you crazy? She will kill you."

"Hey, what are you talking about? I did kick your ass! I think I will challenge that Texas twit. Anyway she says a lot of nasty things about Hispanics."

Teri just rolled her eyes."Whatever, Eva."

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on a catfighting roll. Since her lost to Jessica Alba, Jennifer had won 11 straight fights, almost unheard of in catfighting. Her recent victory over a highly regarded Jennifer Aniston was accomplished in only 20 seconds. That is just one second off the lightweight division record. Now Jenn was looking for an easy win, and a big payday. Jenn heard that Eva Longoria wanted a match. So why not accommodate her?

Jennifer was finally healthy. A little known fact was that in the furious and classic catfight between Christina Aguilera, Jennifer suffered a broken right knuckle on her index finger. But the 5 ft 2 115 pound Texan was fit.

Jenn was wearing a black bikini bottom and a silver tank top. Tight shiny red leather wrestling boots glisten under the bright lights as Jenn, for the first time in her wrestling career, entered the ring last. She reveled in the cheers and the spotlight on her after years of hard work. After Jenn entered the ring, she looked at her tiny Mexican opponent.

Eva looked frail and nervous Jenn thought. At 5 ft tall and weighing 100 pounds, Eva was at a distinct height and weight disadvantage. Also Eva was 3 years older, and lacked Jennifer's catfighting experience. Eva was dressed in black wrestling boots, and a red backless swimsuit.

Teri Hatcher was a t ringside to root her buddy onward. All of Teri's pleading was to no avail. The stubborn Latina somehow had a death wish, to tangle with the psycho Hewitt.

As Jennifer entered the ring, her ring persona kicked in. A vicious gleam replaced the All American girl smile that America knew. At fight time Hewitt resembled a vicious, angry pit bull more than a sweetheart that her image projected.

The bell rang, beginning the fight. Sensing Eva's nervousness, Jennifer moved right in toward Longoria. Jenn reached for Eva's beautiful brow hair with both hands. Eva did nothing to prevent this attack. Instead Eva clawed her nails hoping to dig her nails into Jennifer's lush cleavage. Both fighters succeeded in their attempts. Suddenly screams from both fighters filled the air as Jennifer yanked with both hands deep in Eva's hair, while Hewitt's breast were clawed by the nails of the tiny Latina.

Pain was of no importance to Hewitt. All that mattered to Jenn was winning. Pulling forward on Eva's hair, the tiny Mexican was pulled in toward Jenn, even as she continued to claw the breasts of the larger fighter. As Jenn pulled Eva forward, Jenn lifted her right knee and slammed that knee into Eva's kitty, not 1 time but 3 times. The inexperienced catfighter lost her grip on Jenniferís breasts, as Eva doubled over howling in pain.

Jenn jerked upward on Eva's mane straightening out the shocked fighter and delivers a vicious backhand slap to the latina's face. "Fuck with my tits you little wetback?" yelled Hewitt. Even now Jenn, still holding the hair of Longoria, took her right hand and clawed Eva's right breast. "Not much there puta!" snarled Hewitt. As poor Eva, never experiencing pain like this in the world, shrieked and howled like a banshee.

Digging both hands into the hair of Longoria, Hewitt tossed her tiny opponent to the floor on her ass. A follow up kick to the face sent Longoria flat on her back. The crowd stood sensing the early finish that was expected. Jenn jumped in the air delivering a leg drop to the throat of the stricken Mexican. Then Hewitt stood ,and delivered a vicious right footed kick to Eva's ribs.

Jenn pulled Eva to her feet, not by grabbing her arm or hair, but by grabbing her breasts. The crowd stood mouth agape as the torture continued. Teri Hatcher covered her eyes not to be able to watch he friend, who nobly tried to defend her honor. Jennifer was a machine now, as the other 11 opponents found out.

Jennifer established a rhythm. She began with slaps to Evaís face. This is followed by breast and nipple clawing, followed by knees to the kitty that disabled the tiny Mexican. The world was spinning around for Eva, her knees wobbly and watery. Eva fell to the ground like a ton of bricks. All of this occurred in 115 seconds. A cruel smile appeared on Jenn's face.

Jenn smiled at the audience, looking at catfighters who only 6 months ago dismissed Jennifer Love Hewitt as a insignificant pretty girl. Now the look of both fear and respect resonated on the faces of even Hall of Fame catfighters.

Jenn would send one more message. Jenn picked Eva up by the hair, and dragged her to the ropes. The crowd held its breath as in trademark fashion, Jenn staked Eva to the ropes. Arms over the top ropes, legs spread wide and legs outside the ring a battered and defenseless Eva Longoria was positioned by her savage tormentor. Jenn whispered into her opponentís ears. "Let's see how far Tony penetrated you, Eva."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Teri Hatcher cried, "Don't do it Jenn. Please noooooooooooooo."

Jenn smiled at the woman that she retired from catfighting, as her doubled fist slammed into the vagina of the latina catfighter. The pain was so severe, Eva Longoria that she lost her lunch, or dinner, or breakfast, or whatever her last meal was. Pain numbed her brain, then the pain registered, but by this time Jennifer Love Hewitt digging her nails into Eva's sexy, but tiny breasts. Eva's eyes glazed over, her head slumped, drool ran from her mouth to her chest as unconsciousness set in. Hewitt stepped back, motioning for the ref to count out the unconscious Longoria.

The crowd stood in tense apprehension as Eva was counted out to 10. The applause for Jennifer was polite, but restrained. The thought ran through the audience that the additional punishment to Eva was not needed. "Someday you will get yours", the audience thought, however few would accept the chance to fight Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Jen's arm again was raised in victory. Mission accomplished, an easy win, an easy paycheck. Finally, Jennifer Love Hewitt would get her day in the sun, a chance for a championship belt, a multi million dollar fight payoff. She knew.

She saw the look in the faces of the other catfighters in the audience. Timid sheep they were. Eye contact was not made with Jennifer. The audience knew that Jennifer Love Hewitt was now the better fighter than they were individually.

Jennifer Love Hewitt stood in the ring, turned and faced her friend, Alyssa Milano. Jenn's finger pointed at Alyssa. "You're next Alyssa. I demand a title shot."


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