Alicia Silverstone vs Jennifer Love Hewitt


It was nearing Labor Day weekend in 2002 and all the wrestlers were making plans for upcoming movies or concerts, which didn't leave much time for any matches. StoneRage decided to have a pool party at his place in California for all the wrestlers to relax and have some fun before their schedules pick up. He sent out a memo stating that there weren't going to be any prearranged fights that day and that old scores were to be settled at another time. He wanted everyone to have a fun time at his pool party. All the wrestlers accepted the invitation to his party and were preparing to have fun. The appointed day came and the wrestlers showed up in varying styles of swimsuits, varying from one-piece to skimpy two-piece bikinis.

The party for the first few hours was going well with no incidents, especially with the amount of alcohol they were drinking. The wrestlers were able to show self restraint in not starting fights, even though at times some looked as though they wanted to smash their rival's head against the cement or drown them in the pool. Other than that, the wrestlers behaved themselves, even to the point that rivals danced or made nice with each other for brief periods. It all soon ended though. It happened when Jennifer Love Hewitt went up to the bar for a couple of drinks. As she turned around, she bumped into Alicia Silverstone spilling both her drinks on her.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry Alicia." apologized an embarrassed Jennifer as she put the glasses down.

"Whatever! You know, why don't you watch where you're going?" hissed a pissed off Alicia.

"Excuse me?" responded a surprised Jennifer as she placed her hands on her hips.

"You heard me bitch. Watch where you're going." glared Alicia.

"You're going down sweet cheeks." growled Jennifer as she slapped Alicia catching her off guard. The surprised Alicia replied with a slap of her own and the fight was on. The two slapped each other a few more times before grabbing each other's hair, fell to the ground and started rolling around as each tried to gain an advantage over the other. A crowd of onlookers soon came over to see the fight and started cheering for one fighter or the other.

The battle hardened Alicia Silverstone quickly got the advantage over Jennifer when she got her legs up and flipped her onto the concrete. Both wrestlers quickly got back to their feet, adrenaline racing through each of their bodies. The two hot chicks locked up once again by choking each other. Quickly thinking on her feet, Alicia tosses Jennifer into the pool with a big splash of water. Alicia jumps into the water, reaches down and pulls Jennifer up to the surface by her hair. Before Jennifer could get the water out of her eyes, Alicia lets loose a flurry of punches to Jennifer's chest and face driving her back against the outer wall of the pool. Alicia followed up with several knees to Jennifer's stomach causing her cheeks to puff up and the air to come out of her. Jennifer instinctively covered her tender stomach with her arms and hunched over slightly. Taking advantage of the situation, Alicia wrapped her arms around Jennifer's head, shoved it into her breasts and lowered both their bodies until Jennifer's head was underneath the water. Jennifer's arms flailed defensively and splashed in the water.

"You're getting a good look at what real breasts look like you tramp." teased Alicia.

Jennifer tried to counter Alicia's attack by punching her back and chest. Jennifer was growing desperate as the combo of the drowning and breast smother is taking its effect on her. Alicia held Jennifer's under the water and gritted her teeth as she held knew that Jennifer couldn't keep up her attack much more. Jennifer's punches quickly turned into weak slaps to Alicia's back. As she was slapping at Alicia's back, she unwittingly unhooked Alicia's bikini top. Alicia quickly noticed what Jennifer had done and her eyes opened wide, but a cruel grin soon came over her face. She brings Jennifer's head above the water and releases her head from her breasts. They all watched as a red faced JLH coughed up some water trying to regain her breath.

"I knew you were a little sex kitten, but I didn't know you were into women and loved to be beaten." cooed Alicia as she removed her own bra. Alicia once again shoved JLH into her breasts and again brought her head under the water. JLH was only able to give token resistance this time as she could only muster a few weak slaps to Alicia's body and a few muffled moans as bubbles started to rise to the top of the water. After what seemed liked forever, Alicia finally brought Jennifer's head above water and released it once again from her massive breasts. Jennifer was breathing heavily at this point from the being asphyxiated and drowned and water was coming out of her mouth. She was using the edge of the pool to keep her afloat. Using her strength, Alicia grabbed Jennifer from armpits and hoisted Jennifer out of the pool and onto the cold concrete surrounding the pool where all could see her massive, heaving chest rising up and down. Once out of the pool, Alicia brought JLH to her feet, shoved her head between her thighs, hooked her arms behind her back and pedigreed her. There was an audible smack as Jennifer's head hit the concrete. With that maneuver complete, Alicia had effectively taken all the fight out of JLH. She removed Jennifer's bra with no resistance before turning her over onto her back. Alicia then sat on Jennifer's chest. She began to slap Jennifer's breasts and squeeze her tits with impunity as JLH could only muster a few feeble screams of pain.

Jennifer could take no more of the punishment as she cried out "P…P…Please no more. I give up."

"I can't hear you. Speak louder you little bitch." said Alicia as she twisted Jennifer's tits as hard as she could.

Jennifer screamed louder from the twist. She would say anything to get out of the situation as she cried and said in desperation "Please, stop. I give up. I'll do anything you want. Just stop the pain."

"You'll do anything?" asked Alicia with a sadistic hint in her voice.

"Yes, anything." replied a sobbing Jennifer. With that comment, Alicia got off Jennifer and brought JLH to a sitting position. She then placed her sexy butt in front of Jennifer's face.

"Earlier, you had called me 'sweet cheeks'. I want you now to kiss my sweet cheeks until I tell you to stop." commanded Alicia. JLH looked up at Alicia's smug face and sighed knowing she had to comply with her request or be beaten even more. Jennifer then puckered up her lips and began kissing each of Alicia's butt cheeks many times. This was the most humiliating moment in her life. Not only did she lose a fight, she's now forced to give homage to her butt cheeks, and in front of a bunch of her friends and colleagues no less. After about a minute or so of having her butt attended to, Alicia turned sideways and with a well placed kicked to Jennifer's chest dropped her onto her back. Her breasts jiggled back and forth rhythmically as she fell down. Alicia placed her foot onto Jennifer's mouth. She ordered a reluctant JLH to suck her toes from both her feet. She then had her kiss and lick the soles and tops of her feet. After JLH finished worshipping her feet, she stood astride Jennifer's body with her butt facing Jennifer's face. She looked over her shoulder with a big smile on her face and as she did so, she patted her butt cheeks. She looked down on her beaten foe as she towered over her and said

"Now that I've beaten your sorry ass, I'm going to give you a good look at what a real ass is supposed to be like and that's mine."

Before she even finished that, Alicia gyrated her butt and began to lower it onto Jennifer's face. JLH looked almost in shock as Alicia lowered her butt onto her face. She was too weak and beaten to prevent Alicia from sitting on her face. When Alicia finally lowered her butt onto Jennifer's face, she ground it in for good measure. JLH moaned weakly and body slowly went through spastic phases as her faced was smothered by Alicia's massive ass. Within a couple minutes, Jennifer's body finally went limp as she fell into unconsciousness. Alicia stayed on Jennifer's face a little while longer for good measure. She got off of Jennifer's face, stood over her and posed with her arms over her head in victory. There was a chant of "Alicia! Alicia! Alicia!" from the crowd as they took pictures of her posing over JLH. She was congratulated by the members of the ABA firsts and few other individual wrestlers. JLH was carried off the premises by the paramedics for care and the pool party continued on as before without incident.

"Sweet Cheeks" Wins Again

Jennifer wishes she'd walked away from this pool party


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