Laila Ali vs Pink, Gwen, Stefani, Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova


Laila Ali vs. Pink, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears & Anna Kournikova in a handicap match

The fight comes about actually before it takes place. It is a Friday evening and Laila Ali is hard at work in a gym working out and sharpening her boxing skills and other fighting skills. (Yes, she has learned some aikido, judo and karate too.:) She is in a loose fitting sports kit all red in colour with white strips. Pink, Gwen, Britney and Anna has just signed up with the same club which happens to be owned by Laila. So the foursome are heading out through the gym where the fine black girl is working out and they decide to go and just stare at her. Laila notices them from the corner but does not mind them. The fine physique of hers has made the four girls jealous.

Britney says to Gwen, "Hey don't you wish you had a body like that?".


Gwen says, "Yeah".


The four keeps staring at Laila as she continues her rigorous workout. Pink is giving the hardest stare. Finally Laila gets fed up of the starings and stops her workout and asks the foursome why they are staring at her so much. Pink shouts back, 'You got a problem with that girl?'


Laila replies, 'Well I don't think I ever have any problems with other women let alone some... girls'.


Now Pink gets a bit angry and says, 'Did you hear that girls? She thinks she is the best of all women or something'.


Anna says, 'Yes are you the best?'


Laila is just watching them and listening and not saying anything at the moment. Then Gwen says,'What Laila cat got your tongue? how come you are not saying anything?'


Laila just smiles and says, 'Well girls just speaking for myself, I am better than the four of you for sure'.


'Really?' Gwen snaps a bit angrily. Laila does not say anything but just smiles.


'Well if you think you are better than us why don't you prove it?' says Pink.


Laila says, 'Yeah like how? in a pissing contest?' and breaks into a bit of a laugh which angers the four white girls quite a lot.


'Ok that's it, this is too much to take', Pink says and challenges Laila to a fight, a handicap match, the four of them vs. her alone.


The four girls have become very annoyed thinking that their rival has taken them as complete sissies and imbeciles. After the challenge was issued there is a bit of silence and Laila's eyes are a bit wide open as she just smiles and goes into thinking mode a bit.


Anna shouts back with her Russian accent, 'What your mouth is all you have? you afraid white girls right? come on admit it'.


Then Laila talks back saying, 'You are on, bring it on, let's sign this fight right now so it can happen tommorrow'.


Pink says, 'Ok let's get ready to rumble and we will show you that we are superior to you girl'. They all leave the gym and head next door to the fight signing office which is part of an arena for fight sports.

As they continue to go there Britney says, 'Your black ass is ours for a beating girl'.


Gwen putting her two cents worth and says, 'Yeah get ready for the biggest take down in female fighting cunt'. Despite all this anger and insults let out by the girls, Laila just smiles and keeps her cool and does not say anything. She is confident and remains the strong, big, silent type.

They enter the fight signing office and are greeted by a fight official.(female also) She is no stranger to any one of them. She is Courtney Love. She asks for the fight details right away and Britney tells her that it is a four on one handicap match. She replies, 'Oh I just love to officiate in that type of a match so who against who?'

Pink says, 'The four proud wonderful girls here vs. that bitchy girl who thinks she is the best.' Courtney smiles and makes the fight official by putting her trash signature. She gives the four girls a confident smile and Laila comes and shakes Courtney's hand 'Ok I will see you and the four willing combatants in the ring next door tommorrow. As she is leaving, CL says to her, 'The fight will take place on ring #5 and don't worry about the crowds there will be plenty to watch the fight'.

The four girls stay behind and starts up a small conversation of plan with Courtney L. First C.L. sends out some e-messages to get a good crowd. There is never a problem with crowds even for last minute arranged fights. Courtney says, 'Well girls that girl is a tough one but I am sure you four will be able to handle her, if you four lose I have a plan may I?'

Britney says, 'By all means we all ears, girls listen up she has good ideas.'

Courtney says, 'Well in case she wins and begings to celebrate, I will try and knock her out with this small baton that I will be carrying with me and then we can all do anything we want'.

Pink says, ' Yes me and my girls get the idea, let's do this and show that we rule', Then they drink a small toast and leave to prepare for the fight tommorrow.

The big fight day has arrived and Laila Ali is in early just warming up and keeping loose. Some crowds are already in and are clearly on the side of the four girls as then heckles. Laila keeps her cool and then all hear to some loud music the entry of Pink, Britney, Gwen and Anna. Courtney the biased official follows right behind her giving the four tips and encouragment. More crowds come in and all are behind the four stars.

They are all in the ring and the arena is jam packed. The crowd is announced as being around 22,134. Then as the fighters are ready the time being around 2:00 in the afternoon the official, Courtney Love says, 'It's fight time'.

Laila Ali goes into a corner and stays alert. Pink says, 'That's it girl keep her cornered'. The stand off continues until one of them, Anna, decides to lunge forward at Laila. She is met swiftly by one of Laila's deadly rights and goes down in a heap.

The crowd groans and begins to chant 'Get Laila... Get Laila'. Anna is down and won't be getting up for a while. She is dizzy and Laila steps away from and says to the other three come on bring it on. The three girls reply in kind and lunge forward at Laila at once. Laila again tries to land a good right this time at Pink but misses and Pink comes with a left and connects with Laila, but the punch has no juice, but Laila gets pushed back by Britney and Gwen to the ropes.

Laila tells herself it's good to stay on the ropes rather than falling to the ground and getting trapped. As Britney and Gwen keeps holding on to Laila by the ropes, Pink comes close to her and tries to land some harder punches but Laila just keeps toying with her hands as if she was a small girl. Then just tatooes Pink with a right this time like the one on Anna. Pink goes staggering back as Anna has just got to her feet and just freezes up. Just seeing that has her filled with fear. Then Gwen straightens up and tries to trade punches, but she is just pushed to the mat like a rag doll. Britney is still holding to Laila's strong legs. Laila then just wallops Britney on the back hard with a elbow and she let's go with a rather loud scream. Laila steps away and goes towards the others and they begin to run around the ring. Britney gets to her feet and lunges towards Laila but she moves and shoves Britney through ropes and out of the ring.

As the rules go Laila has to pin only one of the four in the gang to get the win. Then she turns and focuses on the three in the ring. She says, 'Bring it on!'. Then a still dizzy Anna and Gwen comes forward and Laila basically grabs them each in her hands and then pushes Gwen to the ground. Her strength is amazing. Simply amazing and then she nails easily Anna again with a right and then let's her drop 'plop' like a sack of potatoes to the ground. She lays motionless. Seeing the lack of desire to fight in her opponents she just drops on Anna and gets the quick count 1-2-3 from Courtney and is the winner!

Pink was still dizzy from the punch she got and no real energy to fight. Britney was just struggling back into the ring, and Gwen was too afraid to take on Laila alone. As expected Laila celebrates a bit but the crowd is not with her and they dissapointed at the outcome and boos a lot at Laila. But she, like her father before her, she mocks them with her hand raised in the air.

Courtney is behind Laila. She makes sure that the foursome are ok. Pink says to Courtney, 'Now do it'. She meant whacking Laila on the head with the baton. C.L. has a sheepish looking grin on her face and she starts to go towards Laila slowly but Laila turns and she stops in her tracks.

Laila comes to her and shakes hands and says good job officiating. Courtney says, 'Thanks'. Then as Laila Ali begins to move toward the ring exit C.L. in a swift motion takes her baton out which she has hidden under her leather outfit and wallops Laila on the head from behind. She goes down moaning. The crowd roars in approval.

Holding her head she shoots back, ' What the hell was that for?'

C. says, ' It was just to see how strong you are here let me help you.' Then as she bends to help Laila up, Courtney wallops even harder Laila's head and this time she goes out cold. Not even the tough boxer could keep her from going out cold. With the crowd roaring, suddenly the four opponets of Laila comes to life with grins and smiles.

Pink says, 'Come on let's get her girls'.

Courtney chimes in, 'Count me in girls' with a ghoulish smile. The now 5 girls gets closer to their fallen foe and proceeds to turn her over with their legs on her back. She has fallen forward after Courtney's second blast to the head. Then Anna and Gwen proceeded to rip off Laila's top and bra as she lay still unconsiouss on the ground. With high fives all around the same to slaps Laila's nice black boobs and punches them a bit.

Then Pink says, 'Let's tie her up well quickly and wake her up, we want her to feel everything that we will be doing to her'. Then they drag Laila's limp body and ties her hands well to the bottome rope of one side of the ring. Her hands are kept apart and tied up with ropes, leather straps and cuffs are put on too. With her hands well tied up Courtney brings some cold water and splashes it on Laila's face. As she is waking up Britney quickly goes over her and turns around and lowers her ass, but just stops just over Laila's nice face. As she comes to all she sees is a fine butt covered in black leather pants. All the girls are wearing pants and tops. Laila's pants are still on her.

Laila realizes that she can't move and hears an order from Gwen standing on the side, 'Now kiss that ass nicely'.

Laila moans and says, 'oh come on girls don't make me do it, I won the fight fair and square, show me some respect and just let me go.' They the five girls erupts in laughter.

'No fucking way you are leaving here now, we are going to destroy you and dismantle you for beating us', says Pink.

'Kiss my ass cunt', Britney shouts.

Laila remains defiant. Then Gwen gets down beside her and grabs her head and says, 'Now are you going to kiss that ass or not? If you don't things will just be downhill for you'. Then Gwen holding Laila's head is helped by Anna and Britney brings her butt down and just rubs away on Laila's face. Courtney goes and loosens Laila's pants and pulls them to the knees and just lands a hard kick to her groin. Poor Laila's screams are drowned under Britney's fine ass. Another kick is landed this time by Pink and they all laugh. Laila is helpless just helpless.

Then Pink proceeds to unzip and take off Laila's pants and then just rips off her panties and throws them all out of the ring. As Laila lays naked helpless with her fine hairy pussy showing, the roars in approval and shouts do her good to the five girls. Britney waves back to the crowd and says, 'Yes we will'. Then Courtney Love dons a thick 15" long white strap on and comes over to Laila who is now tired and a bit scared and nervous too. Laila is then forced to spread her legs as wide as possible and Courtney just rams the strap on in her pussy hard and fucks her rough and hard for an hour while the other girls just slap her hard. Then all five just lays a good beating on her too and just to add to the humiliation Britney let's one rip right on Laila's nose and they all leave leaving their battered rival in the ring.

Laila won the fight right down the middle but paid for it by being humiliated, but she will be back for revenge for sure. But for now, Britney and the gang celebrates and will be a force in the world of women's fighting.

Story By Claude_S
Laila 75% just decimates Pink 15%, Gwen 5%, Britney 3% & Anna 2%, but falls victim in a sex romp after the rather easy fight due to over celebrating.


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