The stunning Elodie Frégé was going to fight Pink, in a MMA cagefight, trying to take a revenge against the American tigress after the hard beating she suffered last year in Paris.

The 2 girls enter in the cage, Pink was hard, and extremely brutal. Her fighting technique was to use her powerful muscular arms and shoulders to hammer punch her opponent until she was beaten senseless. Not very technical, but very effective. Pink is strong 5'5" tall to 5'7" for Elodie, 127 lbs for Pink against 120 lbs of Elodie. Elodie is a gorgeous, beautiful redhead girl. She was wearing a black bikini, barefoot she was really sexy like a goddess!!! Her body was thin but extremely smart.

The fight began. Elodie took a couple of hard jabs before dancing away, shaking her head. As Pink closed again Frégé tried a kick, successfully driving her foot into a steel hard thigh. It had no effect at all. Pink simply grabbed her ankle, moved closer, and drove a punch into Frégé's sleek outstetched thigh. Pushing Frégé back up against the cage wall, Pink rammed an elbow into the side of Elodie's face, and smashed more punches down into the beautiful sleek thigh. Then she let go of the leg, and just threw Frégé bodily across the cage sending her crashing to the floor.

She had just got to her hands and knees when Pink's kick exploded against the soft part of her side between her hips and ribcage. With her eyes closed in agony Frégé rolled over cluthing her side.

Pink reached down, and rolled Elodie onto her side, and pinned her free arm back with one knee. Kneeling over her beautiful opponent, Pink leathered Frégé's kidneys.

Pink was by now ramming her knee hard into Frégé's side, driving it into the woman. Her face was contorted into a brutal sneer. Elodie was gasping in pain and desperately trying to squirm free. Then Pink clubbed a punch down into Frégé's face which knocked the beauty onto her back once more. Pink stood up, and hovered over Elodie, looking like a predator about to pounce for the kill. Elodie struggled to her knees, and took a knee to the face for her efforts, jolting her head back, and leaving a red mark on her cheekbone. Pink again took advantage, and hauled Frégé up bodily, slamming her back against the cage. Unable to get any power from there Elodie tried to cover her face, anticipating head blows. Pink snarled, towering over the cringing beauty, and began to hammer swinging lefts and rights under Elodie's guard, and into Frégé's taut belly. The fists thudded loudly into Frégé's body, driving her into the cage wall, ripping into her stomach, leaving Frégé breatless, hurt, and weak.

Pink was in her element. She fought back the instinct to continue smashing Frégé into unconsciousness. So, to the crowd's surprise Pink stood back and allowed Frégé to stumble to her knees and find her breath. Elodie looked a mess.

Eyes ablaze Elodie began to fight back, like a cornered animal will. She continued to take punishment though. Pink caught her with two blistering kicks to the face.

Pink never took her eyes off Elodie Frégé, looking like a bull, high on adrenalin, eager to inflict yet more pain on the beautiful woman opposite her. The destruction of the once proud Elodie Frégé continued unchecked. Pink was quickest to the punch, deflecting a couple of weak half hearted jabs from Frégé, and steaming two fisted into Frégé's stomach. Pink 's arms moved like pistons, hammering her iron fists into Frégé's much less muscular, softer, more feminine stomach. Pink roughly shoved Elodie flat against the cage and raised Elodie's arms up above her head. Using her left hand, Pink held both Elodie's arms by the wrists, stretching them up until Frégé was forced to stretch, tautening her belly. With a snarl Pink clenched her right fist and began to punch Frégé. She had Frégé’s entire undefended torso to aim at. The first blows were again to Frégé's sexy bare belly, each punch destroying a little more of Elodie's stomach muscles. The crowd was still cheering Pink on, or shouting encouragement to Elodie, but they began to quieten as the beating continued with no sign of Elodie responding. Pink saw the look of submission in Frégé's eyes, an acceptance of her inferiority to the muscular brute .

How could the fight continue? Pink looked annoyed that her opponent had evaded her annihilation, and she roughly, and easily hoisted the beautiful woman back to her feet. . Elodie is burning up inside, unable to speak, unable to focus. Pink hits her with a high kick to the face, Frégé screws up her face in agony, and again slumps to the floor.

Elodie is flipped over onto her back, and Pink sits on her, smashing unanswered punches down into the desirable targets of that sexy feminine waist and those mouth watering D cup mounds of breast meat. Body punching seems to be enough for Pink at this stage. Elodie’s face is marked, but is relatively intact still. Pink is spending the whole round working on Frégé’s fabulous body. The crowd begs for Pink to show them more. Smashing Frégé down with a blistering hook to the face, Pink dully peels the skimpy shorts down over the peach of an ass, and down those long shapely legs. Underneath Elodie Frégé is wearing a black leather thong. Pink flings the shorts away and hauls Frégé to her feet, turning her around so everyone can see the firm rubbery ass cheeks she has exposed. Elodie is barely conscious by now, and is only vaguely aware of the crowd noise.

Elodie sways, totally helpless. Pink hits her across the mouth again, and there is more blood. The crowd quiets down as they watch the helpless fan favorite being taken apart. Two more clubbing punches smash into Elodie’s pretty face, spreads blood over Pink’s gloves, and splashing it over half the cage floor. Elodie’s face is being ruthlessly beaten to pulp. Her looks are being destroyed bit by bit in front of her army of fans.

Pink worked and worked on Frégé’s body, forcing Elodie Frégé to endure the most brutal beating ever handed out in any MMA fight . Pink untied Elodie and threw her down into the centre of the cage. Frégé convulsed repeatedly by the brutally of the blows, coughing up blood. Pink lifted her head up a little by the hair, and punched across her face, a big right hook, connecting beautifully and breaking Frégé’s nose. Elodie's face was full of blood, it was time to stop the massacre but Pink hits her again ten times in the head until Elodie Frégé loose senses, her mouth lolled open, her eyes dull and staring. Her body was limp, lifeless, totally and utterly destroyed by her opponent.

The referee had signalled an end to the fight, indicating a KO. But it was more than a KO, Elodie Frégé had been spectacularly destroyed here tonight by Pink . The Beauty had been systematically destroyed by the Tigress. The fight had been so one sided that it had never amounted to any sort of contest. Many were sickened at what they had seen, though at the time they found it compulsive viewing. Many were cheering wildly for Pink, intoxicated by the atmosphere, with their primal instincts controlling their behavior. Pink herself was still pumped up. As she was being announced as the winner, she was watching Elodie Frégé on the mat unconscious. What a massacre!!!. Elodie was completely destroyed and sensless. She was quickly carried on a stretcher to recover in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Punching the air in salute, Pink went over to Elodie and derided her as being nothing more than a bimbo. Pink looked awesome. No woman stood a chance against her.

As for Elodie Frégé, after 5 days spent in the hospital, luckily her face would recover in full, and within 2 months, she would once again be as hot and sexy as ever. Her confidence in the MMA arena had been destroyed though, and she would need a few confidence restoring fights before she could consider resurrecting her career. In France, a lot of magazines covers show Elodie on the mat completely KO and destroyed that give Elodie more and more umiliation.... but fortunately for Elodie, she will never fight again against Pink....


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