The crowd stood and observed as the fighters wasted no time charging into each other. Both fighters know what they have to do to win. Teri Hatcher has to use her reach and height advantage to gain a victory. Jennifer Love Hewitt has to get inside to emerge triumphantly.

Hatcher started first with a left handed slap to the side of Jennifer's face. Hewitt's head turned left and a GRUNT escaped her lips. Teri wanted to try and get Jennifer's hair in her hands, and hopefully to toss Hewitt to the mat and thump her, then end the match early. The strategy appeared to work when Hatcher grabbed Hewitt's hair, jerking her head side to side. Jennifer squealed like a scalded pig. However, Hewitt was able to get in close to Hatcher. Hewitt raised her bony right knee and slammed the knee directly into Hatcher's pussy. "YEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" screams Hatcher, releasing Hewitt's hair and grabbing her injured kitty.

All this occurred in the first 10 seconds. Now Jennifer wants to attack. Hewitt reared her left hand back aiming for Ms Hatcher's abundant chest. However the attack was too hasty, Jennifer fanned on her slap, merely brushing Teri's boobs. "You nasty bitch!" Teri yelled as her right hand grabbed a hunk of Hewitt's hair and yanked. Jennifer was pulled left off balance then Hatcher took her left hand, turned that hand into a claw, and took aim for Ms Hewitt's left breast.

A thunderous "YEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" escaped the tiny brunette's lips as Hatcher's nails grinded down Jennifer's 36C's.

After 20 seconds, Hatcher had the advantage. Teri then turned Jennifer toward the left turnbuckle and hurled the smaller woman into the turnbuckle face first. Hewitt barely got her hands up to protect her pretty face from impacting the turnbuckle. Desperate to clear her head, Hewitt moved left, as Hatcher grabbed Jennifer's right arm with her left hand. Jennifer made a mistake trying to jerk the arm free, and paid the price as a vicious right hand slap was delivered to Hewitt's left cheek. The brunette's legs wobbled.

Hewitt was in trouble. All this after only 30 seconds. If she went down, Hatcher would mount her and finish her. A stunning upset appeared to be brewing.

Teri moves in. A surprising aspect of this match was the success Hatcher was having inside. That was not supposed to happen. Teri wrapped her left arm around the smaller brunette's neck. If Teri could get Jennifer on the mat, the fight would soon end. Hewitt also knew this. Jennifer placed her hands on Teri's slim hips and tried to lift Teri in the air. This all occured in the first 45 seconds of the match. Hatcher was lifted up, about 1 inch off the mat. Hewitt leaned into Teri and they both went down in a heap on the mat at the 50 second mark. OWW! GROAN! THUD! rings out as the bodies collided with the unyielding canvas. Within an instant they were back at each other. They stayed locked in each other's clutches. Over and over on the mat, the wildcats rolled.

The crowd was enthralled. The 2 fighters rolled over, and over, and over, and over, slapping, grabbing hair, and boobs. The sound of thudding bodies filled the arena at the 1 minute mark. This close in fight should benefit the smaller more compact Hewitt.

Both combatants got to their knees and traded vicious head turning face slaps at the 1:10 mark. Fatigue was already an issue. Both woman were huffing and puffing, with their bodies sweat stained, and faces turned red from slaps. Hatcher again tried for a headlock, while Hewitt tried to claw Hatchers breast. Both fighters went to the mat on their side. Jennifer on her left, Teri her right. Quickly, Jennifer raised her right thigh and placed that thigh over Hatcher's thigh. This prevented Hatcher from rolling Hewitt over. This is combined with Hewitt's mashing of Teri's breast. The advantage turned to Hewitt at the 1.30 mark.

Now Jennifer leans into Hatcher and rolled Teri on her back. At least for Teri, Jennifer quit mauling her breasts. Quickly Hewitt wrapped her left arm behind Hatcher's neck, while Hatcher countered with a scissor. "UGHHHHHHH!" Hewitt went, as the shapely leg of Teri tried to damage Hewitt's ribs.

The fight was at the 1:40 second mark. Hewitt, placed her right forearm on Hatcher's windpipe and slowly, increased the pressure on Hatcher's throat with the forearm. No one except Jennifer could see it, but Hatcher's eyes pleaded as a look of fear crossed over her brown eyes. Also Teri's scissor hold on Jennifer weakened. Soon Hatcher was choking audibly filling the arena with a choking sound.

As the fight went to the 1:50 mark. Hatcher's legs fell from Hewitt's ribs. "Good girl" smiled Jennifer. The smaller woman eased off Hatcher's throat, but then using both hands, Hewitt grabbed Hatcher's hair, lifted her head and SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM slammed Teri head into the mat 5 times. The fight was at the 2:05 mark and definitely controlled by Hewitt. Jennifer then put the dreaded schoolgirl pin on Hatcher. Knees on arms, and using her dominant right hand to deliver a series of slaps to the pinned taller brunette. SLAP,SLAP,SLAP.SLAp! The thudding of Hewitt's blows echoed through the halls at the 2;25 mark. "OK", Jennifer demanded "Give up bitch, just say it," as Jennifer tugged at Teri's breast.

"No way! OWWWWWWWWWW!" screamed Hatcher. "No way."

"C'mon, I got a party to go to, Teri give it up" SLAp! "Don't piss me off, okay Teri." Jennifer advises as the fight hit the 2:45 minute mark. Now if this were a pinfall match, well its over since Hatcher has been straddled for 30 seconds, but she has to submit to end the match.

"C'mon give up you old skinny bitch!" the conquering actress yelled as Hewitt slapped Hatcher. Poor Teri never gave a reply

Jennifer sighed, and at the 3 minute mark Hewitt stood up. Reaching down and pulling Hatcher up by her luxuriant black hair, then Jennifer walks Teri to the left turnbuckle. At 3:10 Jennifer draped Hatchers arms over the top ropes. What happened next would go down in catfight history. Hewitt lifted Hatcher's right thigh and put that thigh over the 2nd rope outside the ring. The same was done to Hatcher's left thigh. A buzz went through the audience, all the catfighters stirred. Jennifer used the bottom rope to trap the Hatcher's ankles. Thus we have Hatcher arms draped over the top ropes, her thighs outside the ring, over the second rope, and her feet wrapped in the first rope. At 3.45 Jennifer had literally staked Hatcher to the turnbuckle.

The great catfighters watched Hewitt in envy. Never had Raquel Welch, Susan Lucci, Dolly Parton or Tina Turner had an opponnent so helpless, so ready to be torn up. The current catfighters gulped, uncomfortably to see what could happen to them.

After 4 minutes of tough competition, the barrage started. Vicious slaps to the unprotected face of Teri Hatcher, has her head swaying left, then right. Guttural screams escaping her lips. Teri's head fell with her hair covering over her head. The referee came in with the smelling salts to reveive her. Hewitt then lifted up the sweaty sports bra of Hatcher. The audience gasped as Hatcher literally shivered as Hewitt grabbed both breast and pulled left and right. Hatcher was like a beaten dog in a dogfight the throat in the jaws of the victor. The fight was at the 4:30 mark, as Hewitt tortured the rack of Hatcher, who is impaled on the turnbuckle.

Once again Hatcher passed out. Once again she was revived. Once again she shivered. Once again she screamed as Jennifer pulled her breast. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW."

Hewitt then lowered the black leather bikini pants of Hatcher, effectively stripping Teri.

The fight reached the 4:45 mark. Jennifer smiled to the Hall of Fame catfighters, then she roughly entered Hatcher with 3 fingers reaching deep inside her vagina. "I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE!" shrieked Hatcher at precisly the 5:05 second mark. The catfighters sat stunned. Nice girl, Jennifer Love Hewitt, was no more. A shivering stripped Teri Hatcher beaten, released a puddle on the mat as Teri lost control of her bladder. Hewitt has just joined the big leagues.



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