"I'm really going to enjoy this," the lovely woman said to herself as she swam silently toward her beautiful unsuspecting target.

"Wow-this is some vacation-such a fabulous resort," the unsuspecting beauty thought. She adjusted her skimpy bikini top, secretly hoping the guys around the pool would notice. After all she was one hot celebrity.

"Gonna so enjoy this-bet she can't fight at all; for sure she's not a good catfighter," the sultry gorgeous babe thought as she came right up behind her unsuspecting "victim."

"What the hell-Ouch!" The vicious attack from behind-the hair pull, the angry strong arm around the neck-how naughty-how nasty?!

"Gurgle-Cough-Hack." Jennifer Love Hewitt gasped for air as the strong sexy arm wrapped around her neck and the angry fingers pulled her lovely long brown lustrous hair.

"Yeah, go ahead, scream-yell, throw a hissy fit-you're goin' down bitch!" Paris Kennedy snarled as she put Jennifer Love Hewitt under her control. A nasty hair pull, a choke hold and a hard fist into the lower back-Ouchie for the kidneys!

"Gonna take you down, make you beg, gonna strip you sweetie," Paris hissed. Her catfight experience was certain to pay off, even though she lost alot of fights in the past. She clamped her hand over Jennifer's mouth as she pulled her under the water-just long enough to make Jennifer weak and breathless. As she released the startled, stunned, gasping celebrity and let her surface to attain much needed air, she untied her bikini top and with a hard tug she rendered Jennifer topless.

"Hey everybody look-see Jenny's nice big tits," Paris shouted to all the lucky poolgoers and girlwatchers. The guys clapped and the girls cheered as Paris suddenly put the topless embarrassed Jennifer in a full nelson hold. She jerked Jennifer up and backwards forcing her to show off her impressive sexy chest. Her own nipples were hard as rocks as she pressed her full breasts into Jen's upper back and struggled to hold her tight. Jennifer squirmed like crazy.

"Nice tits Jennifer!" somebody shouted.

"Get her lady, hold her good, make her squirm!"

Paris blushed with pride and at the same time felt a bit of frustration-not too many people knew who she was-YET?

"You're going down honey-I just love to catfight-how 'bout you, huh princess?" Paris snickered-just before she forced Jennifer's head and entire upper body under the water. As Jennifer finally surfaced, courtesy Paris' s letting her go, she cussed as she gasped for much needed air. In an instant, Paris was behind her and captured her beautiful breasts in her long strong fingers. She squeezed and twisted Jennifer Love's luscious big full breasts; she caught the stiff nipples between her thumbs and forefingers pinching the stiff love nubs hard, painfully, tenaciously.

"Ouchhhh-let go-my boobs-Argggggh=Please-Stop," Jennifer bawled. Paris snickered. She squeezed and mauled Jennifer's beautiful breasts all the harder.

"Scream bitch, beg you crazy slut," Paris snarled. She dunked her rival once more, pulled her up via her wet hair, then slapped her hard. As Jennifer fell backwards in desperation she grabbed for Paris's skimpy bikini top-in a split second Paris was topless.

"Why you stupid crazy dumb-ass bitch-now you're gonna really catch hell," Paris rasped as her beautiful breasts were instantly exposed. Her erect nipples suddenly slammed into Jennifer's stiff nubs; two breasts battled two breasts; Paris's were firmer, her nipples harder, larger. Jennifer gasped as Paris crushed her firmer breasts into hers-at the same time, Paris hooked her leg around Jennifers and she took her once again under water.

Finally, Jennifer broke the water's surface and her big breasts heaved as she gasped for air; Paris smiled mischieviously as she sank her long strong sexy fingers deep into her gasping rivals breasts; she twisted, pinched, scratched and clawed Jennifers lovely breasts-she captured her stiff nipples and slowly crushed them. Jennifer squealed and bawled like a banshee-but to no avial. Then a solid punch to the jaw; Paris pulled a dazed Jennifer to the side of the pool; bent her upper body backwards down on the pools rim. Her right hand grasped Jennifer's pussy as her left hand mauled a luscious breast.

"Aieeeeee!" Jennifer screamed as Paris shouted out her victory!!

Yay for Paris!